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Hilarious movie, see it first chance you get
Jeff Beachnau14 June 2005
I was lucky enough to catch this at the Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck, Michigan. I loved it so much, I saw it twice, and I never do that at festivals.

This hilarious film stars Rob Corddry from The Daily Show. The film is about Bobby Dukes, a famous paintball star that was caught "wiping" during the championship match. After ten years, Dukes returns to the game, assembling a new team and hoping to gain back his title.

The mockumentary is well done, though the laughs don't come right away, when they show up they don't leave. The teammates are all hilarious, and the side characters add to the comedy. Though the games are fun to watch, the comedy comes from training for the games. When Bobby gets his team together you can't help but laugh. Each member has their own great qualities, especially Rob Riggle and Paul Scheer. Writing this review, it's been two days since I last saw it, and I still keep laughing at some of the jokes.

I really hope this movie makes it to theatres, I know people will check it out and love it. I saw the director after the film and he said he had a lot of great extra footage shot that he would love to include on the DVD, so I can't wait, I'll buy it first chance I get.

See the movie, spread the word.
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Saw this at the Sarasota Film Festival
beachbumofFL8 February 2005
I was instantly attracted to the title of this film when I was walking by the Sarasota Film Festival box office. Blackballed….what could that possibly be about? Moving closer to the film poster I realized that the man in the shot had his back to the frame and was carrying a helmet and a gun with paint splattered on the floor behind him. All I was thinking…this is going to be interesting.

"Blackballed:The Bobby Dukes Story" stars Rob Corddy of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart fame. Corddy plays Bobby Dukes, a once famous paint baller who infamously "wiped" ten years ago (i.e. tried to wipe the paint off of himself in order to stay in the game). Dukes has come back to his roots in New York to prove himself in "The Classics", a paint ball tournament in which he has to face his former friend now nemesis Sam Brown who is married to Dukes' old flame Jill. Dukes' problem: no one wants to play with a "has been", so he has to formulate a new team in a very short period of time.

Enter a Canadian, a drill sergeant, a paint ball referee, a video game enthusiast and Dukes' sister and we have the "Rounds". While the "Rounds" may not be the most compatible group of players, we see the way they connect while preparing for one of the greatest paint ball moments in their lives. Preparation includes drills, kick boxing and facials, (of course…) In the end, the various personalities unite to form a fierce front on the paint ball field with a surprising twist at the end of the tournament, making this a little less cliché than other films we have seen about sports teams.

The film stars some of the folks we see on VH1's popular "Best Week Ever" such as Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel. The other less notable actors make the story that much funnier and add originality to the storyline. The film is shot in a mockumentary style, much like Christopher Guest films such as "Best in Show" according to director Brant Sersen. Sersen, a recreational paint baller, got the idea for the film when he would go out to play on the weekends. He took note of the odd characters around him and was inspired to write the script for "Blackballed". Sersen also mentioned that about 90% of the film was improvised allowing for a lot of original humorous moments, something many Hollywood comedies try to capture, but the timing is frequently off.

I enjoyed "Blackballed" immensely for its' honest characters and storyline as well as the amateur-looking format in which it was filmed. The entire film was shot on digital video, but it works for the comedic, yet simple, story being told. There is never a dull moment in "Blackballed" and the cast of the film plays off each other in refreshing performances. I would recommend this film for anyone looking for a good film about sportsmanship, but also understands the wacky humor attached.
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Funny and well done parody of the paintball world
iranosaurus_rex18 May 2006
Being an avid and serious paintballer, this movie really appealed to me when I first heard of it. The movie has laughs nonstop and the characters are all hilarious and unique - some of them remind of people I've paintballed with.

The story involves a famous paintballer who has lost his fame and now attempts to make his name known again by playing in 'The Classic' years later. He assembles his team and trains hard for the tournament, with plenty of laughs and good jokes along the way. This indie film had me laughing in ways that big Hollywood productions couldn't, and the great chemistry between the cast members just adds to the hilarity.

I also loved how well understood and parodied paintball subculture was, with the gangsta-wannabe kids and wiping. I really hope this movie gets a national release so everyone can see it, and I definitely plan to buy it on DVD. Overall, I highly recommend this movie if you are into non-stop laughter and a comical look at the not-so-well-known world of paintball.
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Help spread the word about this great hilarious movie...
rorygator14 June 2004
This is by far one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. Rob Corddry (Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart) is supported by the cast of Upright Citizens Brigade (an improv comedy troupe from NYC which branched off for a show on Comedy Central) in this phenomenal mockumentary about the world of the paintball sub-culture.

Blackballed is currently making the round on the independent film festival circuit, and has racked up awards at SXSW (South by SouthWest Film Festival) and LPFF (Lake Placid Film Festival).

