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13 horror films for people who hate horror films

Chris Thomson Oct 29, 2017

Have a collection of horror films that are great, but might still let you sort-of-sleep at night...

It’s fair to say that not everyone gets along with horror films. For every horror aficionado who revels in being scared witless or seeing a hapless victim have their insides rehomed, there are plenty who would rather chew gravel than spend two hours in the company of their worst fears and nightmares.

Somewhere in between is a bizarre middle ground (which is where I sit) of those intrigued by the thought of horror films, but in practice spend half the film ingesting their own fingernails or testing the structural integrity of the arm rests.

If you’re not a huge fan of horror but still fancy dipping your toe in the water, here are 13 horror films perfect for those who don’t like horror films...

Get Out

Make no mistake,
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Wish Upon Coming to Home Media This October, Including Director’s Unrated Cut Blu-ray

When our own Heather Wixson spoke with Wish Upon director John R. Leonetti, he mentioned that a more extreme version of the PG-13 film would be released on home media. If you were excited about the announcement, then your wish is about to come true, because Broad Green Pictures has now announced an October 10th home media release of the supernatural horror film (read Heather's review here), including a Director's Unrated Cut with all-new footage not seen in theaters:

Press Release: Los Angeles (August 21, 2017) – Joey King (Independence Day: Resurgence, “Fargo”) must be careful what she wishes for in the terrifying thriller Wish Upon, also starring Ryan Phillippe (Crash, “Shooter”), Emmy® nominee Shannon Purser (“Stranger Things”), Ki Hong Lee (The Maze Runnerfranchise, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”), Mitchell Slaggert (Moss), Alice Lee (“Gap Year”), Sidney Park (“Instant Mom”), Kevin Hanchard (“Orphan Black”), Sherilyn Fenn (“Twin Peaks”) and Elisabeth Rohm (American Hustle, “Law & Order
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Alamo Drafthouse and Syfy to Screen Evil Dead 2 in the Woods with Bruce Campbell in Attendance

Alamo Drafthouse is heading to the woods to summon an ancient evil and a whole lot of fun this September with their outdoor screening of Evil Dead 2. Part of the theater's Alamo20 anniversary events, the outdoor screening will be attended by the groovy Bruce Campbell, who will be autographing his new book, Hail to the Chin:

Press Release: Austin, TX --- August 18, 2017 --- A truly rockin' cast reunion of one of this century's most fun cult films. An on-location birthday party for Steven Spielberg's monumental science-fiction classic. And perhaps the funniest horror film ever made, screened in the woods... with Bruce Campbell. The third wave of Alamo Drafthouse's year-long cycle of 'Alamo20' anniversary events is here, providing die-hard fans across the country with three can't-miss cinematic spectacles.

On September 26th in Los Angeles, Alamo Drafthouse and Birth.Movies.Death. are celebrating Mondo's new vinyl reissue of
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The Top 10 Horror-Comedy Movies

  • Cinelinx
Horror movies can give you nightmares, but they can also give you belly aches because you laughed too hard. This is our list of the ten best films that are a perfect blend of comedy and horror.

Horror films allow us to explore our fears. They find the ideas and concepts that frighten us the most, and then they bring those things to life. One of the most universal concepts explored in horror films is death. A universal fear among the living. Death, it turns out, is actually an excellent topic for comedy as well. Since death is something that haunts us all, it is a perfect universal target for comedy. Different perspectives can paint death in a less frightening light. In doing so, it gives our fears a new perspective. We can laugh at them.

Horror-comedies are, therefore, not as juxtaposed as they might first seem. They play off
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‘There Is A New World Somewhere’ Exclusive Clip: Two Strangers Embark On A Road Trip Through The Deep South

‘There Is A New World Somewhere’ Exclusive Clip: Two Strangers Embark On A Road Trip Through The Deep South
Sometimes you meet someone who changes your life in a myriad of unexpected ways, challenging you to examine your passions and behavior, forcing you to wonder where and how to move forward. Such is the premise of the new film “There Is a New World Somewhere,” about a life-changing road trip between two stranger that they’ll never forget. Written and directed by Li Lu, the film follows Sylvia (Agnes Bruckner), a struggling artist in New York who was recently fired from her job. She flees back to her Texas hometown for a friend’s wedding, but at the pre-wedding party she meets an enigmatic stranger Esteban (Maurice Compte). On the eve of the wedding, Esteban dares Sylvia to join her on a road trip through the Deep South and confront the internal demons inside herself along the way. Watch an exclusive clip from the film below.

