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  • Late-night radio host Dale Sweeney's usual line up of odd-ball, conspiracy-obsessed callers is interrupted by a panicked phone call in an indecipherable language. When FBI agents arrive investigating the call, Dale enlists his friends help to uncover what he hopes is the amazing identity of this first time caller.


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  • David Alan Basche (Carry Me Home, crazylove) stars in I'll Believe You, as Dale Sweeney, the radio host of an immensely unpopular late-night talk program on the AM dial. The only listeners whom Sweeney ever manages to drum up are nutty, half-zonked small-town denizens who want to discuss UFO sightings on the airwaves. Just prior to the final broadcast, with the program in arm's length of cancellation, Sweeney receives a strange phone call from an individual who speaks anxiously in an unintelligible language. The next morning, two federal agents turn up to question Sweeney, demonstrating heightened interest in one of the latest UFO sightings. Dale thus concludes that the caller was in fact an extraterrestrial, lost in his small town. He decides to report on the happenings during his broadcasts (which quadruples his audience size) and then bandies the locals into a collective search for the alien. Paul Francis Sullivan directs. [D-Man2010]

    Dale Sweeney hosts an AM radio show about conspiracy theories and the paranormal, so it's only natural that his listeners aren't exactly average. But when a strange call in an unknown language lands on the air, it's up to Dale and his listeners to discover what's going on. I'LL BELIEVE YOU features a number of comedy all-stars: Patrick Warburton, Fred Willard, Chris Elliot, Ed Helms, Mo Rocca, and Siobhan Fallon Hogan [D-Man2010]

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