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Macy shows us once again why he is one of the very best.
TxMike22 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
William Macy continues to show us why he is one of the very best actors working today. One may not necessarily like all his movies, but Macy never fails to create a memorable role. Here is is simply "Gigot", the building "super", lives in a very messy and primitive basement apartment. And is mute. He does his job, and is very good at it, but seldom smiles. We get the feeling that he is not very happy inside, his only friend the cute pet monkey "Grace" that he carries around in a vented bowling bag. A little girl named 'Lou' (Keke Palmer) becomes a thorn in his side. The story is set during the December/January holiday times, and was filmed in Montreal. The characters move among Philadelphia, Chicago, and St Louis, sometimes by bus and sometimes by plane, but it is never clear where it is set. A superb story of friendship, family, and redemption. Highly recommended.

SPOILERS are contained in the rest of my comments. As the story unfolds we find that Gigot, a decorated war veteran, was in a car wreck in St Louis in 1976 which killed his younger sister, and left him without a voice box. After that he became estranged from his family for 28 years, didn't even know his mother had died, he had such guilt. The wool cap he wore always had been his sister's, and one day at an amusement park panicked when the cap was missing after a roller coaster ride, and he managed to find it. His wearing the cap was symbolic of never having forgiven himself, when he finally did after a visit to a church decorating for Christmas, finally threw the cap away. Lou gets abandoned by her mother, and crashes in Gigot's place. They go to Philly to find her, mom is doing drugs, Gigot doesn't tell Lou, they go back home, later they find she died of overdose. Lou is smart and sassy, but has a bad habit of petty theft. She gets into a detention center, while Gigot is trying to find a way to become her foster dad. He is a felon, seeks help of dad and stepmother in St Louis, dad is angry, later relents as stepmom helps, the movie should have ended when Gigot and Lou were facing each other through the detention center fence, snowing, he said using sign language that he wanted to be her dad. It actually ended with one more scene, a year later, Gigot was working for his dad in building supply, happy and successful, picks up Lou after school for Christmas holidays. Ned Beatty plays got's father and Don Rickles plays the helpful neighbor in Gigot's building.
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A very pleasant surprise (some SPOILERS)
ghosts_can_be_moody26 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
If you have a chance to watch "The Wool Cap" sometime this holiday season, you're in for a treat! The movie tells the sweet story of a superintendent in a run-down apartment building (William H. Macy)named Gigot, who can't speak due to a car accident some years ago and always wears a battered wool cap. He lives in the basement of the building with his pet monkey, and seems pretty lonely. Of all the people in the building he interacts with on a daily basis, it appears only one of them (Don Rickles) is actually his friend.

Then, a few days after Christmas, everything changes. A druggie tenant is in trouble with some rough people and has to go to Philadelphia as soon as possible. She and her boyfriend leave her daughter, Lou (Keke Palmer), who is about 12 years old and very talkative, in a reluctant Gigot's care for the night. However, things keep coming up and Lou ends up staying with him for much longer.

The sweetness in "The Wool Cap" comes from the relationship between the two characters. Lou brings out the warmth in Gigot, and you find out things about his past that you wouldn't expect. The acting here is all spectacular, William H. Macy conveys all his emotions pitch perfectly without saying a word, and newcomer Keke Palmer is very endearing as Lou. This is a great Christmas movie that will definitely put a smile on your face.
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Macy's on a winning streak
Edgar L. Davis27 November 2004
Macy and his partner, Steven Schachter are rolling sevens. They are making the sappy "Johnson and Johnson presents" genre hip. Usually these presentation

are a bunch syrupy-sweet, message-laden, no talent crap but now things have

changed. I kind of wished that the promos had not let on that Macy's character was mute. It would have been even more interesting to wonder why this guy

never spoke instead of being told ahead of time. Keke Palmer proved that child actor don't have to be annoying and Don Rickles and Catherine O'Hara were

awesome in there smallish parts. Ms. O'Hara was excellent in a serious role that had many layers and hardly any time to show all of them. She added the sexy- mature female element the Kathy Baker showed in Macy's other project, Door to Door. Rickles was actually funny without being offensive. Rickles has stood the test of time. William H. Macy is sincere, likable and emotionally and morally complex. Ned Beatty, in the role of Macy's dad, is a solid, consistent actor who never fails to be "real". you can see him in another awesome role in the film, Spring Froward.
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A great movie
Chromium_514 December 2005
In "The Wool Cap," William H. Macy once again proves that he is one of the best and most underrated actors working today. He creates a distinct personality, and has great chemistry with other characters, without ever saying a word. Keke Palmer is also one of the best child actors I've seen in a long time, and gives an award-worthy performance. Their unlikely friendship makes for a funny, sad and bittersweet movie. It's a bit slow, but it's entertaining the whole way through. And the soft, jazzy soundtrack sets the mood perfectly. Steven Schachter is obviously a talented director, and it would be nice to see him do something for the big screen. If he keeps making movies like this, it's bound to happen at some point.
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What I Thought
babbiiebobbie28 November 2005
I am 12 years old. I cried my little eyes out watching this movie. Most girls love the dramatic movies. Girls and guys will enjoy watching this movie. There is a lot of scenes that you will want to cry really hard about. Just let it out. It's great to express yourself. See there is this mute man, and he doesn't have any friends but his pet monkey. And this monkey is his bffl (best friend for life). The man always wears this wool cap. What does it mean? Where does it come from? Find out yourself and watch the movie! Well anyways he gets stuck watching this young girl. Does he have fun, or hate life with the little girl? Find out yourself and watch the movie! Everyone will enjoy it, and it's okaie to cry. It shows that you are ACTUALLY watching the movie. So what are you going to do when you finish reading my summary? Hmm? Here is a suggestion, WATCH THE MOVIE!

