Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004) Poster

Plot Keywords

bride vengeance
assassination assassin
death bouncer
revenge training
sword teacher
execution black mamba
hattori hanzo snake
wedding chapel strip club
female assassin martial arts
woman wearing an eyepatch female warrior
2000s death by samurai sword
fistfight brawl
blinded martial arts master
martial artist vigilante
kendo death of title character
pistol disarming someone
sword duel blonde
shooting hitwoman
showdown hand to hand combat
combat tough girl
heroine neo western
female protagonist asshole in elbow
huntington cemetery head butt
tiger crane eagle claw
magpie mexico
pregnancy treachery
renegade costumer
reference to batman reference to spiderman
reference to superman super hero
goldfish impervious to bullets
head dunked in toilet bowl toilet bowl
holding head under water prostitute
brothel swordsmanship
straight edge razor gasping for air
restaurant cafe
glass of water internet
wedding dress cantonese
exploding heart samurai
samurai sword helplessness
chopsticks rice
roll call children
classroom barstow california
regret retirement
cobra murder
injection rock salt
cell phone campfire
flash forward topless female nudity
bar paralysis
poisoning poison
dead body suffering
eye patch fight
cigarette smoking money
grave cemetery
graveyard mentor protege relationship
stuffed animal snake charmer
reference to annie oakley tears
crying watching tv
cartoon on tv pussy wagon
dying cocaine
shotgun rifle
gun spit in face
el paso texas death by snakebite
shaolin temple shaolin
priest monk
murdered by snakebite father son relationship
mother son relationship tragic heroine
imperative in title hand rising from the earth
voice over narration black comedy
master apprentice relationship apprentice kills master
blood splatter pregnant bride
rhyme in title eye ripped out
pretending to be dead flashback
perth australia cult film
exploding heart technique death of pet
pimp hitman
one woman army sheath
homage shot back to back
wink dark heroine
breaking the fourth wall bathroom
hitlist mace
flute fire
coffin intentional goof
duology head in toilet
anti hero no opening credits
organist wuxia fiction
karate special technique women fight
girl fight eyeball
respect promise
tragic villain tragic love
tragic hero female murderer
split screen warrior woman
righteous rage retribution
bloodshed pain
moral ambiguity femme fatale
critically acclaimed brutality
neo noir gore
action heroine flashlight
hit in the crotch forgiveness
returning character killed off redemption
love kindness
hate guilt
code name surprise after end credits
violence teacher student relationship
shot in the knee poetic justice
loyalty honor
eye gouging desert
corpse blood
blindness betrayal
wedding singer wedding rehearsal
venom uncle niece relationship
truth serum trailer home
syringe sword fight
stripper snake bite
shot through a door shot in the chest
racial slur presumed dead
pregnancy test poison dart
philosophy nonlinear timeline
mother daughter relationship mother child reunion
mentor massacre
kung fu headstone
digging a grave father daughter relationship
employer employee relationship buried alive
buddhist temple brother brother relationship
warrior justice
second part sequel
katana katana sword
title spoken by character character name in title
surprise ending

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