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Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Death Do Us Part

19 June 2002

Season 1, Episode 2: Billionaire Boys Club

26 June 2002
The downfall of the Billionaire Boys Club, an exclusive group of mostly wealthy Beverly Hills and Greater Los Angeles men who followed a charismatic Joe Hunt. These men lavishly spent their new found fortunes in style in parties and luxury cars and just living the good life. A man of very modest beginnings, Joe was not above murder and kidnapping stay in the big leagues to keep this investment firm afloat when the groups short-lived fortunes were dwindling from their euphoric successes in 1984.

Season 1, Episode 3: A Scandal in Hunt Country

26 June 2002
The case of professional polo player Roberto Villegas, who was found shot to death on Ashland Farm in September 1997.

Dominick Dunne ... Himself - Host
J.H. Kurtz ... Narrator
Cuno Andersen ... Himself - Patrolman (as Sgt. Cuno Andersen)
Betsy Anderson ... Herself - Juror
Kevin Casey ... Himself - Commonwealth Prosecutor
Susan Cummings ... Herself (archive footage) (as Susan)
Gary Healy ... Himself - Fauquier County Sheriff's Department (as Lt. Gary Healy)
Blair Howard ... Himself - Attorney
Jim Jones ... Himself - Investigator
Erich Junger ... Himself - Forensics Expert (as Sgt. Erich Junger)
Michael Lamper ... Himself - Detective
Vicky Moon ... Herself - Journalist
Tareq Salahi ... Himself - Owner, Oasis Winery
Richard Varge ... Himself - President, Great Meadow Polo Club
Louisa Woodville ... Herself - Friend of Susan
Travis Worsham ... Himself - Polo Player
Michael Zeets ... Himself - 911 Dispatcher (as Officer Michael Zeets)

Season 1, Episode 4: Miami Vices

3 July 2002
The Murder of Stan Cohen of Miami at the behest of Joyce McDillion, his wife.

Season 1, Episode 5: Unbridled Greed

17 July 2002
The Calumet horse farm was a considered amongst the finest in the state. That was until fraud, bribery, and conspiracy charges were levied at J. T. Lundy.

Season 1, Episode 6: Mystery in the Hamptons

24 July 2002
The double murder of husband and wife Joseph Pikul and Diane Pikul.

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Brothers in Arms

30 December 2002
The story of Beverly Hills rich brothers Lyle and Erick Menendez accused of brutally murdering both their parents.
Leslie Abramson ... Herself (archive footage)
Pamela Bozanich ... Herself
Craig Cignarelli ... Himself (archive footage)
David Conn ... Himself
Linda Deutsch ... Herself

Dominick Dunne ... Himself - Host
Marzie Eisenberg ... Herself
Gil Garcetti ... Himself (archive footage)
Mark Heffernan ... Himself

Erik Menendez ... Himself (archive footage)

Jose Menendez ... Himself (archive footage)

Kitty Menendez ... Herself (archive footage)

Lyle Menendez ... Himself (archive footage)

O.J. Simpson ... Himself (archive footage)
William Vicary ... Himself
Les Zoeller ... Himself

Season 2, Episode 2: Maternal Instincts

15 January 2003
Dominick Dunne investigates a murder in a seedy Las Vegas motel. The chain of evidence leads back to the Delaware mansion of the powerful Dupont family.

Season 2, Episode 3: Gentlemen's Agreement

22 January 2003
A. Alfred Taubman of Sotheby's auction house was convicted fixing commissions. And if that wasn't a big enough scandal, Butterfields auction house was also implicated.

Season 2, Episode 4: What the Butler Saw

12 March 2003
Candid interviews and events surrounding the scandal of theft levied by the royal family against Paul Burrell, the butler of England's Princess Diana.

Season 2, Episode 5: Run from Justice

19 March 2003
Alex Kelly flees the country the day his trial on two sexual assault charges is set to begin.

Season 2, Episode 6: Sweet Seduction

26 March 2003
Richard Bailey swindles wealthy widows of their money by selling them worthless race horses. His last victim, Helen Brach, is his downfall.

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: The Waitress and the Millionaire

30 July 2003
Steven Beard may have been married for his money instead of love when he's found dead and the culprit may have been his former Country Club waitress, Celeste Beard and her lesbian lover.

