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different series?

Author: loverealfilm
5 February 2007

I'm pretty sure the commentator "siderite" did not watch the same series as I did. K-Grade is not silly, the Japanese w/subs made perfect sense, nobody was "frowning" their way out of trouble, I can't think of how it "borrowed" from other anime, it is nothing like the Ghost in the Shell series, (which I disliked), and there is no copying from that junk. I admit that the first few disks aren't explained for a while, but it all adds up in the end. When it's finished, if you get it, you'll be sitting there in awe and thankful that you experienced it. It is one of the best anime series you'll see, and I've seen too many to count since 1984. Don't listen to that other guy.

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Bizarre By Name! And Bizarre in Nature......But so much Fun!!!

Author: TheAnimeWatcher ( from Nottingham, England
6 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Gonzo, one of the best recent times producers of anime, with the likes of Hellsing and Zaion: I wish you were here, under their belt, bring forward another series containing their second to none ability at creating great characters.

Kiddy Grade is a surprisingly sprightly series that follows the exploits of 2 members of a galactic law enforcement group far off in the future. Éclair and Lumiere are G-Class ES members of the Global Union's Planetary Mediator group, the Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs or the G.O.T.T as the series follows the lives, experiences and various missions of them and their fellow ES members.

Whilst both appear to be young girls, this exterior hides a strange G.O.T.T secret. (ES members re-new their souls in to new bodies, making them much older in mind than in appearance!) Both Éclair and Lumiere possess incredible powers and knowledge beyond their teen years. Using these attributes to solve cases and protect the civilians of the now mass populated Galaxy. With Éclair possessing incredible human strength and agility and her tiny partner being able to control any machine with her mind, they are a fearsome duo in cute wrapping. But the story focuses on Éclair's switching of body and how she looses her mind in the process. She struggles to cope with her troubled total recall and the inner politics with in the huge array of populated planets. Along the way, we are introduced to some wonderfully bright and imaginative characters. Including the mysterious Armblast. An auditor brought in by the G.U to assess the ES members in their day-to-day work. (Or is it something else?? There is more than meets the eye here.)

The series is a wonderfully colourful and imaginative effort. Boasting a memorable array of characters throughout the story. (The ES members are a strange but enjoyable bunch of mismatches, e.g. Un-no and A-no, Viola and Cesario) Which as a whole is this series strength, since the show isn't as spectacular in its animation as the previously mentioned Gonzo shows. All the major characters are a joy to behold with even some of the more serious ES members coming across as interesting and in no way 2 dimensional. (Like Alv and Dverger or Dextera and Sinistra)

For that I have to congratulate Gonzo. They have created a character driven anime that really does make you care about not only the 2 main characters but also the welfare of even the lesser ones. However, Kiddy Grade does have its problems. The script at times is quite horrible. Even laughable. Sometimes leaving you a little embarrassed for the writers. It's not that the content isn't worth listening to, but it is how a few of the lines are presented. Also, there are the plot lines. Which at times, throughout the series tries just too hard to be complex and mysterious. Which instead of leaving you asking some questions, which is always good for a show. This leaves you confused and asking too many questions and ending up just plain puzzled.

With equally strange and quirky (or as I prefer to call them…Japanese!) elements such as continuous crouch shots, misplaced soundtrack music or ES members with nothing but pure odd weapons. E.g. Éclair using a Lipstick whip?? Or Lumiere with exploding wine bottles!! It does add to an overall feel of a series that could be a cult classic like the likes of Bubblegum Crisis/Crash or Dirty Pair.(Fans of those shows will love this!) If the stranger elements can be forgiven that is!

Kiddy Grade is well worth a viewing as an entertainment show. Showing off wonderful characters and some wacky ideas over a serious backdrop of Politics and class struggles. Whilst it doesn't work completely, constantly leaving you thinking there should have been more to this series or that it could have been handled better with more quality and realism, to make it a true classic, it does have huge appeal to younger viewers for it's characters and their bizarre powers. Plus it is a good addition to any anime fan's collection. But it doesn't have mass 'mainstreamed' appeal, the pity here being, that all of the elements for a great show are present. 7/10 Very Good.

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Solid anime series where things aren't always what they appear to be

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
6 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Set in a future where humanity has colonised the galaxy to found the Global Union law and order is maintained by GOTT: Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs. This series is centred on two of their operatives; Éclair and Lumiere, two apparently young girls. They are members of ES a squad consisting of a small number of operatives who have various super human powers. In the opening episodes it looks as if this will be a 'case of the week' series as they tackle various criminals but then things take a fairly drastic change when our protagonists begin to realise the organisation they work for might not be as noble as they thought and we learn that the girls aren't as young as they appear and they have quite a history although Éclair had lost her memory of past events.

