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MPAA Rated PG-13 for sexual content, crude and drug-related humor, language and comic action violence

Sex & Nudity

  • A double entendre is made when an attractive young woman asks Luke if he's there to make his delivery (moonshine and sexual). The two embrace and passionately kiss and then go upstairs as Bo waits outside in his car. The young woman's father then shows up, chats with Bo and comments on the daughter becoming interested in boys(all we see is her kissing Luke up in her bedroom in her jeans and bra, we see her back at the window). Luke asks, "You're talking about sex, right?" but the father doesn't like that tone. A gunshot from up in the bedroom, however, breaks out and nothing else sexual happens in the scene. Bo, however, asks, "How was it?" and Luke replies that it's never bad.
  • Daisy is shown wearing really short shorts throughout the movie. In the beginning of the movie, the camera focuses on her backside while she walks towards a table. Her shorts are really tight and show the shape of her buttocks. She is wearing a short pink t-shirt too with no bra underneath. One can cleary see the shape of her breasts. As she walks towards the table, swaying her behind in short, tight jeans, we see her breasts bouncing. A guy stares at her breasts and admires them. He then asks her what her bra size is. A guy spanks her buttocks.
  • In another scene, Daisy distracts two cops by bending over a car engine.She is still wearing really short shorts and the camera once again shows her butt bent over. Her shorts ride up, revealing a bit of her bare buttocks as she sways it suggestively while bent over. She later takes off her shirt(she has a bra on underneath) and hands it to a cop.
  • Later, Daisy walks into a police station wearing nothing but a trench coat. She is shown removing the coat in slow motion to reveal a hot pink bikini. Her large breasts are held by the bra, showing some cleavage. Daisy slowly and seductively walks toward the guy, flaunting and swaying her tempting body. We now get a rear-view as we see her bottom-covered firm butt. The guy from whom she needs to extract information is sitting on a chair as Daisy proceeds to sit on the desk. Daisy asks him for the info which he does not divulge. She now bends toward him, her small bra unable to hold her breasts in, showing ample cleavage. Her breasts pop out to such an extent such that the only part is her nipples that are still covered by her bra. At this point the cop tells Daisy what she wants to know, prompting her to get up and leave. The camera gets a lot of cleavage, including a close up of her huge cleavage and crotch. Daisy then bends down to pick up her coat as the guy gets a really good look at her buttocks in the pink bikini. Her panties have apparently ridden up her buttocks, giving the cop a view of Daisy's buttocks in a thong as she exits the building.
  • In the unrated edtion there is a scene when Bo walks into a room full of girls(all clothed but in underwear and undershrits) but then a topless girl comes out and you see her entire breasts for about ten seconds and she asks "Do you guys go to school here?" They say no but then Bo says "I do have a form." She says "Not on me(referring to the fact that she is topless)." Later in that scene Bo walks into a room with about seven topless girls and you see all of their breasts for another good seven to ten seconds.

Violence & Gore

  • As part of a bet payoff, Bo whacks Luke on the face with a large phonebook. When they see, however, that Luke really won the bet, he uses the same phone book and gets Bo with an upper-cut to the chin that knocks him to the ground (and the book then falls hard on his crotch).


  • At least 1 "f" word (several more are muted in the outtakes), 17 "s" words, 1 slang term for sex ("seal the deal"), 3 slang terms using male genitals ("d*ck," "mongoose" and "pencil"), 1 for breasts ("t**ties"), 37 hells, 16 "D" words, 14 "A" words (1 used with "hole"), 7 S.O.B.s, 3 craps, 9 uses of "G-D," 4 of "Oh my G__" and 1 use each of "G_d," "Good Lord Almighty," "Jesus Christ" and "Sweet Jesus."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Men open a door in a dorm, and a plume of smoke comes out implying that the women inside are smoking marijuana; also, three men come out of a shack surrounded by a plume of smoke and it is implied that they have been smoking marijuana.
  • A man has a moonshine still in his home, where he produces and sells the alcohol, people are shown drinking beer in a bar in a few scenes, and a man drinks moonshine.
  • A bar is smoke filled but we do not see anyone smoking, a man smokes a cigar in a couple of scenes, and a man chews tobacco in several scenes.
  • A man makes a joke about the use of Viagra.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some black guys see the Duke's car with its confederate symbol on the roof and act menacingly toward them (but played for comedy).

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