Mean Girls (2004) Poster


Plot Keywords

high school clique
secret africa
love teenage girl
mathletes reference to danny devito
histrionic personality disorder fiery redhead
2000s bitch
new girl in town new kid
eating in restroom fart joke
unintended consequences vomit
incestuous desire cousin cousin relationship
weight gain indulgent parent
teacher student sex rumor
cheating trend
musical number betrayal
ex boyfriend ex girlfriend relationship flirting
breast implant nipples visible through clothing
female protagonist kissing
kiss teenage sex
fighting fight
discussion conversation
argument party
lie gossip
cellular phone cell phone
humiliation embarrassment
eating drinking
drink lingerie
underwear school locker
attraction desire
troubled teenage girl jealousy
envy classmate
classroom female teacher
teen angst bad girl
female student student
high school student high school girl
high school boy girl with glasses
boy with glasses man with glasses
woman with glasses high school teacher
adolescent boy teenage boy
split screen telephone call lesbian slur
locker irreverence
reference to the spice girls fictional movie based on self help book
satire teenage girl in underwear
purple bra girl stripped down to bra
bra blue bra
book burning goth girl
mini skirt friends who hate each other
teen movie teacher student relationship
social climber mathematics
manipulation suspected lesbian
gay slur hit by a bus
home school student fish out of water
bully intimidation
bully comeuppance sex ed
principal love triangle
home schooling high school dance
face cream costume party
school bus name calling
good deed gay teenager
halloween christmas
based on book

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