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could be better, but it's a good movie

Author: rogermoore2004 from Brazil
9 November 2005

Many people in Brazil dismiss the importance of this movie, due to their prejudice to young and popular pop stars like Sandy and Junior, accusing it to be just a commercial movie, aimed to promote their music. Such people couldn't be more than wrong: the movie actually is different from everything that has done before in Brazil. It has a lot of visual effects (seldom seen in Brazilian movies), it doesn't has much action nor long conversations. It's a movie made to delight our view, with beautiful art direction and amazing, poetic (although dry) landscapes. The story is slow-paced, reflective, but the plot just doesn't have enough elements to call you attention, sometimes it seems just too flat. Some important elements in the story just don't receive the required attention, leaving a lot of questions in our minds - I don't know if it was in purpose, to make us think and imagine, but there are just too much of these holes in the plot. Acting also could have been better. Even so, it's a delightful movie well worth seeing, hope to see more Brazilian movies using the same visual resources of Acquaria in the future

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Good, the world has ended

Author: Paulo Araujo
6 October 2004

Why to do a Brazilian production where the world has ended? We've seen so

many of these already, Mad Max, Waterworld, Postman. just to name a fill. As

we know some of they were huge successes but others just didn't hit. Our after world first national production looks to be in this second category – but lets just think why for a second? Lets be honest and admit that a good ticket office result is not related more to a good production but to a good adverting plan. Wouldn't be wrong saying it doesn't matter much the qualities of a brilliant direction, Efxs, acting etc. This movie looks as failed to please people. I don't get why not. But then again people conform to do anything you tell them to do or see. I think

everyone should go and check this movie out. In general, many people still like movies were the world ends, this movie is one of the best i can think of in this category. It is at least in the same range of its similar Hollywood productions and would it be enough to get millions to see it? Wouldn't be it enough to explain why our biggest Brazilian pop singers choose this theme to be their first feature film? -The new beginning, the feeling of innovation and superb quality and

direction knowledge, plus their carisma… it couldn't be wrong, could it? But hey, as the other commenter said before nobody knew of these movie reliase on the

theaters, not even my 10 years old nephew, how come? Well, now the DVD is

available… People might see the 'Brazilian Word's End' first version as many

times as they pleased. Don't miss it!

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Why do people didn't like this movie?

Author: gabrielrr ( from Los Angeles
9 September 2004

Let's see… from the DVD I've just watched I regard this movie as the ultimate Brazilian production escape. It's exotic, dry and the 'desertscapes' are simply stunning. I guess it's popular to hate Acquaria. But for what reason? Okay, so it never made as much money as Universal wanted, but it's all up there on the

screen and it DID make a profit, didn't it? It's not the flop everyone thinks it is. I found Sandy and Junior to be actually quite effective as the (desert living) people and all the other casting incredible choose to feel it. The action is very exciting and the effects never fails to entertain. But bizarrely enough, the best scenes of the film are the quieter scenes. Actually I'd seriously recommend hunting down the soundtrack CD to this one – well, for those who

like Sandy and Junior, off course. It's a shame the explanations and reasons wasn't very clear on the script,

deeper descriptions on the way/why of living and characters for example would have made this movie much more commercial for its public.

There is no point going through this film and trying to make all the science/ desert feature reality fit. I found this a very enjoyable experience. Great national stuff. I can't wait for the producers to make a sequel.

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Looks, Action and Music

Author: luishenrique-1 ( from Sao Paulo
1 August 2004

I thought I wouldn't like Acquaria at all but when I went to see it now - I was totally blown away. First of all, the looks and the story - a magnificently photography/art and a nice structured screenplay that hit all the right notes. Who says that a great action, science fiction films are made in the action/efx sequences? The reason why the action sequences in this film were so nice, was because the characters were so well drawn out, given time to develop, and it gave us time for us to developed a sense of them, caring about them, and then, the action sequences hit. Such amazing moments. The acting is top notch, especially Sandy, who endowed the character with such depth of feeling. Ever the skeptic, I kept hinting at moments that would go wrong. At times, when the screenwriter would take the cliché way out. But then, something happen, the moment right after the action sequence in the house, a moment when the family is killed, and the baby is inside the piano--- I don't mind saying, that I breathed deeply and tears rolled down my eyes when they were in Acquaria, dancing. Why? because for one second, Flavia Moraes, let me see the heart of the movie. Underneath this glossy, special effects action filled movie, there's something that is all too lacking in the science fiction film production that I have recently seen, and that's a heart as big and as deep as a person's imagination.

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Acquaria: Hey, I thought it was enough to celebrate!

