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Fantasia 2017: ‘Super Dark Times’ Review

Kevin Phillips’ feature directorial debut is a knock-out. There’s no other way to put it, really. Comparison is being made by many to Stand By Me, but I think it’s closer to Jacob Estes’ 2004 thriller Mean Creek. To talk about either film, the same spoiler is unavoidable: a bully dies, accidentally, and the rest of the film is how the characters deal with it. Where the two films depart is that fallout and the tone therein. Mean Creek handles how the guilt can consume you, and while Super Dark Times absolutely deals with that, the manifestation of it is drastically different. It’s strange, occasionally comedic, and always intriguing.

Teen friends Josh (Charlie Tahan) and Zach (Owen Campbell) are watching scrambled porn on a tube TV and discussing girls at school. Ahh, the 90’s. As boys do, they ride their bikes to get snacks at a quick stop,
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David Oyelowo joins Blumhouse thriller Only You

  • HeyUGuys
Author: Zehra Phelan

After the box office success of Jordan Peele’s Get Out, Blumhouse is upping the stakes on their next project thriller, Only You, by securing Golden Globe nominated actor David Oyelowo to star and also take a seat in the executive producer’s chair.

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Only You, which is to be written and directed by the man who wrote Paramount’s Rings, Jacob Estes has been reported to be a thriller which includes time travel but as yet no official plot line has been released for the project. Joining Oyelowo in the executive producer spots are Couper Samuelson, Jeanette Volturno and Jay Martin and will see Jason Blum as producer.

Oyelowo who made a star turn as Dr Martin Luther King in Ava DuVernay’s Selma and who was recently seen in Disney’s Queen of Katwe and subsequently A United Kingdom opposite Rosamund Pike,
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David Oyelowo headlining time travel film Only You

Tony Sokol Apr 19, 2017

The next film being overseen by Jason Blum's Blumhouse Productions? Time travel movie Only You...

David Oyelowo signed up to star in the upcoming time-travel thriller Only You. Only You was written and will be directed by Jacob Estes, who made Mean Creek.

Oyelowo, who was nominated for a Golden Globe for his turn as Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. in Ava DuVernay’s Selma, will also executive produce the film along with Selma actor Couper Samuelson, Jeanette Volturno and Jay Martin. Only You is being produced by Jason Blum of Blumhouse. Blumhouse productions recently released Jordan Peele's horror satire Get Out, which made $200 million at the worldwide box office, and M Night Shyalaman's Split.

No details on Only You release date or casting details have been announced.

Oyelowo appeared in A United Kingdom, Queen of Katwe and Five Nights in Maine. will next be
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David Oyelowo Joins Blumhouse’s ‘Only You’

  • The Wrap
David Oyelowo Joins Blumhouse’s ‘Only You’
David Oyelowo has signed on to Blumhouse’s “Only You,” an individual with knowledge of the project told TheWrap. “Mean Creek” writer/director Jacob Estes is directing the movie, which is a thriller involving time travel. The plot itself remains under wraps. Blumhouse honcho Jason Blum is producing, and Oyelowo is attached as an executive producer along with Couper Samuelson, Jeanette Volturno and Jay Martin. Also Read: Jared Kushner Hires Blumhouse PR Chief for White House Role Blumhouse’s latest hits include “Split” and “Get Out,” the latter of which was a hit critically and financially. Other films produced by Blumhouse include “The Visit,
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David Oyelowo Boards Blumhouse’s Jacob Estes Project ‘Only You’

David Oyelowo Boards Blumhouse’s Jacob Estes Project ‘Only You’
Exclusive: On the heels of minting close to a half billion at the global box office from M. Night Shyamalan’s Split and Jordan Peele’s Get Out, Blumhouse is gearing up for Only You, a thriller starring Golden Globe nominee David Oyelowo, and written and to be directed by Mean Creek‘s Jacob Estes. Logline is under wraps, but the film is said to be a thriller involving time travel. Jason Blum of Blumhouse is producing, and Oyelowo is executive producing with Couper…
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Susan Johnson Talks “Carrie Pilby” and Finding Funding for the Female-Led Film

Carrie Pilby”: Tiff

Susan Johnson is an Independent Spirit Award winning filmmaker. “Carrie Pilby” marks her feature directorial debut. After a successful career as a music video director, Johnson has produced 10 independent features including Sundance and Cannes’ favorite “Mean Creek.” She earned an Mfa in Directing at the American Film Institute on a full scholarship. Johnson is a member of the DGA, PGA, and Film Independent.

