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Fantastic Bollywood entertainment
Peter Young27 August 2009
Hum Tum is an extremely modern and lighthearted romantic comedy. It is very well directed, beautifully shot, and is interesting and entertaining. Kunal Kohli makes a very good job in depicting the world of young Indians who travel the world and live their individual lives with passion and independence. The portrayal of relationships between the characters in the film, particularly that of the main lead, Karan and Riya, is handled with a mind-blowing mix of comedy and emotional drama. The film moves at a steady pace, the animated characters of 'Hum' and 'Tum' are really fun, the music is suitably racy, the cinematography and editing are excellent, and the entire concept of following the hate-to-love relationship of two young people for a period of several years across many different countries, is refreshing and convincingly done.

The film leans on a truly electrifying chemistry between the two leads, Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukherjee. Mukherjee is very appealing and natural and performs brilliantly throughout the film, but it is Saif Ali Khan who steals the show big time. Playing a trendy, humorous, carefree yet gracious womaniser, Khan seems to be tailor-made for the role of Karan, which gives him ample scope to showcase his superb comic-timing and never-seen-before acting skills. He performs with natural ease, infusing the part with the right amount of depth, wit and energy, and always appearing so real and effortless that it can be rightly concluded that no one else would have been able to do it as well as he did. This is an exceptional, unforgettable performance and, according to me, one of the greatest comic-dramatic performances in history.

In support, Rishi Kapoor is very enjoyable in one of his finest and funniest performances. Kirron Kher is outstanding and simply hilarious in an all-out comic part as the loud and loving mother. Rati Agnihotri is as beautiful as ever in a smaller part, and Jimmy Shergill and Isha Koppitar provide great support. The soundtrack, as already mentioned, perfectly suits the film's mood; the title song is particularly beautiful. Please note, Hum Tum is definitely not a rip-off of When Harry Met Sally, as some people have suggested. There are some tiny similarities in the general concept but nothing more than just that, and it has pretty much a story of its own. Finally, Hum Tum is a lovely and memorable film. It is both very funny and moving, and is overall a heartwarming picture which can always be a great watch for the entire family.
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Entertained hum, now it's tum's turn
aashish9 July 2004
A well executed production. Funny and entertaining throughout. The movie had a light-hearted feel to it and was stylistically superb. Saif Ali Khan's performance was excellent. I don't quite understand what's happened to him. It's like one morning he wakes up and all of a sudden he's amongst the top actors in Bollywood.

I'm not a big fan of songs in movies, but the songs in this one were amusing and fitting.

The movie did have some cheesy, tear-jerking moments... but it can be forgiven as there were plenty of hilarious moments to keep you entertained.

Go watch this movie. 10/10.
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An EXCELLENT movie with style and class
fairygrammarmother30 August 2005
Hum Tum literally means Me and You.

At a book review for the new little cartoon, Hum Tum, journalists ask Karan Kapoor (Saif Ali Khan)if his story is hidden in the story that he wrote. Someone asks him what his story is, and Karan agrees to tell them. He begins where he first met a girl named Riya (Rani Mukherjee) on a New York destined flight. They meet and on a long layaway in Amsterdam, they can agree on one thing. They loathe each other. Riya thinks that she will never see Karan again, but she is wrong. When she is to wed Sameer, she sees Karan again. Karan was the wedding planner's (Rati Agnihotri) son. They still loathe each other, but Karan starts feeling a pull towards her. They have a couple of other quirky meetings that may either end in love or misery for them both.

As the main story is going on, Karan's cartoons take life and basically form a subplot. Hum and Tum are, ironically, each of the cartoon characters' names. Hum is the boy, and Tum is the girl. At first, they aren't friends, and as Karan's story goes on, theirs goes on in a similar way. Will Hum and Tum ever get together and form the celebrated Hum Tum? Or will they also never ever fall in love?

