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Heroes III just plain rules...

Author: Torgo_Approves from El Paso!
24 August 2006


This game is just amazing. I can play it over and over again and never get bored with it. That, I think, is the sign of a truly classic video game: the unlimited re-playability. You could play Heroes III 100 times in a row and not get tired of it. It's just that great.

Let's start with the game-play. You move your "hero" across a 2D map of a fantasy landscape. Occasionally you will run into an enemy "hero" or an army of fantasy beasts. This launches you into battle mode and the entire screen changes into a battlefield, where you get to see your army up close. The armies can be moved left and right, up and down, kind of like in chess, and the goal is of course to strike down upon the enemy with great vengeance and furious anger. It's that simple. Some gamers might think this game-play is too simple and boring. I think it's brilliant. It's so simple it's easy to play any time of the day (or night...). If you purchase a spell book for your "hero", you'll also be able to curse the enemy armies with spells or increase your own soldiers' capacity with your magic in combat.

The landscapes are beautiful and incredibly detailed and the music is atmospheric and relaxing. Add to that the enormous set of fantasy creatures you can use for battles (including centaurs, cyclops, unicorns, archers, Elves, at least seven types of dragons, basilisks, goblins, ghosts, skeletons, wizards, trolls, vampires and griffins, and I haven't even scratched the surface), a complex story, and complicated campaign scenarios, and you have the total winner that is Heroes III.

Another thing that elevates this game into greatness is the fact that you can, through the use of a very user-friendly map editor, create your own maps, which makes the game creative as well as entertaining. I also recommend adding the expansion packs Armageddon's Blade and The Shadow of Death, which feature additional creatures, castles and characters, as well as the option to create your very own campaign adventure. Expanded or not, Heroes III is a great game which you have to play if you haven't already. If there was a top 250 for games, this should be #1.

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Mighty and Magical

Author: buchass from Portugal
11 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One of the best strategy Rpg ever. Heroes of Might and Magic III : Restoration of Erathia its a true fantasy game with a great story, graphics and exceptional music.

One of the most entertainment and addict games i ever played, i play Heroes III all over the years, and still hook me in front of a screen playing it for hours. Im suspicious, but in my opinion in many ways Heroes III its much better than Heroes IV.

If you like Heroes of Might and Magic III : Restoration of Erathia, i also recommend: Heroes II; Heroes IV; Ages of Wonders ( in my opinion a Heroes of Might and Magic rip off, but still a good game)

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Among the greatest strategy games of all time

Author: Stefan from the past
10 July 2007

I remember playing this game at a friend. Watched him play a bit solo until we decided to try play 2 and 2, which we found out how to do. I thought it was extremely fun, especially as we had to sit next to each other (I didn't have Internet nor the knowledge of LAN by then). A few weeks later I bought the game and played like a mad man.

During the time I've spent playing this game I can honestly say that it's a great game for fantasy and strategy lovers. It evolves around a very cool and handy system where it's very easy to get accompanied by people in younger ages due to the very basic system of the game, which is actually great.

The storyline was somewhat complex for me, but others might have the experience to understand it. But the gaming experience was awesome. Heroes is probably the first game which contains a system in strategy you might not have seen before. The graphics are very nice. And the scenes of each city are just b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. Accompanied by a great musical composition.

It's a game worth trying out. Whether you're 10 years old or in your thirties, and/or over.

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beautiful game, really

Author: dettus from weyhe, germany
25 February 2004

i really loved this game. actually my only reason why i bought it, was because it was the only game capable of running under Linux in the store. but when it got home i was impressed! the backgrounds were absolutely beautiful, the sound was great. anyhow, it took very long to complete one level (almost a week for the bigger maps).

and what can i say about the story? nothing, actually. it is very complex, i mean you take on 4 sides at last in the campaign mode. and because the levels are so huge, you have a lot of trouble following it.

anyhow, if you like role playing games, you might as well like this strategy-game.

