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An extraordinary thriller... The film centers on two remarkable performances, by Gwyneth Paltrow and Hope Davis.
The material is intellectual, but the treatment is not. Proof is a stirring motion picture that challenges our views on a great many things about life, some of which we take for granted. And, by opening up the play, Madden has made it less talky and more cinematic without losing the quintessential elements that made it such a success on stage.
Proof proves undeniably that the intimacy of a stage play can be re-created powerfully on screen.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Once you get past that golden swag and curtain of hair, Paltrow's performance is devastating, cutting to the pith and marrow of parent-child relations. The other actors in this stagebound movie fare less well.
Miami Herald
Very, very faithful to Proof the play.
The Hollywood Reporter
Gwyneth Paltrow is triumphant in this somewhat derivative and overly stage-bound film.
Entertainment Weekly
In Proof, Paltrow plays yet another young woman who is being gnawed at by termites of instability, only this time out, her performance, rather than startling, is merely competent: earnest and overly familiar.
New York Daily News
Who knew a drama about numbers could be so thrilling?
Madden directed Paltrow in the play on the London stage, but he does his "Shakespeare in Love" goddess no favors by filling the screen with big close-ups that betray the theatrical origins of the piece and drain the movie of life and urgency. Proof hasn't been filmed at all -- it's been embalmed.
A goopy Gwyneth Paltrow movie.
Wall Street Journal
I wish I could report the arrival of an impressive movie, but this one, for all its ostensibly big ideas about mathematics and wounded minds, struck me as an elaborate pretext for a synthetic love story.

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