This movie is a very cute, clean romance between two people. It is not one of the regular Bollywood formulas, there is no parental interventions, and it just shows that love may develop over time. The romance that develops between Riya and Karan is strong, that even after viewing the movie, the watcher feels that they have been given something different from regular romantic movies. I recommend this film highly for anyone who even thinks of watching a Bollywood movie. Yes, there are cartoons, but they in no way detract from the movie.
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Good Movie. Worth seeing once.
roar_n_bleat6 June 2004
The storyline is inspired from When Harry Met Sally, but the indianised version with a few foreign cities thrown in is a good entertainer. Karan, a cartoonist, meets Rhea on a flight to New York. They get well acquainted during a 6 hour stop over in Amsterdam. They have a fall out and they end up going their separate ways once they get to New York. Their chance meetings over then next few years and how their friendship develops gradually over time and how they end up falling in love without even realizing it forms the gist of the story. Saif Ali Khan fits Karan's role perfectly and Rani makes a wonderful Rhea. Even the supporting cat has done a great job. The use of the cartoon characters Hum and Tum in the story narrative adds some color to the movie. It is a welcome change from the cop flicks that have dominated the Indian screen in 2004. All in all, a wonderful movie, worth watching at least once on the big screen.
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From now on will it be "When Karan met Rhea? "
Manuja4 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
The similarity to When Harry Met Sally is obvious at the beginning of the movie, but besides the plot following a chronological time frame similar to that movie, there is little else in common. The story is entirely different. What I loved about this movie was that it was not a "love at first sight", or your regular "boy meets girl" type movie. It was much more realistic in approach, and a lot more intelligent.

I loved Saif's acting. Saif has finally come to his own. His comic timing is excellent, just like in Kal Ho Na Ho. But you see him portray a touching sensitivity in certain scenes when it is required.Like the scene where he is trying to tell Rhea how sorry he is about her husband dying.I liked Rani as Rhea,her character is both strong and sensitive.

The dialogs where really good. The scene of the argument between Rhea and Karan at Mihir's (Jimmy Shergill), engagement is my favorite scene in the movie, bar the conversation between Rhea and Mihir, when she finally realizes why she and Karan are so short tempered with each other.

This part of the movie has the most depth, when things come to an "anti-climax between Karan and Rhea. Karan offering her marriage after the night they spent together, and Rhea refusing was possibly the most sensitively written scene in the film. It's obvious why Karan asks her to marry him, but only a women would understand why Rhea refuses him. Not your typical Indian movie. Kiron and Rishi add the final touch to the movie. Their characters are well written. The cartoon "Hum Tum" was so funny and innovative, they are the most memorable characters in the movie.

Watch it. It's a heart warming story. Really good for a cold winter's evening.
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Soothing...Reaaly Good Flick...
Arun Kapoor9 January 2006
Hum Tum is a movie with a concrete substance and deep meaning in it.A movie definitely worth one's bucks and I am not saying this just for the heck of it...

One thing that we must definitely note is the fact that with this movie Saif Ali Khan established himself as a quality actor,traces of the which had been visible in the role he did in Dil Chahta Hai...The followup of this same movie for Saif came with Kal Ho Naa Ho and Parineeta that have given him unquestionable fame and concreteness as one of the leading hunks and deserving actors of the Hindi Cinema...

Talking about the music and songs of the movie...What shall we say...Fabulous in short...Very soothing and soft and above all the lyrics carry a meaning...The songs are in a perfect harmony with the story and no where can we say that they have been put as mere add ons...Quality Indian Cinema in short...

Finally not to forget the one and only,Rani Mukherjee who has delivered in the movie like she always did earlier...More accolades to you lady...

I thoroughly enjoyed watching it...Wish you the same people...
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Nice flick
AishFan13 June 2004
I enjoyed Hum Tum. To no one's surprise, Saif and Rani did a superb job. I don't think anyone has better comic timing than Saif. He's a natural actor. Rani has always worked really hard. Songs were great. I especially liked the Mere Dil Vich Hum Tum track and the title song. Like all other Yash Raj films, this movie has a very fresh feeling. I was rather delighted to see all the guest appearances. I was completely unaware of that. I really am not a fan of Rishi Kapoor. I don't know why, but I find him really irritating. He just doesn't seem that convincing to me. The cartoons got really irritating. It's weird, in the middle of a real-people movie, to all of a sudden start watching cartoon characters. Thankfully, the cartoons died down a bit in the second half. It's also a bit annoying how the film spans over nine years. Every half hour it says "3 years later," "1 year later," "4 years later." Being a Yash Raj film, my expectations for this movie were super-duper high, but I still liked it. It's a fun-filled romantic comedy.
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When Karan met Rhea
Sherazade2 April 2006
As in when Harry met Sally Bollywood style. And thank God Karan met Rhea because he was sure to have met something more like GONORRHEA or worse with the way he was girl hopping in this film (a trait that was clearly handed down to him by his dad).

