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San Francisco Chronicle
It's coolheaded and incisive, a thorough and informative study of corporations, their origins and their place in the modern world.
Over the course of almost two and a half fascinating hours, they make a cogent, compelling, powerful argument, and they also make a terrific movie.
Entertainment Weekly
The Corporation has better manners and a longer fuse than ''Fahrenheit 9/11.'' But the acerbic, sardonically illuminating Canadian documentary shares with its American cousin a certain bleak leftist glee in pursuit of its cause.
The Corporation takes great and successful pains to be as visually diverse and clever as it is intellectually provocative.
Chicago Sun-Times
An impassioned polemic, filled with information sure to break up any dinner-table conversation. Its fault is that of the dinner guest who tells you something fascinating, and then tells you again, and then a third time. At 145 minutes, it overstays its welcome.
Philadelphia Inquirer
One of the film's cleverest devices is a "Personality Diagnostic Checklist" that equates corporate "serial behaviors" - exploitation, deception, greed, lack of empathy and guilt - with the antisocial makeup of a certifiable psychopath.
New York Daily News
An informative, amusing and unnerving overview of the history and consequences of corporations.
Chicago Tribune
It's good stuff: a non-fiction film on weighty issues that also manages to entertain.
Miami Herald
Takes one side, but it tries to offer hope that change can happen.
New York Post
Delivers its provocative message in the measured tones of a college professor -- yet there's no danger of falling asleep in this lecture.
Wall Street Journal
It's a powerful polemic in its own right, despite some maddeningly glib generalizations, a documentary that functions as a 2½-hour provocation in the ongoing debate about corporate conduct and governance.
The Hollywood Reporter
The film will still prove a tonic to those holding left-of-center views.

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