When I started watching this I thought it might turn out to be like 'Dirty Pair'; a series I rather enjoyed but it turned out quite different and to my mind a little better. The series can be broken down into four sections; each distinct in tone from the other and each section leaves the viewer questioning some of the things they've seen before… especially the third section if you haven't watched it before. The characters are interesting and well designed; the protagonists also change appearance more than once… it does make sense that they do though. Things were a bit darker than expected but not overly so and the story was fairly gripping; as one episode ended I was keen to find out what happened next. There is some fan service but it is pretty tame compared to many series; one nude scene that I recall… the worst cases are probable the slightly suggestive still frames that appear where the mid-episode advert break would have been. Overall this was a pretty good series; I'd certainly recommend checking it out.

These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.

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Kiddy Grade- one of the silliest...yet surprisingly satisfying shows I've seen in a while

Author: Demented_childxx from United States
28 May 2008

Before I start, yes the show is really called "Kiddy Grade". While the show seems silly by name and at times just plain silly, it should not be underestimated, because the show is surprisingly enjoyable. Basically the main characters are 2 "ES member(basically Galaxy police)" known as E-Claire and Lumiere. E-Claire is a childish acting and young looking woman who wears skimpy outfits and has a knack for funny intros. While Lumiere looks around 10 years old, and is more professional than acting e-Claire. And she is constantly reminding e-Claire to be more "elegant". The chemistry between these 2 characters is wonderful. Their mission? Maintain order and peace in the galaxy.

That's the basic premises of the show. A lot of the first few episodes of the show are basically about watching how these 2 work as a sort of galaxy police, which includes seeing them going on some bizarre missions.. So the beginning of the show is somewhat slow paced but quickly picks up once a certain someone's past begins to catch up to them.

Without giving too much away, let me just say that this is one of the best new anime's I've seen in a quite a while. The characters are charming and funny, the music is epic yet it can be very laid back and have a lighthearted feel, and the action scenes were very good as well. E-Claire's lipstick whip is awesome! The animation was also really good with some NICE special effects.

Overall this is a great anime that gets very emotional and uplifting in the final act. With powerful themes like morals, rebellion, and following your heart. So if you can mind all the obvious fan service in the earlier episodes you should definitely check Kiddy Grade out! Don't let a great show like this pass you by.

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Good series, even if a bit silly

Author: siderite from Romania
23 December 2006

Good animation quality, nice story, very detailed script. I liked the technology a lot, since it is different from what we have now only by its scope, power and simplicity of use. Also, the typical feudal future as seen in a lot of SF writings, seems logical to me, since democracy is only the child of overpopulation.

But it does have its weak points. The Japanese/English soundtrack that makes no sense no matter how you translate it, the silly girlish clothes and behaviours applied to seemingly very old and powerful creatures, the heroic theme (the main characters escape from ridiculously dangerous situations by frowning a little, while "normal" ships and people are destroyed instantly).

All in all, though, it was a nice series, it made me watch it from start to end. It does borrow from a lot of successful animes, but it does it in an almost original way. Also, if they would have made it more serious, people would have accused the makers of copying Ghost in the Shell. Man, I miss that series.

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Great series!!

Author: x_AsUkA_x
24 August 2004

Kiddy Grade is a great series!! It has a great storyline, great characters, and is just a really good series!! This is definitely a series worth getting!!

In Kiddy Grade, Eclair and Lumiere, C Class ES Members of GOTT, have to escape their horrible pasts, and work for Eclipse, the leader of GOTT, along with the other members, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Viola and Cesario, Alv and Dverger, Dextera and Sinistra, and Un-no and A-no. But when one of their jobs goes wrong, they are forced to be on the run, and fight their other teammates. Can they run away from their past, or are they always doomed to repeat it?

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One of the best new anime out today.

Author: Mr850 from Pensacola, Florida
13 January 2005

Summery: After fighting in numerous interstellar wars, mankind forms the Galactic Union to bring stability and to prevent conflicts between different planets. However, disputes between members of the union itself persists. In the Star Century year 0165, the Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs (GOTT) was formed. This organization utilizes the super powered ES task force to maintain order. Eclair and Lumiere are two low-ranking ES members who carry out missions for GOTT. However, as they begin to see more and more of the galaxy, they soon realize that what they know about GOTT, the Galactic Union, and even themselves might not be all there is to it...

This is a great anime series and one on my favorite new anime series. Well lets start with the animation. The animation in the show is great. Everything is drawn very well. Everything in this series is bright and color which goes with the series somewhat playful and carefree tone.

The music. The music isn't Cowboy Bebop quality, but it goes well with this series. It could only go with this series. I like the playful, lighthearted sound of the music in this show.

The story. The story is of Eclair and Lumiere two C Class members of GOTT who find out that their lives past, present and future aren't what they seem.

In short this is a must watch series.

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