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  • When Fankies parents were married, his dad hit him when he was a baby. The blow caused Frankie to become deaf, and that's when Lizzie leaves him.


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Lizzie and "Davey" kiss before he leaves.

    Davey, Frankie's father, is dying. He asks Lizzie to bring Frankie so he could see him. She refuses.

    Lizzie shows Frankie the notice about his father's death.

    On the bus from Glasgow, Lizzie reads Frankie's latest letter: He knows the Man he met wasn't his dad, and that the real Davey passed away.

    Turns out the Man was Marie's brother. Lizzie and Frankie sit on a dock. Being Marie's brother, we know he will return one day.

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