Karan of course is played by the hilariously dashing Saif Ali Khan and Rhea is played by that class-act of an actress called Rani Mukherji. They meet aboard a plane heading to the USA from India and instantly sparks fly, but not the kind you're thinking of. They both irritate each other to the extent that they argue over the slightest things and everything becomes a debate or battle of the sexes. While in Amsterdam, in the heat of an argument, Karan kisses Rhea and when they arrive in NYC, she is soon to find out that they are going there to meet the same person, her college best-friend who happens to also be Karan's girlfriend. Karan gets the punishment he rightfully deserves and as years pass by he returns to India one day to find out that his mum, a wedding planner by profession is planning a wedding for none other than Rhea, whom he becomes reacquainted with. He realises during the course of her engagement and marriage that he is in love with her but can do nothing to stop it.

Oh and let me also add that there are cartoons included in between many scenes, hence the title Hum Tum with the cartoon characters on the cover. Hum Tum (You and I or Yours and Mine in Hindi) are Karan's characters from a column he does for India Times newspaper which is a big hit for him and in fact, the film starts off with him giving a speech at a press conference for a book about the cartoon characters which he has just written and is a best-seller. Abhishek Bachchan who appears briefly in the film seems to have carved out a niche for himself with these sort of silly, blink and you'll miss it cameo roles he loves to play (see his roles in Salaam Namaste, and Rakht) nowadays. But then again he's Jr. B so he can pretty much do whatever the heck he wants.

The premise of a philandering husband who deserts his wife and after 17 years he returns and she accepts him back is barbaric to say the least! Did the writer's expect the audience to side with or feel sorry for Karan's dad? That was a weak point within the film. Sob sub-plots like that (and I've seen many in a lot of Hindi films) make Hindustani men look bad.

The producers not only stole from the Hollywood classic When Harry Met Sally, for the cartoon characters, there was a scene in which they not only stole the "flying scene" from Titanic, they also stole the "My heart will go on" melody. Very shameless people, those folks at Yash Raj films! Anywho, I loved the music and backdrop for this film, Rani and Saif not only had great chemistry, they also acted well and in fact did double duty as playback singers for some songs in the film as well (Well done guys! you rock!), I however detracted a few points because the film was unnecessarily long. I detected up to 10 instances where the film could have ended and left to the audience to decide what would have happened next and let me just say that 10 endings is plenty too many!
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Good Film!
Candice7 September 2004
After seeing Hum Tum here are my opinions on the film. Story: Obviously not original, but the writers have handled the subject well and the result is a refreshing romantic, comedy. Acting: Saif Ali Khan is brilliant, no other actor would have been able to enact the role of Karan Kapoor as well as how Saif has done it. His humor and comic timing is perfect. And with this film he has proved that he can do solo hero films as well. Rani Mukherjee has shown once again that she is one of the finest actresses today, her pairing with Saif is flawless. Kiron Kher is First Rate as Rani's mother, . Rati Agnihotri is adequate and Rishi Kapoor is fine in a small role. Although the screenplay is good in the first half, during the second half and towards the climax the film drags and is very much predictable towards the end. I don't think the cartoon characters helped the proceedings in anyway. The cinematography is awesome, and the music is great, especially the title track, Chak De and Ladki Kyon. And they have been shot well too. On the whole a good film, with wonderful performances and great music. I give it 8.5/10
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more than what it seems
methinks-122 June 2004
on the surface, everyone's condemning it for its 'inspired' storyline. but then, even Shakespeare picked up stories from the common database. i am not comparing it to his work.. you could point a finger at its not so original storyline, but credit is due where it is due. the movie is refreshing in the treatment it gives the girl-guy thing. it incorporates a cartoon strip = animation smoothly. and, not only does the movie manage to stay restrained almost throughout without following the general "second half" drag, it also deals with more than just the "cover story" or theme.

