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Season 1

Season 1, Episode 0: Pilot

August 2002
Dramatic rendering of the true story of Audrey Marie Hilley, murderer who used small doses of arsenic over a long period of time.
Amber Lovett ... Audrey Marie Hilley
Mark McWhorter ... John Hoffmann
Geoffrey Betts ... Detective
Mark Bremer ... Frank Hilley

Craig Chamberlin ... Lawyer
Steve M. Clark ... Historian (voice)
Alyssa Joy Cook ... Fair Goer
Cody Cook ... Fair Goer
Drew Cook ... Detective's Son

Victoria De Mare ... Donna Ashlock
Mike Dobbins ... Mystery Man

Ashley Dru Douglass ... Church Patron

Chris Farah ... Young Janet
Rick Herod ... Detective

Todd Jenkins ... Assistant Director
James LaMarr ... Detective

Nickie Ludwig ... Fair Patron
Thomas Lynch

Kelly McCracken ... Detective Ramos

David McDivitt ... Bank Loan Officer
Weldon Morgan ... FBI Agent #1

Bob Penny ... Presiding Judge
David Alan Poe ... Various (as David Hodges)
Daniel I. Radakovich ... Dr. Franz - German Psychologist
Kevin Saunders ... Detective

Sonny Vellozzi ... Hitman

Derek Viveiros ... Detective Collins

Brad Lee Wind ... Officer Mann

Tom Zembrod ... Director

Season 1, Episode 1: Andrew Cunanan: Versace's Killer

April 2003
The story of Andrew Cunanan and his killing spree that included the murder of Gianni Versace, the world famous fashion designer, and ended with him taking his own life on a boat in Florida.
Mike Borg ... Detective
Brent Durning ... Detective

Mark Casimir Dyniewicz ... Police Officer #1
Thomas Lynch

Season 1, Episode 2: Sting Operation by Make-Up Artist

27 April 2003
A young Nicuaraguan single-mother, Esmarcia Navarro, marries a wealthy and much older American man. Once married she begins 'living the high life' with her husband's wealth. He decides to hire someone to kill her, but police are on to his plans. They create an elaborate sting operation, which requires a makeup artist to fake a realistic 'death', in order to catch the architect of this murder for hire scheme.
Robert Baldwin
Thomas Lynch

Johnny Maio ... Son

Glorinda Marie ... Esmarcia Navarro

Murray Shoring ... Doctor
Cameron Weston ... Paul Verhoeven

Season 1, Episode 3: Sharon Mitchell


Rick Herod ... Detective

Miranda Hopkinson ... Bank Teller
Chris Kauffman ... Detective Metz (2003)
Thomas Lynch
Michelle Slezak ... Girlfriend / Truck Thief

Jaime Soria ... Talent Agent
Owen Thomas ... Bank Teller

Season 1, Episode 4: The Number in the Palm

September 2003

Erin Bell ... Bridesmaid
Lisa Bettany ... Staff

Jennifer Jean ... Forensic Scientist
Thomas Lynch

Bettina Skye ... Tarot Reader
Jack Stahl ... Dad
Emanuela Szumilas ... Daughter

Season 1, Episode 12: Lip Prints

20 August 2002

Jennifer Alexander ... Girl #1
Thomas Lynch ... Various

Avery Fane ... Police Captain (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 14: Kennedy Family Story

14 September 2002

Jennifer Alexander ... Kathleen Kennedy

Vincent B. Gorce ... Postman
Thomas Lynch ... Various

Avery Fane ... Inspector Smith (uncredited)

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Peter Pan

January 2004

Lisa Bettany ... Tina

Helena Charbila ... Abigail

Scott Price ... Bobby Comfort (archive footage)

Season 2, Episode 2: Legionnaires Outbreak

February 2004
On October 15, 1996, the New River Health District was informed that a large number of patients were being admitted with pneumonia. Six days later, Legionnaire's Disease was confirmed in 23 patients, two of whom died. The team of investigators must find out where the bacteria is coming from.
Mike Borg ... Doctor
Brent Durning ... Health Department Investigator

David Pearl ... Soldier / Radioman / Cop

Scott Price ... Bobby Comfort (archive footage)

Jaime Soria ... Coffee Shop Employee
Fred Wright ... Victim

Season 2, Episode 3: Wrongly Convicted Man

February 2004
On September 30, 1979, Kevin Lee Green is convicted of killing his wife and sentenced to 15 years to life. 17 years later, with new technology, they decide to check DNA samples from Green's case. They don't match Green's, but another convict, Gerald Parker, serving time for rape. While interviewing Parker, he confesses to the murder. Kevin Green is freed after spending 17 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit.
Walter DeForest ... Best Friend Inmate
Brent Durning ... Detective
Amy C. Gibbons ... Juror

Vinicius Machado ... Police Officer

Scott Price ... Bobby Comfort (archive footage)
Karen Stafford ... Victim's Mother

Season 2, Episode 4: Boy Stuck in Toy Machine

June 2004
A 7 year-old boy climbs into a toy crane machine while his father is on the pay phone. Over an hour later, several fire fighters and a locksmith were required to get the boy out. He contently sat there playing with the animals until freed.

Scott Price ... Bobby Comfort (archive footage)
Riley J. Scott ... Timmy Novotny

Season 2, Episode 5: Jamie Luketic: Runner Chokes on Rock

June 2004
In September 2003, Jamie Luketic, a junior at Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio, was competing in an invitational when a freak accident occurred. A fellow track runner in front of her kicked up a stone that flew up in the air and lodged perfectly in her throat, choking her. After she fell to the field, no one knew that anything was wrong. A recently hired coach from another school, Mark McClure, was watching and saved her with a Heimlich Maneuver.

Jaime Soria ... Jamie Luketic

Scott Price ... Bobby Comfort (archive footage)

Season 2, Episode 6: Suicide and Murder with the Same Bullet

June 2004

James D. Faulkner ... Jerry

Craig Chamberlin ... Cop
Thomas Lynch

Scott Price ... Bobby Comfort (archive footage)

Brewier Welch ... Detective

Season 2, Episode 7: Love, Lies and Murder

Linda Brown was found dead and her 14 year-old daughter, Cinnamon, confesses to the murder. Three years later, the truth comes out in a twisted love triangle.

Katie Maguire ... Ann Rule
Kai De Mello-Folsom ... Teen Fisherboy
Brent Durning ... D.A. Investigator Jay Newell
Kelly Hitman ... Juvenile hall prisoner (as Kelly Devoto)

Scott Price ... Bobby Comfort (archive footage)
Linda Revelli ... Neighbor

Jessie Sherman ... Cinnamon Brown

Chris Slone ... Eric Jaquez

Season 2, Episode 8: The Dowler Murders

The son of a US Air Force Colonel, David Dowler led a relatively normal life in Albuquerque, New Mexico, except for his fanciful and fictional tales of being a former spy and contract killer. Most people laughed off his tall tales as the ramblings of a friendly eccentric. However Dowler concocted a more deadly scheme - he would be a psychic who could predict other people's deaths. Between 1983 and 1987, several of Dowler's friends and co-workers would be found dead. They would all be discovered by loved ones that received a phone call from Dowler, who would claim to have psychic abilities and 'sensed' that something was wrong. Though the early deaths were ruled 'accidental', police started getting suspicious of Dowler as the body count grew higher.
Steve M. Clark ... Chief Detective Hirst
Alyssa Joy Cook ... Dowler's Daughter
Rex Manaster ... David Dowler

Alan Pollard ... Detective
Haven Powers ... Kerri Middleton

Scott Price ... Bobby Comfort (archive footage)

Season 2, Episode 10: Obesity Saved Him

An obese man on trial for murder, is sentenced to death. However he is too large to be hanged from the gallows, and so gets life in prison as his sentence.
Robert Baldwin

Cuyle Carvin ... Briggans

Scott Price ... Bobby Comfort (archive footage)

Season 2, Episode 11: The Railroad Killer

Angel Maturino Reséndiz, aka the Railroad Killer, was an illegal alien from Mexico who wandered the Texas/Mexico border, bludgeoning or shooting his male victims and sometimes raping and strangling female victims between 1997 and 1999. He would rob the victims and send the jewels back to his wife in Mexico. During a short time in 1999 he was listed on the FBI's Ten most Wanted list, but he surrendered to a Texas Ranger at the behest of his own sister soon afterward. He was suspected as responsible for as many as 24 homicides, but he formally charged with 14 deaths.
Bob DeVito ... Railroad Car Passenger
Dave Dyshuk ... Detective
Douglas Haddad ... Detective

John Harlacher ... Violent Hobo

Chiko Mendez ... Angel Maturino Resendez

Scott Price ... Bobby Comfort (archive footage)

Ken Schwarz ... Agent Reynolds

Season 2, Episode 12: Aileen Wuornos

July 2004
Aileen Wuornos was a famous female serial killer who was convicted of murdering seven men when she worked as prostitute between 1989 and 1990. She was sentenced and put to death by the state of Florida in 1992. Her story was made into the movie "Monster" starring Charlize Theron.

James Patrick Pitt ... Detective Pete Horzeppa (as J. Patrick Pitts)

Scott Price ... Bobby Comfort (archive footage)
Jimmy Waldron ... Detective #2

Season 2, Episode 13: Aloha Flight 243

Aloha Flight 243 was a Boeing 737 on an inter-island flight between Hilo (on the big island of Hawaii) and Honolulu (on the island of Oahu). On April 28th, 1988, the plane suffered a catastrophic structural failure, with a large portion of the upper canopy of the plane ripping off in mid flight. A flight attendant was killed instantly and the terrified passengers stayed strapped into their seats, as the plane made an emergency landing on Maui. What is most astonishing is that the plane made it safely to land, despite damage that would have caused other planes suffer complete structural failure.

Deanna Walsh ... Blonde Passenger (as Deanna Lynn)

Season 2, Episode 15: Boston Arson

September 2004
In the early 1970s, a series of mysterious fires plague Boston's Fenway neighborhood. Outraged tenants push officials to investigate, and an arson-for-profit ring is discovered.

Stephen Kyle ... Husband - Activist

Scott Price ... Bobby Comfort (archive footage)
Alan White ... Resident

Season 2, Episode 17: Blind Girl Regains Sight

December 2004

Scott Price ... Bobby Comfort (archive footage)

Season 2, Episode 18: Saved by an Iguana

15 December 2004

Frank Leonard Eramo ... Dad

Scott Price ... Bobby Comfort (archive footage)

David W. Scott ... Detective Colbert

Season 2, Episode 19: Highschool Couple Murder

22 December 2004
Quebec Canada: Antoine becomes obsessed with the girl living next door. He begins watching her, makes a scrap book about her and even begins referring to her as his girlfriend. One night when he sees her with her boyfriend he becomes insanely jealous and follows the couple to a local bowling alley where he proceeds to hide out inside the boyfriends suburban with a shotgun and wait for them to come out. On their way home Antoine leaps from the back of the suburban and leads the couple into the mountains at gun point. He then has the boyfriend pull over to the side of the road where he takes the boyfriend out into the woods and shoots him. The girl tries to get away but he chases her down and bludgeons her to death with the butt of the shotgun. The case remained unsolved for many years until Antoine was finally apprehended, tried and convicted of the two murders.
Levi Damione ... Antoine

Brittany Daly ... Chloe

Scott Price ... Bobby Comfort (archive footage)

Season 2, Episode 75: Patricia, a Mother Who Killed Her Son

Patricia Stallings a mother whose baby goes into toxic shock is accused of poisoning the child. During a long trial she is convicted until her attorney learns that the child suffered from an inherited blood disease.

Jay Amari ... Eric Rathborn - Attorney

Erica Rhodes ... Patricia Stallings
Brad Thomason ... Doctor

Avery Fane ... Investigator & Murderer (uncredited)

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Robber Priest

15 January 2005
A kindly Priest is falsely accused of a series of robberies. At his trial, one victim/witness after another identifies him as the perpetrator. Finally, out of shame that an innocent man is about to be convicted, the true perpetrator, who has been following the trial, comes forward to confess.
Cyndi Crotts ... Church Patron

Scott duPont ... Detective
Elizabeth Judith ... Victim

John Archer Lundgren ... Church Administrator

J.C. Marquez Pulita ... Detective (as Juan Marquez)

Randy Molnar ... Priest

Nelitza Vallellanes ... Witness

Brewier Welch ... Defense Attorney

Season 3, Episode 2: The Women Who Loved a Murder

15 February 2005

Jesse Barbon ... Jennifer
Kerry Barbon ... Housewife #2

Amy Lyn Howell ... Housewife #1
Kelsie Erin Howell ... Claudia

Season 3, Episode 3: Food Service Fugitive

15 February 2005
Man works hard to become successful in food service; unfortunately, his criminal past catches up with him to the dismay of his supervisors.