Carrie Pilby” opens in NY, La, D.C. and Chicago March 31. You can catch it on VOD April 4.

W&H: Describe the film for us in your own words:

Sj: Bel Powley plays Carrie Pilby, a genius who graduated Harvard four years early, now struggling to make sense of a world she sees as inhabited by moral-less, oversexed hypocrites.

W&H: What drew you to this story?

Sj: I love that Carrie is a strong, intelligent, and funny young woman, but completely flawed like the rest of us. Just when she thinks she has it all sorted, reality slaps her in the face.

I can definitely relate to many of Carrie’s views about society and the world, having struggled with some of the same issues she’s dealing with throughout my life, including her quest to be happy.

W&H: What do you want people to think about when they are leaving the theater?

Sj: If we can send people home feeling ever so slightly less judgmental about the people they encounter daily, in person or online, we will have made a successful film. The phrase “you can’t judge a book by its cover” applies to everything and everyone. Nothing is black and white, and everybody is struggling with something. Be kind and take the time to get to know the world around you — and the world far away, for that matter.

W&H: What was the biggest challenge in making the film?

Sj: Funding. It’s always the hardest part of filmmaking. We wanted to make an independent film look big and polished for a fraction of the budget with which my producers were used to working.

Plus, our story is centered on a female protagonist, written by a woman, produced by extremely successful female producers, and helmed by a first-time female feature director making the transition from producing. Getting people to pay attention to us was much harder than it should have been — but don’t get me started about gender equality.

W&H: How did you get your film funded? Share some insights into how you got the film made.

Sj: Initially we did a Kickstarter campaign to raise development money and general awareness for the film. After the campaign, we had a handful of angel investors who enabled us to complete the additional elements needed to help us pitch the project, like casting, a b-roll shoot in NYC, a look-book, a website, etc.

With a great script and a strong cast in place, we found ourselves in the rare position of being able to choose from multiple financing sources.

W&H: What’s the best and worst advice you’ve received?

Sj: The best advice I ever received came from an ex-boyfriend, who is a successful musician but significantly older than me. In a conversation about being an artist, he said, “If you can possibly do anything else, anything at all, do it — because the creative road is going to be long and bumpy and winding, with sharp cliffs and steep mountains. And if you can’t do anything else because your soul won’t let you, you know you are in the right place.”

The worst advice I ever got was from a fellow director, who had been a mentor, actually. When we found ourselves in competition for the same script to direct, he took me aside to advise me that I wasn’t really cut out to be a director, and that I should definitely keep producing. Yep.

W&H: What advice do you have for other female directors?

Sj: Wear blinders. Don’t be myopic. Have a thick skin but don’t lose your sensitivity along the way. And remember, always, that film is a business: be smart and worth the investment.

W&H: Name your favorite woman-directed film and why.

Sj: I’ve been inspired by so many female filmmakers, but “An Angel at My Table” by Jane Campion has stayed with me for years. I find her work to be confident, poetic, accessible, inspiring, and unique.

W&H: Have you seen opportunities for women filmmakers increase over the last year due to the increased attention paid to the issue? If someone asked you what you thought needed to be done to get women more opportunities to direct, what would be your answer?

Sj: I’m thrilled that the chatter has certainly increased in the past year, but this isn’t a new subject, or a new fight. Mary Pickford was a principal partner in creating one of the first motion picture studios and yet, here we are.

I liken this discussion to the current U.S. presidential election — women haven’t even had the vote for 100 years in this country, and the hope is that once we break the gender barrier in the oval office, women around the world will start to be seen in a different light. That said, clearly the answer in the entertainment industry isn’t “more women in positions of power” because women are running some of the largest entertainment companies in the world.

Look, it’s hard to complain about equality in film when women around the world are truly suffering just to stay alive. We live in a crazy world. Inequality sucks. But lets make it about the craft of storytelling. I have zero interest in solely making female empowerment movies. I want to tell stories — about men, about women, about politics, about science, comedies, dramas, and yes, they will all be told from a female perspective, my perspective, and that’s what we need more of — female perspective.

