Dear Frankie (2004) Poster


Plot Keywords

stranger letter
seaside dock
deaf boy ship
sailor map
boy scotland
phone booth title directed by female
forgiveness secret
soccer library
class photograph
reference to barbara stanwyck ocean view
tin box crying
boy injured by father job seeking
single mother song
food grandmother grandson relationship
letter opener waiter
football wife abuse
trust death of brother
running away pier
abusive husband lipstick
apology moving in
injury stamp collection
stone running
bartender vegetarian
drink mother daughter relationship
kiss friend
sister in law sister in law relationship telephone call
drinking father son relationship
ex husband ex wife relationship terminal illness
glasgow scotland stamp
violin van
elementary school snowglobe
runaway husband wife relationship
teasing farewell
wine playground
hearing aid band
singing beer
aquarium director also cinematographer
geography nail polish
part time job post office
violinist reference to bette davis
forgery teacher
girl grocery store
impostor acting
bicycle moving out
liar dying
tears toy ship
friendship cigarette smoking
seahorse handshake
bet voice over letter
pub love
hospital nurse
absent father classroom
death of husband book
footbridge child abuse
sign language school bag
wood carving correspondence
abusive father lip reading
obituary watching tv
bookshop eating
death flashlight
bus singer
dancer pay phone
dance newspaper
cigarette lighter skipping stone
boat bar
jack knife deafness
lie brother sister relationship
dancing mother son relationship
fish apartment
lip reader fish and chips
football tryout fake letter
writing a letter reading
bench death of father
character name in title

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