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Philadelphia Inquirer
A wistful little thing about regret, jealousy and love.
Dance's directorial debut isn't exciting, but it's deeply felt and engagingly acted. Why doesn't he take more advantage of the story's opportunities for fine music, though?
Charlotte Observer
The unspoken heroes of the project are cinematographer Peter Biziou, who finds all the beauty in Cornwall's landscapes, and U.S. violinist Joshua Bell, who extracts beauty without schmaltz from every violin solo.
The Hollywood Reporter
It is to Dance's considerable credit that he never lets the filmmaking overtake the understated storytelling.
Entertainment Weekly
His (Charles Dance) cinematic style mixes the scent of mothballs with that of the lavender in which these ladies are preserved.
New York Daily News
Ultimately, Dance is unable to connect the many threads of his rather flimsy script, leading to an abrupt and somewhat unsatisfying conclusion. But the journey is worth taking, thanks to the company of its stars.
Miami Herald
Doesn't stretch beyond the typical, period drama the Brits do so well. It is no more than a warm cup of tea on a chilly afternoon. The reward comes in seeing these two great actresses at work.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
May be a slight film, but watching the Dames work in harmony in beautiful nuanced performances is a rich and fully satisfying reward.
The material obviously had to be stretched to fill the big screen for almost two hours.
Perfectly sweet and civilized.
New York Post
Well-acted but a bit creaky.

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