At the present time, Blackballed is still seeking distribution for release, but because of its network clout with Corddry, and an overwhelmingly positive audience response, it is sure to be out within the year either as a release in theaters nationwide, or else as a special on cable TV.

  • gator.
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Blacklisted paint ball player returns to reclaim glory and respect
specialk-269 March 2005
This is a hilarious film with some of the funniest people on earth, seriously. You can find these guys at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City if you're lucky. The film is a moucumentary about a great paint ball player named Bobby Dukes who is blacklisted from the paint ball league for "wiping". 10 years later he returns with a bunch of misfits to win one more competition. Rob Corddry (from the Daily Show) is great as the leader of this team. Rob Riggle (Saturday Night Live) will make you pee your pants in laughter as he plays a zany ex-marine. If you get an opportunity to see this movie, do yourself a favor and go!!! Seriously go right now!!! Why are you reading this still!?!?
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Light-hearted satire
Delmare18 August 2008
In a good-natured attack on the ever-popular sports biopic, Brant Sersen's Blackballed tells the story of a once-legendary paintball player who commits the game's most capital offense – wiping off a paint-stain to conceal being hit. His memory tarnished, his career in shambles, Dukes attempts the comeback of a lifetime, recruiting a group of youngsters who have always lived in his shadow, fighting for his name, and the name of the sport he loves.

Blackballed isn't exactly award-winning material, but then again, it doesn't pretend to be. Everyone involved with the project is clearly having fun, and no one entertains any delusions about the social impact of their efforts, so I'm not really inclined to be critical. Yes, the movie begins to feel a little self-indulgent at times, but I'm a sucker for the mockumentary genre, and the actors do an excellent job with the deadpan humor. I'm also amused by the purposefully clichéd use of hand-held cameras in the combat sequences, a clear knock against Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down, movies that are also self-indulgent, but are much less honest about it.
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"...Balled" is a round of laughs
nathanschubach21 January 2011
This movie reminds me of the Christopher Guest mockumentaries that follow odd-ball groups of people around, discussing their hobbies. I've never seen a paintball-related comedy before, so that was a first. I enjoyed seeing a lot of comedians that have gone on to be on The Office, the Daily Show, Hot Tob Time Machine, and The League. Also Jack McBrayer from 30 Rock is in it for a second. Overall, it's a pretty funny, independent venture for this group of performers. You could tell in the performances that they were really just enjoying each others' characters, and that's always an entertaining addition to a interesting premise.
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Boo-yahka, boo-yahka, "Blackballed" kicks ass.
fallen-misfunction30 March 2010
As a paint ball player and avid comedy film-watcher, "Blackballed" appealed to me in ways that no other films have. I hadn't heard of it online or anything but I decided to rent it the moment I saw it on the shelf at my local video store. My money was wasted- I should have bought the DVD instead. This film was made with heart and intelligence. The acting was so good and the in-game scenes done so well that I couldn't help but think that I was in the film, and that Rob Corddy was a true paint ball legend. The attention to detail in this film is phenomenal. From the safety procedures shown in the film to the true game-play, I was stunned. Knocked flat. Like I'd taken three dozen paint balls to the skull simultaneously. The characters are alive and multi-faceted, the story is intense and deep, and it made me miss the sport. When the film ended, a tiny little tear went down my face, and I rocked myself to sleep in grief that there was no more.
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Help get this movie a theatrical release!!
jlwatts10 March 2005
This movie was HILARIOUS! Just saw it last night at the University of Delaware, and I couldn't stop laughing. Great cast + great dialog= great movie! In case you have no idea what this movie is, it's pretty much a mockumentary (think Best in Show, Mighty Wind) on paintballing. And it just so happens to be casted with most of the best comedians on Comedy Central. I would recommend this movie to anyone that likes real humor.. this isn't the Will Ferrall or Adam Sandler kind of funny.. Sometimes, its hard to tell that they aren't being serious. GREAT film.. everyone involved worked so hard on this film.. help it get out there!! pure masterpiece!!
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This isn't fun for everybody!
lowodourink22 January 2007
When I checked out "Blackballed" on IMDb I thought it might be an enjoyable movie. The rating was pretty high, and all available comments were very positive. Now, after I have seen this movie I think it is necessary to warn people like me who know nothing about it: First of all this sure isn't an "awesome" and "hilarious" film to everybody. I would say not even 10 percent of all IMDb people would like it.

It's a very flat documentary. A simple story is stretched out to one-and -a-half hours. It's very American and of very poor quality. What fascinated me though: It's all made up. It's all fake. They are actors playing roles of paintballers. The only problem is: It's so well done, it's very hard to realize it. That actually makes it a critique of people with very little braincells playing paintball all day long. A horrible mirror of todays society.

So if you are not completely into the sport of paintball and if you don't know the people from that TV show who did this and if you are not an American citizen, you most likely won't have too much fun watching this.
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