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15 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

I'll have your nuggets for lunch!

Author: Jack from Minnesota, USA
19 March 2005

I honestly don't think this movie was meant to be taken very seriously; if you can watch it with a sense of humor, it's actually pretty fun. We've got John Rhys Davies, the evil king of some downtrodden acreage, wearing a crown that looks like it came with a kid's meal at Burger King. He hams up his performance throughout. His "castle" (which looks like an abandoned church that the roof rotted off of decades ago) gets destroyed by dragons, and he and his remaining men set off to the neighboring kingdom for shelter. Along the way they get lost, and meet a huntsman who helps them find their way. It's rather humorous because they show a map of the kingdoms and pan the camera across it to show the journey, but according to the map there's a road they could have followed. I guess if they're too stupid to even know which direction the neighboring kingdom is in, they're too stupid to take the road.

So they take refuge with the neighboring king, while all the time plotting to overthrow him. However, the main story is with the huntsman, who teams up with the king's daughter (played by Angel Boris), and some other folks to go hunt the dragons. By far the best part of this movie is the main battle with the dragons, which takes place at night. This is simply beautiful - a large bright moon, marvelous looking dragons skimming above the tree tops, one getting hit with an exploding spear and falling, trailing fire to the ground. The special effects in this sequence simply do not belong in a low budget movie like this, they're WAY too good. How in the world were they able to pull this off with the money they had? I've seen movies with similar budgets where the CGI was absolutely laughable, yet this stuff is not only completely believable, but moody and atmospheric as well.

Of course, there's some comedic dialog going on during this wonderful battle, provided by the woman with the large crossbow who keeps yelling "Fire!" when she wants it fired, even though she's the one firing it.

Overall, if you can take a large dose of cheese with your really cool dragon battles, you'll probably get a good bit of entertainment out of this. If you're looking for a serious movie, you'll be terribly disappointed. I enjoyed it immensely.

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14 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

The best since Dragonslayer

Author: ballsdeep from Helmsdeep, England
25 June 2004

I'll say it again. The best since Dragonslayer. Not the acting of course. But the dragons are killer. This is what dragon design is all about. This is what they should look like. When I saw Dungeons and Dragons, I was so utterly raging about how stupid and cheesy the dragons looked. Especially the red dragons. Now this movie, it's got some bad points. The worst are choppy editing and the acting was poor, but I've seen much worse! But the selling point is the dragons. That is what you came to see and that is what you get. Don't be put off by the other reviewers. If you can find this one for $1 rental, hell, even if you pay $3 for it, it's worth it if you love dragon movies. I wasn't expecting anything good at all when I rented it, and I read some reviews here before I watched it and was pleasantly happy with the results. The dragons get a huge role in the movie, not just a snippet here and there to tease you. It really delivers the goods in terms of effects. Why are you still reading this: GO and RENT

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13 out of 14 people found the following review useful:

Battle dragons vs. humans beings in the Dark Ages with excessive use computer generator

Author: ma-cortes
20 July 2007

This silly but entertaining B-grade movie tells about some fire-breathing , meteoric dragons emerge from the space and hurtling toward earth begin setting fire to everything , establishing dominance over world and land in Carpathia ,1410 . After destruction his castle , the king Fastrad ( a tyrannical villain well played by John Rhys Davies ), along with his underling (Tony Amendola) are going to shelter at castle of Wenesbury ruled by a good king ( Hansson ) . They meet a hunter archer named Silas ( Maxwell Caufield ) lead them to the castle . There , the hunter is taken prisoner . One time is freed , Silas team up and band together with the king's daughter ( Angela Boris , a Playboy girl), an Asian fighter named Ling ( W.Park ), a woman warrior ,among others and helped by a large crossbow , confronting the weird dragons monsters . They suddenly find themselves the only people can save the kingdom battling the giant dragons .

This is an amazing story that attempts at creating a glimmer fantasy but is compromised by borrowing elements from ¨ Dragonheart , Dragon slayer and Reign of fire ¨, and other latter day movies and belonging to Dragons sub-genre. Film blends adventures, intrigue , battles , exciting action with convincingly computer generator FX , bringing the dragons to the life and is quite entertaining . Work on dragons made by CG sometimes seem authentic, but is also noted its computer realization . The only thing that let it down from this perspective , was that some of the parts in between the dragons fighting were a little dull . It's a moderate success accounting for seeing a direct for video. The picture is produced by Philiph J. Roth, he usually manages his films to write , produce , music and direct and still make them funny , thoughtful and most all highly amusing ,he currently resides in Sofia, Bulgaria and owns a film studio where has been filmed this one . The motion picture is professionally directed by Stephen Furst , he maximize efficiency of movements and shot , he's a habitual secondary actor ( Babylone 5 ) and newcomer as director . It's a bemusing film but is specifically appointed to young people, in spite of a brief nudism scenes. Rating : Passable and entertaining.

