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Philadelphia Inquirer
An unusually atmospheric outing. Splatter fans may be disappointed, because Nakata isn't interested in a body count.
Watts is wonderful, and the story's forsaken-child theme still has plenty of horrific power.
The Hollywood Reporter
While nearly every shock comes at predictable moments, there is genuine ingenuity behind many, and the movie is surprisingly fresh for one made by a guy on his third go-round with the same material.
You have to admire Nakata's skill at letting the dead run free while hinting that we may have more to fear from the living. With a braver step in that direction, this middling movie would ring more than box-office bells.
Watts has proven herself a Lady of the Rings, but twice is enough. No burning need for a trilogy.
The charm of The Ring Two, while limited, is real enough; it is based on the film's ability to make absolutely no sense, while nevertheless generating a real enough feeling of tension a good deal of the time.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Watts evokes a classic Hitchcockian virgin-whore duality.
Wall Street Journal
Somewhat sluggish but reasonably scary.
Entertainment Weekly
The scariest thing in the not-scary-enough The Ring Two is the notion that even smart, attractive adults - yikes, even mothers - just never learn, either.
New York Daily News
An uneven story undermines this horror franchise, despite high-quality performances by Naomi Watts and David Dorfman.
Perfunctory, thrill- free sequel.

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