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I Love This Film!!

Author: hollywoodathome from Los Angeles
17 December 2003

I saw this film in Mexico (I'm American) and LOVED it!! It is the touching story of 2 girls (one conservative and one wild) who run after a stripper and find themselves in the process. The actors are wonderful, the directing is very creative and the story moves!! It also has some fun animation, GREAT music and creative references to "Alice in Wonderland"!! There are beautiful women and hunky guys - what's not to like! I definately want to see this film again when it is released in the USA. A really fine film that is thoroughly enjoyable!

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Enjoyable and just for fun!

Author: silmex from Los Angeles
9 September 2004

Gosh...all these people have got to relax. I enjoyed the movie very much, yes it might not be realistic, however, the story is imaginative and it takes you away from what is your daily life...that is why its called entertainment. What do you expect from a romantic comedy? If you are looking for political and social events movies, then this is definitely not your cup of tea. If you just looking for enjoyment and a good laugh, then I recommend this movie. It is not an Amores Perros...but is it a feel good movie. Personally, I don't like Amores Perros, because it shows the cruel reality of daily life. The cinematography is brilliant, and I agree that Amores Perros is a fine film....but then again..YOU CAN COMPARE APPLES TO ORANGES. Ladies Night is a completely different genre, some of you need to understand that.

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Good movies

Author: suzy83 from United States
4 August 2006

Mexico has come up very far with this movie and has done a terrific job capturing all the flavor in one movie. Ladies night has touch many feelings that were hidden in the viewers and made this movie a "must watch" one. Terrific is the only word describing the movie. Everyone must see this movie cause it has everything, from drama to action to laughs and more important 'reality'. This movie is everything there is to see and get captured on the story as it should happen with every movie you see right? All the actors and actresses in this movie did a terrific job, transmitting their emotions and they brought up the true meaning of love and passion in this world.

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An Absolute Joy to Watch

Author: theonetheycallolive
3 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is a wonderful light-hearted comedy that takes the viewer to a whole new Wonderland. The main character Alice is getting ready to settle down into a cute, safe life with a sweet, safe husband. One wild night, one week before her wedding, she finds herself deep in love--- with a male stripper, hired for her bachelorette party. A lovable mix of characters all searching for love, and for themselves. The film is fanciful, colorful, beautifully shot, with a wonderful soundtrack, and has the perfect amount of silliness. The film reminded me of another romantic comedy "Amélie", in the way that there is an odd kind of scavenger hunt our heroine must go through to find the man of her dreams. Only, in "Ladies Night" she must go through the rabbit hole, and stumble through wonderland to get him. And the fact that he's running doesn't help. All in all this is a fantastic romantic comedy.

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Mexican Alice... even funnier than the usual

Author: daniela_daria from Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
2 January 2007

I really didn't cared that much about watching this movie when it was released, I thought that it was going to be another foolish & girlish movie that doesn't go far from that. I watched it when it was released in DVD and totally loved it, it's funny, witty and leaves you with a positive message: Go for it, take risks.

If you don't like romantic comedies don't watch it, it does not portray the reality of Mexican society, it's a fantasy of how fun it could be, and actually that's the reason why I watched, it's a way to escape from all that's going on in a funny and light way. The characters are well developed and the directing is quite good, and all the references to Alice in Wonderland are just superb mostly because it is mixed with Mexican humor.

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two females set on a quest to find answers after a bachlorette party, which goes astray.

Author: pikagoof from United States
21 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think this is not only a great movie, but it also has great acting. Not to mention the actors are very attractive, which is always a plus. The movie shows how love can be found in the most unusual circumstances, and that sometimes the circumstances don't matter, because the love is greater than everything else. In all honesty, it is a perfect Mexican chick flick. It's got the cat fights, the broken hearts, the conflicts, and most importantly,the falling in love with a prince charming, only ten times better. A warning: Mexican films are very different stylistically, so while you watch it, keep an open mind, and just enjoy it for what it is, without looking for anything different. On the other hand, the movie shows some great cultural sites in Mexico city, which is a nice bonus!:) enjoy!

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Funny and smart

Author: Yansan-2 from Mexico City
23 December 2003

The movie runs pretty fast, and has some amusing scenes between the two lead actresses. A couple of moments are quite funny, and all in all it manages to entertain, in spite of the predictabilty of the romantic comedy structure.