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12 out of 14 people found the following review useful:


Author: electronsexparty from Texas
10 June 2005

For SciFi pictures this movies is surprisingly not bad. Not to say it's good at all, but it was much better than some of their cheese.

I was pleasantly surprised with the Dragon CGI. The characters were pretty hilarious (though not intentionally) in their appearance and actions. The huntsman's hair was probably the best part of the movie. For a man that spent his life outdoors, his hair was nicely cut and styled and he had some very feminine bangs (though he did need a bit of conditioner). The acting was pretty bad and the subplots got in the way of good old Dragon Slaying. It's quite obvious who's going to die once all the character's are introduced as well. Who cares, though? This movie is fun and cheesy. Watch it one Friday night while drinking a couple beers and eating pizza.

Go check out Chupacabra Terror if you enjoyed Dragon Storm. Chupa is another cheesy Sci-fi pictures original that's even more hilarious than Dragon Storm. It's about the South American goat-sucker on a cruise ship captained by none other than John Rhys-Davies.

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14 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

So bad, it's delightful

Author: artzau from Sacramento, CA
26 June 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

We're talking low budget here. You know that when you see the same people getting killed, burnt and eaten over and over. The actors are so bad it is funny but, as the facing review declares, you can't quit watching it. There's no point in dissing it because it's too damned delightful to dis. Why bother? The plot(?) involves a bunch of meteoric dragons who are somehow buried in space nuggets hurtling toward Earth and land in 1410 in Carpathia. [Why not?] There, they burn up a rather modern-looking plank house, a peasant and eat his cow. After hatching, they go on to burn up a fort, while a messenger tell the king, [John Rhys-Davies, in full size this time] the news and is, of course, not believed... it goes on. King Fastrod [John Rhys-Davies] turns out is the bad guy and meets up with a mysterious huntsman who leads him to his rival's castle where the local Princess is a tom-boy hunter with a crossbow...and so forth. The dragons are a delight to watch, although you get tired of seeing stunt actors doing the fire gag. The most romantic part is where the huntsman walks in on the princess when she's nudie-patootie getting ready for a bath and gives her a slug of wine.

Hey, it's out on DVD and I liked it. No academy award nominees likely here but, it's good grade B entertainment and John Rhys-Davies's hamming it up is always amusing.

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7 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

It was better than "The Day After Tomorrow"

Author: karnasaur
8 October 2005

Hi, I was watching "The Day After Tomorrow" in a video room, and I hated it so much that I demanded a new movie. I picked this one. It was fine. An enjoyable little romp through eastern Europe (Russia? Where was this filmed?) with Angel Boris getting almost naked. Who knew they had such sexy lingerie in 1190 AD? If you come across this film in a video store it's worth a look. Some of the performances are quite good, like John Rhys-Davies as one of the kings, and the aforementioned Angel Boris as a tomboy Princess. "Better to have a daughter who acts like a son than a son who acts like a daughter." Congratulations to the film makers for making an enjoyable film on a clearly limited budget. And while the budget was, as I said, clearly small, the special effects were good.

And Angel was hot.

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4 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Surprisingly good, after a rather bad beginning

Author: Cornelius_Sneed from United States
4 December 2009

I watched this on television this morning. I hadn't really intended to, but when I saw that John Rhys-Davies was in it, I decided to give it a chance. I, too, at first wondered what he was doing in this movie. The dragons were immediately impressive, but the stunts during their first rampage in the opening scenes looked like they could have been pulled off by average high-school drama students. Guys getting their backs lit on fire, screaming, flapping their arms, and falling down. (This, by the way pretty much sums up the stunts in the rest of the movie, as well, and none of the people seem to have the sense to even roll in the snow once aflame.)

To anyone with at least a little of a discerning eye, these opening scenes are a bit of a red flag. Bad stunts usually make for bad movies. But, as I hadn't yet seen John Rhys-Davies, I kept watching. And I'm glad I did. All-in-all, it was an enjoyable film.