Season 3, Episode 2: Mystery in the Caribbean

6 August 2003
Lois McMillen's body is washed ashore in the island paradise of Tortola.

Season 3, Episode 3: Oil, Money and Mystery

13 August 2003
T. Cullen David is accused of murdering the daughter of his estranged wife and her lover.

Season 3, Episode 4: Evil Deeds

27 August 2003
The shocking and news captivating story and run from justice case of Andrew Luster, the Max Factor cosmetics heir. Luster made headlines as a handsome Lothario who was accused of seducing women then drugging them beyond consciousness, and videotaping himself date-raping these women. Fleeing the U.S. during his trial and found guilty in absentia, he was captured by none other than the infamous "Dog, the Bounty Hunter" in Mexico to serve a 124-year sentence for his crimes.

Season 3, Episode 5: Tailspin

3 September 2003
The affluent parents of Dana Ewell are murdered and the prime suspect is their son.

Dominick Dunne ... Himself - Host

Season 3, Episode 6: Blood Money

10 September 2003
Two car bombs detonate in the vehicle with a massive explosion killing tobacco heiress Margaret Benson and her adopted son, Scott, and her daughter's frantic escape. She rolled in the grass to stop her clothing from burning as her other brother Steve just stood there looking at her. She suffered 3rd degree burns. Blame soon falls on Steve with the motive of the family wealth of in excess of $10 million of which his mother was ready to severely cut off her funding of his businesses.

Season 4

Season 4, Episode 1: Island Obsession

7 January 2004
Enrico Forti's scheme to swindle the owner of a luxury resort in Ibiza is discovered by the owner's son, Anthony "Dale" Pike. When Pike is found murdered shortly thereafter, Forti becomes the prime suspect.

Season 4, Episode 2: Martha Stewart on Trial

14 January 2004
Noted television show celebrity Martha Stewart serves time not for an untasty plum pudding but for the headline grabbing insider trading scandal.

Season 4, Episode 3: A Deadly Campaign

21 January 2004
Ruthann Aron, a feisty, self-made millionaire, makes an unsuccessful bid for Maryland's US Senate seat in 1994. She then orders a hit on a rival attorney and her husband in return for $20,000 cash. When investigators are tipped off by a local garbage hauler, Ruthann is arrested while playing in a charity golf tournament. Why would a once promising politician risk everything for a murder-for-hire scheme?

Dominick Dunne ... Himself - Host

Season 4, Episode 4: Freefall

18 February 2004
Wealthy Andrew C. Thornton II and his friends became drug runners in Kentucky.

Season 4, Episode 5: Family Secrets

25 February 2004
Frances Schreuder and her son Marc Schreuder go on trial for the murder of her father, millionaire Franklin Bradshaw.
Marilyn Reagan Bradshaw ... Herself - Daughter
Jonathan Coleman ... Himself - Author, At Mother's Request

Dominick Dunne ... Himself - Host
Mike George ... Himself - Investigator
Ernie Jones ... Himself - Salt Lake City D.A. (Ret.)
J.H. Kurtz ... Narrator
Mike Rosen ... Himself - Frances Schreuder's Atty.
Doug Steele ... Himself - Bradshaw Employee

Season 4, Episode 6: Murder, He Wrote

3 March 2004
The sensational Michael Peterson case which has spawned a controversial documentary 'The Staircase" a.k.a. "Death on the Staircase", and TV movie "The Staircase Murder" is recounted. Michael's wife, Kathleen, was a popular, prominent and wealthy businesswoman. Is novelist Michael Peterson guilty of murdering his wife or was it an unfortunate accidental slip and fall off the staircase and is he also guilty of the murdering his best friend's wife who died in a staircase accident 18 years ago? After all, she died on a staircase. Is Michael hiding a dark secret? The pieces come together in Michael Peterson's million dollar defense.
Mary Allen ... Herself - 911 Operator (archive footage) (voice)

Cheryl Appel-Schumacher ... Herself (archive footage)

Caitlin Atwater ... Herself - Kathleen's Daughter

Amybeth Berner ... Herself (archive footage)

Freda Black ... Herself - Prosecution Team Member (archive footage)

Margaret Blakemore ... Herself - Michael's Daughter (archive footage)

Lori Campbell ... Herself - Kathleen's Sister (archive footage)

Duane Deaver ... Himself - Blood Spatter Expert (archive footage)

Dominick Dunne ... Himself - Host
Tom Gasparoli ... Himself - Local Columnist

Ron Guerette ... Himself - Investigator (archive footage)

