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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When it is announced that Cady is nominated for spring fling queen, applause is heard in the background, but clearly no one in her homeroom is clapping.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Mrs. Norbury sits down at the piano to play the rest of "Jingle Bell Rock", we hear her play before her fingers would be hitting the keys.
When Damian and Janis are watching Friday the 13th Part 2 the audio is not the correct audio for the film. It's the audio from Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood
After the bell rings, Ms. Norbury says, "Lights please. Okay see you guys tomorrow," but her lips don't move.

Character error 

The two Asian girls who fight speak Vietnamese to each other (with an American accent - both actresses are Vietnamese Americans) in the gym scene, but when Gretchen is their friend at the end, Chinese is being spoken. Also, Pak is a Korean name, not Vietnamese or Chinese.
When Cady is being chastised her first day of school, a teacher yells at her in German to sit in her assigned seat, but as Damian reads her schedule as they go to the "back building," he mentions she is taking Spanish, not German.
When the science teacher denies Cady a lavatory pass, the blackboard behind him incorrectly lists "silicone" among a list of elements from the periodic table. The correct element should be silicon, not silicone.
The black and white vase Cady's mom calls her "Ndebele fertility vase" is not typical of Ndebele art. The Ndebele people make fertility dolls, not fertility pots.


After the Junior girls start freaking out and beating each other up over the Burn Book, the principal stops them by pulling a fire alarm and setting off the sprinklers, which drenches everyone. Then he orders them all to the gym immediately. When they get there, everyone is dry.
When Cady breaks her Spring Fling crown to give to the crowd she breaks a half off. There couldn't possibly be enough crown left for her to give the size pieces she gave. There was too little left.
When Regina and Cady are talking on the phone about Gretchen, Regina is eating a donut. At first, she has bitten into the hole of the donut. Later, the inner rim is still intact, and only part of the outside has been eaten.
When Cady enters the room where Janis and Damian are watching Friday the 13th Part 2, Damian screams and throws his bowl of popcorn into the air. When they cut back to him, the bowl is full of popcorn again.
In the beginning when Cady first meets Aaron, her ponytail changes from wavy and low to straight and high.
When Aaron is in Cady's room and Cady stumbles out of her bathroom, she places her cup on top of a stack of CDs. In a later scene, the cup is on her end table.
When The Plastics go to Regina's house for the first time, Karen walks over to the counter to put her bag down twice.
After giving her speech on stage at the prom, when Cady leaves the stage you can see a quick glimpse of the crown, which was broken into pieces before, on top of her head.
When Cady's parents are preparing for her first day of school, her father hands her a brown paper lunch bag. When Cady hugs her mother while her father takes pictures, both hands are empty and the lunch bag has disappeared.
When Cady goes to the prom after winning the Mathletes, she's wearing her medal. When she is on stage accepting her crown, her medal is gone. When she is talking to Aaron, it reappears.
When Regina tosses the copies of the Burn Book on the hall floor, she drops them in smaller clusters. In the next shot, the papers are spread fairly evenly across the hall.
Throughout the first few scenes with Cady and Janis, Janis's earrings change positions on her ear several times.
When the "banished" Cady ultimately eats her lunch in a bathroom stall, the milk carton goes from sealed (its brand facing the camera) to open with straw inserted (brand of milk now not facing camera) when she sits down.
In Regina's room when they're facing the mirror, Karen says "My nail beds suck!" and she's looking at them. In the next shot, her hands are down.
Cady's make-up at the Halloween party is significantly lighter before she meets Janis and Damien later that night. If it were lighter after the party, we could assume it was from crying over Regina's betrayal, but it actually gets darker as the night progresses.
When Cady is walking to school on her first day, a black girl with green combs in her hair walks past Cady without incident. In the very next shot, the same girl bumps into Cady.
As Regina is writing in the Burn Book, the second hoop in M in "met" is close to the middle line. When Regina is putting glue on the back of the photo, the "m" is perfect.
When the principal is introducing Cady to the class, the amount of donuts on the desk changes between shots. In some shots there are two donuts on top of the donut box, and other shots there are no donuts.
When Cady finishes the Mathlete competition, her hair is straight and in a ponytail. When she enters Spring Fling, her hair is down and in curls
Before they are performing at the talent show, Gretchen puts on large amounts of lip-gloss. However, when they perform "Jingle Bell Rock", this appears and disappears.
When Cady scares Damian and Janis with her Halloween costume we see them spill their entire bowl of popcorn out of surprise but in the next scene the bowl is full again.
When all the girls are confessing to their lies in the gym, Ms. Norbury asks, "Who here has been called a slut?". The teacher in the blue shirt raises her hand. When you see her behind Ms. Norbury in the next shot, her hand is down.
When Cady enters her room during the party at her house, she places her cup on a tall stack of CDs. In the next shot, the cup is on a shorter stack of CDs.
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When Cady is watching the action around the fountain, the girl who takes the paper drops it. In the next shot, she's eating it.
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When Regina starts screaming after Cady's party, Shane turns to his right and takes a sip of his drink, like nothing is happening. In the next shot, he has his drink down, and is facing Regina.
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When Cady first sits with the plastics, Regina's hair switches from in front of her shoulder to behind her shoulders when she calls Cady pretty.
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After Aaron breaks up with Regina, and Gretchen and Karen are consoling her, Regina's hair goes from in front of her shoulder to behind it.
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When Regina tells Cady how she loves her bracelet, her hand pulls away. In the next frame it pulls away again.
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When Cady enters the dance after the Mathletes competition, her sleeve is down past her arms and we cannot see her hand. In the next shot, the sleeve is rolled up and her hand is visible.
When Damian leaves Janis at the Spring Fling, and Kevin takes her hand to dance with her, her left hand is off his shoulder in an almost defensive posture. In the next shot, her hand is on his shoulder.
At the party at Cady's house, Aaron is seen walking left across a hallway while Cady goes upstairs. In one of the next shots, he is seen walking across the same hallway, in the same direction.
When Mr Duvall is talking to the girls about their "lady problems" in the gym, his right vest strap moves repeatedly between shots.
When 'The Plastics' and Cady come of the stage from the talent contest, Aaron has his arm around Regina and Cady's shoulders. In the next shot, Aaron only has his arm around Regina.
At the beginning of the "Jingle Bell Rock" scene, Mrs. George gets up twice. The first time is a shot from the stage showing her getting out of her seat to move towards the isle. The very next shot is from behind the audience, showing her again getting up from her seat.
When Karen, Gretchen and Cady are discussing Regina's breakup with Aaron Samuels, Karen has her arms crossed over the table. When she says "I thought she dumped him for Shane Oman," her hand is on her cheek.
Right before Regina asks for Gretchen's phone, Karen is scratching her wrist. In the next shot, she's scratching her cheek.
At the end of Kevin's rap, when the man says, "Thank you Kevin, that's enough," the guy on stage in the green shirt is on Kevin's right. In the next shot, when Kevin says, "Happy holidays, everybody," the guy in the green shirt is on Kevin's left.
When Regina becomes angry and writes the horrible message about herself in the burn book to frame Cady and the others, the handwriting changes between shots.
When Cady is in Health class (after Regina has brought the burn book to the principal's attention) the words "transmitted diseases" changes to "sexually transmitted diseases" and then back again between shots.
When the mathletes are talking after the competition, Cady's hair changes from being behind her back to being on her shoulder between shots.
While Cady is meeting with Karen and Gretchen at the Halloween party, Karen's red cup moves from her left hand to her right, then disappears later.
When Cady is ranting about Ms. Norbury, her hands are on her hips. When Gretchen pulls out the Burn Book, her arms are by her sides. In the next shot, her hands are on her hips again.
After all the girls are sent to the gym, Cady can be seen sitting next to the aisle on the bleachers. Sometimes her foot is in the aisle, and in other scene it is in front of her. However, it is inconsistent.
When Cady enters her homeroom for the first time, Ms. Norbury is wearing brown pants. After Cady bumps into her and helps her pick up the mess, she is wearing black pants.