I think budget must have had a lot to do with the way this movie turned out. The dragons must have been expensive, and unless John Rhys-Davies was doing it as a favor to someone, I'm sure he wasn't cheap either. So, it seems, they had to skimp somewhere, and they apparently chose to do so with the stunts.

Yes, the acting is cheesy at times, but appropriately so, for such a tale. And, regarding John Rhys-Davies, he certainly brings a certain presence and dignity to all of his parts, but if you really take a look at his body of work, he hasn't exactly done Shakespeare all his life, either. I think, just as with Sean Connery, he improves any movie he graces with his presence, even the stinkers.

Ultimately, I think they did quite well with the resources available. And when you think about it, would the movie have been better with great stunts, but with lousy dragons?

So, if you like this sort of thing, it is well worth a watch. Just keep your sense of humor about you, and don't allow yourself to be put off by the opening scenes.

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7 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

Should have been called 'Dragon Light Breeze'

Author: cyclone259 from USA
30 October 2004

My first complaint... Why does a fairly competent actor like John Rhyes Davies (think Indiana Jones, Sliders and Lord of the Rings) need to be in a movie like 'Dragon Storm'? Does he really need the money that bad?

This is another movie where the adverts look deceptively mediocre, as I saw it on Sci-Fi. Unfortunately, I also saw that it was released on video as the box art makes it look 110% better than it actually is.

Another problem... Two kingdoms at war? It didn't seem like there was enough people (cast) to work at a sunglass kiosk at a discount mall. They obviously blew the 35 cent budget on the CGI, because they're decent enough.

The acting (what little there was) wasn't believable, nor where most of the forced accents, which seem to change periodically. All in all, another cow chip to toss on the pile of the Sci-Fi channels long list of B (really D) grade fodder.

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Slightly better than mediocre

Author: loungehead from Ypsilanti, MI
25 January 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was very odd for me, as I want to both hate it and love it at the same time. The idea that the dragons are aliens makes me want to cry, then think that the idea is, in a way, almost cool, then it makes me want to cry again. However, base concept aside, there are some other things worth mentioning.

1. The acting was, in a word, okay. Sci Fi hyped this that this was starring a fellow from "Lord of the Rings", but LotR this was not. It wasn't so horrible that I'll compare it with an English dub of a Godzilla movie, but there are certainly better examples of fine acting in the fantasy genre.

2. The producer should have spent some more time in post-production. Special effects with the dragons were every bit as good as I could have hoped, given this was a Sci Fi Original Picture. Other things, such as when the Huntsman gets the barb stuck in the back of his neck, were really poorly done. Another month or two in post-prod and it would have looked a lot more, well, professional.

3. Everyone that got set on fire was coincidentally wearing the same cloak that covered them completely except for a little part of the face. It was a dragon movie, a *lot* of people were set ablaze, so this little cost-saver was very noticeable. Forgivable, but noticeable.

All-in-all, I had to give this movie a 6. Certainly not the worst I've seen, but it will hardly down in the annals of history as a classic, and it's definitely better than being at home, bored on a Saturday night.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Not great but has its moments

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
7 June 2012

I have seen far worse and more time-wasting movies than Dragon Storm. It could have been much better but also much worse. I did think the dragons on the whole were well done, with good movement and design, and their battle was the highlight of the film. The costume and set design are also decent, not stunning as such but at least there is a fantasy-adventure element. John-Rhys Davies is a very enjoyable presence, hammy yet dignified. Dragon Storm definitely could have had some improvements though. The editing is rather choppy, luckily the rest of the production values weren't so bad(compared to other low-budget films I've seen recently) but if they were alongside with the editing the film would have been very cheap to look at. Sadly the camera work isn't much better either, with a lot of dizzying quick shots and edits that if you are not used to can make you a bit seasick. The story does have some exciting moments, mainly with the dragons, but a lot of it is rather dull with lots of things happening for no reason. Although the sets are not too bad the film is very sparsely populated, making it hard to believe that we are talking about two feuding kingdoms and excepting the dragons the rest of the effects are cheaply rendered, stunt actors doing the whole fire gag gets old fast. The dialogue is horrendously stilted, and apart from Davies the acting is wooden. Overall, not a movie I'd recommend but I have seen worse. I am just wondering whether SyFy are ever going to make an at least worthwhile dragon movie(even the best one is heavily flawed), but if they have in all honesty I haven't seen it. 4/10 Bethany Cox

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