Avery Fane ... Police Lieutenant

John Harlacher ... Thug

Bryan Lugo ... Co-worker

John Archer Lundgren ... Board Executive
Jack Stahl ... Food Service Worker

Season 3, Episode 4: Weepy-Voiced Killer

15 March 2005
A mentally unbalanced man, Paul Michael Stephani, attacks and kills a series of young women in the Minneapolis area between 1980 and 1982. After each attack, he has fits of anguish, remembering his childhood church attendance. He confesses "his sins", anonymously to a priest, as well as, making wild "weepy-voiced" phone calls to the police, incoherently advising them of the crimes committed. Ironically, the numerous calls to the police did not help them catch Stephani, who was apprehended because one of his victims fought back and survived, and Stephani was nabbed when he sought medical help for his own injuries. 20 years after his incarceration on another murder conviction, he formally confessed to the first killings.

Melissa Goggans ... Karen Potack
Christopher LeCours ... Pharmacist

John Archer Lundgren ... Priest

Randy Molnar ... Lead Detective

Sarah Pesto ... 911 dispatcher
John G. Rice Jr. ... Weepy-Voiced Killer

Derek Viveiros ... Detective
Jimmy Waldron ... Polygraph Operator

Brewier Welch ... Detective

Season 3, Episode 5: Psychic Detective Pamela

April 2005
Episode dealing with American Psychic Pam Coronado, who started using her psychic visions to help people in 1996. She has helped police departments locate missing people (living or dead) or find clues regarding unsolved crimes. Most famously, she accurately predicted many details of the Washington DC Beltway sniper case in 2002 before they were caught.
Mike Borg ... Detective

Jeffrey T Ferguson ... SFPD Detective
David Alan Poe ... Mr. Coronado (as David Hodges)

Katrina Sherwood ... Murder Victim

Season 3, Episode 6: Amnesia Murder

31 May 2005
Bored Texas housewife Candy Montgomery started having an affair with family friend and married software engineer, Alan Gore in 1978. When Alan was away on business in 1980, something happened between Candy and Alan's wife, Betty, in the Gore home, that ended up with Betty murdered, struck by a bloody ax 41 times. What ensued was an unusual and controversial trial and verdict, one which brought up a childhood traumatic event in Candy's life that purported to explain her post traumatic stress and violent actions during a fight with the victim.
Jonathan Logan Fine ... Detective #2

Yeena Fisher ... Lisa (as Yeena Lopez)

Terri J. Freedman ... Bystander #1
Ben Fritz ... Detective #1 (as Benjamin Fritz)

Shawn Kresal ... Alan Gore
Jonathan Logan ... Detective #2

Maia Lorian ... Detective
Vernon Nellis ... Lawyer
David Alan Poe ... Richard Parker (as David Hodges)

Patricia Raphael ... Candy's Mother

Season 3, Episode 7: Blue Dye Allergy

May 2005
The parents of a little Michigan girl notice extreme rashes and bleeding sores when she comes in contact with certain items and foods. Doctors just dismiss the symptoms as simple eczema. After attending a party where the theme was Blue, and everything, the decorations, the cake, the food were all blue, the girl went into shock and had to be rushed to the hospital. It was then that her parents realized that she was allergic to blue dyes, but the doctors didn't believe them initially, since at the time they had never heard of a blue dye allergy before.
Anyssa Jordan ... Maria, Rae's Mother
Vernon Nellis ... Doctor
David Alan Poe ... Rae's Father (as David Hodges)

Season 3, Episode 8: Camel

July 2005
May 2005 - Punjab is a friendly 1,500 lb camel, owned by a man who collects exotic and ex-circus animals in Bethlehem, WV. When a woman comes to paint the fence, Punjab tries to cozy up to her, and accidentally steps on her foot while lying down, forcing her to the ground. Trapped by the weight of the animal, she calls 911. Paramedics Mark Hartman and Brent Hicks now have a dilemma. How to get the tame but massive animal upright without accidentally crushing the woman.
David Alan Poe ... Brent Hicks (as David Hodges)

Season 3, Episode 9: Brother/Sister Reunion

1 August 2005

Jennie Floyd ... Doctor
Adam Ian Gelfand ... Danny's Neighbor
Athena Symphony Gelfand ... Danny's Neighbor

Season 3, Episode 10: Camden Closure

August 2005
In February 1997, Charles "Crazy Charlie" Rodriguez and his brother, Joseph, are listed on "America's Most Wanted" for shooting at a police officer. While hiding from the law, they resort to robbing banks, but the robberies become more and more violent. So the FBI plan a sting to catch the brothers using an armored truck. They just have to get Jose to convince Charlie and Joseph to rob it.
Tiffany Marie Austin ... Gang Girlfriend No 2
Brent Durning ... Police Detective
Ben Fritz ... Swat Team Member (as Benjamin Fritz)
Anyssa Jordan ... Female Detective
David Kiiskinen ... Police Officer / SWAT
Shelly Martin ... Gang Girlfriend No 1
Rob F. Martinez ... Bank Robber
David Alan Poe ... Truck Driver (as David Hodges)

Steve Potts ... Police Sgt

Donn Andrew Simmons ... Police Officer

Season 3, Episode 11: Drug Sniffer

August 2005

David Kiiskinen ... Police Officer
David Alan Poe ... Deputy Sanders (as David Hodges)

Donn Andrew Simmons ... Drug Dealer

Season 3, Episode 12: B.T.K. Killer

September 2005
The long search for and eventual apprehension of Wichita's BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill) serial killer, Dennis Rader

Michael E. Burgess ... Older Dennis Rader
Hala Balbaky ... Young Wife
Robert Baldwin
Jeff Bredt ... Police Detective
Gary Brummer ... Detective

Glen Caspillo ... Detective Clint Snyder
Patrick LaMont Frugé ... News Paper Editor

Maia Lorian ... Detective

Tommy Maples ... Detective
T.J. Metz ... Detective
Frank X. Mur ... Announcer of B.T.K. (Bind, Torture, Kill) investigation's disbandment

Michael Navarra ... Son of Dennis Radar
David Alan Poe ... Sheriff Gary Sneed (as David Hodges)

Donn Andrew Simmons ... BTK Victim's Husband

Tony Sommers ... FBI Agent
Jeff Taub ... Young Dennis Rader
Kat Williams ... Daughter of Dennis Rader

Kari Wishingrad ... Neighbor

Season 3, Episode 13: F.B.I. Agent

October 2005

Avery Fane ... Police Lieutenant
John Halfacre ... Detective
Thomas Lynch
Jill Maragos ... Wife
David Alan Poe ... Doctor (as David Hodges)

Donn Andrew Simmons ... Confused Neighbor

Season 3, Episode 14: The Lindbergh Kidnapping

15 October 2005
Episode detailing the infamous 1932 Lindbergh kidnapping case, where famous aviator Charles Lindbergh's infant son was kidnapped and killed. The episode also outlines the controversy in the trial, defense and conviction of the only suspect, Bruno Hauptmann. Hauptmann was executed for the crime four years after the kidnapping, all the while proclaiming his innocence.

Frank Hansen ... Officer who answers Linberg's call

Steven J. Klaszky ... Det. Frank Kelly
Thomas Lynch

Natasha Lee Martin ... Betty Gow
Frank Traynor ... Oliver Wheatley

Sonny Vellozzi ... Detective

Stosh Zona ... Detective

Season 3, Episode 15: E.R. Panic

November 2005

Elizabeth Di Prinzio ... 2005

Theodore Bouloukos ... Stuart

Brad Carr ... Hazmat

Helena Charbila ... Kelly
Brent Durning ... Doctor

Yeena Fisher ... Martha (as Yeena Lopez)
David Kiiskinen ... Hazmat Leader

Maia Lorian ... News Reporter
Loukas Papas ... Male Patient

David Pearl ... San Francisco Detective
David Alan Poe ... Dr. Mark Thomas (as David Hodges)

Michael Andrew Reed ... Press Photographer
Christina Sciongay ... Patient

Donn Andrew Simmons ... Hazmat

Season 3, Episode 16: Cradle Murder


Cyndi Crotts ... Salon Customer

Yeena Fisher ... Maria (as Yeena Lopez)

Nelitza Vallellanes ... Teisha's Friend

Brewier Welch ... Detective

Season 3, Episode 17: The Wendy's Chili-Finger Hoax

November 2005
March 22, 2005 - A Las Vegas resident, Anna Ayala, while visiting San Jose, California, claimed she found a severed human finger in her bowl of chili, purchased at Wendy's - a national fast food chain. Though her intent was to sue the company, the intense public interest and scrutiny by police soon turned the spotlight back on Ayala. Ayala was later suspected of planting the finger and arrested by Las Vegas Police. Wendy's restaurant chain lost an estimated $2.5 Million in revenue from the bad publicity of the hoax, an amount which Ayala may be liable for.

Christa Bella ... Detective
Kimberly Contreras ... Genesis Reyes

Yeena Fisher ... Debbie (as Yeena Lopez)
David Kiiskinen ... Construction Worker

David Pearl ... News Crewman
Karen Stafford ... Board Committee Member
Cameron Weston ... Store Manager
Fred Wright ... Chairman of the Board

Jeffrey T Ferguson ... Wendy's Patron (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 18: Jigsaw Puzzle


Owen Drake ... Student

Jill Marie Hoffman ... Toni Spencer (as Jill Hoffman)

Season 3, Episode 19: The Mind Hunter


Tony Grat ... Police Officer

David Pearl ... San Francisco Police

Season 3, Episode 20: Bank of America Robbery

December 2005
On November 22, 2000, in Vista, California, Christopher Butler, Robert Ortiz and Christopher Huggins broke into the house of Michelle Ramskill-Estey, age 35, a Bank of America Manager. The three men's intention was to force her to open the bank and bring them what ended up being $360,000 in cash. To ensure that she did what they wanted, they strapped dynamite to Renee's 7 yr old daughter and an adult roommate, Kimbra Oliver. The robbers got away and no one was injured (the dynamite turned out to be fake). Police searched for the robbers and one was even profiled on the television show, America's Most Wanted.

Michael F. Grant ... Christopher Butler

Bjorn Jiskoot Jr. ... Robber Look-a-Like
David Alan Poe ... Hold-Up Victim (as David Hodges)

Michael Andrew Reed ... Bank Customer
Linda Revelli ... Asst. Bank Manager

Donn Andrew Simmons ... Banker

Jaime Soria ... Stenographer

Season 3, Episode 21: Swine Influenza

December 2005

Lain Chamberlain ... Hazmat Crew Member

Jeffrey T Ferguson ... The President's Advisor

Maia Lorian ... Protester
Sean Patrick McElhone ... Hazmat Crew Member

David Pearl ... Executive Board Member

Season 3, Episode 22: Video Bomb Scare


Robb Maus ... Bomb Threat Caller
John G. Rice Jr. ... Restaurant Manager

David W. Scott ... Bomb Squad Detective

Season 3, Episode 23: Key X-Ray

October 2005

Jack Starr ... Friend of key swallower

Season 4

Season 4, Episode 1: Atlanta Courthouse Shooting

11 January 2006
On March 11th, 2005, Brian Nichols was on trial for rape at the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta, Georgia. When being transfered from a holding room, he overpowered a diminutive Female Deputy, took her gun and used it to kill three people; a court reporter, Superior Court Judge Rowland Barnes and a deputy who tried to stop him from leaving the courthouse. His escape set off one of the largest manhunts in Georgia history.