Agnes Bruckner currently
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San Diego’s Camp Conival 2016 Panels Include Fear The Walking Dead, Ash Vs Evil Dead, The Woods

The convention center won’t be the only place to see your favorite stars in San Diego next week. Legendary Digital Networks returns to Petco Park July 20th–24th. Nerdist and Geek & Sundry will be on hand to host panels with the cast and crew of genre shows and films including Fear The Walking Dead, Ash vs Evil Dead, Adam Wingard’s The Woods, Preacher, and more:

Press Release:Los Angeles, CA (July 13, 2016) – Legendary Digital Networks will once again head down to San Diego for a 4-day takeover of Petco Park for a third year for Camp Conival: a trip back in time to everything that you loved about summer camp. Headlined by Nerdist and Geek & Sundry, programming highlights include panels and interviews with some of the biggest names in entertainment. Confirmed talent stopping by Camp Conival include: Luc Besson (Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets), Misha Collins, Cara
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Round-Up: Cast Revealed for Mickey Keating’s Psychopaths, Love Is Dead Kickstarter, Decay Q&A, Image Expo Guests, New Buffy Book

Casting news for Mickey Keating’s Psychopaths was revealed and we have details on this story and more in today’s round-up. Also: Love is Dead Kickstarter details, a Q&A with Decay director Joey Wartnerchaney, Image Expo guests, and release information for a new young adult Buffy book from Dark Horse.

Psychopaths: Press Release: “(Los Angeles, CA – 16 March 2016) – ScreenDaily broke the exclusive late last night, revealing that Ashley Bell (Carnage Park, The Last Exorcism), Angela Trimbur (Trash Fire, The Final Girls), Mark Kassen (Alone, Jobs), Ivana Shein (Meadowland, The Woods), and James Landry Hébert (HBO’s “Westworld”, Gangster Squad) are to headline Mickey Keating’s fifth feature, which wrapped principal photography Friday, March 4th, in Los Angeles, CA. They join previously-announced cast members Jeremy Gardner (The Battery, Spring), Helen Rogers (Body, V/H/S), and Larry Fessenden (In A Valley Of Violence, You’Re Next) in the latest genre pic from Keating.
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Screamfest 2015 Film Lineup unvelied; 'Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension' to premiere

The Screamfest Horror Film Festival is the longest running horror film festival in the United States, now in its 15th year. The festival has been responsible for premiering many now classic horror films such as Paranormal Activity and Feast, both of which are having anniversary screenings at this year's festival. Additionally, Screamfest will be screening the premiere of Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.

The 2015 festival will run from October 13th through the 22nd in Hollywood, California at the Tcl Chinese 6 Theatres.

Screamfest has an amazing star-studded lineup this year, and if you live in Los Angeles, you owe it to yourself to check out a movie or two, or three or four or all of them. Many of the screenings include discussions with filmmakers such as John and Clu Gulager, James Franco, and more. You can check out the programming and purchase tickets at the festival website Screamfest.
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Interview with Tales Of Halloween’s Lucky McKee

  • DailyDead
To celebrate the October 16th release of the horror anthology Tales of Halloween, Daily Dead spoke to the filmmakers behind the movie to discuss the project, their individual contributions and more.

Lucky McKee is a completely singular filmmaker. From The Woods to The Woman, May to All Cheerleaders Die, he has worked through similar, often feminist, themes but never made the same movie twice. His segment in Tales of Halloween, a beautiful dark fairy tale called “Ding Dong,” represents yet another change of pace for the director.

How did you come to be involved with the movie? If I’m not mistaken, you’re the only filmmaker who’s not based in L.A. and who flew into town to shoot a segment.