Errors in geography 

When Aaron walks into Cady's room, he sees a picture of little Cady, in Africa, riding on an Asian elephant.
In the clips from Africa, the dad is shown holding a large Burmese python, native to Southeast Asia.
When Cady and The Plastics are at the mall, you can see a booth for Bell Mobility in the background. Bell Mobility is a Canadian cell phone company that doesn't serve the US.
At the end of the movie Regina is shown playing lacrosse on a school team. The Illinois High School Association does not sponsor lacrosse.
In Chicago, Illinois there is in fact a mall called Old Orchard, but it is a completely outdoors mall. The mall the "Plastics" go to is clearly not outdoors.

Factual errors 

With the type of sprinkler systems used in schools (and most other structures besides chemical plants), it is impossible to activate the sprinklers with a pull station. Only extreme heat will activate a sprinkler head, and only the head affected by the heat will release water. The pull station should activate the fire alarm, but there was no audible fire alarm or visit from the Fire Department.


The senior artist credit is misspelled "SENIOR ARTITST".

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

Cady, Gretchen, and Karen were in Mr. Duvall's office while Regina was passing out stuff in the Burn Book. They were in there because Regina accused them of writing about her in the book, not because they were being accused of passing out the papers. Therefore, whoever passed out the papers would, in fact, remain a mystery.
Mr. Duvall should not have had his hand bandaged for the entire school year. The actor playing Mr. Duvall broke his hand just before shooting began. His scenes were filmed during the weeks his hand was in a cast.
When Cady throws up in front of Aaron and Regina at her party, the sound of a guy saying "ew" is heard. Since it is a guy's voice, it would have to be Aaron saying it, however Aaron's mouth doesn't move. Actually it's more of an "ugh" sound and it doesn't require his lips to move.
At the beginning of the movie when Cady has Ms. Norbury's class with Janis and Damian, it is homeroom. Many schools have homerooms where a student has a teacher they have at another point in the day with different people in the classroom.

Plot holes 

When Janis invites Cady to her art show that weekend, Cady explains that she has to go to Madison with her parents. The next time they are shown at school on a different day, Gretchen confronts Regina about wearing sweatpants on a Monday. The next scene, Gretchen and Karen ask Cady about plans that weekend and she says again that she has to go to Madison with her parents. Because it is Monday, the weekend when she went with her parents to Madison would have already passed.

Revealing mistakes 

When Regina is tossing out the photocopies of the Burn Book, she sticks some to the walls without using tape or anything sticky.
When Regina complains to the principal and tosses copies of the Burn book in the hallway, this is supposedly the day after she discovers the prank where she was convinced to eat high calorie energy bars. Despite gaining weight, she appears as thin as she was before during this scene.
When Cady is imagining attacking Regina, Regina's nails are perfectly manicured before the attack, but when she is seen fighting Cady on the floor her nails are clearly not manicured and her character's leg is suddenly much thicker and manlier (obvious stunt double).

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