Tony Naumovski ... Court official

David Pearl ... Detective
Frank Traynor ... Judge Rowland Barnes
Sean Traynor ... Juror / Security Guard

Neville White ... Brian Nichols

Stosh Zona ... Chief Detective

Season 4, Episode 2: Plane Hijack

16 January 2006

Chris Lerude ... FBI Director

Austin Brooks ... Head FBI Agent

Jason Coleman ... Red Herring

Gregor Collins ... Prison Guard

Vincent Maeder ... FBI Agent

Mikos Zavros ... UHP Van Leperen

Season 4, Episode 3: Prison Break

10 February 2006
The story of the infamous and daring escape of six death row inmates from Mecklenburg Correctional Center in Virginia, on May 31, 1984. Those who escaped were James and Linwood Briley (two of the infamous Briley Brothers, responsible for a killing spree in 1979 that took eight lives), Lem Tuggle, Earl Clanton, Derick Peterson, and Willie Jones. All were eventually caught and their date with the executioner was met as scheduled.

Colvon Collins ... E.Clanton"Clint"

Avery Fane ... Police Chief

Jabari Jones ... Linwood Briley
Christopher LeCours ... Prisoner

Jason Medwin ... Prison Guard

David Pearl ... Detective

Season 4, Episode 4: Paralyzed Boy Is Cured

1 March 2006

Jennie Floyd ... Nurse
Catherine Fox ... Mother

Neil O'Neill ... Doctor

David Pearl ... Detective

Season 4, Episode 5: Daughter Who Murdered Her Family to Live with Her Lover

March 2006

Brad Carr ... Police Officer

Helena Charbila ... Jenny
Michael Cozzi ... Detective
Patrick J. Crabb ... Police Officer
Sean Patrick McElhone ... Detective

David Pearl ... Detective
David Alan Poe ... Police Officer (as David Hodges)

Sharon Rylander ... Mother
Rob Stewart ... Detective
Chris Angelo ... Scared Customer (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 6: Successful Weight Loss

1 June 2006

Laurie Burke ... Office Co-Worker

Jennie Floyd ... Mother
Tony Grat ... Office Manager
Tina Nies ... Lead Character

David Pearl ... Detective

Season 4, Episode 7: Roberto Clemente Jr.

29 June 2006

David Miguel Estrada ... Brother-in-Law
Julie Gomez ... Elsa's Sister

David Pearl ... Detective
Alex Penez ... Security Guard
Vivian Ponte ... Roberto's Ex-wife

Antonia Roman ... Elsa's Mother
Chris Triponlas ... Security Guard

Season 4, Episode 8: The Trapped Principal

26 July 2006
An episode dealing with the grim and extremely convoluted tragedy of School teacher, Susan Reinert, whose body was found nude, gagged, bound and tortured, and had probably witnessed the murder of her two children before her own demise in the summer of 1979. However, the trials revealed a complex con and the possibility of a frame job against the Principal of Reinert's school, Jay Smith, all concocted by fellow teacher Bill Bradfield. Bradfield was eventually convicted of conspiracy to commit murder, whereas Jay Smith, was released in 1992 after a Supreme court ruling that the prosecution acted improperly at his trial, by withholding evidence that could have exonerated Smith.
Jessi Badami ... Susan
Ulric Dihle ... John
April Heather ... Coroner

Tom McIntire ... William Bradfield

James Mesher ... Principal Jay Smith

David Pearl ... Detective

Season 4, Episode 9: Psychic Woman Kathlyn Rhea

August 2006
GRAFTON, Ohio -- A con for almost as long as he was a cop, former Mansfield police Lt. Charles Oswalt broke his silence on the eve of a decision on his freedom. He flatly denied responsibility for one of the area's most notorious killings. "I didn't commit the crime, so I'm not going to admit to it. I can't show remorse for a crime I did not commit," Oswalt said in an exclusive interview with the News Journal on Wednesday at Grafton Correctional Institution. It's the first time he has talked publicly about the killing since taking the stand in his aggravated murder trial in June 1988. Oswalt, 59, was to be released from prison Monday after serving more than 15 years for the 1988 death of Margie Coffey, 32, of Butler. He was sentenced to 10 to 25 years in prison on charges of voluntary manslaughter and abuse of a corpse. He successfully appealed a 1998 parole decision requiring he serve another 10 years, leading to a June hearing to consider his release. Psychic Kathlyn Rhea has worked extensively with law enforcement around the world, and her accuracy has been well documented. Her clues led police to the murdered body of Margie Coffey.
Jeff Redlick ... Detective

Season 4, Episode 10: High School Basketball Player Doesn't Know She's Pregnant

August 2006
18-year-old Kayla Alire, a basketball player for Mesa Vista High in New Mexico, didn't know she was pregnant and was suffering from a stomach ache during a game on February 18, 2004. It turns out that the stomach ache was labor pains and immediately after the game, Kayla gave birth.

Tawnya Gray ... Kayla

Michael Andrew Reed ... Basketball Coach

Jaime Soria ... Nurse

Phil Talsky ... Teacher
Athena Galvin ... Cheerleader (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 11: Beautiful Wife Murder

15 August 2006
Texas Man Guilty in Murder-For-Hire Mother of quadruplets killed in Sarasota, FL True re-enactment of Sheila Bellush(35)found dead in her home Nov.7, 1997, her 2 yr. old quadruplet toddlers wandering through her blood. Suspected in the murder is 21-year-old Jose Luis Del Toro Jr.,who was arrested Nov. 20, 1997 in Mexico. Two others,Sammy Gonzales, his cousin who hired Del Toro, and Daniel Rocha,also have been arrested in connection with the murder. Reference: www.cbsnews.com/stories/2000/07/06/national/printable212766.shtml

Avery Fane ... Police Chief
Randy Memoli ... Cop
Kaitlyn R. Miller ... Quadruplet
Jeff Redlick ... Detective
Rebecca Washo ... Sheila Bellush

Season 4, Episode 12: Fake Cheerleader

1 August 2006

Bridget Daily ... Cheerleader (as Shushig DerStepanian)

Phil Talsky ... School Teacher
Bill Buck ... Detective
Melanie Bass ... Cheerleader
Larry Feurzeig ... Bodyguard
Naomi Frigo ... Cheerleader
David Alan Poe ... Fan (as David Hodges)

Michael Andrew Reed ... School Principal
Athena Galvin ... Cheerleader (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 13: Ted Williams

19 August 2006
Ted Williams was a legendary Baseball player, earning MVP twice and was inducted into Baseball's Hall of Fame in 1966 after a nearly two decade career with the Boston Red Sox. However the years immediately before his death in 2002 were controversial, primarily due to his son, John Henry Williams. John Henry was a entrepreneur who started several failing businesses and had disputes with dealers of sports memorabilia regarding items related to his father. John Henry became involved in lawsuits and an F.B.I. sting as a result of this. But it was Ted William's end which was the most controversial, whereas, John Henry decided to have Ted cryogenically frozen at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, causing a series of lawsuits by other family members who wanted the Baseball legend cremated. Ted was finally frozen in two (2) pieces at the facility.
Kenny New ... Ted's Boss / FBI Agent

Season 4, Episode 15: The Gainesville Killer

October 2006
In the Summer of 1990 in Gainesville, Florida, police were baffled by a series of gruesome and sexually based murders. When the death toll of young college students, mostly young women, went up to five, the press dubbed the unknown assailant as "The Gainesville Ripper", a moniker the police disliked. Despite the police's persistent surveillance of an innocent man, Edward Humphrey, the real killer, Danny Harold Rolling was eventually caught, tried and executed. He later confessed to more unsolved murders before his death by lethal injection on October 25, 2006.
Dina Davis ... Lucy

Robert S. Goldstein ... Detective Lieutenant

Naomi McDougall Jones ... Joanna
Bernadette Lords ... Young Claudia Rolling

David Pearl ... Detective

Robert Sciglimpaglia ... CSI Investigator

Julian Walker ... Police officer 2006

Season 4, Episode 16: Autistic Basketball Player Makes Miracle Shot

18 October 2006
High School autistic boy, gets to play in the last few minutes of the last game his Senior year. After a couple of attempts, he makes a three point basket. The entire gym goes crazy, his team wins and he gets carried off like a hero.
Melanie Bass ... Female Basketball Player

Celia Aurora de Blas ... Female Basketball Player (as Celia de Blas)
Amy C. Gibbons ... Parent

Tristan Ott ... Ryan
Riley J. Scott ... 8 y / o Justin
Germaine Mozel Sims ... Parent

Jaime Soria ... Autistic Classmate

Michael Andrew Reed ... Parent of Basketball Player (uncredited)

Season 4, Episode 17: The Mallpasser

The study of a man who printed up counterfeit money and would break it into smaller bills in shopping malls, all the while abducting, torturing, and sexually abusing a host of women.

Robert Anthony Peters ... Mallpasser

Diane Karagienakos ... Mother
David Kiiskinen ... Detective

Maia Lorian ... Forensic Detective

Season 4, Episode 18: Bride's Father Falls in Love with Groom's Mother

10 November 2006
Young engaged couple plan family introductions before their wedding. Bride's father falls in love with the groom's mother during the wedding ceremony. Both married, they divorce and marry on the same day the young couple are wed.

Anita Argent ... Groom's Mother

Ryan Hough ... Andrew - Groom
Jeremy Huff ... Andrew - Groom
David Alan Poe ... Wedding Guest (as David Hodges)
Karen Stafford ... Wedding Guest
Scott Updegrave ... Wedding Guest
Nikki Wing ... Cara - Bride
Fred Wright ... Groom's Father

Season 4, Episode 19: Ron Williamson

8 December 2006
In 1988, Debra Sue Carter, a waitress was raped and killed in Oklahoma and a former minor league baseball player, Ron Williamson was wrongly convicted and sentenced to death for the crime. After 12 years on death row, Williamson was cleared by DNA testing. Author John Grisham wrote a book about Williamson's ordeal titled "The Innocent Man".

Mike Getz ... Prison warden

Robert S. Goldstein ... Death Row Inmate
Nicole Lauren ... Ex-girlfriend
Sherie Melby ... Terri Holland

Tony Naumovski ... Glen
Jelena Stupljanin ... The girl from the campus

Season 4, Episode 20: JT LeRoy

10 December 2006
J.T. Leroy was a writer for major magazines & newspapers in the mid 1990s. Leroy guarded his privacy fanatically and rarely appeared in public, except in disguise. Upon release of several novels and screenplays after 1999, he received critical acclaim. That is until several New York publications started to get suspicious ... that J.T. Leroy didn't exist. Thus discovering one of the longest running literary 'hoaxes' in history.
Kimberly Jensen ... Laura Albert

Thomas Dalby ... Cafe Patron

Neil O'Neill ... Editor NY-Times

Steve Potts ... Truck Driver

Michael Andrew Reed ... Reporter

Molly Shaiken ... Customer at Bar

Season 5

Season 5, Episode 1: Coma Mom

January 2007
A women goes into the hospital to have her 4th child, something happens during the birth and she goes into a coma. After being in the coma for 16 years, the mother wakes up after being given a flu shot. She sees her now grown-up children, and meets her youngest child for the first time.

Yeena Fisher ... Patricia (as Yeena Lopez)

Jaime Soria ... Jessie

Season 5, Episode 2: The Woman Whose DNA Did Not Match Her Children

14 January 2007
Lydia Fairchild was pregnant with her third child, when she and the father of her children, Jamie Townsend, separated. When Lydia applied for welfare in 2002, she was asked to provide DNA evidence that Jamie was the father of her children. While the results showed Jamie was the father of the children, the DNA tests showed that she was not their mother. Lydia ended up being taken to court for fraud for claiming benefit for other people's children. Hospital records of her prior births were ignored. Prosecutors called for her two children to be taken into care. When it came for her to give birth to her third child, the judge ordered a witness be present at the birth. This witness was to ensure that blood samples were immediately taken from both the child and Lydia. Two weeks later, DNA tests showed that she was not the mother of that child either.

Michael F. Grant ... Jamie Townsend
Vernon Nellis ... Detective
Jeff Redlick ... Doctor
Linda Revelli ... Lydia's mother
Julie Scott Day ... Lab Technician

Stephan Smith Collins ... Plantiff
Rebecca Washo ... Mother

Season 5, Episode 3: Heart

14 February 2007

Nancy Frye ... Dr. Rosemary

Marcel Goldammer ... Werner Forssmann
Eleese Longino ... Youngest Daughter

Season 5, Episode 4: The New Zodiac Killer

2 March 2007
Homeless Man gets shot in the chest while sleeping on Central Park bench.

Jay Amari ... Roger Wood - Newpaper Editor

Robert S. Goldstein ... Police Officer

Chiko Mendez ... Homeless Victim

Season 5, Episode 5: Citizen Jane

21 March 2007

Melissa Mary Ganas ... Daughter In-Law
Susan Hope ... Jane Alexander

Chiko Mendez ... Bar Dancer & Sidekick

Season 5, Episode 6: Rasmussen's Encephalitis

1 April 2007
A young girl is a diagnosed with Rasmussen's Encephalitis.

Laurie Burke ... Family Friend
Christine Gilb ... Mother
Miranda Lilley ... Teacher #1 (as Miranda Lilley)
Paul Mogg ... Doctor

Michael Navarra ... Father

Season 5, Episode 7: Alcor Life Extension Foundation

Remember the notion that you could freeze a loved one when they died, so that they could be resuscitated in the future, when a cure for their disease has been found? Welcome to Alcor Life Extension Foundation, the real LIFE, cryogenics freezing facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, that started this industry in 1972.

