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Author: AMarie from USA
11 July 2005

I saw this film at the Urbanworld Film Festival last year and was happy to hear that it is coming to theaters this summer. It's pretty well-directed with solid comedic performances from Duane Martin and Deray Davis, who is a bonafide scene stealer. Duane is a great straight man to Deray. And they play well off each other. I loved their scenes together the best. I hadn't even heard of Deray before this flick. Now I seem to see him everywhere, like on Entourage the other night. Kelly is perfect in this role. She might have a nice career in acting after Destiny's Child if she wanted to. Her chemistry with Duane is rally tangible and cute. Although the part she's playing isn't much of a stretch, she makes the most of her role. Shemar Moore plays Kelly's handsome boyfriend who loves himself more than he loves her. Oh, and Melanie from the Spice Girls is in it with a funny part. Great to see a romantic comedy starring a black cast without a ton of racial stereotypes and Hollywood dribble. This is a good solid cast, good little script, high production value for an indie (more than i expected). Check it out if you get a chance.

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Author: loyaln from United States
29 July 2005

Kelly Rolland was great and shows she can act as well as sing.I believe that she should be given more opportunities to display her skills as a actress. i fill that the martins did a great job in casting her as a lead. and the movie itself was a great movie a lot of fun and romantic at the same time i loved it. i wish they would release it in the movie theaters so that every one would get a chance to see it, it would allow people to see a good romantic so called black film and know that we can do other things besides sell drugs and shoot people in our movies. it was a good, good and it should be out there so it can reach everyone. And to the Dwayne and Tisha keep writing these great stories and keep making people aware of our talents for all types of roles

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Maybe not the best script, but Kelly still shines

Author: Ohheyhi from United Kingdom
28 March 2008

Admittedly, Kelly Rowland playing a superstar who falls for the common guy is a bit well, predictable, but otherwise, this is one of the few films that made me smile and giggle.

Rowland is beautiful and her supporting cast are just right, even Melanie Brown's small role is wonderfully complimentary. Deray is hilarious, as is Mr Gorgeous Shemar Moore in his small role as the ex boyfriend.

It's nice to watch a film with a predominantly black cast that doesn't rely on stereotypes or "white man can't jump" kind of jokes. It's just a cute love story. There may not be any "dramatic arcs" or much in depth "character development"... but seriously, how much are you expecting out of a unassuming romcom? Not every single movie has to be a Scorsese or a Mendes.

There are quite a few funny lines, the acting is more than bearable and the directing pretty great. For me it's like the black Notting Hill, so I can't understand all the criticism people can find with this film.

My opinion: definitely a film you can enjoy with your friends on a girls night in. I can't see anything to complain about, it does the job it sets out to do, entertain.

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This film will fill a romcom lover's evening with pure enjoyment

Author: Amy Adler from Toledo, Ohio
13 April 2008

Derrick (Duane Martin) is a law student in the Los Angeles area. As with most college attendees, he is far from wealthy and he takes a job as a seat filler for area award programs. That is, he fills seats that are vacated by true award nominees as they go for beverages or to use the restrooms, so that when the camera turns to the audience, it always appears full. Naturally, all folks hired for these positions are asked to refrain from any conversations with the elite, or they will be fired. Yet, when Derrick goes to a music awards show, he suddenly finds himself sitting next to the gorgeous Jhnelle (Kelly Rowland), a hip hop princess. She's, well, lovely and Derrick feels his heart pounding faster. By happenstance, Jhnelle breaks the heel on one of her shoes and Derrick bounds out to repair the foot covering with a friend's superglue. She is most grateful and, yes, they begin to talk. She likes what she is seeing, too. Several nights later, he is a seat filler again and Jhnelle is watching the tube at home. Spying Derrick, he sends him a note with a dinner invitation, for someone has told her that he is a hotshot entertainment lawyer named Alonzo Grant. He accepts and promises himself to "come clean" with the truth. But, how can he, when Jhnelle is also being pursued by a handsome albeit egotistical television star? One thing is certain, Derrick wants to win Jhnelle's heart. Will he succeed, even as the truth is bound to surface? This is a lovely and humorous movie with a smooth script and fine direction. The two stars, Martin and Rowland, are very beautiful and talented people and viewers will be charmed mightily by them. All of the lesser players give nice performances, too. The scenery around the city of Angels is nice while the costumes are very, very fine indeed. As for the script, it has plenty of zest and originality and will generate smiles and sighs throughout. Most of all, it focuses on the true worth of a person and not the smoke and mirrors of La-la land. Therefore, all romcom lovers take note. Get out of your seat and snatch this one off the shelves at the video store. Your evening is about to be filled with pure enjoyment.