If female storytellers were given equal opportunities, including the opportunity to solely entertain — for example, make blockbusters and franchise films and superhero movies if we should so choose — the world would be a significantly better place. Right now we’re not really even in the game.

Success begets opportunity. Women aren’t going to be allowed to make as many mistakes as men, ever, but each successful female-helmed project opens the door just a little wider for the rest of us.

Susan Johnson Talks “Carrie Pilby” and Finding Funding for the Female-Led Film was originally published in Women and Hollywood on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
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[Podcast] We Need To Talk About Horror Episode 4: The Belko Experiment & Horror Brackets!

In this episode: Mike, Jeremy, Joseph and Andy talk about Mean Creek, I Don’T Feel At Home In This World Anymore, Riverdale and more…

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Show Notes:

00:03:43 – What We’ve Been Watching

00:38:48 – R.I.P. Lemay Video in St. Louis

00:50:05 – Jeremy chimes in on the novel that was adapted into Deadly Friend, The Funhouse adaptation by Dean Koontz, Blood Mist and Horrorstor

00:53:30 – Ridley Scott wants Four More Alien Movies and some idiot things Life is a prequel to the upcoming Venom movie

00:57:40 – Spoiler-free talk about The Belko Experiment

01:05:37 – Listener submitted questions/topics

01:11:58 – Mike’s torturous Horror Movie Bracket returns

01:36:23 – Killer Tunes #1 – 1-800-suicide by Gravediggaz from the Tales From The Crypt Presents: Demon Knight Soundtrack (picked by Mike)

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Movie Review – Blood Brothers (2015)

Blood Brothers, 2015.

Directed by Jose Prendes.

Starring: Graham Denman, Hannah Levien, Krystal Beyer and Barbara Crampton.


Based on the Leopold and Leob murders, Blood Brothers closely follows the fictional relationship these psychopathic men have with those that encounter them, exploring their obsessions, vanity and arrogance in their pursuit for performing the ‘perfect murder crime.’

A bold, albeit slightly inconsistent look at the story of Leopold and Leob, Prendes’ efforts to evoke a stylised psychoanalytical insight into the lives of these disturbed individuals falls short of the expectations that arise in the first 10 minutes of the film. Despite possessing a strong writing style, Blood Brothers ultimately exposes its weakness in its editing and acting. Using imposed imagery that lies on top of the central action and actors that over play their characters to comic effect, subtracts more from the narrative than adding any directorial style. Blood Brothers without a doubt
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Doc NYC: Five Questions for City of Joy Director Madeleine Gavin

World premiering last night at Doc NYC, City of Joy tells the story of a center for young women in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo dedicated to helping them overcome the aftermath of rape, abuse and traumatic violence. Directed by Madeleine Gavin, well known in the independent film world for editing films like Mean Creek, Meadowland and, most recently, Nerve, the film documents the relationship between the center’s three founders — Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. Denis Mukwege, a Congo doctor; The Vagina Monologues playwright and actress Eve Ensler; and Congolese human rights activist Christine Schuler-Deschryver — while also […]
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Watch Chilling Short Film The Chaplain

It was back in 2014 that we wroted about director Jeremy Breslau's striking short film 1982 and now Breslau is back with an euqally strong piece of work. Bailey Chase (Batman v Superman), Hayley McFarland (The Conjuring) and Trevor Morgan (Mean Creek) star in The Chaplain, the dark tale of a former army chaplain trying to free his daughter from her occultist boyfriend. And possibly something else. It's a solid, solid piece of work and with the filmmakers opting to forgo the festival circuit entirely and instead bring it straight to audiences online you can watch it in its entirety below right now!...

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‘Seoul Searching’ Exclusive Clip: Korean Teens Attend Summer Camp To Reconnect With Their Roots

‘Seoul Searching’ Exclusive Clip: Korean Teens Attend Summer Camp To Reconnect With Their Roots
Seoul Searching” follows a group of Korean teenagers in 1986 who travel to South Korea to participate in a government-sponsored program to help reconnect them with their roots. They’ve come from all over the world, from the United States to Hamburg, to party hardy in their homeland, flirting and drinking the nights away. However, the teens also learn a little bit about their ancestors’ struggles, and slowly come to terms with their own issues at home and abroad as well. Watch an exclusive clip from the film featuring Sid (Justin Chon) and Grace (Jessika Van) share a sweet moment in front of a Buddha statue.