Laurie Burke ... Secretary
Chris Angelo

Susan Farese ... Ex-Wife of Ted Williams (uncredited)

Season 5, Episode 8: Fat Woman Traps Tourists in Cave

May 2007
The Cango caves of South Africa's Western Cape is a popular attraction, especially a small cave known as the 'Tunnel of Love'. On New Year's Day 2007, twenty-three people were trapped for nearly twelve hours when a 350 lb woman got stuck in the entrance. Rescuers had to grease the walls of the caves and use a winch and pulley to pull her out and free the others.
Cynthia Drumbor ... Diabetic Woman

Season 5, Episode 9: 17 Year-Old Kickboxer

February 2007
17 year old kick boxer, Pamela, is in the ring sparring with her opponent, when repeated blows to the abdomen causing her stomach cramps. After further examination ring side by the team doctor, it is discovered that she is 30 weeks along in pregnancy.

Michael Taylor Donovan ... Team Doctor

Tom McIntire ... Pamela's Dad

Season 5, Episode 10: Gale St. John: The Psychic Who Solved a Murder

June 2007
In Tempe, Arizona in 1992 a young woman, Stacey Hendrickson, was reported missing and her apartment door was found kicked in. A neighbor across the hall looked through his peephole when he heard commotion and saw a man in front of her apartment, banging and kicking on her door, but the neighbor didn't call the police. For the next few days, the police search for Stacey, but she is nowhere to be found. Stacy's Father, Raleigh Hendrickson, who lives in Toledo, Ohio, joins up with local psychic, Gale St. John. Her visions lead police to their primary suspect, John Barry Adams, who later admits that he was trying to commit suicide but Stacey got shot accidentally. Gale St. John's psychic gifts lead police to the body and the murder weapon, but the discovery of the weapon leads police to suspect Adams' story and forensic evidence paints a very different picture of the events leading to Stacey's Death.

Sam E. Rubin ... Victim
Lolly Allen ... Roommate
Dave Amiott ... Police Officer
Chris Angelo ... Lead Detective

Laurie Burke ... Gale St. John's Best Friend
Andrew Merit ... Detective Reed

Season 5, Episode 11: The Man Who Faked His Own Death

June 2007

Laurie Burke ... Sheila - Wife
Zachary Culbertson ... Detective
Daniel Olson ... Detective

Maggie VandenBerghe ... Daughter

Season 5, Episode 12: Deadly Amoeba

July 2007

Sam E. Rubin ... Victim
Zachary Culbertson ... Reporter

Laura Meadows ... Mother of Victim

Bettina Skye ... Tarot Reader

Season 5, Episode 18: John Wayne Gacy

1 November 2007
The hunt is on for John Wayne Gacy, as a number of murders in the Chicago area bring in police and detectives to solve the crimes. As the clues pour in, more and more background information on John Wayne Gacy's life is revealed, leading to both a shocking and surprising ending.

Season 5, Episode 19: Conspiracy in Dallas: The JFK Assassination

15 November 2007
November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas was a fateful day, when an assassin's bullet killed President John F. Kennedy. However, many questions whether suspect Lee Harvey Oswald was acting alone remain in the minds of the American Public. This episode deals with the tragic events of that fateful Friday Nov 22nd, the police investigation, the Warren Commission, and the conspiracy theories that persist to this day.

Season 6

Season 6, Episode 1: The University of Texas Sniper, Charles Whitman

11 January 2008
Back in 1966, a workplace or school shooting was unheard of, until the fateful day of August 1st, 1966, when ex-Marine Charles Whitman, took a bag of hunting guns to the top of the clock tower at the University of Texas, Austin Campus and within 90 minutes had killed fourteen people and wounded dozens more. Being an expert shot, Whitman managed to kill people from astounding distances with his bolt action hunting rifle. This episode chronicles his background, including his stint in the Marine Corp, and the assault, which was stopped by three cops and one armed civilian who charged the tower and shot Whitman to death.

Eric Callero ... Charles Whitman

James Cotner ... Charles Adolphus Whitman (2008)
Estelle Raskin ... Kathy Whitman

Season 6, Episode 2: The Case of the Great Carlos from Australia

José Alvarez was a performance artist in 1988 who faked being a 'channeler' or human vessel of a 200 year old spirit called Carlos. He was put up to the hoax by a friend who worked in Australian TV, but Alvarez was so convincing during his many performances that he completely duped the rest of Australia's Media. When he tried to come clean, many people wouldn't believe that it was a hoax.

Michael Acosta ... Jose Alvarez
Marianne Heath ... Reporter
Alana Kenden ... Crazed Fan
Daniel Olson ... TV Producer

Steve Potts ... TV Talk Show Host
Jeff Redlick ... Producer 60 Minutes

Michael Andrew Reed ... Crazed Fan

Jaime Soria ... Crazed Fan

Season 6, Episode 3: Ex-Male Nurse Serial Killer Who Donated His Kidney to Ex-Girlfriend's Brother

Charles Cullen, the male nurse who admitted to killing 29 patients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey via lethal drug overdose, petitions the courts to allow him to donate one of his kidneys to the brother of an ex-girlfriend. A judge grants the convicted serial killer his wish and Cullen undergoes surgery on August 20th, 2006 to save the life of Ernie Peckham, who was married with four children.
Mike Borg ... Doctor

Rick Camp ... Lethal Injection Victim
Ian Trottier ... Doctor

Avery Fane ... Mobster #1 (uncredited)

Season 6, Episode 5: Woman Fights to Keep Alimony After Sex Change

Following their divorce, a disgruntled ex-husband sues his ex-wife to get out of paying alimony after she has sexual reassignment surgery.

Jennifer Winter ... Ex-wife who has sex change.

Avery Fane ... Mobster #1 (uncredited)

Season 7

Season 7, Episode 1: Remote Control Stomach

28 August 2008

Jen Levin ... Woman

Season 7, Episode 2: Doron Blake: Nobel Prize Celebrity

1 September 2008
The story of Doron Blake, the Nobel Prize celebrity. Doron's life began as a test tube baby from a genius of the times, and ended up giving Doron one of the highest IQ's in the world.

Sam E. Rubin ... Student
Destiny Coleman ... Student
Danny Jay Cruz ... Basketball player
Davey Eaves ... Student

Rick Lasquete ... Camerman

David Pearl ... Camera Man

Josephine Rene ... Sales Associate
Alexi Torres ... Doron Blake

Season 9

Season 9, Episode 1: Shopaholic

1 January 2010

Jason Johnson ... Husband 2

Season 9, Episode 2: The Hoax Blogger


Chirie Dautel ... Rebeccah Beushausen

Megan Lee Joy ... Stylist

Season 10

Season 10, Episode 1: 2 Airline Stories

20 April 2011

Iyad Hajjaj ... Indian Pilot

Paloma Morales ... Flight Attendant Dorin

Nadia RiverStone ... Carrie Thompson, airline victim (as Nadia Pandey)

Pritesh Shah ... Air India Co-Pilot

Toni Staniewicz ... Various

Season 10, Episode 2: The Burn Victim

21 January 2011

Jeff Allan ... Emergency Room Doctor

Samuel Baca ... Doctor,dad,surgeon

Cara D'Adamo ... Detective Watson

Rick Ericson ... Doctor Steven
Niclas Ericsson ... Attending Physician
Svetlana Jahana ... Nurse

Keenan Johnston ... Officer Evans
Erika Pearson ... Onlooker
Dirk Rebel ... Painter
Ivan Sontsev ... Burn Victim (as Ivan Solntsev)

Toni Staniewicz ... Various
Michael T Stewart ... Doctor
Natalia Takahashi ... Nurse

Season 10, Episode 3: Tale of Two Lives: The Susan Lefevre Fugative Story

29 June 2011

Jean Louise O'Sullivan ... Susan LeFever

Season 12

Season 12, Episode 9: 9-11 WTC Story

21 March 2012

Megumi Amane ... Harumi

Toshiji Takeshima ... Yoichi

Carolina Santos Read ... 911 Survivor / Merrill Lynch employee

Season 12, Episode 16: Playboy

22 April 2012

Molly Shaiken ... Jo Ward
AJ Anable ... Waiter
Shelby Campbell ... Office Employee

Carolina Santos Read ... Burlesque dancer in 'Miracle of Karen Nisbet'
Linda Sparks ... Laura Buckingham
Anastassia Tchibissova ... June

Season 13

Season 13, Episode 3: Samaritan Thief

1 July 2013

Bart DeFinna ... Doctor

Justin Morck ... The Thief

Andrew Rothkin ... Police Officer
Matt Visconti ... Bodyguard

Season 13, Episode 8: The Man Who Eats Nothing But Chocolate

February 2013
This episode features a story of Gary Brennan, an English man who succeeded in losing a significant amount of weight.
Jeremy Bonnell ... Gary (10yrs)
Ally Brunetti ... Gary's wife

Alec Burbage ... Gary's Son
Timothy Chivalette ... Gary
David Denowitz ... Doctor
Nash Ferguson ... Gary's friend

Heather Girardi ... Mother
Courtney Hanks ... Gary's friend
Matthew Hanks ... Gary's friend
Franziska Kniffka ... Pediatrician
Michael Latin ... Gary (18yrs)
Phillip McElroy ... Gary's friend
Cecelia Montanaro ... Gary's sister (13yrs)
Emma Slunt ... Gary's daughter
Donna Spadaro ... Doctor
Dontae Spadaro ... Gary (3yrs)
Malena Togalakov ... Gary's sister (6yrs)
Peter Trojgaard ... Father
Shindo Ki Rodriguez ... Coworker (uncredited)

Season 13, Episode 10: World's Strongest Woman

1 August 2013

Season 13, Episode 25: Rebecca's Learning Disorder

20 November 2013

Kellie Daniel ... Student

Alex Kruz ... Sensei Alex

Season 14

Season 14, Episode 3: Girl Whose Face Swelled Up from a Giant Cyst

When a girl is born with a cyst on her face, doctors question if they should undergo surgery or not. The young girl yearns to play outside like a normal kid but instead is stuck inside because it is too dangerous.

Season 14, Episode 4: The Woman Who Lost Her Ear


Season 14, Episode 5: Bone Cancer


Brandon Francis ... Various

Mathew Lipisko ... Boxing Trainer

Season 14, Episode 6: Agoraphobia


Brandon Francis ... Various
Ben Friedrich ... Agent B

Emily Marie Grant ... FBI Agent

Season 14, Episode 7: A Skull from the Backyard in the House


Jeff Bagley ... Father
Brandon Francis ... Various

Harold Rudolph ... Detective

Sarah Skotvold ... Nosy Neighbor

Season 14, Episode 8: Green River Killer

10 December 2014

Adam Harris ... Detective Dave Reichert
Samuel James Moore ... young Gary Ridgway

Lee O'Brian ... Detective
Jeff Rankin ... Defense Attorney
Anastassia Tchibissova ... Lab Staff

Ken Thrift ... Detective

Unknown Season

34 Year Reunion

18 January 2006

Casey Dacanay ... Kerri



Zana Markelson ... WTC Worker

A Bad Trip: Surgery Tragedy in Mexico

10 August 2009

Annalisa Bastiani ... Angie
Alexandra Frankel ... Patient

Jeff Gordon ... Hunter S. Thompson

Christopher Greene ... Enrique Torres

Keith Shawn ... Husband

Jeremiah Turner ... Police Detective

Kari Wishingrad ... Plastic Surgery patient

A Family's Agonizing Choice

16 March 2005

Mark Chinnery ... Steven Campbell

A-Class Women: Beauty Makeover Special

30 December 2009

Cynthia Cheston ... Ruth's Mother

Mark Chinnery ... School Teacher

Adoption Story

November 2006
Kathy runs a nail salon and eventually discovers her favorite employee is the the long lost daughter she gave up for adoption.
Heather Pier ... Attorney
Amy C. Gibbons ... Kathy

Jaime Soria ... Salon Employee



Carl Chamberlin ... Father - Fred Couch

Zachary Clarence ... Ethan Couch

Ryan Harpole ... Affluenza Teen

David L. Schormann ... Police Officer

Alexander Graham Bell

18 October 2004

Allergy Special

29 June 2011

Mark Chinnery ... Mr. Murphy, father

Allergy Special 12

17 October 2012

Amnesia Mom


Quania Jones ... Naomi's Sister
Mahal Montoya ... Naomi / Amnesia Mom

Molly Shaiken ... Mother at park

An Old Man Who Makes a House of Terror

26 July 2006
1998. There was a 75-year-old man named Louis Dethy in Belgium. He committed adultery and his wife and daughter left him. 8 years later, his mother died and gave her house to the grand daughter but Louis refused to leave the house. Then he put booby-traps around the house to kill his daughter. As the years went by he became more senile and started to forget where he placed his booby-traps around the house... (based on a true story.)