Jim Hardin ... Himself - District Attorney

Arthur Holland ... Himself - Homicide Investigator

Orlando Hudson ... Himself - Judge (archive footage)

Henry Lee ... Himself - Blood Spatter Expert (archive footage)

Tom Maher ... Himself - Defense Attorney (archive footage)
Ron Paige ... Himself - Paramedic

Bill Peterson ... Himself - Michael's Brother (archive footage)

Clayton Peterson ... Himself - Michael's Son (archive footage)

Jack Peterson ... Himself (archive footage)

Kathleen Peterson ... Herself (archive footage)

Michael Peterson ... Himself (archive footage)

Patricia Peterson ... Herself - Michael's Former Wife (archive footage)

Todd Peterson ... Himself - Michael's Son (archive footage)

Deborah Radisch ... Herself - Forensic Pathologist

Martha Ratliff ... Herself - Michael's Daughter (archive footage)
Jay Rose ... Himself - Paramedic

David Rudolf ... Himself - Defense Attorney

David Saacks ... Himself - Prosecution Team Member (archive footage)

Guy Seaberg ... Himself (archive footage)

Kerry Sutton ... Herself (archive footage)

Brent Walgamott ... Himself - Former Escort (archive footage)
Andrew Widmark ... Himself - Family Friend

Terry Wilkins ... Himself - Police Officer

Candace Zamperini ... Herself - Kathleen's Sister

Season 5

Season 5, Episode 1: A Marriage of Inconvenience

1 January 2005
James Sullivan is accused of murdering his Atlanta socialite wife Lita McClinton Sullvan who had filed for divorce.

Dominick Dunne ... Himself - Host
Emily Hopkins ... Abused Wife

Season 5, Episode 2: The Two Mrs. Woodwards

12 January 2005
Alleging that she thought her husband was a prowler in the night, she kills him. This convoluted and interesting case was the basis of Dominick Dunne's novel "The Two Mrs.Grenvilles."
Susan Braudy ... Herself
Duchess of Windsor ... Herself (archive footage)
Duke of Windsor ... Himself (archive footage)

Dominick Dunne ... Himself - Host

Liz Smith ... Herself
Ann Woodward ... Herself (archive footage)
Elsie Woodward ... Herself (archive footage)
William Woodward ... Himself (archive footage)

Season 5, Episode 3: Death of a Beauty King

26 January 2005
Ohio businessman Constantine "Dean" Milo's death is at the behest of his younger brother Frederick who was convicted of arranging a contract on his older brother in 1980.

Season 5, Episode 4: What Price Murder?

2 February 2005
The murder of the estranged wife of Joel Sandler, a Philadelphia area Millionaire is alleged to have been arranged by Philadelphia-area millionaire who has a solid alibi. It was alleged that he hired a hit man.

Season 5, Episode 5: Mystery in the Mansion

9 February 2005
A mother living very long into old age was just too much for one financially impatient and only child daughter. Adopted into wealth and love, this pampered and now adult daughter with 3 children of her own, plots to have her lover murder her very wealthy mother in order to get her inheritance now.

Season 5, Episode 6: Crime of Fashion

9 February 2005
The family empire of the Gucci's shows struggles within the family when Maurizio Gucci is murdered in Milan.

Season 5, Episode 7: Rich Man, Poor Man

16 February 2005
The death of Ted Ammon is believed to be the plot of his estranged wife, Generosa Rand, and her lover, Danny Pelosi.

Season 5, Episode 8: Doctor of Deceit

23 February 2005
Dr. Robert Bierenbaum has claimed that his wife has disappeared, but is she dead?

Season 6

Season 6, Episode 1: Deadly Designs

9 January 2006
The 1997 slaying of fashion designer Gianni Versace by Andrew Cunanan in Miami Beach.

Season 6, Episode 2: Mystery in the Mountains

16 January 2006
Bruce Beauchamps, the alleged murderer of Bonnie Hood, is himself found murdered several years later.

Dominick Dunne ... Himself - Host
Jeffrey Brody ... Himself - Reporter
Jim Hood Jr. ... Himself - Son
Jim Hood ... Himself (archive footage)
Mindy Hood ... Herself - Daughter

Tinker Lindsay ... Herself - Author
Gordon Mace ... Himself - Family Friend
Mike Miller ... Himself - Camp Nelson Bartender
Mark Pinsky ... Himself - Reporter
John Zapalac ... Himself - Homicide Detective

Season 6, Episode 3: Shootout in Bel-Air

23 January 2006
Ricky Kyle is tried for the murder of his father, millionaire Henry Harrison Kyle.

Season 6, Episode 4: The Trophy Wife and the Tennis Pro

30 January 2006
The death of Werner Hartmann, known locally as the "Stereo King of Chicago", is a suicide staunchly maintains. This story would seem to be at odds with the 10 gunshots in his body. Interestingly, all of them were above the waist.