PS: Get some tissues first.
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Best movie that I have seen this year
bobojiggler6 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is the best movie that I have seen this year. The characters are very likable and it's great how Gigot was able to take care of Lou at the end when her mom died. I don't see why people wanted Gigot to get rid of his monkey. The monkey was awesome. It's sad that those two dick heads poisoned him. I think that this would have done well in theaters (the award nominations show that especially). Directors have to have more faith in their films. I've seen many direct to video movies and TV movies that I think would have done well in theaters. When I checked the DVD out from the library, I thought that I would like it, but I didn't know that I would like it enough to be the best movie that I have seen this year.
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Delightful afternoon spent
missmarmite14 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I heard or read about this film in November last year, then again during some awards show (Emmys?) on TV late in the night where they also showed a clip. And then nothing for the next months. Now suddenly it's out on DVD, and the moment I read that I went to the next shop and bought the disc. You know, when you have that combination, Macy and Schachter, there is no need to hesitate. Just buy and watch. You know it will be excellent.

And so it was. I spent a delightful late afternoon with Gigot, Lou, Grace (I wonder, if both the monkey and particularly the name were already in the story they adapted the film from...) and the others and was just a bit disappointed, when five minutes to the end the atmosphere suddenly became a bit too sickly-sweet. Up to then everything had been exactly as I had thought it to be: full of true emotions, real life characters and wonderful performances by outstanding actors. This should be a play as well, it could become a hit with small theatre ensembles.

Should somebody read this to find help in deciding whether to watch a film with Macy or not, decide for "yes". And then afterwards watch Door to Door and Slight Case of Murder and you can't make a mistake. They are Macy's best in my opinion (adding Fargo here, too).

And, Mr Macy and Mr Schachter, please sit yourself down to scribble the next co-production of yours, I simply can't wait to watch that one, too. It will be good. I know.
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A lovely wee story
Spike-6510 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Not many films make me cry more than once, but this one certainly cleared out my sinuses and was well worth a sob or two. A lovely wee story and some very good acting from the leads, especially William Macy. It makes a change to see a decent film with a REAL storyline and although the Johnson & Johnson tag at the beginning made me wonder if I'd made a bad choice I found the start of the film was as good as the end. While it had the usual 'happy' ending, it was an ending you really hoped it would be. There is a place for films like this, when everything else we see is sensationalised, computerised and overdone to the max. I want to see more of this style of work, as my time spent in places like St. Louis and Chicago show this world does exist, despite the glitz and charade of places like Hollywood. Congratulations for a job well done.
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Nick Wester (iamnotjimmy)6 September 2006
So, over all I have to say that I liked this movie. It was a little schmaltzy, but good enough... Until I got to the last ten minutes, where the director essentially said "Uh-oh, I'm almost out of time, Ted Turner's going to kill me. I'd better wrap it up," before summoning the almighty Deus Ex Machina to finish it for him. My honest suggestion? Watch right up until you see a set of doors open, turn off the movie and write your own ending--it'll undoubtedly be less insulting to your intelligence.

As for the rest of the movie? Superb. No, I mean it, I scathe the ending, but I really loved the rest of it. Without the last ten minutes, go ahead and double the score I gave it above. William H. Macy does a brilliant job of conveying every emotion without saying a word. Don Rickles is, well... Don Rickles. Enough said. I bought this movie on the strength that it had both of them, and I was definitely not disappointed in the job they did. Keke Palmer will grow up to be a big name. I'm as certain of that as I am that the ending was the worst ending to a movie I've seen since Blood Work, but that's neither here nor there.
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bruce-honnigford16 November 2015
I do love W. H. Macy, but this pretentious, idealized portrayal of poor urban society is an unfortunate vehicle for his talent. This is a bold attempt at retelling the heart-felt saga of the classic Gleason epic which shows some promise, but the tone of the production follows similar treatments of gritty lore in the tradition of "The Warriors" and "Fame". It's as if out of work off-Broadway thespians were engaged as a springboard for Mr. Macy's shining persona resulting in a simulacrum of the reality of the ugliness and desperation of this all-too-real slice of life that gives way to melodrama bathed in an atmosphere of shabby chic. For those of us who delight in the mastery and emotion that is "Gigo", this cable television Tchotchke is like a clam without a pearl.
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