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8 Jan. 2009
Return of the Prodigal
Mickey returns from his sojourn in Australia to find that the old team is no more. Danny and Stacie are still in America working long cons, Ash has been reduced to grifting in bars and Eddie was forced to close the bar and is working as the head waiter in a restaurant. Even Albert is out of action finding himself in jail. He does have a mark for Mickey however, an attractive young woman Sarah Naismith who has made a fortune in real estate, usually taking advantage of people in less fortunate circumstances, and would likely fall for any scam that suggested inside ...
15 Jan. 2009
New Recruits
With a new team ready for action, Mickey focuses on Carlton Wood and Harry Fielding, high tech entrepreneurs who have essentially robbed a small-business of a valuable patent. Ash is worried that their new mates are a little too inexperienced to undertake a complicated con but Mickey decides there's only one way to test their mettle. When they learn that their marks have recently fired their advertising company, causing a delay in the product launch, Mickey decides to set them up by posing as PR consultants and convincing them to sell their new security product as ...
22 Jan. 2009
Lest Ye Be Judged
Albert is due for parole and a key member of the parole board is Judge Kent. Years earlier he was alleged to have been involved in a gold bullion robbery but,after the main robber died, the whereabouts of the loot were lost and he never received his pay-out.Mickey and Emma convince him that they know where the loot is, in order to get the wherewithal for Albert's coming out party whilst Ash schools Sean in the niceties of casino cons.
29 Jan. 2009
Diamond Seeker
Due to a mix-up jewellery fence Frank gives Mickey a valuable diamond necklace, rather than a fake ruby needed for a scam. Obsessive diamond collector Tony Baxter, anxious to acquire the necklace, has Frank hospitalized and the team plan their revenge on Baxter, persuading him to buy a fake necklace whilst they pass the real thing onto his rival
5 Feb. 2009
The con artists set their their sites on Rhona Christie, a Member of Parliament who is not only ruthless in her business dealings but is also lining her pockets. Her crooked deal is to buy properties with listed buildings at reduced prices and then through her position in government have them de-listed, resulting in a huge rise in value and a substantial profit following a quick re-sale. She's very discreet however and working through intermediaries, keeps her own hands clean; she is, for all appearances, the hard working MP with only the people's interest at heart. ...
12 Feb. 2009
The Road Less Travelled
The con artists seem destined for trouble when five of their most recent victims join forces to get their money back. High tech entrepreneurs Carlton Wood and Harry Fielding were taken for £500,000 and they recruit the others. Soon, Albert Stoller has taken the bait thinking he has hooked a high rolling aristocrat, Alfie, the son of a Duke who has recently come into a good deal of money. The man is in fact an old school chum of Wood and the plant that they will use to swindle the swindlers. Mickey and company use an old money laundering scam with a tale that Alfie ...

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