Season 6, Episode 5: The Starlet and the Skier

13 February 2006
The arrest and trial of Claudine Longet, accused of shooting her lover, skier Spider Sabitch, becomes one of the first big media-driven celebrity events.
Bill Baldridge ... Himself
Linda Deutsch ... Herself

Dominick Dunne ... Himself - Host
Jim Lillstrom ... Himself

Claudine Longet ... Herself (archive footage)
Earl Mann ... Narrator
Marty Sabich ... Herself
Spider Sabich ... Himself (archive footage)

Sydney Stone ... Herself
Frank Tucker ... Himself

Andy Williams ... Himself (archive footage)

Season 6, Episode 6: Deception in Dallas

20 February 2006
Roxanne Gailiunas is murdered in 1983.

Season 6, Episode 7: Gone with the Wind

27 February 2006
James Sullivan's 1976 marriage to Atlantan socialite Lta McClinton proved to be a hindrance to Sulivan's obsession with climbing up the ranks of the social elite and the marriage floundered. Answering the door to a hit man posing as a flower delivery man, Lita was shot dead at point-blank range. It took 13 years for the police to locate and arrest the hit man who accused the husband, James, to be behind the murder plot. When Sullivan vanished, it took years and an international manhunt to bring Sullivan in.

Season 7

Season 7, Episode 1: The Heiress and the Hit Man

24 January 2007
Stepson, Ed "Hap" Tovrea is accused of involvement in the 1988 murder of heiress Jean Tovrea, the widow of Arizona businessman Ed Tovrea, by James "Butch" Harrod.

Season 7, Episode 2: Biloxi Confidential

31 January 2007
Stranger than fiction is the expose wrought when Biloxi, Mississippi investigators look into the 1987 murder of Circuit Court Judge Vincent Sherry and his wife, Margaret, a former politician, It begins a massive years-long investigation into what comes to be know as the "Dixie Mafia". And if an underground criminal network of a million-dollar phone scam run by Angola prisoners isn't shocking enough, their murder was reported to be a contract hit.

Season 7, Episode 3: The Candy Scandal

7 February 2007
Candy Mossler and Mel Powers go on trial for the murder of her husband, Jacques Mossler.

Season 7, Episode 4: Over the Edge

14 February 2007
Lake Tahoe investigators spent two and and a half years building a case of premeditated murder against wealthy Peter Bergna, claiming he staged the accident that left his wife, Rinette Riella-Bergna dead at the scene. Their truck had broken through the guard rail and catapulted down a mountainside with Peter supposedly at the wheel. Peter is in fine shape for such a horrific accident as the grieving husband claiming it was just a tragic and unfortunate accident that took the life of his dear wife.

Dominick Dunne ... Himself - Host
John Henry Kurtz ... Narrator (voice)
James Beltron ... Himself - Washoe County Sheriff's Dept. (as Sergeant James Beltron)
Peter Bergna ... Himself (archive footage) (as Bergna)
Michael Fleeman ... Himself - Author, 'Over The Edge'
Cynthia Glatz ... Herself - Neighbor
Rick McLellan ... Himself - Nevada Highway Patrol (as Trooper Rick McLellan)
Jack Riella ... Himself - Brother-in-Law
Jacque Riella ... Herself - Sister-in-Law
Mikki Riella ... Herself - Sister-in-Law
Rick Riella ... Himself - Brother-in-Law
John Schilling ... Himself - Nevada Highway Patrol (as Sergeant John Schilling)

Season 7, Episode 5: Family Betrayal

21 February 2007
Perry March goes on trial for the murder of his wife, Janet March.

Season 7, Episode 6: Family Plot

28 February 2007
A compelling telling of the brutal and savage knife attack on the wealthy Fort Worth couple that left socialite wife Caren Courtney Koslow dead in heir bed and a seriously injured Jack alive to call 911. Initially investigators focused on Jack himself until they received a tip on Jack's adopted daughter, Kristi from a prior marriage. Could it be true that a pretty and popular Kristi would not only hire, but plan the viciousness of the attack for her boyfriend and an accomplice to perpetrate. Further, that each of them was to be paid one million dollars out of the approximate twelve million estate Kristi expected to inherit. With the threat of the death penalty for each of the males, would one of them implicate Kristi in the heinous plot?