Author: patrickrr ( from Ribeirao preto
29 July 2004

You know, I have seen a fair share of what come out of Hollywood and National productions, all shrink-wrapped and on the shelves of the local video stores. I have seen horribly constructed 'Xuxa's', stupid 'casseta e Planeta's', dramatic 'Cazuza's', 'Santoro's', awesome and trash Hollywood dragons, green Hulks, some hobbit with a ring, Elvis sing-acting, and even had breakfast at Tiffany's. Now I've seen a post-apocalyptic action drama where our 'national' world has turn dried, and this world has a sand ocean to fish in it and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle. There are some comments on plot holes and whatnot, and I totally agree. The 'cliché teen love/hate fights', 'the main actress survival after been lost in the desert for days and her impeccable Make-up' was useful, but why just keep focus on it? Why not tip it into the huge bucket that is the desert? See what happens. Anywho... Where was I? Aaah, yes. The effects were very good. A impeccable direction and the acting was on par; Not a Oscar winning, but fitting, I'd say. And, frankly, I liked the concept. Yes, it might be a better movie, maybe if its public was more specific (target for adults only), but no one in South America 'wild lands' has even tried to think of doing something like it and/or come up with something better, as of 2004. Long story short, I enjoyed the movie and urge my internet film connoisseurs to see this movie. Never mind that just a few people (and a dog – Incredible by the way) share it all in an empty, destroyed, dry city. Get your popcorn, relax and just watch the movie! Cheers, Patrick

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Has its big moments

Author: ( from Argentina
30 September 2004

'Acquaria' is not as bad as I thought it was going to be. All the stories I heard about it weren't good. Not that it is a perfect movie but it has its big moments. In the future the world is one big desert and there are myths about a place called Acquaria. Living a lonely life Junior and his friends live in an empty destroyed village. They are afraid of the 'bad guys' and there it comes the new Sandy – she surprisingly really plays well the mysterious type! The story goes that they want too find a way to Acquaria. Like I said there are some nice moments in this movie. The sets look pretty impressive, and the landscape they are on looks pretty cool too. Some single action scenes are worth watching and the boy, dog gang get some laughs. Still, the movie is filled with clichés and boring coincidences. For a mindless science fiction movie this is entertaining enough, nothing more.

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Special Family Film

Author: dan_delago from United States
14 March 2005

I just recently saw Acquaria at a Latin Film Festival and was blown away. It is a very innovative film. The premise is similar to the film Waterworld with Kevin Costner but it goes beyond your typical doomsday story. The director has a vision that I haven't seen in American Cinema in quite some time.

First, the desert scenes are filmed like a Salvador Dali painting. It is so surreal and stunning at the same time. It is worth viewing just to look at the beautiful desert scenes.

Second, the actors are refreshing. The leading actor is actually a Brazilian pop star in real life. Her name is Sandy. I'm not exactly sure what kind of music she sings in her native country of Brazil but she is hot! This girl is so beautiful you cannot wait for her to be in another scene just to take in her beauty. Plus, she is a natural actor. She seems so comfortable in front of the camera. I can see her crossing over to American Cinema someday. Watch out! This girl can do it all.

I have to mention the dog in the movie. He is a Jack Russell Terrier named Mingus. This dog is probably the most talented canine I have ever seen on screen. Benji eat your heart out. The tricks this dog does in front of the camera are amazing.

And here's the best thing about this film. It is a family film with an intellectual plot so the adults can watch it with the kiddies and not get bored. This film is entertaining. I hope it finds wider distribution in the US.

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What a Fabulous Movie

Author: nycerealover from I Get Around
30 January 2004

I think this movie was quite remarkable. While it's true that it seems to have drawn inspiration and certain themes from a variety of other films, including Water World, Mad Max, Star Wars, etc., that can be said of any movie. Can you dismiss Cold Mountain as a knock-off of Gone With The Wind? To do so would be a fool's errand, as you'd be ignoring that film for what it is, just as some might do with Acquaria. There are scenes in films as praised as Return of the King that look as if they were lifted directly from Star Wars, and there are certain "stock characters" common to films of this genre. There are also elements and themes that are shared by most any film of this kind, so you cannot fault this movie for employing them when necessary. Read up on myths and legends, or even studies of myths and legends by the likes of Joseph Campbell, and you will see just how common many of these elements are in storytelling across the globe and throughout the ages.

Acquaria looks beautiful, the sets, design, and music are first rate, and the actors all show considerable skill and promise, especially the young and charismatic Sandy and Junior. I hope that this movie, a stunning technical and artistic achievement and an unexpected surprise out of Brasil, sees a wider distribution, and I look forward to seeing more from those involved in the future.

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Crappy Hollywood wannabe

Author: Pedro Gouveia from Portugal
25 February 2005

I promised my friends before seeing this movie that Sandy and Junior, wouldn't sing... We'll, after a short while, I was begging for forgiveness! If it had just two more songs, it'd be considered a musical. An Indian musical actually! Did the movie really need those songs? I gave a 6 out of 10 as it wasn't that bad at all. It was actually pretty watchable, even though the story is more than clichéd. You can see all the influences from Dune, Star Wars, Waterworld (now, this is a really bad one!), so you must take it from granted that it's not such an original movie. But it served it's purpose: entertain.

So, don't forget before going to the cinema or getting the DVD, that this is a kid's movie, and should be seen as that...

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Author: laurarr from Los Angeles
9 September 2004

A cousin from Brazil brought us Acquaria's DVD in her last visit this summer. I was soooo impressed. Sandy is beautiful, Junior is CUTE as hell and don't forget their voices, it is something else – out of this planet – this might be probably where the 'new/dry world' idea came from – not from this planet???

I've asked my cousin more about these pop singers, when I was in Brazil last time they were very popular. Their concerts had millions of people singing, dancing – very exciting! But let's talk about the movie, right? this is an excellent movie!! From what I could compare – I saw catwoman last week, and by the way it is very good too! I was in to Acquaria as much as this last Hollywood production. Brazil is doing great, it makes me proud of my born country. I wish Sandy and Junior were singing in America too. Anyway probably soon they will be in Hollywood… I'd love it, LOVE IT!

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