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  • The ghost of Samara Morgan, having been freed from the well by Rachel Keller in The Ring, locates Rachel and Aidan in their new home in Astoria. Samara decides that she wants to live again and have a real mommy who loves her, so she sets out to take over Aidan's body.

  • The Ring Two is the sequel to The Ring (2002) (2002), which was an American remake of the 1998 Japanese horror film, Ringu (1998) (aka Ring), which was based on Ring, a 1991 horror novel by Japanese writer Kôji Suzuki. Ring is the first novel in the four book Ring series, followed by Spiral (Japanese: Rasen) (1995), Loop (Japanese: Rupu) (1998), and The Birthday (1999). However, The Ring Two is not based on any of the previous Japanese sequels to Ring. It is an original storyline continuing from The Ring, written by American screenwriter Ehren Kruger.

  • Yes. Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts) and her son Aidan (David Dorfman) feature prominently in The Ring Two. Samara Morgan is also back, shown in archived footage as Daveigh Chase and in new footage as Kelly Stables.

  • About six months. The events in The Ring took place in December (shown on a calendar), and The Ring Two is set in early summer. Rachel and Aidan have moved from Seattle, Washington to Astoria, Oregon on the south side of the mouth of the Columbia River where it empties into the Pacific Ocean. Rachel now works as a co-editor for The Daily Astorian newspaper.

  • Samara has a strong fear of water because her spirit is trapped at the bottom of a well. There is also the suggestion that Samara's father may have been a water demon of some sort. In many belief systems, such as Shinto, water is seen as a form of purification.

  • After speaking with Evelyn (Sissy Spacek), Samara's birth mother, Rachel returns to Astoria to find that Aidan, his body now possessed by Samara's spirit, has sneaked out of the hospital and returned to the house. Aidan/Samara refuses to sleep, so Rachel makes him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, spiking it with sleeping pills. When he finally dozes off, Rachel drowns him in the bathtub, just long enough to force Samara from his body, and still in enough time to get Aidan to breathe again. But Samara won't take no for an answer and comes back a second time to take over Aidan's body. As she crawls out of the well and walks toward the television screen, Rachel comes between the TV set and Aidan and grabs Samara's arms when they reach out from the TV. Samara pulls Rachel into her TV world, and they both end up at the bottom of the well. Rachel starts to climb out of the well, after noting that the well-cover is always open. Samara follows behind her, but Rachel manages to push Samara back into the well, climb out, and close the cover, trapping Samara forever. Unfortunately, Rachel is now trapped in Samara's TV world, so she follows Aidan's voice to the cliff where Anna Morgan committed suicide. Rachel jumps off the cliff and winds up back on the living room floor with Aidan. In the final scene, Rachel promises Aidan that Samara won't ever be coming back.

  • In the case of The Ring Two the unrated version is worth the money: it runs nearly 18 minutes longer than the theatrical version and features several story extensions that are useful in terms of character drawing but there are also new scenes with shocking elements. Moreover a new score was used in some scenes and new sound effects were implemented to stress the tense atmosphere.


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