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Lead countless fantastic creatures to victory

Author: TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews from Earth
25 June 2009

I base this review on the Complete Version. This is the first of the series I've played, except for a minimal portion of the second one. Thus, I cannot compare this to the earlier ones. I can, however, say that this is incredible, and has gotten me to look at the ones that came later in the franchise. It features six campaigns, of slightly varying length, as well as growing difficulty. All of the story is told through them, as well as the well-done(if dated, today) CGI cut-scenes. The plot, which is memorable and takes a few unexpected turns, takes you through an entire war over who rules Erathia. I mean that in the StarCraft type way... you get to fight on both sides, and conquer as well as defend. You get more than two... let's call them species, even though it doesn't apply as well here as in a lot of other titles. In fact, there are eight, and they span from human(with knights, Pikemen and Angels), through Dungeon(with Troglodytes, Minotaurs and Medusas) and to the forces of the dead(with Skeletons, Zombies and Vampires). Heck, this thing is filled to the brim with mythological beings(dragons, elementals, genies, etc.) and abilities(resurrection, flight, striking twice and others). The detail in this is astounding. All of the design work is imaginative and amazing. There is an immense amount of different units, and they are all sufficiently distinguished. This helps making the battles interesting(during them is the only time of this that you can't save your progress). The system for them plays a big part in that, as well. They can be reminiscent of good chess matches... honestly, the whole thing can. This is turn-based strategy and role playing, and it's full of freedom and coincidental occurrences. All the choices you make can prove to be important, as can the chances you take. This randomization means that you can try the same areas of the game multiple times, and it won't be the same. Plus, there are quite a few levels, the size of them being potentially tiny or huge, or anywhere in-between those poles. And if that's not enough, this comes with a Map Editor, easy to use, with an intuitive interface, *and* it can make them compatible with either of the expansion packs. The quality may depend on the one making it, but anyone can use the program. It's not limited, like a Generator, rather, you can customize a lot. Not anywhere near as much as the one that comes with StarCraft, no... on the other hand, this has something that that one doesn't: a "validate" option, that lets you know about any objective shortcomings. The way the mood of this is establishing is excellent. Every little bit of the beautifully done, orchestral score is masterful and a perfect fit. Audio in this is, in general, great. All the effects sound just right. The tone is spot-on. This has nice graphics. They may not hold up today, nevertheless, the movements look natural and the magic looks spectacular. The animation is impeccable. While I am by no means well-versed in the world of RPG, from what I understand of how it is played with cards and dice, the game-play of this does a fine job of putting that on the computer. You move your Heroes around, collecting, engaging in combat and gaining XP for themselves, experience points, to improve their skills, most literally represented in the four main ones, Attack, Defend, Power and Knowledge, the latter 2 translating into how strong the spells(which you of course have to find, learn or trade between them) you cast are, and how many of them you can use before recharging them, respectively. It's all very entertaining, and once you get into it, it can be addictive. Several of the artifacts, I defy anyone not to get a kick out of getting a hold of and using. Want to walk on water? And that's only one example. I'll leave discovering the massive, vast number of things in this... to utilize against your opponents, or vice versa... to each individual person who tries this. That's part of the fun of this. Multi-player is magnificent and doesn't actually necessitate an internet connection or LAN, although it can be done on them, so it's wide open. No, 8 people, the maximum that can play, can sit at one machine and go at it with one another. Like RTS releases... note that this is not one, it is not real time, all actions in this are based on taking turns... this has you constructing buildings, gathering resources, putting together armies, managing it all and taking out your opponents. The AI, marvelous, by the way, smart and adaptive, has about half a dozen settings for how smart they are, and how well-equipped they start out, so absolute new-comers, as well as seasoned veterans can get a challenge that they can beat. You can spend countless hours on this. There are so many things to explore. A bunch of "worlds", with lava, "underground", oceans, you can sail, and find objects out there, as well, such as buoys that'll restore spirit to your men, sirens that you may or may not wish to go near, and whirlpools that transport you back and forth, at the cost of troops going overboard. There are no real shortcomings, if you like this type of thing. If you're unsure about that, try a demo. I have not run into a single bug or glitch, nor any problems with the stability. This is so mild and inoffensive(without sacrificing anything, it genuinely doesn't feel like they had to PG it up), apart from stuff that may upset some religious people, that everyone, any age, can enjoy it. There is no language, violence is bloodless and not disturbing, and sexuality goes no further than a risqué costume here and there. I recommend this to any fan of these kinds of games, those who like medieval times, and anyone into fantasy. 9/10

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Great game, but a little hard in some areas

Author: JKristine35 from United States
15 May 2007

I would call Heroes of Might and Magic III a truly GREAT game- if it wasn't so easy to get stuck in certain scenarios that are necessary to get to the next scenario. When the inability to beat the computer gets so frustrating, you just want to scream- that's usually a bad thing. On the good side, the graphics are great, the storyline supports the game play, it's fun to see everything from not just the viewpoint of one side; but of three, and the creatures are fun to work with. That said, make sure you have a link to at least one page with Heroes III walkthroughs, because you WILL run into scenarios that are literally almost impossible to beat.

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