at its base is this endearingly constant bickering and loving relationship between karan and rhea. but go a little deeper and you see the sub plots of the rishi kapoor-rati agnihotri marriage-that-didn't-work, and the lonely kirron kher. kunal kohli deals with the theme of loneliness, and puts his point forward subtly in their stories. no one can live alone. and finding a way to make relationships work - is in our hands after all - as rati says towards the end - god might not give us a second chance, but we have to find it for ourselves.

the movie is realistic enough - contrary to what some of the obtuse commentors have posted already. and definitely a complete whole structure. minor glitches notwithstanding, it's a delightfully entertaining and heartwarming movie.
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Let the battle begin!
Dingataca14 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The Hindi remake of "When Harry Met Sally". Its pretty damn good, with killer music, and a lot of style! But it does have its flaws. The movie gets a bit dreary near the second half, and starts to slow down. Either way, I liked the way Kunal Kohli showed the feelings of the two main characters. Hatred at first - and then it warms up. It is very realistic, and many will identify.

Saif Ali Khan is mindblowing. This is my favourite image from Saif, the playboy-wannabe. He does a remarkable job, and I think he deserved every award he got for Hum Tum. I enjoyed every second of his performance. Rani Mukherji also does a wonderful job. She looks very pretty, and pulls off Rhea with ease. She and Saif have a great chemistry on screen and it shows very well.

Hum Tum is a slow, but deeply emotional, funny movie! The ending was slightly obvious, though it seems impossible when you see the climax. And I loved the way the animation and "3 years later" etc, was added.

The music is catchy. Each song fits in beautifully and all are enjoyable. They add an extra point to Hum Tum.

I love it!
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best of 2004
aaronbir20 May 2017
this is a super-hit film i ever seen good story good direction good acting good everything everything is positive there was never anything negative in this masterpiece music an background score is excellent songs are entertaining its funny film saif is always the topper rani is fine jimmy is fantastic my rating 9/10
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A cute movie that makes u smile, laugh or simply fell in love!
manikagarwal222 March 2014
Watching it for guess a 10th time, knowing all the gigs,situations,laughs but wait, I was still able to smile, enjoy the offering & got my endorphins released in dollops!!! Hope that is self explanatory!!! A movie that excelled in every department but mostly will be remembered in times to come , of the mesmerizing chemistry between the lead pair.. I never expected saif to have pulled off that role of a lifetime but surprisingly he races off faster than anticipated … Be it his comic timing, his emotional outburst or the best part i.e. that lovely on screen pairing with talented rani, the guy just rocks!! He does deserve all the accolades that come in his way.. But the star of the show is I guess none other than rani & the director kunal kohli & the guy above.. A great director is one who is able to ooze out award winning performances from his caste & here , he excels .. Though the movie's theme is heavily inspired from another cult classic "when Harry Met Sally" , but mind you, the comparison ends there.. Kunal kohli with his beautiful smart direction, witty dialogs laced with right amount of humor & emotions delivers a fine piece of art, a movie which you cant miss surely… Ooooh, how could I forget her, she is such a fine actress , a rock-solid performer who has been behind some great movies already.. Watch her match step by step with her co-star, her looks, her persona, emotions, anger, gosh she has got everything in the book… She is the beat of the movie…. Rishi sir in his extended appearance leaves an undeniable presence , look for his comic timing.. & the ever dependable Mrs. Kher, as always makes every role just hers only… But all this wont have been possible without a script & even though it does sag down a bit in the middle but boy, it does give the actors lots to enact, loaded with twists.., with unmatched wordly wise dialogs, .. Captured astonishingly well.. the movie also has to its credit those cartoons that pop up at regular intervals & are kinda good, say quite many things… The beautiful hummable music by the talented duo, but to date, unrewarded with a single filmfare award.. Alkaji just woo you with that singing of that title track.. And my personal favorite is that arranged marriage scene, beautifully acted upon… It ain't a fare to be missed….. A must watch.. 9/10
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Copy of WHMS
silvan-desouza3 January 2010
This film was Saif's first solo hit and also it helped push forward Rani's career those days