Maher McClung ... Louis Dethy

Anorexic Girl

November 2008
Rebecca Walker battled anorexia for years. When her little sister Rachel stopped eating to emulate her, Rebecca knew the life of young Rachel depended on her saving her own life first.
Jennifer Lynne Johnson ... Rebecca Walker
Emily Renee Paris ... Rachel
Zachary Culbertson ... Nurse
Stacie Hovland ... Student
David Alan Poe ... Rachel's Doctor (as David Hodges)

Astronaut in Diaper Gets Arrested for Love Triangle

The romance of William Oefelein, former astronaut, and Colleen Shipman, former Air Force captain, could've gone unnoticed to all but friends and family until she allegedly was attacked by Lisa Nowak, a romantic rival, also an astronaut. Lisa Nowak was charged with attempted kidnapping, burglary and battery with assault. Ms. Nowak was accused of confronting her romantic rival, Colleen Shipman, in the parking lot of the Orlando International Airport in February 2007 after driving from Houston. The initial police report said Nowak wore diapers during her trip so she would not have to stop for necessary bathroom breaks but her attorney has disputed that claim. William Oefelein and Lisa Nowak started their secret romance for many months, although Ms. Nowak was married and had a child. Then Mr. Oefelein met Ms. Shipman at a NASA function and stated a secret relationship with her. Although Ms. Nowak confronted Mr. Oefelein about the affair, Mr. Oefelein denied further contact with Ms. Nowak. She became outraged. She broke into Mr. Oefelein's home, read his emails to Ms. Shipman and decided to make the long trip to confront her.
Moira Noiseux ... Astronaut

Taylor Ray ... Lisa Nowak

Kenneth Sears ... William Oefelein

Keith Shawn ... Senator

Toni Staniewicz ... Astronaut

Baby with Growth on Face

27 December 2010
Baby has mysterious growth taking over entire face.

Rosemary Griggs ... Mother of sick baby

Beautification Addiction

11 November 2015

Mark Chinnery ... Cosmetic Surgeon
Niclas Ericsson ... Cosmetic Surgeon

Chuck Johnson ... Jordan Parke

Beauty Shot

23 September 2005

Matt Gaffney ... Detective

Brad McMurray ... Norman Gantis

Blood Doctor


Jeff Bredt ... Medical Investigator
Chris Angelo ... Detective

Christa Bella ... Neighbor
Mike Borg ... Male Nurse

Ray Renati ... John

Blood Donor Surgeon


Jessica Martinez Maxey ... Young mother

Blood Is Thicker Than Water


Linda Revelli ... Candace's Mother

Brain-Eating Amoeba


Patrick Engler ... Doctor

Bentley Gates ... College Student

Claudia Gates ... College Student
Douglas Gawoski ... Police Chief
Richard S. Sargent ... Jeff Allen

Molly Shaiken ... Doctor / Nurse
Michael T Stewart ... Doctor

Brazilian Baby Switch

July 2011
Two Brazilian babies are switched in the hospital after a mother experiences complications following delivery. The family takes their newborn home to bond with the entire family. One year later they are given disturbing news to bring their child in for a DNA test. They are horrified to learn that the DNA of their child does not match them. Both families are given the news that they have been given the other's biological child and have been raising another person's child for the last year.

Breast Cancer Bride


Rebecca Honett ... Bride (Jane)

Zach Brown ... Young Bride's Father

Rachael Ferris ... Jane's Friend

Carl Marino ... Doctor

Ilona Marino ... Nurse (as Ilona Gugan)

Zoya Skya ... Sales Person at Bride's Store

Breast Implants


Keith Beeber ... Plastic Surgeon

Edgar Felix

Tessa Harnetiaux ... Lacey Willd

Ben Leasure ... Chris

Zana Markelson ... Attractive Girl

Kristen Seavey ... Lacey's Sister

Bride Faked Her Own Death

21 March 2012

Bentley Gates ... Business Partner

Brooke Lawsing ... Wedding Guest
Bradley E. Smith ... Adrian

Steve Strom ... Office Co-worker (as Steven Strom)

Bumbling Bank Robber


David Gizzarelli ... Bank Manager
Brayden Pavey ... Brazilian Police Officer
Orion Silvertree ... Bank Robber Ringleader (as Thorn Silvertree)
Michael T Stewart ... Bank Robber Partner
Jaime Ureta ... Brazilian Police Officer

Burn Victim

25 May 2009

CEO Turned Bank Robber

19 March 2011
When a CEO gets fired, he hides it from his family and begins robbing banks.

Rosemary Griggs

Brian Jagger ... Stock Broker
Erika Pearson ... Secretary

Cab Driver Is Saved by a Cellular Phone


Stacie Luann ... Wife

Cancer Child's Secret Message

Athena Orchard died after being diagnosed with cancer in her bones. She bravely fought the disease for months, undergoing a series of treatments. Following her death, her parents uncovered a secret note written on the back of a mirror in her room. The message reveals her feelings on life, love and her tragic situation.
Riley Werder ... Athena Orchard

Justin Gillman ... Dean Orchard
Devin Werder ... Athena Orchard (shared Role)

Dylan Conrique ... Student

Thomas Dalby ... Athena's Uncle
Addyson Larragoitiy ... Letissia-Dior Orchard
Anastassia Tchibissova ... Nurse

Car Jack/Dead Jogger


Sean Bagley ... Physician

Catch Up


Edgar Felix

Zana Markelson ... Attractive Girl


July 2008

Linda Joy Henry ... Multiple

Larry Kitagawa ... Ellison Onizuka
Lee Kuhn ... Christa McAuliffe
Daniel Olson ... Nasa Scientist

Michael Andrew Reed ... NASA Scientist
Kyle Scudiere ... Larry

Aaron Wilton ... NASA Engineer

Chameleon Bandit

4 September 2009

Adrian Emmanuel ... Fred Stone

Patrick Engler ... Detective

Christopher Greene ... Detective O'Connor

Carl Marino ... Lead Detective #1

Keith Shawn ... Detective
Thomas W. Stewart ... Prosecutor

Children Incarcerated by Mother

18 September 2013

Mark Chinnery ... City Official

Cho Dokyu! Eizou Retsuden 2

19 June 2010
In this episode a family of 4 living in Norwalk, California are starting off the day getting ready for school and work. While the family is distracted 3 men walk right through the unlocked front door. They hold up the Parents at gun point demanding money. The 2 kids hear the commotion and grab the phone and run into the restroom. One of the kids dials 911 and informs the 911 dispatcher of what is taking place. Suddenly the Gang Leader hears them on the phone and storms through the bathroom door.
Maynor Lopez ... Gang Member

Rigo Obezo ... Gang Leader

Coffin Liposuction Story

1 May 2011
When Mr Capatenescu passes away, he is so obese he cannot fit in a coffin. His wife persuades Doctors to perform liposuction on his body in order to make him fir so he can be buried.

Kieton Beilby ... Son

Linda Millar ... Mrs. Capatenescu

Coma Lady

December 2006
a women goes into the hospital to have her 4th child, something happens during the birth and she goes into a coma, after being in the coma for 16 years the mother wakes up after being given a flu shot.
Ashlee Lannay Pacheco ... Jesse age 3

Confirming Husband's Infidelity with DNA Evidence

9 April 2008

Mark Chinnery ... Charles Gordon

Connie Jackson

22 April 2009

Beth Bemis ... Connie's Mother

Sheri Kresnicka ... Girlfriend

Connie Jackson Story

22 April 2009
By the fall of 2001, at 35, Connie Jackson weighed over 600 lbs, and began a fourth year as a recluse, bound to her home both physically and mentally. Although she had unconditional love and support from her parents, Ms. Jackson needed to love herself for her life to change. All of that changed when her body began to hemorrhage uncontrollably. The hospital weighed her in at 587 pounds and at that moment she knew she needed to change her life. She found Dr. Hazem Elariny who agreed to do a surgical procedure in order for her to lose weight. While in the midst of changing her life, she suffered multiple losses by losing her father and sister, however, Ms. Jackson continued her struggle. She received many surgeries after that and today feels the best she has ever been.

Beth Bemis ... Connie's Mother
Pamela Broyles ... Head Nurse

Sheri Kresnicka ... Girlfriend

Kenneth Sears ... James Everette Willis
Mike Senese ... Dr. Hazem Elariny
Hunter Vo ... Bounthiang Chanthavong

Cassie Webber ... Teenage Connie
Kerry Wing ... Wedding Guest

Copy Cat of Ocean's 11


Eric Brenner ... Security Guard #1

Crawling Blanket

17 March 2006

DNA Special

18 April 2007


Mark Chinnery ... Dr. Paul Serhal
Jason Straatmann ... Attorney



Daughter in Love with Her Father

15 October 2012

Richie Stephens ... Father

Death of a Lawyer


Linda Revelli ... Wedding Guest

Desparate House - "The Hope of Children Is Santa Claus"

19 December 2007

Jeanne Young ... Wife

Devil Surrogate Mother

5 May 2008
Devilish Surrogate Mother This is about one infertile couple back from 1970's in Michigan. At the time, this couple was seeing a lawyer named Noel Keene, who was coordinating them a surrogate mother to have a baby. The couple, Bill and Bridget, met with one lady named Diane. She looked very nice, very responsible, had a very healthy, beautiful 2yo boy, and seemed to be communicating very well and they decided to have her help to have a baby. Insemination succeeded, and Diane got pregnant. Everything seemed to go well, until Diane started to ask for money. Not only the rent, but food, clothes, travel fee, school fee, and so many other monetary requests were made to the couple. Diane even started to drink, smoke, and get drug addict while she was pregnant. In the very end, the couple was able to put her back into healthy lifestyle and was able to have a baby boy.

Christopher Greene ... Noel Keane
Moira Noiseux ... Diane Smith, Devil Surrogate Mother
Jason Payne

Diet Couple


Austin Blay ... Son

Serena Lorien ... Therapist / Counsellor
Sevan McBride ... Son
Jennifer L. Moore ... Restaurant Patron / Extra (as Jennifer Moore)

Mason Osborn ... Young Andy
Travis Romo ... College Kid

Dorothy Stratten Story


Darcy Donavan ... Young Dorothy Stratton
Kate Secor ... Dorothy Stratten

Double Leukemia

28 January 2009

Benjy Elkind ... Bone Marrow Recipient and Donor
Adrian Emmanuel ... Dr. Hammon
Brian Levy ... Dr. Powles

Drug Sniffing Dog


ER Panic


Elite Lawyer's Problem

13 October 2010

Evil Twin


Arlene Tai ... Jeena Han

Ada Tai ... Sunny Han
Tomoko Brown ... Aunt

James J. Der Jr. ... Korean Uncle

Claudia Gates ... Waitress
David Gizzarelli ... Military Drill Sergeant

Vicky Lee ... Mother
Svetlana Mril ... Inmate

Ayelette Robinson ... Inmate

FBI Story


Casey Dacanay ... Mrs. Judson

Face Blind


Mike Ennis ... Detective Ryan
Emily Hartford ... Susan

Face Blindness


Marissa Govic ... Victoria
Ana Paiva ... Surgery Nurse

Facebook Stalker

26 year old Carolyn Owlett gets her identity stolen via social networking by a 21 year old woman living in Belgium.