Read More: Meet the 2015 Sundance Filmmakers #69: ‘Seoul Searching’ is the Angsty ’80s Korean Teen Dramedy You Never Realized You Wanted

Seoul Searching” is written and directed by Benson Lee based on his own experiences as a teenager. His previous credits include “Planet B-Boy,” a documentary about the history of breakdancing and its global resurgence, and “Battle of the Year,” a 3D dance film based on “Planet B-Boy” starring Josh Holloway (“Lost”), Chris Brown (“Think Like a Man”), and Josh Peck (“Mean Creek”). The film is also executive produced by Ken Jeong, best known for his role on Dan Harmon’s sitcom “Community” as well as his appearances in “The Hangover” movies. “Seoul Searching” stars Justin Chon (“21 and Over”), Jessika Van (“The Gambler”), In-Pyo Cha (“Crossing”), Teo Yoo (“Day Night Day Night”), and more.

Seoul Searching” premiered at last year’s Sundance Film Festival. It opens in New York City on June 17th and in Los Angeles on June 24th.

Read More: The Biggest Challenges the 2015 Sundance Filmmakers Faced

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Competition: Win horror ‘Intruders’ on Blu-ray

To celebrate the release of Intruders – available on Blu-ray, DVD & Download 6th June – we are giving away a copy on Blu-ray.

From the producer of Insidious comes Intruders – an original, claustrophobic and utterly terrifying invasion movie for the next generation! Masterfully shot and with gripping performances from Martin Starr (This Is The End, Superbad) and Rory Culkin (Signs, Mean Creek), this is an invasion movie like you’ve never seen before!

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DVD & Blu-ray:


To win Intruders on Blu-ray, just answer the following question:

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a) The Flash

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Giveaway – Win Intruders on Blu-ray

To celebrate the release of Intruders – available on Blu-ray, DVD & Download 6th June – we are giving away a copy on Blu-ray.

From the producer of Insidious comes Intruders – an original, claustrophobic and utterly terrifying invasion movie for the next generation!

Masterfully shot and with gripping performances from Martin Starr (This Is The End, Superbad) and Rory Culkin (Signs, Mean Creek), this is an invasion movie like you’ve never seen before!

Order today on DVD & Blu-ray and Digital.

The competition closes at midnight on Sunday, June 5th. UK readers only please. To enter, use one of the following methods…

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By entering this competition you agree to our terms and conditions, which you can read here.
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'The Ring' Sequel 'Rings' Gets a New Halloween Release Date

'The Ring' Sequel 'Rings' Gets a New Halloween Release Date
The ever-changing release date saga of Paramount's Rings has added yet another chapter, with the studio pushing the horror sequel back once again, although this change may be for the best. Deadline reports that the studio has pushed Rings from April 1 to the horror-friendly date of October 28. The studio also moved up Richard Linklater's comedy Everybody Wants Some from April 15 up to April 1.

Rings was originally set up as a sequel to 2002's The Ring and 2005's The Ring Two, but it kept getting delayed for several years. In 2010, David Loucka came on board to write the script, when the project was being envisioned as a 3D thriller. F. Javier Guti&#233rrez came aboard to direct in 2014, and casting started early last year, when Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz came aboard, and the project was re-titled Rings. The studio originally gave the project a March 13, 2015 release date in 2013, which was pushed to November 13, 2015 release date,
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'The Ring' Sequel 'Rings' Gets Delayed Until 2016

'The Ring' Sequel 'Rings' Gets Delayed Until 2016
With just a month and a half until its November 13 release date, Paramount Pictures has pushed its upcoming thriller Rings, a sequel to The Ring, to 2016. Variety reports that the movie will likely open sometime in the first quarter of 2016, although a specific release date was not given at this time. The move comes just weeks after the studio slotted release dates for potential Oscar candidates The Big Short, opening in wide release on December 11, and Anomalisa, which was given an awards-qualifying run in limited release on December 30.