Lucky McKee: Yeah, I was in the middle of a road trip and Axelle called me to ask if I wanted in on Tales of Halloween.
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The Woods | Blu-ray Review

Horror director Lucky McKee unfortunately remains one of those unknown, peripheral genre names, mostly thanks to a number of compromised or abandoned projects following his formidable 2002 debut, May. Over the past several years, he’s made headlines for 2011’s The Woman (another underrated gem from his filmography), and most recently the co-directed effort All Cheerleaders Die in 2013, an expansion of his 2001 short film, which is more or less the comically inclined romp you’d assume it to be. Prizing complex female characterizations, usually featuring muse Angela Bettis, McKee’s twisted visions, though few and far between, are enjoyable and entertaining, usually enhanced by a bit of subtext. About a decade ago, McKee’s sophomore feature, The Woods, would finally land on DVD in the Us following a limited festival circuit run, treated to a torturous release platform despite featuring several notable cast members. A period piece set amongst an all-girls
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James Remar and More in Boarding School Horror, February

What was the last great boarding school horror film? While not great, I’d count Lucky McKee’s The Woods as certianly overlooked. And while more dramatic, Antonio CamposAfterschool is an anxious, upsetting affair. It’s entirely too bad Mary Harron’s The Moth Diaries was a disappointment. Boarding School Horror feels like a beloved (likely thanks to…

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Lucky McKee joins Tales of Halloween

The upcoming horror anthology Tales Of Halloween has picked up another director. As reported by Deadline, Lucky McKee, known for The Woods, The Woman and 2013’s All Cheerleaders Die, has officially come aboard.

McKee can be considered somewhat of an expert on horror at this point, with the bulk of his filmography falling within the genre. He joins a directorial team of horror aficionados including Neil Marshall (The Descent) and Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, III, IV), whose 2012 film The Devil’s Carnival should be seen by all fans of the genre. The remainder of the lineup includes Axelle Carolyn, Adam Gierasch, Andrew Kasch, Mike Mendez, Dave Parker, Ryan Schifrin, John Skipp and Paul Solet.

Tales Of Halloween will consist of 10 stories woven together through a shared theme of the holiday. The stories will take place in an American suburb and promise all sorts of ghouls, aliens, imps and axe murderers,
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Movie Review: All Cheerleaders Die

Movie Review: All Cheerleaders Die
Release Date: 7/22/14 on Blu-ray and DVD

Written By: Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson

Directed By: Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson

Starring: Caitlin Stasey, Sianoa Smit-McPhee, Tom Williamson

Review by Daniel Xiii.

Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge…and Zombies?

Based soley on the title of Lucky McKee’s (May, The Woods) All Cheerleaders Die, I had a kind of preternatural premonition that I would be enjoyin’ this one. Hell, based on that title, I can’t believe ol’ Lucky himself didn’t call yours cruelly and have him introduce the film like some sort of sexy William Castle (which totally could have happened if I was available, but of course my duties to the House that Fearsome Forry built have kept me too busy to make cameos).

So was my uncanny ability to completely judge whether I’ll like a movie or not based solely on its title still the stuff of legend,
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Why The Final Girl Is The Worst Thing For Women In Horror

Whenever I discuss the problems of female representation in horror films, I’m almost immediately bombarded with cries of, “But What About The Final Girl!?” Ah, yes, the final girl. By Carol J. Clover (Men, Women, & Chainsaws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film)’s definition, the final girl is described as “a trope in thriller and horror films (particularly slasher films) that specifically refers to the last woman or girl alive to confront the killer, ostensibly the one left to tell the story.” Clover then goes on to dissect the character citing things like often having a unisex name (e.g., Laurie, Sidney, Teddy, Billie, Stretch, Georgie), that the female is masculinized through “phallic appropriation,” and that the character must be a female because audiences would reject abject terror if a man were to be under the same circumstances. People are always quick to cite the final girl as the
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Top 9 High School Horrors

The ratty hair, the twisted teeth, the oily flesh. No, I'm not talking about the newest movie monster. I'm talking about our awkward high school years! In celebration of the release of All Cheerleaders Die, we're taking a look back at the Top 9 High School Horrors.

Looking back, we can remember plenty of high school horrors, and combination skin is just one of them. There were a lot of possibilities for this list, and we've got 9 of our favorites listed below. But we would have to flunk ourselves if we didn't turn in an honor roll of honorable mentions.

Of course another Lucky McKee film, The Woods, has to be listed, as does Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And those vivacious vixens from The Craft turned up the heat in their high school, and nobody - and we mean nobody - survives Cherry Falls.

And now, on to the...

