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18 Apr. 2007
As One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest, One Flew In
As Mickey leaves for a big score in Australia, Danny steps up to the mark as the gangs new leader, but can he convince a greedy American businessman to buy the Hollywood Hills sign?
25 Apr. 2007
Signing Up to Wealth
Albert has found the team a new mark: Richard Brennan, who runs an adult video production company and has a passion for race horses. He has three horses in training, but not a single won race so far. Danny's idea: to "sell" Brennan a horse that would win. Danny also thinks they need a new permanent fifth member an is interviewing applicants - who "by chance" happen to all be women, all 21 of them!
2 May 2007
Getting Even
The grifter's barman Eddie approaches them as his father is in a nursing home that is trying to take his home from him in a very underhand way. The nursing home has just taken over by Veronica Powell and the grifters, having seen her in action, vow to taken her down.
9 May 2007
A Designers Paradise
The team finally allow Billy into their inner realms just as a figure from his past resurfaces and threatens to blow Billy's cover if he doesn't give him £20,000. The crew look to con Clarissa Bartwell an immoral "fashionista" using the "Emperor's New Clothes" as their inspiration.
16 May 2007
Conning the Artists
Danny and the crew successfully scam a greedy Japanese businessman, Mr. Yakubi, using a foreign currency scam. They then go against their own better judgment and decide to try the same ruse on a caviar importer. Their scam is interrupted however when Yakubi's son shows up at Eddie's bar and demands revenge, saying he has to retrieve his father's honor. The crew aren't impressed until he reveals that he is holding Eddie hostage.
23 May 2007
Big Daddy Calling
While on a holiday in Las Vegas, Albert is recognized by an old friend, the head of security at a major casino. Although satisfied that Albert isn't scamming the hotel the owner - Joey Maranzano, son of a famous mafia boss - decides to teach Albert a lesson anyway, taking a baseball bat to his hand. The team decide to get their revenge by stealing $5 million on display behind an aquarium in the hotel lobby. Even if they get away with the theft, Maranzano is ruthless and the real question is whether they can get away with their lives.

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