Michael Acosta ... Regis Remacle
Pamela Broyles ... Co-worker
Jenna Cohen ... Carolyn Owlett

Joletta Hardman ... Jane
Allene Hebert ... Co-worker
Sara Maggio ... Cafe patron

Mark Roman ... Co-worker

Fake Cancer

Parents made their daughter believe she had leukemia to perform charity fraud. The mother shaved the daughter head and gave her sleeping pills so she would believe she was sick Her teacher noticed the girls hair stubble was growing.

Kylie Riddle ... Teacher

Michael Andrew Reed ... Doctor (uncredited)

False Charge


Chris Angelo ... Co Worker

Larry Kitagawa ... Juror

Family Interrupted

28 August 2012

Davide Illiano ... Teen Bart

Ben Leasure ... Chris
Martha Morgan ... Tricia Whitaker
Easton Schirra ... Kevin

Finger in Chili at Wendy's


Chris Angelo ... Detective Comerdedo

Kelli Shane ... Wendy's Employee

First Case of Male Osteoporosis


Saba ... MC / Host
Vin Hamilton ... Party Goer
T.J. Mannix ... Bob Rees
Stefani Milanese ... Party Goer

Florida Woman Watches Home Burglarized Live on Web

December 2014

Thomas Dalby ... Police Officer
Benjamin Saxe ... Son

Food Allergy


Paul Spadaro ... Police Officer / Driver

Forgotten Proposal

2 February 2011

Mark Chinnery ... Doctor

Fugitive Mom


Gastric Bypass Is Starving Me to Death!


Genius Factory


Danny Jay Cruz ... Student

Gary Miller-Youst ... Dr. Robert C. Graham

Michael Pantozzi ... Student
Cooper Michael Pauline ... Genius as young boy

Girl Who Got Killed


LaFonda Baker ... Trudy

Jimmy Giliberti ... Detective

John Lennon Harrison ... Mechanic / Produce Worker
Katrina-Jovan Howard ... High Schol Student
Nathaniel "Nate" Scott ... Quincy
Kerry Wing ... Austin

Girl Who Has Case of Gigantism and Can't Stop Growing!

2 February 2011
Girl has case of gigantism and can't stop growing. She becomes depressed because none of her clothing or shoes fit and desperately tries to figure out what is happening to her.
David Gizzarelli ... Doctor

Carl Marino ... Doctor
Dee Marshall ... Tanya

Groom at Wedding Suffers from Peanut Allergy


James Allen Brewer ... Friend of Groom

Linda Joy Henry ... Multiple

Carl Marino ... Friend of Groom

Ilona Marino ... Friend of Groom (as Ilona Gugan)
Daniel Olson ... Wedding Chef

Michael Andrew Reed ... Clergyman Perfoming Wedding

Keith Shawn ... Father of the Bride

Hairdresser from U.K. constantly inhales people's hair which causes nose to collapse

4 January 2011
Hairdresser from the U.K. notices that something is becoming painful and infected inside her nose. She doesn't go to the doctor until there is a huge boil on her nose and her nose collapses.

Hannah & Molly

November 2008
Four year-old Hannah Forrester is diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and given an 80 percent chance of survival. Enduring painful treatments and losing her hair, she grows increasingly despondent - until brave five year-old cancer patient Molly enters the same ward and offers her encouragement and hope.
Adrian Emmanuel ... Dr. Mark Schaffer
Stacie Hovland ... Nurse

Rick Lasquete ... Doctor
Nicholas Daniel Pauline ... Molly's Brother

Montgomery Paulsen ... Family Friend
David Alan Poe ... General Practitioner (as David Hodges)

Kenneth Sears ... Barry Forrester

Heart Transplant


Victoria De Mare ... Donna
Tamara Torres ... Airport Employee

Helg Sgarbi: The Heiress and the Gigolo

10 January 2010
Smooth-talking gigolo Helg Sgarbi has been jailed for six years for swindling millions of pounds out of rich European women, including BMW heiress Susanne Klatten.
Jacqueline Goehner ... Spa Receptionist
Lynsy Carole ... Court Stenographer

Steve Cozart ... Jan Klatten
Zachary Culbertson ... Accomplice

Rick Lasquete ... Court Room Viewer

Carl Marino ... Bartender

Ilona Marino ... Bar Patron (as Ilona Gugan)
Daniel Olson ... Detective
Erika Pearson ... Reporter
Victor J.W. Pekarcik III ... Chief Detective (as H.E. Victor J.W. Pekarcik III)

Kenneth Sears ... Helg Sgarbi

Zoya Skya

Julia Smyth ... Susanne Klatten

Hey? Is This the 300th Episode?

2 July 2008

Mark Chinnery ... Father

Hijack & Crash of Ethiopian Airlines

7 January 2015

Terumi Shimazu ... Ronald's wife

Hijacking of 18-Wheeler

1 January 2009
Samuel Scott Jones of Dallas, Texas hijacks an 18-wheeler after recently being released from jail. Jones accosted Mrs. Christie K. Bundrenholds, at gun point, in a parking lot forcing her to her vehicle which turned out to be an 18-wheeler. Jones then held both Bundrenholds and her dog hostage during a 3-hour police before he surrendering to the authorities after a police officer shot out the tires of the 18-wheeler and launched tear gas into the cab.
Frederick Keith Johnson ... Samuel Scott Jones

Huge Turn-Around for Paralyzed Man

21 October 2009

Mark Chinnery ... Doctor

Husband Was a Robber

5 September 2012

Thomas Dalby ... Police Officer

Jimmy Giliberti ... Fast Eddie Maher

Hypnotist Alex Lenkei: Drug Free Surgery

10 December 2008

Martin Gagen ... Alex Lenkei
Steven Jetton ... Surgeon (uncredited)

I Fattened My Man up to 36st

September 2011

Shannon Clark ... Ruth (as Shannon M. Clark)
Kellie Daniel ... School Girl
Jordann Dunagan ... Best Friend

Mason Osborn ... Andy - Teenager
Michael T Stewart ... Ex-Husband

I Hear Strange Voices (Schizophrenia)

18 September 2013
23-year-old elite futures trader. Although it's been a year since he got this job, he was very productive and his boss put a strong faith in him. But something was bothering him. For the past few days, he keeps hearing his senior workers voices telling him work harder, idiot!

Maher McClung ... Doctor

I Pull My Hair Out


Christina Russo ... Coworker

Molly Shaiken ... Co-worker at boutique

IVF Mix-Up


Impaled Mom

18 January 2006



Rachel Clark-Spear ... Clair

Adam Leong ... Chris

Paula Rossman ... Roger's Wife
Michelle Santagate ... Alicia

Jennifer Sciarra ... Riley

Rob Tunstall ... Dr. Will C. Unow



Japanese Exchange Student Shooting

15 October 2008

Liz Anderson ... Bonnie Pierse
Karl Antony ... Rodney Pierse
John Clerkin ... Bonnie's ex-husband

Dylan Conrique

Christopher Greene ... Defense lawyer

Larry Kitagawa ... Family Member

Michael Andrew Reed ... Ballistics Expert

Keith Shawn ... Civil Trial Judge

Patricia Simmons ... Juror
Kumi Yoshida ... Japanese Interpreter

Jean Abbott

October 2015
The story of Jean Abbott. A woman who was misdiagnosed with cerebral palsy for over thirty years.

Madison Mae ... Young Jean

Makenzie Massagli ... Jean Abbott

Jeffery Manchester

June 2009
Jeffery Manchester AKA "The Roofman", was a polite and crafty thief who was suspected of at least 60 robberies at McDonald's and other businesses from the Bay Area to Massachusetts before his initial capture and prison sentence in 2000. "The World's Astonishing News!" reenacts his clever escape from Brown Creek Correctional Institution in Polkton, N.C., a maximum security prison with no previous successful escapes, to his infiltration into the Crossroads Presbyterian Church where he became praised for his volunteer efforts in children outreach programs and his generosity. Along the way we find out how Jeffery crafted the tools necessary for his escape while in prison. After the escape, he fashions a secret passageway and apartment underneath a stairwell, complete with electricity and working plumbing, between a Circuit City adjoined by a Toys R' Us. Becoming "John Zorn" he involves himself with a local church where the Pastor and all the members come to love him and his charity. One member specifically, Leigh Wainscott, falls for him and a romantic relationship ensues. All the while "John" and his charity are all products of his continuing theft of the toy store. When the FBI finally start closing in on him, Jeffery's downfall becomes his emotions for Leigh and her children. On January 5th, 2005, Jeffery, as "John", went against his better judgment and shows up to Leigh's birthday party only to be taken into custody. Since being re-incarcerated, we can only wonder when the next clever escape will take place.

Benjamin Watts ... Jeffery Manchester

Chris Krauser ... Lead Detective
Adam Sprouse ... FBI Agent

Jason Johnson ... Cop
Miles Maybee ... Priest
Erika Pearson ... Correctional Officer

Jekyl & Hyde

This is the true story of William Gigling, a middle-aged family man who gets laid off as an engineer from International Harvestor Corporation, doesn't tell his family, then takes on a young lover and robs banks to support his new high roller lifestyle. He gets busted by his own son, a cop who sees his picture in a bank heist video tape. The real William Gigling has appeared on Ophrah, but may never watch this episode-he will be in prison too long, probably will die there.

Tim Halpin ... William Gigling
Kenny New ... William's Boss / Detective

Maggie VandenBerghe ... Bank Teller

Susan Farese ... Bank Teller, Supervisor (uncredited)

Jigsaw Puzzle


Heather Gordon ... Trudi Spencer

Jim Tracy, University High Track Coach

June 2011

Steve C. Porter ... Coach Jim Ketchum

Michael Andrew Reed ... Race official
Michael T Stewart ... Asst Coach
Michele Strider ... Marathon Audience

Jon Benet Ramsey


Lee O'Brian ... Lab Staff / Detective
Linda Revelli ... Doctor's Wife
Anastassia Tchibissova ... Detective

Jonbenet Murder Case

29 March 2006

Mark Chinnery ... Amy's father

Joseph Brown: Not Guilty


James Patrick Pitt ... Atty Richard Blumenthal (as J. Patrick Pitts)

Joy Ayler


Mike Borg ... Detective

Adrian Bustamante ... Lead Detective (as Raul Bustamante)
Mike Ennis ... Co-Worker

Kansas Jail Worker Helped Inmate She Loved Escape!


Thomas Dalby ... Prison Guard

Stacy Fairley ... Dog Trainer
Anastassia Tchibissova ... Dog Trainer

Steve Dakota ... Inmate / Plain Clothes Policeman (uncredited)

Katherine Knight

July 2007

Heather Gordon ... Katherine Knight

Kerry's Story

18 April 2011

Rebecca Jane ... Kerry

Kidnapping/Boat Story

A Montana mother has been reunited with her three children in Broward County more than seven months after they disappeared with their father. The abduction of the three siblings last summer in South Florida was the start of a months-long search for their alleged kidnappers: their father, James Ray Bryant, and his wife, Angela Bryant.