The film is a copy of WHEN HARRY MET SALLY(strangely even MYKSH had a resemblance in parts to that film) even a dialogue is lifted from there

The first half is full of fun, though the situations are convenient seen many times before yet somehow things work

The twists are well handled and the second half gets more serious

but the last few reels are shaky after the heated fight between Saif and Rani things go in a wrong way and the end is too clichéd

Direction by Kunal Kohli is decent in parts Music is good

Saif does a great job in his role and makes his role likable but it's nowayz National award worthy, that only proves familial biasedness(Sharmila was in the comitee of NA) Rani too does her part very well, she emotes well(nowdays she has done to death crying), she also teams up well with Saif and acts well Jimmy Shergill is likable in a cameo Abhishek too is likable Kirron Kher is likable too(though now her Punjabi act is irritating with the same thing done to death) Rishi Kapoor is too good in his part and also Rati Agnihotri
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Best movie ever!
sitcomsweetie13 September 2005
This is the best movie I have ever seen. The story just lifts you up and you're hooked.Rani Mukherjee and Saif Ali Khan are in their best form here and it's a sweet romantic film with humour about how the road to love is through understanding.The songs are brilliant and catchy, with Hum Tum being the best slow Hindi song I've ever heard and Yaare Yaare being upbeat and fabulous. Kirron Kher was also very funny, The guest appearances were good. This film was highly acclaimed and I can understand why. In all of my experience of Hindi films, this is the only one which I could watch twenty thousand times and not be bored with it. For Rani fans, Saif fans and romantics, this is a must see.
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A simple sweet romance!!
vinodmohankunal31 December 2013
HUM TUM is Kunal Kohli's best film and by far his only memorable film other than Fanaa.This is also Saif Ali Khan's first hit.He also won the much deserved national award for this film.This film is slightly inspired by WHEN HARRY MET SALLY.

This is the story of Karan Kapoor(Saif Ali Khan) and Rhea(Rani Mukherjee) who time and again keep meeting each other in different circumstances. They initially hate each other and slowly become friends and then end up falling in love.

The movies is very interesting to watch.You never feel bored while watching it.The light-hearted nature of the movie is its USP.Kunal Kohli has touched upon minor nuances of each character making them very believable.Full marks to him for his direction.The music by Jatin-Lalit is very good.I feel they should team up again to make music for films.The lyrics by Prasoon Joshi are also very good and are apt for the situations.The songs are also aptly placed.The story,screenplay, editing, cinematography, costumes,art direction,make-up,dialogues,etc everything is very good.

Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukherjee highly impress with their extremely natural and spontaneous acting.They very much deserve the awards they won for this film.Kirron Kher is very good and has a very interesting role in the movie.Rati Agnihotri also acts well.

Rishi Kapoor,Abhishek Bachchan,Jimmy Sheirgill,Isha Koppikar and Shehnaz Treasuryvala leave a mark in their special appearances in the movie.The rest of the supporting cast also does well.

On the overall,HUM TUM is a very interesting family entertainer which makes for repeated viewing.One can watch it over and over and again and again,but will never get bored.Its a must watch!
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Delightful Comedy
Herag Halli11 June 2004
It is refreshing to see good Actors for a change after you have seen imbecile buffoons like Sharukh Khan and Zayad Khan. Kunal Kohli has certainly come a long way. The comedy is past-faced albeit with strange twists. Kher proves once again that she one of the most versatile Actresses around. She is just fabulous,next Comes Saif Ali Khan, has a great flair for comedy, I cannot say the same about Rani. Overhaul this is much better production than "Main Hoo Na", which is a highly touted trash. Kunal Kohli has keen sense for Comedy without usual clichés and the Script is one of the best in the recent times. Abishek Bachchan Character is too transient and this creates a certain void in the narration.
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Feel-good, funny rom com with some drama ...
fantasyescapist27 September 2007
Hum Tum or Me and You translated into English, I think is another Bollywood film inspired by Hollywood, namely When Harry Met Sally.