Carrie (1976)

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Exclusive: Lucky McKee Talks All Cheerleaders Die

Lucky Mckee has had his ups and downs with various projects from the criminally underseen The Woods to the success of films like The Woman. With his latest, All Cheerleaders Die, Mckee collaborated with his old college buddy Chris Sivertson to relive their college days by fleshing out a short film to a full feature film filled with cheerful mayhem.

Here’s what Mckee had to say about the film, which is now available on VOD with a Blu-ray/DVD release on July .

Dread Central: Did your success working with Jack Ketchum lean you towards collaborating again this time around with Chris? What advantages do you find in that kind of mutual relationship?

Lucky McKee: Film is, in its essence, a collaborative art. It's a blast to create stories with good brains. Chris and I have collaborated like this since we were teenagers so it's pretty natural at this point.
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Leah Gibson and Rhys Ward Join A&E's The Returned

With oodles of familiar faces already attached to star, today comes even more casting news for the A&E series "The Returned" so read on for the latest!

Per Deadline, Leah Gibson (pictured; "Rogue") and Rhys Ward ("The Strain") have been cast in recurring roles. Gibson will play Lucy, a sexy, free-spirited traveler who works as a waitress at the local bar, The Dog Star Tavern. Ward plays Adam, an expert hunter with a dark nature and a complicated family history that he’s struggling to overcome.

As previously announced, Mary Elizabeth Winstead portrays Rowan, the girlfriend of late musician Simon (Mat Vairo), who had a very difficult time getting past his death 10 years ago and now will have to adjust to his return.

Michelle Forbes ("True Blood") will play Helen Goddard, a mysterious woman who is one of the returnees.

Also cast in Carlton Cuse’s 10-episode adaptation of
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True Blood's Michelle Forbes Becomes One of The Returned

Casting news for A&E's upcoming series "The Returned" has been coming hot and heavy in the past week with all sorts of familiar faces being added to the roster of attached talent. Today comes yet another new addition, and you "True Blood" fans out there are going to like it!

Per Variety, Michelle Forbes has joined the cast, set to play Helen Goddard, a mysterious woman who is one of the returnees. You may remember Forbes as the evil Maryann Forrester, the main antagonist of the second season of "True Blood." Currently she can be found in "Orphan Black."

Mary Elizabeth Winstead will portray Rowan, the girlfriend of late musician Simon (Mat Vairo), who had a very difficult time getting past his death 10 years ago and now will have to adjust to his return.

Also cast in Carlton Cuse’s 10-episode adaptation of the acclaimed French series "Les Revenants
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More Casting News for A&E's The Returned Includes Mary Elizabeth Winstead in a Lead Role

In case today's earlier news that Jeremy Sisto has joined A&E's "The Returned" wasn't enough for you, we have info on three more actors who've signed on as well, including who the female lead will be!

Per Deadline, Winstead (pictured) will portray Rowan, the girlfriend of late musician Simon (Mat Vairo), who had a very difficult time getting past his death 10 years ago and now will have to adjust to his return.

Also cast in Carlton Cuse’s 10-episode adaptation of the acclaimed French series "Les Revenants" are Sandrine Holt ("House of Cards") and Agnes Bruckner (The Woods, "24"). Holt plays Julie, a competent, compassionate doctor who is struggling in her personal life, while Bruckner plays the sheriff’s chief deputy.

Along with Sisto and Vairo, previously announced were Kevin Alejandro, Mark Pellegrino, and Sophie Lowe. Keith Gordon ("Dexter") will direct.

"The Returned," from A&E Studios and FremantleMedia North America,
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Review: All Cheerleaders Die (2014)

Anyone with even a slight knowledge of Lucky McKee and Chris Silvertson’s prior filmography might be caught off guard walking into All Cheerleaders Die. Sure the two filmmakers had previously co-directed an early in their careers incarnation of the film before, but with films like May, The Woods and The Woman being directed by McKee and Silvertson’s The Lost and I Know Who Killed Me all being much darker and leaning more towards the serious side of things, one might wonder why they chose to partner up again for an updated and fresh horror comedy remake of their own earlier film. One viewing of All Cheerleaders Die will definitely answer that question, as the duo not only give their earlier version a fresh and updated re-telling, but also succeed greatly in giving viewers one hell of a good time.

All Cheerleaders Die wastes no time in establishing a playful and fun tone,
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