Randy Herman ... James Bryant

Evan Huit ... Maxwell
Giacomo Liberato ... Sebastian
Dulaney Sundin ... Megan

Michele Yeager ... Angela

Killer Clown


Ted Alderman ... Prison Guard
Anna Mason ... Rape Victim

Scott Price ... Bobby Comfort (archive footage)

Life Support


Monika Mercedes ... Daughter
Erika Pearson ... Patient

Loren Schofield ... Attending Physician

Lying Lawyer Takes Advantage of Luxury Liner Accident

15 October 2014

Mark Chinnery ... Reporter

Mall Passer


Man Accused of Prostitute Addiction Attacked by Fiancee


Thomas Dalby ... Lead Detective

Lee O'Brian ... Co-Worker
William Rogue ... Ian McNicholl
Michael T Stewart ... Hotel Manager
Anastassia Tchibissova ... Michelle's Friend

Man Discovers His Father Is Jeffrey Dahmer

June 2010

Adrian Bustamante ... Dalmer's son's friend (as Raul Bustamante)

Rachael Ferris ... Dancer
Michele Strider ... Neighbor (uncredited)

Man Shoots Self After Killing Wife

August 2008

Christopher Greene ... Detective
Olya Milova ... Wife April

Man Who Got Locked in During Robbery


John Clerkin ... Arresting Officer

Ricky Saenz ... Inmate



Erin McCarson ... Ruby Gettinger

Blaze Kelly Coyle ... Ruby's Inspiration

Jon Fleming ... Trainer

Melissa Klein ... Tamara Titchenkova

Zana Markelson ... Customer

Booch O'Connell ... Lyudmila's Friend

Cynthia Shaw ... Lyudmila

Medical Special: Multiple Organ Transplant Survivor


Amanda Brooke Lerner ... Kristin Molini's Mother
Paris Amber ... Kristin's Classmate

Rick Lasquete ... Baker

Steve C. Porter ... Doctor
Sabrina Sass ... Kristin Molini- toddler (uncredited)

Michael Finkle


Mahal Montoya ... Street Walker

James Louis Wagner ... Michael Finkel

Michael Jackson

December 2009

Patrick Casa ... Gavin Arviso

Steve Lentz ... Attorney Rothman

Ray Medved ... CEO of Epic Records
Michele Strider ... Jackson 5 Fan
Michon Walker ... Jermaine Jackson

Midnight Madness


Morgan Johnson ... College Friend

Miracle Karen Nisbet

16 May 2012
This episode tells the story of a formerly obese mother-of-two has lost half her body weight - after becoming a burlesque dancer. Karen Nisbet, 31, used to be a size 24 and burst into tears when she realized she weighed 18st 4lbs. She would hide behind baggy t-shirts and tracksuit bottoms, and hated being the center of attention, fearing she was the 'fat mum at the school gates'. But, after a friend persuaded her to join a burlesque class at a cabaret club, she started shedding the pounds - and now fits into slinky size eight corsets.

Amber Crawford ... Principle Burlesque Dancer
Elizabeth DeGennaro ... Lead Burlesque Dancer 2012

Carolina Santos Read ... Burlesque Dancer

Jessica Treubig ... Principal Burlesque Dancer

Miracle Twins


Miracle on the Hudson

16 September 2009
On January 15, 2009, U.S. Airways Flight 1549 left New York's LaGuardia Airport headed for Charlotte, North Carolina. Minutes after takeoff, with 155 people on board, the plane struck a flock of Canada Geese and lost power in both engines. Quickly losing height and speed, pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger realized he couldn't make it back to LaGuardia or reach New Jersey's Teterboro Airport. Gliding the plane, Sullenberger narrowly missed the George Washington Bridge and, at more than 150 miles per hour, splashed to a halt in the Hudson River. All 155 were rescued.

Mirror Gene Syndrome


Mom Was a Fugitive

30 July 2011

Kevin Austin ... Alan jr.
Dixie McMahon ... Katie
Sandie Sepaniak ... Older Marie

Mother Has Surgery to Look Like Daughter

1 July 2009

Monika Mercedes ... Daughter

Rachael Ferris ... Bar Patron

Christopher Greene ... Husband

Keith Shawn ... Mothers Husband

Mother Kidnaps Own Child


Scott Price ... Bobby Comfort (archive footage)

Nelitza Vallellanes ... Mother

Mother Who Didn't Match Her DNA with Her Child

30 January 2007

Michael F. Grant ... Jamie Townsend

Mother Who Took Her Daughter Out of Top School to Pay for Plastic Surgery

23 June 2010
Nileen Namita spent £200,000 on 53 plastic surgeries. And took her daughter Rachel out of a top girls school to fund it. It all started in 1987 when she had intense dreams about Nefertiti, her servants, rooms and the food she ate. Nileen decided she was a reincarnation of the Egyptian Queen and she wanted to make herself into a living statue of Queen Nefertiti.

Jane Osborn ... Nileen Namita

Cassie Webber

Mother dates son's friend

A mother of 6 abandons her children to date her son's friend.

Mother in a 16 Year Coma

December 2007

Casey Dacanay ... Patricia

Moya- Beauty Pageant Mom

15 October 2011

Vicki Damante ... Moya
Jordann Dunagan ... Defiant Student

Brodie Henson ... High school student

Morgan Johnson ... Older Sister

Steve Strom ... Stagehand (as Steven Strom)

Murder for Hire

10 August 2003

My 600Lb Life (2012-Australia)

Her story is one of epic proportions - and a life-saving determination to change her body forever.

Sean Edward Frazer ... Father - Chris

My Husband Planted Cameras All Over Our House!


Thomas Dalby ... Lead Detective

Steve Dawson ... Craig McGuire
Anastassia Tchibissova ... Louise McGuire's Friend

My Husband Was a Bank Robber

14 September 2011

Thomas Dalby ... Detective

Jimmy Giliberti ... Detective James Skopek
Michael T Stewart ... Homeless

Mysterious Disease

18 August 2010

Mark Chinnery ... Doctor
Jason Straatmann ... Dr. Kennedy

Navajo Chiefs Blanket Sets Record at Auction!


Jeff Bagley ... Loren

Thomas Dalby ... Office Employee

Molly Shaiken ... Office Employee


April 2011

One Day Memory

11 July 2012

Clem Cote ... Ian

Fernando R. Felix ... Surgeon

Matt Nicholas ... Dr. A

Parents Could Be Dead in Five Years


Thomas Dalby ... Doctor

Lee O'Brian ... Clare's Friend's Husband

Harold Rudolph ... School Principal

Molly Shaiken ... Clare's Friend

Russo Shanidze ... Nurse
Michael T Stewart ... Doctor
Anastassia Tchibissova ... Friend

Parents Diet for Their Children

8 February 2012

Rebecca D. Fox ... Kerrie Kew

Molly Shaiken ... Customer at Restaurant

Paula Sims

January 2005

Christa Bella ... Detective / Lab Tech
Mike Borg ... Doctor
Patrick Burns ... Detective 2 (as Patrick Price)

Jeffrey T Ferguson ... The Fisherman

David Pearl ... San Francisco Police

Payment of Love


Nati Rabinowitz ... Trevor Tasker

Perfect Crime of an IQ Kidnapper

21 May 2003

Mark Chinnery ... Police Officer
Steve Ryan ... Gary Steven Krist

Peruvian Pishtaco Gang


Danny Boushebel ... Detective
Don Gomez ... Peruvian President
Keiko Green ... Kidnap victim
Cristina Marie ... Maria

Police Accuse Bank Robbery Suspect of Gobbling Up Note with Dashcam Video

1 February 2010

Adrian Bustamante ... Arresting Officer (as Raul Bustamante)
Frederick Keith Johnson ... John H. Ford
Asim Kaleem ... Head Bank Robber
Joseph R Scott ... Police Detective

Zoya Skya ... Bank employee

Poor Family's Christmas Miracle


Kurt Yaeger ... Steve - Father
Caspian Bell ... Ian
Mike Borg ... Electric Company Employee
Kendra Oberhauser ... Mother

Project Child Save


Thomas Dalby ... Rescue Team Member

Gabriel Koura ... Kidnapper

Ross Turner ... Lead Detective

Psychic Nancy

November 2010

Beth Bemis ... Psychic Nancy

Steve C. Porter ... officer Travis

Ross Turner ... James Koedatich

Ray Spencer


Devin Almonte ... Shirley Spencer

Mike DiGiacinto ... Young Ray Spencer

Tim Duquette ... Paul Henderson P.I.

Steph Garcia ... Katie Spencer

Chris Kapcia ... Police Officer / Deanne Spencer's boyfriend
LeRoy Mobley ... Prosecutor (episode) (as Leroy S. Mobley)

Tara Moncure ... Deanne Spencer

Malinda Sass ... Young Katie Spencer
Sabrina Sass ... Katie Spencer-toddler

Nate Steinwachs ... Lawyer

Toni Vitale ... Detective Sharon Kraus

Robin Hood 702

RobinHood702 asked for people to submit their stories to him so he could select a family that needed his help. Kurt and Megan Kegler went $35,000 into debt treating their daughter Madison's brain cancer, and RobinHood702 selected the family from thousands of submissions received at his website, gifting a vacation and cash to the Keglers: He then flew Kurt, Megan and Madison Kegler to Las Vegas first class, putting them up in a luxurious suite, taking them to shows, treating them to expensive meals and spa treatments. And this modern-day Robin Hood was true to his word, taking from the rich and giving to the less fortunate, handing 35 grand to the shocked and nearly speechless couple who went home with pocketfuls of $100 bills and newfound hope for the future.
Jacqueline Goehner ... Megan Kegler

Scott Recchia ... Kurt Kegler

James Allen Brewer ... Kurt's Buddy
Eric Carlson ... Robin Hood 702
Eric Carlson ... Robin Hood 702

Running Man

11 January 2012

Mark Chinnery ... Mark Covert

Secret Behind a Woman's Chronic Drowsiness

23 April 2014

Mark Chinnery ... Lawyer Boss

Selective Eating Disorder

24 April 2013

Shocking Allergies

5 October 2005

Shot in the Face!


Thomas Dalby ... Emergency Room Doctor

Gabriel Koura ... Gun dealer

Cameron Mark Lewis ... Will

Sister Connection


Lauren Schwartz ... Stephanie

Debbie Schwartz ... Kim

Kathy Kelly Christos ... Adoptive mother of the twins

Anne DeAcetis ... Laura
Brooke Flaherty ... Young Kim
Camryn Flaherty ... Young Stephanie

Sean LeeRoy ... Kevin



David L. Schormann ... Police Officer / Detective

Stalked for 10 Years!


Thomas Dalby ... Lead Detective
Kosta Kariotis ... Ryan

Molly Shaiken ... Customer at Cafe

Story of Whitney Kropp/600 Pound Mom

16 November 2012

Jesse Boss ... Whitney Kropp

Richie Stephens ... Interviewee

Superhuman Medical Treatments

24 June 2009

Mark Chinnery ... Dr. Darrell Cass
Jason Straatmann ... Medical Researcher

Suspicious Death at the Church, Who Is the Devil?

20 April 2016

Brad Evans ... Detective James Wagner

Emmy Zein ... Samantha

Switched at Birth


The 'Pregorexic' Mother


Thomas Dalby ... Lead Doctor

Linda Joy Henry ... Multiple
Paul J. Kraay ... Friend

Molly Shaiken ... Doctor
Anastassia Tchibissova ... Nurse

The Actor


William Day ... Waiter

The Anna Nicole Smith Story


Tye Olson ... Daniel Wayne Smith
Shelby Campbell ... Reporter

Thomas Dalby ... Mr. Marshall's Assistant at Strip Club
Rebecca Michelle David ... Anna Nicole's Nanny

Cameron Mark Lewis ... Larry Birkhead

Brook Edward Penca ... Bodyguard

David L. Schormann ... Pool Party Guest / Waiter

Molly Shaiken ... Photographer / Juror / Judge
Michael T Stewart ... Anna Nicoles Plastic Surgeon
Anastassia Tchibissova ... Pool Party Guest
Zoe Winter ... Anna Nicole Smith

The Burning House


The Case of the Blind Psychic

November 2009

Steven Jetton ... Lead detective
Madeline O'Kennon ... Marie

Adrian Bustamante ... Lead Detective (as Raul Bustamante)

Jimmy Giliberti ... Ghost of Doctor
Rebecca Honett ... Detective Smyth

Rick Lasquete ... Ghost

Carl Marino ... Detective

Ilona Marino ... Newscaster (as Ilona Gugan)
Daniel Olson ... Child Killer

Steve C. Porter ... Rescue team leader

Zoya Skya

Jeremiah Turner ... Crime Scene Investigator

Kerry Michelle Smith ... Marie's Mother (uncredited)

The Cat That Predicts Death

5 December 2007

Mark Chinnery ... Patient's son

Maher McClung ... Patients Husband

The Chowchilla Kidnapping


John Khinda ... Quarry Worker

Frosty Lawson ... Quarry Worker

Daniel Penn ... Richard Schoenfeld (as Danny Pennacchi)

Zachary Le Vey ... Fred Woods

The Criminal Who Wants to Win by Looks

24 March 2010

Jason Straatmann ... Defense Attorney

The Darie Boutboul Story

23 April 2003

Mark Chinnery ... Bruno Dassac
Winston Kirk ... Robert Boutboul
Steve Ryan ... Detective

The Dennis Dunbar Story

25 August 2010

Jeff Allan ... Older Dennis Dunbar
Erika Pearson ... Neighbor

Steve C. Porter ... Rescue team
Ivan Sontsev ... Younger Dennis Dunbar (as Ivan Solntsev)

The Devious Doctor


Thomas Dalby ... Lead Detective
Michael T Stewart ... Doctor

The Fan Who Wants to Look Like Justin Bieber


Eric Pace ... Toby Sheldon

Molly Shaiken ... Toby Sheldon's Plastic Surgeon

Russo Shanidze ... Girlfriend
Michael T Stewart ... Primary Cosmetic Surgeon

The Friday Night Bank Robber


Lena Avgust ... FBI Agent

Thomas Dalby ... Police Officer

Tom Hart ... Bank Manager

Lee O'Brian ... Raymond Carr - FBI Agent
Michael T Stewart ... Carl Gugasian

Steve Dakota ... Karate Student / Bank Patron / Plain Clothes Police Detective (uncredited)

The Gaineville Killer


The Germophobic Prince


Linda Revelli ... Party guest

The Girl Who Stopped Time

Reenactment of Brooke Greenberg's life story.
Kamryn DiBlasio ... Caitlin Greenberg
John Mazurek ... Howard Greenberg
Casondra Sass ... Infant Brooke Greenberg
Joseph R Scott ... Police Officer

The Girl Who Went to Her Own Funeral


The Girl Whose Face Falls Off

6 October 2010
A girl's face and skin falls off due to allergic reaction from medicine (acetaminophen). She is treated as a burn victim and it takes a year for all her skin to grow back. The girl survives!

