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8 Oct. 2002
Depusu supêsu
Titled "Depth/Space", This episode introduces us to a futuristic era and two heroines of that time. Eclair, who's a very beautiful buxom 16 year with waist-length hair who wears a short micro dress. She has super human speed and strength, and her younger partner Lumiere whom has the power to control all electronic devices with her mind. The two are sent on a mission to force an evil space fleet commander to stop his blockade of a planet so they can meditate peace.
Taito baindo
Eclair and Lumiere are assigned, along with two stuck up, heartless, female backup agents who outrank them,, to go to a space prison-ship to interrogate some inmates, but it turns out to be a trap for all 4 ladies.
Purizunâ esukôto
Lumiere and Eclair escort a high profile killer on a military ship commanded by a bitter captain, who resents the 2 young girls assistance, but as deadly emergencies arise, he learn to like and respect them.
Hai supîdo
Eclair is assigned to recover a stolen cyborg part that has been inserted into a woman, giving her superhuman speed. The woman, named Foxy, does not want to give it up, and another cyborg wants them both dead.
Eclair's suppressed memories of her past continue to invade her waking mind.

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