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maybe cheesy but catchy

Author: gisela from sinaloa, mexico
28 July 2004

well in a way i know it's a Mexican movie, so even if i don't want to say this, we can't expect that much from it

but i was amazed by this movie, and maybe the title its not so appropriate to show us this romantic scene where fates does it's part, and people go out to chase their destinies, i might recognize i'm a hopeless romantic girl but still it got my attention and at the end i even cried, i knows this totally sounds overreacted but don't you people have met sometime in your life a person that made you world shake? and made you wonder if life has some magic waiting for us to discover?

i may be shoot for what i am going to say but it kind of reminded me the greatest "Amelie", you know all that cartoon stuff,the narrator, the fantasy world, the forces of nature, i just loved it unexpectedly loved this movie (because i resisted a lot to not actually seeing it) but it totally blew me away (of course Amelie its so much higher level of what i mean)

yeah the actors could be a little no so good actors, but the whole story will make you fall if you ever have believed in love, and i don't know something out there waiting for you...

i don't want to tell you how the movie goes because this is just my opinion i don't want to ruin it for you to know what happens so just take some time and rent it thinking it only last 90 minutes so it's not so much time to waste don't you think?

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Journey to the dream of a Cinderella

Author: manucorreacnn from Buenos Aires
12 April 2015

Entertaining. Dynamic. Exquisite. Girlish. With disparate but good performances in major roles. With a dash-story somewhat anemic but with two great actresses (Ana Claudia Talancon and Ana De la Reguera) and address (Gabriela Tagliavini) outstanding.

Ladies Night is a film entertainment fun if it comes, reflecting a Artistic creation with Mexican label in their manners in which to talk-talk comes with a story that plays with the universal imaginary and with the direction of Gabriela Tagliavini who jointly Ana Claudia Talancon are the stars of the film.

The argument comes packaged with structural holes. Anyway the plot vertebrate in the script by Issa Lopez gives the diametrical protagonists a condiment that gives depth to the story.

Ana Claudia Talancon has an angel on his face and this is portrayed with sublime delicacy by the "pen" of Gabriela Tagliavini giving the spot, because it manages to portray that childlike universe that the script proposed in recreating and redial. Tagliavini stands with his fits Ana De la Reguera studied in a second place, who gives blood with a convincing performance and a darker and enhanced dimensionality.

Not less detail is the successful achievement of production work was a solid at each of the locations work. They relate to the spatially Mexico where history and seasoned them with an eclectic and rich pop frame is portrayed.

The board gives dynamism to the plot, making fill gaps in a script in his "thoughts" makes slipping further the plot, forcing a trapeze stunt in the direction which wraps this story affair with another child language key and with the "bang" as standard. It is the only moment in which, although unscathed, climbs in his solid work.

As the plot progresses starring Alicia (including several made moment narrative and stories direction-off) and melts it seemed his set destination. In turn, the sub-plot shows how to dissolve the "safe" world of a stripper who is challenged by a reality that hit you in the heart plexus. Here the script gathers strength and next to the address given by the hand making an oiled gear.

Tagliavini's work, which is detailed in the composition of each frame, rhythm and manages to give an American touch to your patina with which builds each frame of film Mexican colloquial language gives membership film, making creative regarding identifiable trigger.

Is observed that the neat and aseptic American language pointed in the direction you remove the film verve and is in conflict with the above noted. Quite the opposite. It is a pop language that achievement with mounting channel to fruition a cinematic creation entertains, amuses and you can enjoy the overwhelming charisma of Ana Claudia Talancon, by the convincing performance of Ana De la Reguera and Gabriela Tagliavini address that I take the juice to each piece of fruit.

By Manu Hugo Correa

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Sexy entertainment based on sex and hot girls. Who can resist it?!

Author: insomniac_rod from Noctropolis
15 December 2006

Watch this movie for what it is : cheap entertainment based on sex.

Sex, sex, and more sex. Sex is the common denominator in modern Mexican light romantic comedies. Sure, sex sells and it's even more attractive when Ana Claudia Talancòn and Ana de la Reguera are the main stars of a movie which intention is to make as money as possible at the cost of hundreds of teenagers.

"Ladies' Night" has it's funny moments to be objective. Funny moments as I mentioned, based on sex references and some bad words.

Ana Claudia and Ana are truly talented actresses but it's pretty obvious that both exploited their perfect, sexy physical features. Both are probably among the top 10 hottest women in Mèxico. Word.

So watch this movie if you are in the mood for brainless, mindless fun. Relax, catch it on cable and enjoy.

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