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A former stripper and manager of a seedy strip club, Lily, a wise, but submissive person that metamorphose into a new person in the course of 24 hours.It is a real drama when you have a paranoid Strip club owner, an IRS agent and couple of strippers in. Staring: Marcus Jean Pirae, Ian Ziering, Elana Krausz.

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Elana Krausz's stripper thriller 'Stripped Down' gets theatrical release

In the tradition of Stripped to Kill, filmmaker Elana Krausz's darkly funny stipper thriller Stripped Down, winner of 5 International Festival Awards, is getting a theatrical release.

Three gorgeous strippers get revenge on their vicious club owner! Darkly humorous payback for serious abuse in a surreal, ultimately redemptive pole spinning journey. Feminist statement, or exploitation film? Or a little of both?

Stripped Down is playing in Los Angeles at the Laemmle Sunset 5 May 22 - June 4 2009. Watch the trailer... read more
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