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A Really Great Romantic Comedy

Author: danceability from Netherlands
5 June 2009

A Really Great Romantic Comedy The Seat Filler is a movie that you don't want to miss. Kelly Rowland, singer, model, and 1/3rd of super group Destiny's Child stars in the movie as Jhnele. Jhnele is an internationally known singer. Duane Martin (who hasn't aged since his early 90's series "Up All Night") stars as Derrick. Derrick is a law student. He and his friend E.J. work as seat fillers to make a little extra money.

At an awards show she is seated next to Derrick and sparks fly. The problem with Derrick and Jhnele the couple is that Derrick is living a lie when it comes to his relationship with Jhnele. She thinks that he is a powerful Hollywood lawyer. Derrick is everything Jhnele wants in a man, he is far more considerate than her previous man (portrayed by actor Shemar Moore). Jhnele confides in her confidant and personal assistant Sandie. Sandie is portrayed by another real life pop star, former Spice Girl Melanie Brown shines in her role as Jhenele's best friend. Kelly Rowland can really act and her and Duane Martin have great on screen chemistry. The Seat Filler is a great feel good movie. Comedian DeRay Davis has a large role in the movie and he really brings the funny in every scene that he is in. Will Derrick and Jhenele's relationship survive when she learns that he is really just a law student?

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Somewhat Predictable, but Strengthened by Good Acting

Author: D_Burke from United States
11 May 2008

The plot of "The Seat Filler", when you strip it down to its basic components, is just the same as dozens of other romantic comedies. If you know the basic structure of the "boy meets girl" story, especially if it more specifically entails "boy meets girl, then pretends to be someone he's not even though he's being himself the whole time", you pretty much know how the story will go.

That being said, however, this romantic comedy holds its own based solely on the strength of intriguing characters, witty dialog, and overall noteworthy acting from most, if not all, involved.

Duane Martin, who also co-wrote and produced this movie, really makes a great leading man, and does very well as a character that many people, regardless of race, can relate to. He's very funny in this movie, and he has a very genuine down-to-earth charm that had me root for him throughout the entire movie. If you don't believe he's a good actor, it should be noted that Martin, although he played a man in his late 20's, is actually in his early 40's. He was so convincing, he could play a man a decade and a half his junior! That says something. It really does.

DeRay Davis, whose face is more familiar than his name, is also gut-bustingly hilarious as E.J., Martin's fast-talking, wise-cracking roommate. Davis's precise comic timing makes up for some slight plot holes regarding his situation. Specifically, it's never fully determined how the both of them are able to afford the apartment they're in. E.J. appears to be making as much money, if not less, than Martin's character Derrick, and he doesn't appear to have too much ambition to make any more money. But this technicality could be explained in other ways, too, I suppose.

Kelly Rowland is admittedly less experienced in acting than Martin, but what she lacks in experience she makes up for in credibility. Rowland in this movie plays someone who should not feel completely unfamiliar to her: a successful solo R&B artist. It's not clarified in this movie how big a star she is, whether she is a crossover success or not. It's true that she's famous enough to have people take pictures of her on the red carpet, and to afford a house as big as she has.

It is certain that Rowland has an incredible charm to her. She is incredibly beautiful, but she also has an ability to be so down to earth you just love her to death. I know I did. Rowland gets compared to Beyonce all the time, which isn't hard to figure out. However, Rowland may actually have a stronger gift for acting than her former bandmate which, should it be honed further, could result in a greater screen roles for her. Although Rowland shows some inexperience in this role, she shows a lot of promise.

