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21 Jan. 2006
In a Monastery Garden
While Rosemary and Laura revive an old herb garden for an upcoming royal visit, a young girl is murdered, revealing a darker history of the town that goes beyond the gardens.
28 Jan. 2006
Seeds of Time
The house of a respected, long-dead botanist becomes sought after because it's believed to contain seeds of a now-extinct plant that may offer a cure for malaria.
4 Feb. 2006
Agua Cadaver
An old flame of Rosemary's, a noted scholar of Spanish Islamic history, contracts with the girls to help him restore an old Moorish garden on his estate in Spain but murder and suicide prove to be distractions.
11 Feb. 2006
Three Legs Good
Rosemary and Laura work on re-planting the historic Regent's Park garden, filled with its colorful flowers and an array of permanent visitors. But hidden amongst these frequenters of the park are many secrets soon to be revealed, all mysteriously connected to a three-legged dog.
18 Feb. 2006
The Gooseberry Bush
While building a memorial garden the girls discover the body of a well-known artist and womanizer and an abandoned baby.
30 Jul. 2007
Racquet Espanol
Rosemary and Laura and Laura's son Matthew head to Spain where Matthew will participate in a tennis competition while Rosemary and Laura create a trophy garden. In the midst of their trip, a fellow tennis player is murdered leaving the gardeners with a mystery to solve.
6 Aug. 2007
Enter Two Gardeners
The girls are contracted to do the landscaping for a traditional amateur theatrical, but when members of the cast are murdered, Laura is forced to don greasepaint.

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