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MPAA Rated R for strong disturbing violent content including a graphic killing rampage, child rape/murder, suicidal behavior, pervasive language and some sexual content - all involving teens

Sex & Nudity

  • Some teen girls show cleavage in their outfits, and some teen boys stare at girls' clothed breasts and buttocks.
  • A teen girl (bridgette) kisses a teen boy (Scott) against a wall, tells him that it would turn her on to be the last one to have sex with him, and then performs oral sex on him offscreen (we see her head bobbing).
  • A teen says "B***h, better suck my d**k" while imitating someone else.
  • A teen uses a video camera to look up many girls' skirts and we see some views of underwear and between legs. He then takes the camera into a female bathroom stall and masturbates (offscreen; we see his facial reaction and hear the act beind performed).
  • A teen mentions her ex-boyfriend, presumably also a teen, sleeping with her mother.
  • A teen remarks that her dad is probably "taking it up the a** every night" in prison.
  • A woman (Trudi's Mom) is on top of a man in bed and her bare butt is seen. Her bare breasts and brief full frontal nudity is then seen in shadows as she chases her teenage daughter, who walks in on her.
  • A teen (Rick) visits a prostitute (Nikki) and we see her bare breasts and buttocks in a thong bottom as she dances for him.
  • We see two teens kissing in bed, and then see them later in bed. It is never stated or implied that they had sex.

Violence & Gore

  • A teen roughs up another teen with kicks and punches, and then threatens that teen several times.
  • There are several threats of shootings throughout the movie.


  • Approximate profanity count: f**k-84 (4 using "mother"), s**t-26, a**-8, b***h-7, d**k-3, 2 each of "hell" and "damn".
  • The "n" word is said several times by a black character and once by a white character in a racist context.
  • There are also a few phrases using "God".
  • Characters display the middle finger a few times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Teenagers are shown smoking a few times, but not extensively.
  • A character mentions being on ecstacy.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The main story of the film is about a group of teenagers' pact to commit suicide. Talk of this occurs throughout the film, and later in the film, several sequences of disturbing violence do occur.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A teen rapes a nine-year-old girl. We see flashes of the girl's body before and after the act, but during it, we only see the boy from the shoulders up.

Violence & Gore

  • A teen stalks a girl, who says she is nine years old, for several minutes before raping and murdering her. He forces her into a bathroom, they struggle on the floor, and we see a shot of his head and hear him as he thrusts on top of her, and we then see flashes of the girl's dead body.
  • A teen walks through a school with a gun as another teen records on camera. He shoots several people and some bloody bullet holes and blood on a wall are seen. He then shoots another teen and blood splatters on a door and is seen on the victim's shirt. More shots are heard and bodies seen on the floor, and more teens are shot, including a girl who is asked if she believes in God, and when she replies "yes", is shot through her neck, splattering blood on the wall. Cops move in on the school, more dead and bloody bodies are seen, and the killer makes another teen get on his knees before shooting him through the shoulder (blood spurts). The killer also shoots a friend of his twice, who we later see very bloody as he streaks blood across the floor, an he presumably is dead when cops check his pulse. The killer ends up commiting suicide with a gunshot to the chin (offscreen), and we then see him dead on the ground with a bloody bullet hole in his chin.

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