It was surprising to see other supporting acting performances here from those who could have been in bigger movies, such as Kyla Pratt ("Fat Albert", "Dr. Doolittle") and Melanie Brown (formerly known as Scary Spice of the Spice Girls). They are experienced, but they fortunately don't try too hard to steal scenes or overact. That's pretty notable, and it's what makes this low-budget film a lot more memorable than some paltry big budget black comedies such as "Are We Done Yet" or "College Road Trip".

Others may be impressed by the cameos in this movie by the likes of Chante Moore, Kenny Lattimore, and Eriq La Salle. They are impressive, but the acting really carries this film. I found this movie at a video rental store, and I bought it used. It was indeed a worthwhile investment, and a movie I will probably go back to again and again. Sure it was predictable, but the acting really carried this movie. So I am recommending it.

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A Black Classy Comedy!

Author: mrs_aamh from Arizona
13 November 2007

It was refreshing to watch a black comedy with well known actors and actresses in the film with no cursing and not insulting one's intelligence. Before this film, I was not a fan of Duane, but I'm most certainly now. I did not realize how sexy he is. I have seen almost all the episodes of "All of Us" too. He was delicious, especially at the part when he is in the aisle of the Shrine trying to win Jhnelle's heart back. That look he gave her after she said, "What do you think?". O my gosh! Sweet and tasty. I did not know Kelly could act. I watched her in Nelly's video...I do not know the name of it, but you know what video I am talking about. Kelly played Jhnelle's part perfectly. I gathered the character was young and pure. Yes, she owned it. My favorite scene was her and Al(not known as Derrick yet) at Santa Monica pier. When she gave Al this innocent kiss and then she looked down then looked at him with a face that said, "I am a virgin, please care for me gently, I love you". Ever love a movie so much that you badly want to meet and speak to the cast? That is how much I love the movie. I want the soundtrack. I am looking all over the web for the CD. I can not find it. Help! When it becomes available, it is mine! The only reason I gave it a 8 and not a 10 is because I did not like the ending at all. Rick, Mark, Duane and all involved just left me hanging. Not right! No disrespect, but I would of rather a juicy ending. Simply disappointed with the ending, but a must see and will love film. Not the traditional black comedy, thank you. : ) More Duane and Kelly, please.

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Show me the movie...

Author: TBTBM from Maryland, U.S.A.
15 August 2005

I happen to be a man that likes the romantic movies. I developed this affection from watching the old-school stuff with Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Cary Grant, Doris Day, et 'al. I liked this movie a lot. It was marvelously funny, sentimental, interesting, simply a fun movie. Hollywood would do good to allow such movies to go to major theaters. It has very little profanity. I mean it uses language you can take a 13 yr. old to without cringing. No blatant skin showing or violence. Good solid movie. I went to the premier of this movie in Washington, D.C. The audience had a ball with it. DeRay Davis is "off-the-hook". Kelly Rowland is beautiful. Duane Martin is well directed and believable. The rest of the cast fits in well and are not annoying.

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Must See!

Author: bagcoo4 from United States
7 June 2006

This was a very good movie. At first I bought it because I liked Kelly's acting and I wanted to support her, but if the truth be told--- she's a better actress than Beyonce! Acting seems natural to her (shout out for playing the role of a singer and not over doing it). I think that if a lot more people gave her a chance she could win an Oscar.

Duane Martin is a struggling law student who takes a job as a seat filler to make in order to pay bills. He is distracted one at an awards ceremony when Kelly sits besides him. Not realizing how interested she is in him,he begins to go through tons of trouble to convince her that he is someone he isn't. This is a MUST SEE!

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Great date movie

Author: lady_tee_2 from United States
8 August 2005

I saw "The Seat Filler" when Duane previewed it in Baltimore and it was well worth the money I spent. Please see this film, you will not be disappointed. Duane and Kelly had great on screen chemistry and that came through to the audience. The love story was very believable and many people in the theater was agree. DeRay was VERY VERY funny, he had my side hurting from his first line to his last line. He is going to be one of the funniest men in show business. Look out for him my people. Kelly Rowland, the girl can sing and act, who knew. She did a wonderful job and she too is turning out to be another one of the brightest Hollywood stars. YOU GO GIRL! Congratulation to all those involved in the film, it was great.

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