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Wise and wondrous.
The bold long shot near the end of Dear Frankie allows the film to move straight as an arrow toward its emotional truth, without a single word or plot manipulation to distract us.
An endearing, occasionally sentimental story told with depth and substance.
The Hollywood Reporter
The movie is filled with small moments of tenderness, insight and considerable wisdom.
What could have been a sentimental train wreck emerges as a funny and touching portrait of three bruised people.
Philadelphia Inquirer
The film, with its painterly juxtapositions of dockside industry, green hills, and cloud-scudded sky, is full of misguided motives and fairy-tale fraud. But it rings true at heart.
New York Daily News
It is a sweet, wonderfully acted cameo of a movie about the lengths to which a lioness will go to protect her cub.
Chicago Tribune
Doesn't revert to hairpin plot twists or other dramatic trickery to hook us in; Auerbach simply lets us live with her characters-which, it turns out, is reward enough.
Miami Herald
Dear Frankie is a small movie with a big soul and no easy formula for the happiness of its big-hearted characters.
The movie's still shameless; the difference is you don't mind.
Entertainment Weekly
A Scottish weepie of such bathos and balderdash that it deserves a drinking game in its rotten honor.

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