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It's instantly forgettable, but smooth fun most of the way.
The Hollywood Reporter
Be Cool is not really cool as "Get Shorty" was, but it's entertaining, a frivolous cocktail rather than a vintage wine.
Despite a cast and production that seem to promise one of the year's first movies of any note, Cool never translates its promo-photo flashiness into authenticity on screen.
Chicago Tribune
Even if you enjoyed the mean, funny 1995 John Travolta-Elmore Leonard crime comedy "Get Shorty"-and many of us did-this forced sequel isn't likely to help you repeat the experience.
Entertainment Weekly
The hell of it is, Be Cool is tepid entertainment that could be cool if it spent less time entertaining us as if we were demanding a definition of rhythm.
New York Daily News
The author is not to blame. Published in 1999, "Be Cool" is hipper, cooler and better than "Get Shorty," but everything hipper, cooler and better about it is either missing from the film or camped-up beyond recognition.
New York Post
A fairly painless, if not particularly stimulating, experience, Gray has no idea how to capitalize on the reunion of "Pulp Fiction" co-stars Travolta and Thurman.
Lacks both a focus and an edge, making it an amorphous mess.
Philadelphia Inquirer
How to count the ways that Be Cool isn't? For one thing, it looks terrible: grainy, ill-lit, edited with blunt, rusty shears.
You know a sequel isn't working when, ten minutes into the movie, a voice inside your head starts screaming, "Please make it stop!"
Wall Street Journal
Manages the dubious trick of being both execrable and boring.

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