Tak and the Power of Juju (Video Game 2003) Poster

(2003 Video Game)


Jibolba: Tak, what are you doing?

[Tak fetches a sheep, but Jibolba expects the real thing]

Tak: You told me to go get Lok.

Jibolba: That's right. Now go fetch Lok, stop playing with the sheep.

Tak: I did get Lok!

Jibolba: No, you fetched a dirty, stinky animal.

Tak: That's Lok! See? He's wearing Lok's amulet. Tlaloc must have changed him into a sheep!

Jibolba: What? No, no! This is all wrong. This isn't in the Pu-pu-pu-pu-pu...

Tak: Pupanunu.

Jibolba: Pupanunu People's prophecy. The mighty warrior doesn't become a sheep.

Jibolba: [under his breath] The mighty warrior doesn't lick my foot.

[the Sheep Lok is licking Jibolba's foot, and Jibolba tells him to flee]

Jibolba: Stop the licking, Lok!

Jibolba: [sadly] Oh, how could this happen?

Tak: Can't we just change him back?

Jibolba: I don't know.

Jibolba: [with enthusiasm] Yes, I've got it! We can change Lok back into a mighty warrior! This great Juju spirit who watches us from another world can help!

Jibolba: [to the viewer] Follow Tak, protect him with your power. Go with Tak to the ancient burial ground of our ancestors and put the teeth into the statutes.

Jibolba: [under breath] And get me some magical Lubu plants while you're out!

Jibolba: [shouting] Now, go! Lok must stop Tlaloc before he destroys the Moon Goddess!

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Flora: Looks to me like that Orangutan only exists in spirit form, too. Maybe he can help us to where we wanna go.

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