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  • Ramanaa is a professor at National College. But he is also the head of an Anti Corruption Force, that aims to eliminate corruption from society. Members of the force kidnap the 15 most corrupt employees from every government department and then kill the most corrupt among them. While this gradually succeeds in lessening corruption in all departments, the police is left scratching their heads about the details of the group.



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  • The film is about Ramana (Vijayakanth) who decides to abolish corruption altogether with the help of his students who are now working in various government offices. The reason behind this powerful decision is told in the flashback. Ramana is a happy professor with his wife (played by Simran) and daughter. And one day when Ramana is out to make some purchases, the entire neighbourhood collapses due to some fault in the construction and many of the residents including Simran and her daughter lose their lives. Ramana rushes to the Government Officials when he comes to know that all this was due to one person namely Vijayan, an industrialist with the necessary proof. But the incidents that he faces at the office, and on finding that these officials who are now corrupt to the core are mere puppets in the hands of Vijayan he gets frustrated on the situation and this makes him to form the ACF (Anti Corruption Force). 15 Thasildars are found missing and then the police find that 14 of them have been released after 3 days but one of them is killed. They find some files and a tape along with the body of the dead thasildar. These files carry details of why the kidnap of the 15 thasildars had been done and the reason for the murder of one of them and have the words ACF written on it. It is understood by the police that these men where the thasildars who had indulged themselves in bribery and that they were the top 15 of the list of the corrupt thasildars. ACF sends the tape, with the message that they shall continue the kidnap of the corrupt officers in all the departments and that the No.1 corrupt shall be sentenced to death according to the law of the Anti Corruption Force. There is fear among the corrupt officials. They come forward to file their returns. For a while there are no illegal transactions done, but the corruption soon continues in the society due to the threatening of the local mob to sign illegal documents and accept bribes. Meanwhile, the ACF finds that it is Vijayan who is the real reason behind this corruption scenario. Then the kidnapping continues. Finally with the help of a police constable played by Yugi Sethu, who takes up this case, they find the students working for the ACF and they are put to torture in the cell to reveal the name of their leader. Ramana on seeing his students suffer, surrenders to the police and requests police to release his students. However in the climax Ramana kills Vijayan and the very next day Ramana gets hanged by the police on the charges of several murders done by Ramana and his students.

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