Dominick Dunne ... Himself - Host

Season 7, Episode 7: Cape Fear

7 March 2007
In 2002, the peaceful town of Truro, Massachusetts, with a population of about 2,000 people in the off-season, hadn't had a murder case for 30 years. The rape and murder of Crista Worthington, a prominent fashion writer and single mom who had settled there from Paris and New York had all the makings of a high-profile murder case which was expected to be solved quickly. They were shocked to find this a baffling case which took about 4 years of extensive investigation to solve and with a surprising suspect.

Dominick Dunne ... Himself - Host

Season 8

Season 8, Episode 1: Deadly Delivery

4 January 2008
A compelling tale of family secrets, greed and murder when Donald and Marsha Levine are found dead in their mansion in affluent Munster, Illinois. Investigation is brought to bear on their only heir, Mark, home at the time and left alive, and Donald's businessman brother Robert Levine. What could have just been a simple robbery turned murder in 1989 looked more to be a case of the son, Mark, and, or his uncle Donald to have motives behind the double murder.

Season 8, Episode 2: House of Secrets

11 January 2008
Two sons and a daughter, the sole heirs of Bruce and Darlene Rouse, are the prime suspects of the police in the murder of their parents in their sprawling Lake County, Illinois home. Police are baffled as to which of them is the true culprit or culprits, especially with them pointing the finger at each other until years later when one of them confesses.

Season 8, Episode 3: Traces of Evil

18 January 2008
Richard, the husband of Nancy Dillard Lyon, is accused of poisoning resulting in her death.

Season 8, Episode 4: Tragedy in Telluride

25 January 2008
Sam Shoen's wife Eve is shot dead inside their pricey chalet home. Sam's father is the founder of U-Haul. Soon father, Sam, and his two sons are battling over control of the company and who murdered Eve. In addition a drifter with murky ties to this crime turns up to baffle the police further.

Season 8, Episode 5: Death of a Salesman

1 February 2008
There's plenty of suspects for the police to investigate when one of Phoenix's richest men Rick Chance is missing. And, is it over his personal or business life?

Season 8, Episode 6: Mystery in Monaco

8 February 2008
Ted Maher goes on trial for the double arson murder of billionaire financier Edmond Safra and Safra's nurse, Vivian Torrente, in Safra's Monaco penthouse.
Yannick Agliardi ... Monaco Swat police officer

Charles Fathy ... Monaco Policeman

Season 8, Episode 7: The Von Bulow Affair

15 February 2008
This notorious case of pretty, vivacious Martha "Sunny" von Bulow pits husband Claus von Bulow against their children who are still convinced he attempted to murder his wife for her wealth. Sunny slips into an irreversible coma in their Rhode Island home and survives almost 28 years in this vegetative state before finally passing away in December 2008 in a New York nursing home. Claus von Bulow was convicted of administering an insulin overdose to his American heiress and popular socialite wife. It was overturned on a second trial when the second trial citing her condition the result of prescription drugs overdose, not an insulin injection, found her husband not guilty.
Tracy Brenton ... Herself
Catherine Callahan ... Herself

Alan M. Dershowitz ... Himself

Dominick Dunne ... Himself - Host
Harold Rice Fahringer ... Himself (archive footage)
Stephen Famiglietti ... Himself (archive footage)
Johnathan Friendly ... Himself

Alexandra Isles ... Herself (archive footage)
Earl Mann ... Narrator
Gerhard C. Meier ... Himself
Andrea Plunket ... Herself (as Andrea Reynolds-Plunkett)
Thomas Puccio ... Himself (as Tom Puccio)
Alan Rosenberg ... Himself
Maria Schrallhammer ... Herself (archive footage)
Ala von Auersperg ... Herself (archive footage)
Alexander von Auersperg ... Himself (archive footage)
Martha Sunny von Bulow ... Herself (archive footage)
Claus von Bülow ... Himself (archive footage)
Lally Weymouth ... Herself
William Wright ... Himself

Season 9

Season 9, Episode 1: Heart of Stone

24 July 2009
Diamond dealer Irwin M. Margolies goes on trial for hiring Donald Nash in the contract murders of Jenny Soo Chin and Margaret Barbera, as well as the murders of three CBS technicians who accidentally witnessed Margaret Barbera's murder.