James Allen Brewer ... European Dermatologist

David Madwin ... Nurse

The Iceman


Kevin Kirtlan ... Max Butler

Gabriel Koura ... Hacker

Steve Strom ... Hacker

The Jeffrey Dahmer Story


Morgan Johnson ... Bartender

Cameron Mark Lewis ... Jogger
Tye Olson

Molly Shaiken ... Bartender

Jessie Lee Smith ... Bar Patron (as Jessie Smith)
Anastassia Tchibissova ... Guest

The Joannie Rochette Story


Eden McFadden ... Young Joanie's Mom
Carole Meyers ... Joannie's Mother
Samantha Rafanello ... Young Joanie Rochette

Terry G. Reed ... Joannie's Father

The Justin Jedlica Story


Tye Olson ... Justin Jedlica

Jeremiah Burch III ... Young Justin

Molly Shaiken ... Justin Admirer
Anastassia Tchibissova ... Cameraman

The Karen Pannell Case


Thomas Dalby ... Detective

Bentley Gates ... Scientist

Claudia Gates ... Scientist
Douglas Gawoski ... Pizza Delivery Dude

Jenn Tripp ... Karen Pannell

The Korean Medical Tourism Campaign

October 2011

James Allen Brewer ... Linda's Husband

James J. Der Jr. ... Director of Korean Tourism Organisation

Vicky Lee ... Tourism Bureau Clerk

Kathleen Park ... Korean Nurse

The Lady with Trimethylaminuria


Annalisa Bastiani ... Mother with Fish odor

The Laurie Bembenek Story


Thomas Dalby ... Detective
Cooper Foster ... Police Officer

Lee O'Brian ... Detective

David L. Schormann ... Police Officer at Crime Scene

Molly Shaiken ... Judy Zess
Michael T Stewart ... Detective
Anastassia Tchibissova ... Inmate

Tama Therese ... Female Detective

Jenn Tripp ... Christine Schultz

The Leg That Grew 30 Cm


The Man Who Eats Nothing But Chocolate

February 2013

The Man with 14 Wives

9 November 2011

The Mysterious Case of Rene Becker


Michael Patrick Lane ... Rene Becker (as Michael Lane)

Brady Bryson ... Son

Patrick Engler ... Detective
Michael T Stewart ... Detective

The Patient with a Tree in His Lung

21 April 2011
Doctors initially diagnose Artyom Sidorkin with lung cancer, but later find he actually has a tree growing inside his lung. Based on the true story of Artyom Sidorkin.
Jeff Allan ... Attending Physician
Dirk Rebel ... Artyom Sidorkin
Jeff Wastila ... Physician

The Patrick Bradford Story

January 2005

Anthony Colon ... Medical Examiner

Tim Duquette ... Detective Minnis
Paul Lange ... Patrick Bradford

Frank Schiavone ... Police Detective

The Rachael Friedman Story

During a bachelorette party, the bride is pushed into a swimming pool by one of her bridesmaids, snapping her neck and becoming paralyzed from the neck down.
Douglas Gawoski ... Mr. Chapman

The Schön Scandal


Thomas Dalby ... Scientist

Larry Kitagawa ... Scientist

Brook Edward Penca ... Scientist

Mike Stowe ... Scientist
Anastassia Tchibissova ... Lab Staff

The Simon Reid Story


The Sniper Shot of the Century!


Thomas Dalby ... SWAT Commander
David Gizzarelli ... Sniper Team
Michael T Stewart ... Police Sergeant

The Story of Jonathan Swain

Jonathan Swain was born in 1983 with a AIDS. He fought for his life, even when each year they said he wont make it past the next. He Did. When Sheila lost control of her life to drugs, Jonathan went to live with Neil Willenson who ran Camp Heartland. Neil provided stability and a safe home for Jonathan. Jonathan is alive today with a wife and kids.
Bill Bettencourt ... Doctor
Adrian Emmanuel ... Neil Willenson
Zac Leyden ... Older Brother
Eleese Longino ... Amber Swain

The Story of Karla Flores


The Story of Maggie Meier


Stella Mutrux ... Maggie Meier

Kylie Cast ... Katie
Joy Donze ... Jaqueline
Rachel Kaplove ... Teammate

Scott Kay ... Chris

The Story of Steve Jobs

23 November 2011

AJ Anable ... Doctor

Thomas Dalby ... Doctor

Patrick Engler ... Mac worker

Jimmy Giliberti ... Bill Gates

Linda Joy Henry ... Multiple
Thomas Ignatius ... Doctor / Mac Worker (as Tom Ignatius)

Gabriel Koura ... Employee

Kerry Michelle Smith ... Steve Jobs' Assistant
Michael T Stewart ... Senior Apple Executive Board Member

Steve Strom ... Steve Jobs' Surgeon (as Steven Strom)
Jonathan Davila ... Senior Apple Executive, Doctor (uncredited)

The Teen Who Murdered His Family


Thomas Dalby ... Pool Party Guest

Golbon Eghtedari ... Nurse
Tressa Ohler ... Private Detective

The Whitney Kropp Story


Thomas Dalby ... Mr. Smith
Lassen McCloud ... Whitney's Friend (as Erin Solomon)

The Woman Who Lived in an Iron Lung for 61 Years

A young girls younger brother dies of Polio then she discovers she had it as well! The little girl becomes paralysed from the neck down but she lives to be 64 throwing dinner parties and writing books all the while living in an iron lung.

Grant Henderson ... Ex-Husband

Linda Joy Henry ... Multiple

Molly Shaiken ... Nurse
Michael T Stewart ... Doctor

The World's Biggest Mother of Triplets: Her Story

18 February 2009

Jacqueline Goehner ... Head Nurse
Rebecca D. Fox ... Leanne Salt (as Rebecca Fox)

Trisha Rae Stahl ... Amy
Steven Jetton ... Hospital Intern / Anesthesiologist (uncredited)

The murder of JonBenét Ramsey


Thomas Dalby ... DNA Expert

Linda Joy Henry ... Multiple
Monterey Morrissey ... Jamese Kolar (Lead Investigator)

Theft Heaven

July 2013

Gary Anthony Stennette ... Pythias Brown 2013

Thief and Neighbor Teach the Meaning of Christmas

12 December 2007
After a young boy's bicycle is stolen by a thief during Christmas, a kind stranger enters the family's lives.

Cleve Gray ... Dennis

Thief in the Photo

10 April 2011

Thomas Dalby ... Police Sergeant
Niclas Ericsson ... Newspaper reporter

Treatment & Allergies

3 February 2010

Mark Chinnery ... Dr. Andrew Clark
Daniel Zoehrer ... Father

Trial of Michael Jackson

January 2010

Skyler Braund ... DA Secratary
Patrick Casa ... Gavin Arviso
Chirie Dautel ... Stenographer
Richard Markman ... D.A. Tom Sneddon

John Prudhont ... Senior Deputy D.A. Mag Nicola
Carlo Riley ... Michael Jackson
Michele Strider ... Fan (uncredited)

Marshon Thomas ... Tito Jackson (uncredited)

Triangular Murder Case/Miracle Liver Transplant

1 June 2005
"The miracle liver transplant" Michelle Shmitt: A 3 year old girl in desperate need of a liver transplant is unable to get to the airport due to terrible weather conditions. 17 inches of snow trap the family while the local radio station reaches out for any kind of help the community can offer. In response, a woman gathers a small group of people to shovel snow from a church parking lot to create a heliport. The group of six expands to over 200 while courageous pilots offer helicopter and plane assistance to fly the girl to Omaha. "Triangular Murder Case" Two individuals in love with the same women are murdered within a span of 3 months back in winter of 1975 in Yakima, Washington. The intricate case, eventually becoming a novel written by Ann Rule (Fever in the Heart) unravels itself in a tragic way. "Tuffy" Pleasant murders Morris Blackenbaker as a favor for his former wrestling coach, "Gabby" Moore. Gabby, who was in love with Morris's wife, finds himself as a chief suspect in the shooting of Morris. In order to clear things up and "win" Morris's wife over, he asks Tuffy to shoot him in the upper shoulder. The shot ricochets off of his fourth rib into his lung and heart. Gabby was unintentionally killed by Tuffy, and Tuffy is eventually sentenced for first degree murder and manslaughter.
De Anne Dubin ... Ann
Dan Gorgone ... Detective


Triplet orphans separated at birth all happen to be accepted to the same college. Before they realize what is going on, various misunderstandings occur.

Turmoil Special

26 March 2014

Brian Blu ... Doctor / Surgeon

Mark Chinnery ... Edward Barber

Twins Born 16 Years Apart

25 October 2006

Mark Chinnery ... Alan Davis

Twins Who Wanted to Look Like Brad Pitt


Mark MacDonald ... Matt Schlepp (Season 7)

Mickey MacDonald ... Mike Schlepp

Mason Osborn ... Student

Twisted Back


Mason Osborn ... Student

Wedding Trouble

15 May 2013

Michael T Stewart ... Hotelier

Ross Turner ... Paul Carty

What a Woman Saw When She Died Once

16 October 2013

Maher McClung ... Father

Widow Receives Bone Transplant from Deceased Husband


Dean Carl ... John Amato
Vicki Damante ... Wedding Guest

Woman in Love with Worlds Fattest Man

16 March 2014

Morgan Johnson ... Store Employee

Lee O'Brian ... Director

Molly Shaiken ... Postal Worker
Anastassia Tchibissova ... Post Office Staff

World's Astonishing News: WTC

17 February 2012

Aswad Ali ... Captain

Lindsey Herrera

Michael Power ... Merrill Lynch Employee

Russo Shanidze ... Nurse
Ashley Wilkerson ... Flight Attendant

World's Fattest Woman Freed After Murder Charge!


Thomas Dalby ... Doctor

Joseph Ricci ... Young Sam

World's Most Anorexic Woman

29 May 2013

Oriana Riley ... Valeria Levitin (younger)
Michael T Stewart ... Doctor
Anastassia Tchibissova ... Nurse
Brooke Lynn Tibbs ... Valeria Levitin

Zara Gables


Madeline O'Kennon ... Young Zara Gables

Episode dated 13 December 2006

13 December 2006

Episode dated 28 March 2007

28 March 2007

Episode dated 23 May 2007

23 May 2007

Cleve Gray ... Dr. Bjork

Episode dated 29 July 2009

29 July 2009

Richard Gere ... Himself

Episode dated 6 June 2010

6 June 2010

David Gizzarelli ... Detective Ronnie Lear [Lead]

Episode dated 15 April 2012

15 April 2012

Chelsey Donn ... Psychic
Shumerria Harris ... Patient

Brodie Henson ... Dave

Guyviaud Joseph ... Doctor

Episode dated 19 November 2014

19 November 2014

Tomoko Kaneda ... Herself

Episode dated 13 August 2015

13 August 2015

Dan Chadbourne ... Stephen Jay Russel
Anastassia Tchibissova ... Nurse

Sharena Walker ... Flight Attendant

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