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Season 6

4 Jan. 2010
And This Little Piggy Had Money
The team plans to shake down an investment banker bailed out by the government during the credit crisis yet still getting a 500 grand pension per year. Complications arise when the chief police constable Britford announces herself with the intention to apprehend Mickey.
11 Jan. 2010
The Thieving Mistake
Clumsy burglar 'Liability' Finch steals a Van Gogh painting in Rio but, due to publicity surrounding the theft, leaves it in a luggage locker back in Brazil. By coincidence his old grifting partner Ash is at the airport when he arrives home and he asks Ash and the gang to help him smuggle the painting into England. At first Ash and Mickey are reluctant but when over-zealous customs officer Clifford Davies tries to blackmail them into proving Finch's guilt they devise a far-fetched plan to send a pair of elderly con artists to Brazil to retrieve the picture and ...
18 Jan. 2010
Tiger Troubles
When Albert finds himself half a million pounds in debt to the far from refined Czech Charlie, following a poker game, and needs to get the money in under a week, a mark is sought in earnest to provide the cash. The gang seize upon Luke Baincross, choleric playboy, tax dodger and womanizer, who has inherited a country house and a vast collection of Indian art, the centre-piece being a jewel-encrusted tiger which he would like to sell but cannot due to a clause in a family trust. For a fee the hustlers agree to steal the tiger whilst it is on loan to a museum so that ...
25 Jan. 2010
The Father of Jewels
Sean is unsettled to see Rex, the father who abandoned him and Emma when they were toddlers and is determined to get his revenge by ripping him off. He devises a plan involving supposed buried treasure from a plane that crashed in 1940 on land Rex is aiming to sell. An expensive bracelet is planted for Rex to find, along with items of wartime memorabilia - but Rex proves to be far less greedy than imagined and prepared to share the treasure with Sean. This gives the lad cold feet about fleecing his father and it is up to Emma to pick up the baton of revenge, leading ...
1 Feb. 2010
Conned Out of Luck
Mickey gets conned after buying a defective mobile phone online and to sensible Emma's amazement the three older men believe that bad luck will result when a hustler is duped unless he can turn the tables on his swindler. This is brash yuppie entrepreneur Mervyn Lloyd. Sean becomes the team's inside man, working for Lloyd after supposedly being fired by Albert and persuading him to invest in a wonderful new product, a universal insect repellent, before Albert does. Barman Eddie,normally one of life's unfortunates, finds himself on a roll as he takes on board Mickey's ...
8 Feb. 2010
The Hush Heist
When the hustlers get caught they are offered an amnesty by MI6 officers Jenny and Nigel if they will steal a safe box from the vault in the National Bank of Syria. However the couple are hoping the team will steal money from a second vault so they can be re-arrested. Sean poses as a bank client to discover a way in and the hustlers make use of Ash's gadgetry to penetrate the vault while Albert creates a diversion.The mission is accomplished in terms of acquiring the box but Jenny and Nigel still have to be taught to back off.

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