Ladies in Lavender (2004) Poster

Plot Keywords

beach suspicion
russian polish
garden boat
violinist village
storm foreigner
cottage cornwall
1930s slow motion
world war one widow
whiskey and soda wading in water
violin urination
underwater scene umbrella
tuxedo toilet
telephone call telegram
tea tailor
swimsuit swimming
stretcher spinster
song sixty something
singing singer
sibling rivalry shipwrecked
shaving secret
seaweed seashell
seagull sea storm
schnapps rain
radio broadcast pre world war two
potato post world war one
porridge policeman
picnic piano
piano player photograph
pastie pajamas
painting painter
orchestra older woman younger man relationship
old woman old man
naivety musician
motorcycle mailman
magpie loneliness
london england lock of hair
listening to a radio letter
knitting kelp
infatuation housekeeper
horse and wagon hangover
guest gramophone
german language gardening
food flower
flirting flirtation
flashback fish
fisherman fiddle
fear farming
farmer espionage
eel eavesdropping
easel drunkenness
drink drinking
dream dancing
dance dancer
crying crutches
cranking car cow
cornish village cook
competition cocoa
cliff cigarette smoking
christian celebration
cattle burning a letter
brother sister relationship broken tea cup
broken ankle breakfast
brandy bowling
bicycle bicycle bell
beer beating a rug
band apology
plant in title color in title
watching someone sleep washed ashore
title ends with period tears
rivalry radio
pub nursing someone back to health
jealousy dominoes
constable concert
clothes haircut
unrequited love sister sister relationship
polish jew language barrier
doctor based on short story

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