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Sep. 2004
Episode #1.1
Young lawyer Milo Meijer's 'pro-deo' client André Peters is accused of beating his motherless teenager daughter Thérèse unconscious into hospital, drunk, and not without precedent, this time for intending to marry Yusef, an Iranian who will probably be expelled as an illegal unless he finds a wife. After André lost his temper in court despite Milo's warning, André also admits he occasionally gave her a smack or two, but much less then his dad and never unconscious. Milo's partner is not amused to be landed with his priapic garden gnomes case. When Yusef appears in ...
Sep. 2004
Episode #1.2
Milo and partner are startled to hear Eva insists they take a bankruptcy case- because the mortgaged farm a bank is foreclosing on belongs to her parents, Gaston and Pam. For the bank acts her best friend since childhood, Josse, who makes them the offer to buy them out for 250,000 Euro. Milo argues the loan was an excessive amount, which should never have been awarded, and has an incriminating theory... Koen Vermaet, whose pregnant wife has set her mind on an expensive house, takes the case of Veerle, a girl who has had an excessive breast-enlargement and now wants ...
Sep. 2004
Episode #1.3
Milo takes the case of former Dikhof insurance-employee Bernadette Van Goethem, who claims bullying at work ('mobbing') gave her acrophobia, so she couldn't keep working at a high floor and had to move to ground-floor level. Eva helps a woman teacher whose bared breasts at a pop festival were printed in a newspaper, causing her to be sacked by the Catholic school which couldn't accept such an immoral role model. Meanwhile Milo's partner Koen, whose pregnant wife is hell-bend on a larger house he cannot afford, is tempted to join his father's law-firm at a far higher ...

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