Karan Kapoor who works as a cartoonist with one of India's leading newspapers. Karan runs a cartoon strip in the paper under the name of Hum Tum. He sees the world is divided by Boy and Girl, not by country, not by religion. It's the only division Karan sees in this world.

Karan mets Rhea on board a plane to New York, that stops around half way at Amsterdam, and manages to annoy her a lot. She sees him as something of a man who has no respect for women and is always looking for the next female he can charm. After kissing her in a way to shut her up, things ended badly in their first meeting then they go their separate ways.

Time after time, the two meet during various stages in their lives, disaster strikes again, and this is inter-cut with little cartoon scenes of Hum Tum, with a love and hate friendship between the animated boy and girl.

Drama unfolds, some personal tragedies happen, revelations are revealed in each of their lives and both go through ups and downs. Rhea moves to different countries and Karan turns up somehow to comfort her. One wonders whether these two will ever realise their feelings for each other when it's obvious to the viewer? Ah, that's the charm of this.

You hope fate has plans for them. The songs are very memorable and the dance scenes don't fail to put a smile on my face. A genuinely sweet, funny romantic film that I enjoyed, and I'd gladly watch again.
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Copied Concept but Refreshingly Original
Sauvik Biswas17 November 2005
The writers have done a remarkably good job with the story. Taking an outline of "When Harry Met Sally" and weaving a whole new story (and mind you, likable) was really tough and they have succeeded. Saif has definitely matured as an actor and improved his comic timing. He, as Karan, is one of the big factors, who has contributed to the likability of this movie. The other factor is the female lead Rhea (played by Rani Mukherji), who adds to the fun as well as the sensitive side of the movie. Rishi Kapoor and Rati Agnihotri's (Arjun and Anju Kapoor of the movie) bit of tit-bit was not at all needed. However, the good part is, the director did a good job containing that sub-plot in its small shell and not interfering the main storyline. The main hindrance to the movie were not the songs (as one would typically expect from a Bollywood/IFI movie) but small snippets of animation. I felt that was really unimportant. A good recommendation on similar lines would be the Korean movie "My Sassy Girl" (Yeopgijeogin Geunyeo). However, unlike "My Sassy Girl" this film is a bit predictable (nothing compares to that huge twist of "My Sassy Girl" that ends the movie) and lacks heavily in subtleness of emotion. If you are new to Bollywood/IFI (Indian Film Industry), this might be a good place to star off with. The same applies to people who wish to introduce someone to Bollywood/IFI. Overall, this film is highly enjoyable. Highly Recommended.
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Copy Of Hollywood Movie
onlyfarhat22 July 2007
Its a complete copy of the Hollywood movie" When Harry Met sally"(1989) starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. Anyway lets come to the movie hum. tum. Hum Tum" is a boy-meets-girl tale with no unexpected twists and turns. Its greatest USP is its disarming lack of guile.

Kohli nurtures his two protagonists' stormy relationship through several continents and a gigantic time zone that spawns more than a decade (though neither Saif nor Rani bring a change in their look or attitude, except maybe in Saif's hairstyle).

Oh, Kunal Kohli loves Hindi movies! Everything from Raj Kapoor's "Bobby" to Arjun Sablok's "Na Tum Jano Na Hum" finds a mention in "Hum Tum" - but the narrative is never weighed down by nostalgia, nor excessively hampered by its contemporary design.
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Entertaining in a refreshing way!
user-2714217 January 2009
Well although most people complained about an 'inspired' plot, I don't care about that too much as long as the making is good (but I think they should give proper credits to those from whom they are 'inspired'). And I would give 9 out of 10 to the director on that. It is probably my most favorite romantic Hindi movie after DDLJ. As usual Rani did a good job. But Saif was fantastic! His portraying of Karan Kapoor was so perfect that I don't think any other Bollywood actor would fit in this role. The transition of relationship between the two protagonists was so smooth and well executed that you won't feel anything over imposed. The songs were great, specially the title track and Chak De. Overall I would give 8 on 10 to this movie.
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Hum believes Tum is missing out if you haven't seen this movie
f_n8713 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
On of the best romantic-comedies to come out in many years. Everything works in the movies favor be it the scenes, dialogues, fresh approach to an old storyline, songs. The sizzling chemistry between the leads doesn't hurt one bit, either (i.e. "arranged marriage" scene). The cast, too, works very well with one another The animations are done in a sophisticated manner and are amusing rather than overbearing (note: Raju Chacha) The roles were hand written with Rani and Saif in mind, no other actors could've portrayed Karan and Rhea better --> they really manage to get into the skin of the characters. The storyline (thankfully) takes a believable approach to love (no boy-meets-girl, love at first sight, marriage happily ever after) You're missing a real treat if you haven't seen this Kunal Kohli masterpiece
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A good entertainer
Vikas SS29 September 2004
The story borrows a lot from the movie "when Harry Met Sally" (1989) where the same question is asked again and again "Can a man and a woman be friends?" of course with a little of the typical Bollywood masala. Such stories obviously are out of reality but are ought to be seen as 'entertainment for entertainment sake'.

