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TV Guide
Beautifully shot in rich colors by Franz Lustig, it's possibly Wenders' most accessible film to date, and among his most emotionally satisfying.
Entertainment Weekly
Shepard's charisma has always reached back to an earlier time, so it's easy to accept him as a kind of pre-counterculture hero - Eastwood without the sneer - who aged into the era of tabloid scandal.
Chicago Tribune
There's something a little absurd about this story, but for me, it's endearingly goofy.
The Hollywood Reporter
Don't Come Knocking expresses itself with deadpan humor, striking imagery, Western iconography and outbursts of strong emotions.
There are scenes that don't even pretend to work. And others that have a sweetness and visual beauty that stops time and simply invites you to share.
The finest scene in Don't Come Knocking is its quietest...The movie could have used a lot more of it.
Philadelphia Inquirer
T Bone Burnett's soundtrack has the appropriate twang to give Wenders' Hopperesque tableaux a nice, filmic poetry. But as arresting as the images are, Shepard's clunky, soap-opera banter brings most everything, and everyone, crashing down to earth.
New York Daily News
In what is more a cry of regret than a coherent story, Shepard's character mopes his way through meetings with an old girlfriend (Jessica Lange) and the grown children he sired, the only apparent lesson being that bad behavior has a way of circling back on you.
Miami Herald
After a funny, highly promising start, Don't Come Knocking starts to fall apart, displaying all of Wenders' weaknesses, too.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Only Lange is a powerful enough presence to raise a flicker of realistic emotion from this kind of stuff.
Pretentious drama.

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