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Colby Park16 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The final arc in the X-Men franchise has finally landed. Let me start this review by saying that X2 was and is a hard act to follow. In my humble opinion, it might be the best comic book movie ever made. Even Bryan Singer would have had a hell of a time topping that bad boy. So does X-Men 3 live up to the hype? The short answer is, of course, no. There are some extremely fundamental problems with this film's script which should have been addressed long before one bit of celluloid started to roll.

The story opens with flashbacks of a young Jean being recruited to the school by a young Xavier and Magneto. This scene lulled me into a feeling that maybe this would be an awesome movie. The next scene, a young Warren Worthington trying in vain to slice off his wings, also works well. However, when his character amounts to little more than a glorified cameo, this scene becomes completely pointless. We're led to believe that this is a character we should care for, and then he gets tossed out almost immediately. After the set up we are thrust into the meat of the story. The X-Men are still reeling from Jean Grey's sacrifice in X2 and are training a new group of muties to fill out the leather uniforms. We get to see precious little of them working as a team, however. I thought the point of a team story was to show how they interact? Apparently, along with Halle Berry's upgraded role came the stipulation that she can only share the screen with one mutant at a time. Since most people are familiar with the plot line here's a super-short rundown. Magneto and X-Men clash and a small war breaks out. There's a mutant cure and a few members die. Boredom ensues. I've never felt so utterly detached from a movie. It could have to do with the overdone musical score, terrible dialog, or countless errors and goofs. It's a movie that utterly ruins a perfectly viable franchise. I felt pained after watching this.

WHAT WORKED- Multiple Man! This guy had like two minutes of total screen time, but he ruled both of them. He's a cocky, sarcastic mutant who is literally his own best friend. I learned more about him in two lines than I did from Storm in three movies. - Iceman/Pyro. I've always loved the way these two interact, from the first hint of rivalry in X-Men to the museum scene in X2. My only complaint was that there is no real resolution. Iceman head-butts Pyro, end of story. The entire fight was in the trailer. If there had just been a few more seconds of dialog, or perhaps a Pyro death scene, this would have been perfect. - Beast (sometimes.) Kelsey Grammar did a fine job. I dug his look and overall approach to Beast. The scene in which he meets Leech is very well done. -Fastball Special. Any comic geek will tell you that this is a classic comic book moment which is a joy to see in action.

WHAT DIDN'T WORK-Halle Berry. We get it, you're a star. Get over yourself and share the stage with someone else. Miss Berry may be an Oscar winner, but she also did Catwoman. In my opinion, two movies with storm was enough, kick her ass out and bring back... -Cyclops. Hey, here's an idea! Let's take the X-Men team leader and emotional anchor of the phoenix storyline and kill him off in ten minutes so storm can do more. Yeah, that worked real well. If his death had served a purpose I wouldn't have minded. But it seemed to me that they were killing him off just to punish James Marsden for doing Superman Returns. -Juggernaut, Bitch! Wow, talk about misused. juggernaut is a cool character and I love Vinnie Jones, but that is quite a miscast part. And he spends most of the movie looking mad and making stupid one-liners. And his big finish? Hitting his head on a wall! -Beast (Mostly.) The hook for Beast in the movie is that he's conflicted. When he first sees what Leech is capable of there is a beautiful moment where we can see his conflict. Then, like nothing has happened, he makes his choice and stands with the X-Men. That was wrapped up way too easily.

ERRORS/PLOT HOLES -In X2 the phoenix entity was fiery and red when Jean accessed it. In this one she just turns dead looking...how's that work? - The X-Men fly from New York to San Fransisco very quickly. This is, I guess, plausible because they have a super-sonic blackbird jet. However, Angel shows up in the thick of the fight as well. We can assume he wasn't on the jet because they didn't show him. Are we to believe that with his little feather wings he can fly the same speed as the blackbird? - Magneto is shown playing chess all by his lonesome in the park at the conclusion of the movie. This plot hole was so huge I didn't even pick up on it at first. Shouldn't he be, like, IN JAIL!? They spend half the movie looking for him, then when the entire U.S. army is only feet away from him, and he loses his power, he is somehow able to slip away? **Here's the grand-daddy plot hole of them all** -Jean has such a powerful mutation that she cannot control it. She claims the only way to stop her is to die, as she is constantly begging Logan for death. However, her power is a result of mutation and in the movie they have rendered a cure for that. You see where I'm going with this? Why don't you geniuses just cure her? That is the epitome of crappy writing. How a plot hole that big even made it into a second draft of the script is mind boggling.
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Just BAD
Frankie_Wilde21 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This contains spoilers, but nevermind since the movie is bad and you shouldn't go see it.

There were two good things about X-Men III. First, we arrived a bit late so I actually missed all the advertisements. Second, at one point in the movie they show a family trapped in a car in front of Magneto and his army of mutants, and the woman actually locks the car thinking it's going to make a difference. That would have made me smile if I hadn't been busy listing the best ways to kill the movie director at that point.