Saif steals the show in the movie with a stunning performance that draws a little from the romantically ignorant playboy that he plays in Dil Chahta Hai. Rani has shown a lot of maturity while playing the role of the serious kind of girl in the latter part of the movie. Kiron Kher plays the role of Rhea's mother and has done justice to her role.

The best of the guest appearances is obviously that of Rishi Kapoor who sings the song "Main Shayar to Nahin" along with Saif. Well, the old timers never seem to lose their charm. Bacchhan junior is again back with his "I wonder what" kind of look that he has in all his other movies. Only thing is that he at least cracks a joke with Saif in one of the scenes. About the others, i.e., Jimmy Shergill, Shehnaaz and Isha Koppikar, they are just around average.

The music is OK-OK type and does not have any dance numbers that you would want to have for your parties. However the title song, and 2 others may be worth listening once or twice. The dialogues for saif have been written well and moreover, saif has played his role well. The director, err.. never mind... nothing as great as getting an award. Although the film has a predictable story and typically shot in the locations abroad, no great music, etc, etc, you can be sure that Saif has done a good job and you can check out the movie for 'time-pass'.
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Nice direction, good acting, lovely photography, typical story and another Bollywood love story
hemk11 July 2004
I guess I should stop cribbing about the fact that Bollywood keeps churning out the typical love stories and just enjoy the movies. Otherwise I will never enjoy any movie.

Hum Tum is better than most of the recent movies and its thanks to good direction and photography and great acting by Saif, Rani, Kiron, and Rishi.

Saif fits the role of a punk who is after girls. Although this trait is is not developed much in the movie. He is shown hitting on girls but thats where that ends. They should've at least shown one or two relationships to develop his character more.

Rani Mukherjee's character also could have been developed more. For instance, when she passes through a life altering incident, she magically starts a boutique of her own in Paris. They could've shown the fact that she overcomes the loss through her determination and there was a chance to add color to Rani's character. They could have shown that she attends school or something to broaden her character.

Loved Kiron's characterization and Rishi Kapoor's role. It was a pleasure to watch them both. I was surprised to see Rishi after a long time. And yes I am sad to inform that 'The perpetual teenager' has finally crossed his teenage years.

I loved the cartoon characters and how they were weaved into the movie. Its a novel idea and it worked. Although since cartoons have such prominence in the movie, again, the fact that Saif is a cartoonist could have been exploited a little bit more. He could've been show sketching Rani or someone else just to drive home the fact that he is an excellent sketcher. I think all these subtle things add depth and reality to characters and make them and the movie more memorable.

My peeves with Hum Tum:

1. Why drag the movie towards the end when Saif and Rani don't profess their love for each other and part ways yet again. And then they meet yet again after an year and finally get together. Why prolong the inevitable, waste precious film, when everyone could predict what was going to happen. I am sure this is when some in the theater would start getting up to leave.

2. Why is LOVE the only thing thats the theme of this movie or most movies. Is that the only feeling humanity craves for? The whole movie, all the dialogues, all the characters, everyone seems to be obsessed to fall in love, get married or get together. Please stop making these love stories yaar. Please! Or I might start making movies myself. Then god help you :)
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