Rings was originally scheduled to open against Warner Bros.' true story drama The 33, Universal Pictures' By the Sea, CBS Films' Love the Coopers and Clarius Entertainment's My All American. Aside from that competitive opening weekend, the horror movie would also have to contend with a number of highly-anticipated movies in the weeks that followed, such as The Hunger Games
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Interview with Jeff Lemire and Emi Lenox of ‘Plutona’

Set to release on Sept. 2 from Image Comics is Jeff Lemire and Emi Lenox’s Plutona, a miniseries about a rag-tag group of five kids who bump into the dead body of a famous superhero.

“The book isn’t so much about the superhero as it is the kids who find her. It’s about how this discovery, and the decision they make, starts to affect their lives and their friendship,” said writer Lemire via email interview. “It’s a very grounded story told from these kids’ point of view.”

Lemire isn’t new to superheroes, stories focused on kids, or original creator-owned work. He has worked on books like Animal Man and Justice League United for DC Comics, Sweet Tooth for DC Comics’ Vertigo line, and Descender, an ongoing comic for Image Comics that was picked up by Sony for an upcoming film adaptation.

Lenox is best known for
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9 Reasons Teen Wolf's Ryan Kelley Should Be on Your Radar

  • Popsugar
9 Reasons Teen Wolf's Ryan Kelley Should Be on Your Radar
Teen Wolf's Ryan Kelley has one seriously entertaining Instagram account. Fans of the show know him as Deputy Jordan Parrish, but Ryan has been in the Hollywood spotlight for years. In the early 2000s, the 28-year-old actor appeared on Smallville and in movies like Mean Creek, later starring in Prayers For Bobby and Ben10: Alien Swarm. Nowadays, he's winning over fans with his role on MTV's Teen Wolf - and with his funny, charming social media posts. Keep reading to see some of Ryan's best snaps and find out why he should be on your radar, then check out pictures of the Teen Wolf cast that'll give you pack envy.
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Say What You Will About the Academy - But Some Cool International Names Among 2015 New Member Invitees

Academy invitee Eddie Redmayne in 'The Theory of Everything.' Academy invites 322 new members: 'More diverse and inclusive list of filmmakers and artists than ever before' The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has offered membership to 322 individuals "who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to theatrical motion pictures." According to the Academy's press release, "those who accept the invitations will be the only additions to the Academy's membership in 2015." In case all 322 potential new members say an enthusiastic Yes, that means an injection of new blood representing about 5 percent of the Academy's current membership. In the words of Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs (as quoted in the press release), in 2015 "our branches have recognized a more diverse and inclusive list of filmmakers and artists than ever before, and we look forward to adding their creativity, ideas and experience to our organization." In recent years, the Academy membership has
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Oscar News: 322 Invited To Join; The Academy Museum Receives Approval

©Renzo Piano Building Workshop/©Studio Pali Fekete architects/©A.M.P.A.S.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced this week that the Los Angeles City Council, in a unanimous vote, approved plans for the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. Construction will begin this summer, and ceremonial groundbreaking festivities will occur this fall.

“I am thrilled that Los Angeles is gaining another architectural and cultural icon,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti. “My office of economic development has worked directly with the museum’s development team to ensure that the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will create jobs, support tourism, and pay homage to the industry that helped define our identity as the creative capital of the world.”

“We are grateful to our incredible community of supporters who have helped make this museum a reality,” said Dawn Hudson, the Academy’s CEO. “Building this museum has been an Academy
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Benedict Cumberbatch, Kevin Hart, Emma Stone and 319 others invited to vote for Oscar

  • Hitfix
Benedict Cumberbatch, Kevin Hart, Emma Stone and 319 others invited to vote for Oscar
Strangely dropping a press release on a historic day where the nation's attention is elsewhere, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences revealed their annual list of new member invitees this morning. For those who criticize the makeup of the Academy there was some good news and the stark realization the organization still has a long way to go. The Academy has spent the last eight to 10 years attempting to diversify its membership and this year's class mostly reflects that. There are significantly more invitees of Asian and African-American descent, but the male to female disparity is still depressing. Out of the 25 potential new members of the Actor's Branch only seven are women. And, no, there isn't really an acceptable way for the Academy to spin that sad fact. Additionally, It's important to realize the 322 people noted in the release have only been invited to join Hollywood's most exclusive club.
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