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The mysterious and eccentric Elliott (Giovanni Ribisi, foreground) insists that he is the only hope for a group of passengers of a downed plane, including (left to right) Ian (Hugh Laurie), Towns (Dennis Quaid), AJ (Tyrese Gibson), Rady (Kevork Malikyan), Sammi (Jacob Vargas), Kelly (Miranda Otto), Liddle (Scott Michael Campbell) and Jeremy (Kirk Jones). Towns (Dennis Quaid) and Kelly (Miranda Otto) try to make sense out of their dire predicament. With his downed plane looming ominously in the background, Towns (Dennis Quaid) searches for a missing passenger.The Mongolian desert and weather wreak havoc on the survivors of a crashed plane, (L - R) Dennis Quaid as Towns, Giovanni Ribisi as Elliott, Kevork Malikyan, Miranda Otto, Scott Michael Campbell, Jacob Vargas, and Hugh Laurie.Emotions and tensions run high for passengers of a downed plane lost in the desert, including, left to right: Tony Curran as Rodney, Miranda Otto as Kelly, and Dennis Quaid as Towns. The surviving passengers of a downed plane lost in the Mongolian desert struggle for their most precious commodity: water. Pictured, left to right are: Scott Michael Campbell as Liddle, Tyrese Gibson as AJ, Miranda Otto as Kelly, Dennis Quaid as Towns, Tony Curran as Rodney, Kirk Jones as Jeremy, and Hugh Laurie as Ian.Jeremy (Kirk Jones, left) and Rodney (Tony Curran) take a quick break from the rigors of their life-and-death struggle.Lost in a desert wasteland, AJ (Tyrese Gibson, left) and Jeremy (Kirk Jones) plan their next move.The passengers of a downed aircraft make heroic efforts to build a new plane from the wreckage of the old.The survivors of a downed aircraft pull together to build a new plane out of the wreckage of the old one. (L to R) Jacob Vargas, Giovanni Ribisi, Miranda Otto, Hugh Laurie, Scott Michael Campbell, Kevork Malikyan, Dennis Quaid, Tyrese Gibson, Kirk Jones and Tony Curran. AJ (Tyrese Gibson, left) and Towns (Dennis Quaid) have strong reactions to a problem in the building of the Phoenix.Flight of the Phoenix (2004)Flight of the Phoenix (2004)Flight of the Phoenix (2004)Flight of the Phoenix (2004)The Flight of the Phoenix (1965)Flight of the Phoenix (2004)Flight of the Phoenix (2004)Flight of the Phoenix (2004)Flight of the Phoenix (2004)Flight of the Phoenix (2004)Behind Enemy Lines (2001)The Day After Tomorrow (2004)Flight of the Phoenix (2004)Flight of the Phoenix (2004)
25 photos


Survivors of a plane crash in the Mongolian desert work together to build a new plane.

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