Season 9, Episode 2: Burning Obsession

31 July 2009
When David Coffin is found shot to death inside his burning home, the investigation quickly points to Scott Davis, who became enraged when his ex-wife Megan Lee began dating Coffin.

Len Cariou ... Narrator

Season 9, Episode 3: Sinister Harvest

7 August 2009
Kevin Yocum enlists the aid of his friends John Cox, Mark Lawson, and Larry Spanke in his plot to murder his parents, Ray and Gayle Yocum.

Len Cariou ... Narrator
Jeffrey Lombardi ... John Cox (as Jeffrey Givens)

Season 9, Episode 4: Billionaire on the Run

14 August 2009
Robert Durst goes on trial for the murder and dismemberment of Morris Black, and suspicions arise about his possible involvement in the deaths of his wife, Kathleen McCormack, and his friend, Susan Berman.

Dominick Dunne ... Himself - Host

Len Cariou ... Narrator
Bobbi Bacha ... Herself - V.P., Blue Moon Investigations
Joe Becerra ... Himself - New York State Police (as Inv. Joe Becerra)

Matt Birkbeck ... Himself - Author, 'A Deadly Secret'
Lisa DePaulo ... Herself - Journalist

Kim Lankford ... Herself - Actress & Friend of Susan Berman
Jim McCormack ... Himself - Kathie Durst's Brother
Kevin Moran ... Himself - Reporter, Houston Chronicle
Julie Smith ... Herself - Writer & Friend of Susan Berman
Ellen Strauss ... Herself - Attorney & Friend of Kathie Durst

Robert Durst ... Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)

Season 9, Episode 5: A Deadly Parlay

21 August 2009
When Doris Angleton is murdered shortly after she filed for divorce and planned to tell the IRS that her husband Robert was a bookie, Robert Angleton and his brother Roger quickly became the prime suspects.
Rebecca Asquino ... Doris Angleton (as Rebecca S. Asquino)

Len Cariou ... Narrator

Season 9, Episode 6: Programmed for Murder

28 August 2009
Hans Reiser is tried for the murder of his wife Nina.

Len Cariou ... Narrator

Season 9, Episode 7: Robert Blake

4 September 2009
Actor Robert Blake goes on trial for the murder of his wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley.

Len Cariou ... Narrator
Kenneth Flanagan ... Rober Blake
Rochelle Warner ... Bonny Lee Blakey

Season 9, Episode 8: Strange Bedfellows

11 September 2009
When nurse Chaz Higgs is accused of murdering his wife, politician Kathy Augustine, questions begin to arise about his possible involvement in the death of Charles Augustine, Kathy's third husband.

Dominick Dunne ... Himself - Host

Len Cariou ... Narrator (voice)

Phil Alfano ... Himself - Victim's Brother
Greg Augustine ... Himself - Victim's Stepson

Tom Barb ... Himself - Washoe County D.A.'s Office
Martha Bellisle ... Herself - Reno Gazette-Journal Reporter
Jon Catalano ... Himself - Reno Police Dept. (as Cmdr. Jon Catalano)
Chaz Higgs ... Himself (archive footage) (as Higgs)
David Houston ... Himself - Attorney (also archive footage)
David Jenkins ... Himself - Reno Police Dept. (as Det. David Jenkins)
Gary C. King ... Himself - Author, 'An Almost Perfect Murder'
Steve Mussell ... Himself - Reno Police Dept. (as Officer Steve Mussell)
Kim Riggs ... Herself - Victim's Friend
Carlton Smith ... Himself - Author, 'Poisoned Love'
Sandra Tiffany ... Herself - Victim's Friend
John Tsitouras ... Himself - Victim's Neighbor

Season 9, Episode 9: Dirty Secrets Down Under

18 September 2009
Shirley Withers is tried for the murder of her boyfriend, Australian millionaire Peter Shellard, and for later attempting to hire a hitman to murder her two accomplices.

Len Cariou ... Narrator

Dominick Dunne ... Himself - Host
Carol Elaine Cyr ... Shirley Withers (uncredited)

Season 9, Episode 10: Phil Spector

25 September 2009
Music producer Phil Spector goes on trial for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson.

Len Cariou ... Narrator

Jack Mahrt ... Police Officer

Unknown Season

A Deadly Companion

10 February 2009

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