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Unfortunately, it tried to be so many things...

Author: mfkickabout ( from London, UK
21 September 2004

It's a shame this series was cancelled. It screams that it was a show that was being pulled in so many directions, with high network hopes, that it couldn't help but fail because it wasn't that kind of show. In a way, this show needs a second series because the final episode is an incredibly successful cliffhanger. The question they raised, almost of the duality of man, mid-season is taken a step further but Rob Lowe probably wouldn't work cheap enough to have a show that could go straight into worldwide syndication. A far more interesting character was born from the end of this series. I know they did it just to create an "outlandish" ending but I'm gagging for more.

In a way, they didn't know what they had until it was too late.

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not quite The West Wing but not bad at all!

Author: smarterhug
5 July 2006

The summary says it all. Any desperate fan of "The West Wing" will be pleased with the attempt made by director Remi Aubuchon to keep the show in tact.

The 13-episode series takes place in the elite law firm of Lyon, LaCrosse and Levene and centers around the drama and secrets behind newly elected managing partner Jack Turner (Rob Lowe). Each episode hosts a myriad of different cases, ranging anywhere from money laundering to murder to terrorist activities. The underlying plot centers around the mysterious death of previous managing partner Daniel Barrington.

The level of acting done by the cast is highly commendable, especially on part of actors Rob Lowe and Matt Craven.

Bursting full of political jargon, "The Lyon's Den" demands a reasonable level of intelligence and maturity on part of the audience. Clues, evidence, and realizations are not simply handed down in an obvious fashion, and helps keep the viewer personally involved while watching. Simple enough, all you have to do is pay attention.

Hosting a number of different sub-plots, the series itself was destined to become short-lived. Though its end sports an unconventional, original and incredibly suspenseful cliffhanger, the series finale begs viewers to answer their own questions.

If you're a "West Wing" fan looking for a short but riveting legal drama series, this is definitely for you! But if you like shallow entertainment that trudges along a cliché plot with hollow, one-dimensional characters, then don't watch and PLEASE don't vote. "The Lyon's Den" definitely does not deserve the bad publicity it's gotten.

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I'll miss it.

Author: spetscal from United Kingdom
23 September 2004

I really loved this but the ending has left me gobsmacked. At least in the UK we got to see all the episodes recorded but never in a million years did I suspect what was going to happen.

I wonder if this "last" episode was recorded before they knew the show was not going to be a success? It does seem to me as if the ending had been hastily contrived - maybe they hurriedly changed it. I thought it was a good vehicle for Lowe, he played the part of Turner well.

I really don't see how the show could be resurrected now, although of course that's not going to happen. Full marks to Channel Five for showing it through to the end.

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Rob Lowe is Excellent!!!

Author: Samantha Chambers from West Midlands
30 August 2004

Am I the only person who really loved this series?

Every time I watch the episode where Rob gets handcuffed and off to jail I start to cry. I personally think that he plays the part brilliantly.

We're only on episode 10 here but I still had to ring my friend to make sure it was on this week as they couldn't finish it with him being driven away.

I value and respect Rob's reason for leaving a wonderful show like The West Wing, but sometimes you have to move on. I personally felt that it lost it a bit when Aaron Sorkin gave up the writing. Considering he is American he has a fantastic beed on the whole English sense of humour.

It was good to see Timothy Busfield who was also in The West Wing there with him to. And of course David Krumholtz doesn't get the credit he deserves. He was brilliant in '10 Things I Hate About You'.

So I just say.. give credit where credit is due and just remember that it's not easy being a producer as well as acting; you work twice as hard but hardly ever get the credit for it.

So all I have to say now is 'Give the show a chance'.. you could get to like it.. Well worth a look though.

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What a shame!

Author: mccash from North-east Hampshire.
20 July 2004

As this site already shows, this show did not even make it to the end of it first series. What puzzles me is, Why would Rob Lowe leave a successful show "West Wing" to do this show if he did not believe it would succeed. Did it get cancelled because it was not good enough or did the network responsible for it, not give it a fair shake, ie change of day or time or both. Which is more important, creating good shows friendly to advertisers or catering to the lowest common denominator in pursuit of revenue, because trying to guess what will be successful on commercial television seems very difficult, I find shows I like sometimes are cancelled but you never really discover why,only that it didn't meet expectations.

Personally, I find the show quite acceptable, compared to some of the dross we are subjected to, the characters are quite well drawn if a little stereotypical, it had an interesting start than is a continuing thread so far, its interesting to see Kyle Chandler as the bad guy after his tenure in the "Early Edition",I am disappointed to see that it will go no further, hopefully the British broadcaster who brought the show will play all 13 episodes before it is consigned to the vaults.

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The Lyons Den TV Series

Author: echolsbev from United States
11 July 2005

I really enjoyed the series 'The Lyons Den' and I could not understand why the network canceled it. I sometimes wonder what the network executives are thinking. Some of their decisions are questionable....of course that is just my opinion. I certainly would have enjoyed seeing the 13 episodes they made.

Who knows maybe the show will be picked up by one of the cable channels.

I have noticed that the networks will frequently change time slots, air dates and or take a show, series, out of rotation and you have no idea why. Personally, I think the executives may act to soon in some cases and really lose out on some great shows.

What do I know, I am just one of the viewing audience members.

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Boring and bland - nothing original.

Author: OllieSuave-007 from California, USA
18 October 2005

This was one of the shows that I wanted to catch when it first aired, but I ultimately couldn't bring myself in devoting time to this show. With all the shows on politics, the stories can get boring and predictable at times, like this one. There is really nothing original about this film and the acting is quite bland. Rob Lowe was OK, but actors like Kyle Chandler just couldn't act.

It was a drag to sit through this show. With its lack of suspense, urgency and character development, I just had to give up on this show and am glad it was canceled so I would have nothing more to miss.

Grade F

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