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Chicago Sun-Times
The most harrowing movie about mountain climbing I have seen, or can imagine.
Wall Street Journal
An absolutely thrilling recreation, in documentary style, of a now-legendary story.
For audiences, two things keep the tension from becoming too excruciating: the presence of the survivors in front of us and the knowledge that in the grip of Macdonald's humane, lucid filmmaking, we're in the best of hands.
Charlotte Observer
Warms the heart while chilling the bones.
The Hollywood Reporter
Factoring in Mike Eley's breathtakingly vivid photography and a virtuoso sound mix that completely envelops the viewer, it's enough to make you never again want to poke your head into the freezer.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Touching the Void is, indeed, about living, but not the exhilarating kind. It's about survival -- raw, real, by force of will.
Chicago Tribune
So well cast and well captured is Touching the Void that it suspends disbelief, making us feel as if we're actually watching Simpson's own icy version of Dante's "Inferno."
New York Post
A stunning achievement, every bit the equal of the classic moun taineering book which inspired it.
Entertainment Weekly
The story itself is so powerful and troubling, the moral geometry so vertiginous, and the photography so big that anything other than the natural sounds of snowfall and footfall is a Flat Earth Society intrusion.
Real acting replaces re-enacting, and amazing cinematography pits the limits of human will against the unruliness of nature.
New York Daily News
Simpson and Yates give a good idea why individuals are drawn to extreme sports.

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