I don't even know where to start, so I'll begin with how Brett Ratner deals with the characters. Cyclops is killed. Professor Xavier is killed. Jean Grey is killed. Mystique is now a human. Rogue is now a human. Magneto is now a human (although a little doubt remains, see "the worst ending sequence in the history of mankind" paragraph). Now you may be wondering "who the hell remains except for Wolverine and Storm" (you may also be wondering why Ratner is still living)? Well, Director Stupid introduced a new group of totally uninteresting mutants, with absolutely no personality. Juggernaut and Multiple Man agree to join Magneto not knowing who he is or wtf he is planning to do. Kitty Pride looks like she's twelve, Angel is apparently only in the movie for advertisement purposes (he has almost as much screen time as in the trailer), Callisto is the needed 'ghetto' black character (seriously, listen to how she speaks... or don't, actually don't), there was even some emo/Gothic girl, I'm still trying to figure why Magneto didn't slap her for getting that haircut. Beast first appears as a scholar then fights with the other X-Men at the end, not much to say about him. Wait, there's not much to say about any of those characters except "die in a fire".

That brings us to the actual plot and storyline. When a sad Cyclops tells Wolverine "Not everyone heals as fast as you do", I knew this movie was going to suck. I can easily imagine the writers patting each other in the back for three hours after finding that line. Way to go, too bad everyone in the audience almost puked when he said that. Anyway, Cyclops dies like a punk less than twenty minutes into the movie, and guess what we don't even see his death. Apparently they felt they were going the right way since the script just keeps getting worse. I guess they tried to bring in as many things from the comics as possible and mix them, but instead of actually developing each element they rushed the movie (it's one hour forty minutes long), which ruined everything. Rogue taking the cure is not exploited enough, Jean turning into the Phoenix is a big joke, she just stands there doing nothing after Magneto recruits her. She eventually decides to annihilate the universe at the end, which is a pathetic excuse for a thirty-seconds FX sequence. When she asks Wolverine "Are you willing to die for them?", he answers "I'm willing to die for you". Any writer that comes up with such a line should be shot dead. No trial, just shot. Don't even get me started on Xavier's death or the fact that there are no flames around the Phoenix (Jane), they couldn't even get the stupid flames right. What the hell does she do anyway? Make confettis? Can her power look any less impressive? "Oh no, she's making confettis, nevermind that Magneto just made the Golden Gate Bridge levitate and let's RUN FOR OUR LIVES!!". The only good thing about her is that she killed the emo/Gothic guy.

Pyro is a stupid arrogant kid, who keeps acting tough because he can throw flames. Wow, you were born with your power and you can actually use it, that's like bragging about knowing how to walk. Get a job elsewhere than in a circus and I might be impressed. He can't even use his power properly, I mean he ignites cars thrown by Magneto. Maybe next time you could actually think of, I don't know, throwing fire AT YOUR ENEMIES and not at stupid flying cars? Everything is so rushed that you stop caring anyway.

The worst ending sequence in the history of mankind:

The ending sequence features Magneto sitting at a chess table in a park. Now Magneto only started a mutant vs human war, ruined the Golden Gate Bridge, launched an attack on the Alcatraz Island that resulted in the complete destruction of the place and the death of dozens of soldiers, you'd think he'd maybe get a little prison time. But no, apparently everyone is happy in stupid land, they all kissed and hugged and he's forgiven. But that's not the worst thing, we also actually see Magneto move a chess piece without touching it, meaning that his power is not completely gone, meaning that EVERYTHING IS MAYBE NOT OVER! Arggghhhh, stop it already! It was announced that this would be the last X-Men movie (and believe me, it's for the greater good), end it like a man and don't imply something else might happen. Magneto is free and his power is not completely gone. WTF has changed since the beginning of the movie except that the X-Men have lost so many members that they have to fight with twelve-year-olds and Magneto doesn't have stupid Pyro following him anymore? The credits come up directly after we see the piece moving, with a sound supposed to make you go "wow!". Well I did go "wow!", and by "wow!" I mean "let's hunt Ratner down and send him to the one place where he belongs", which is the nearest black hole. X-Men 3 is terrible, don't go see it.
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How to ruin a trilogy.
yesfan-125 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers

Last night I went to watch the German premiere of what I hoped would be the triumphant finale in the X-Men trilogy. I had purposefully ignored all early reviews and news about the film, I didn't even know that Bryan Singer had left the project - believe me, after ten minutes of the movie, I knew he had.

I won't bother to go into the story here, as in fact, there are almost five or six story lines from the comics collapsed into this movie, none of them working at all. It almost seems as if three different movies had been made and then just cut together. Jean Grey as Phoenix is so badly developed that it amounts to an insult to any fan of the comic book. During the final battle she just stands around in the background for -literally- twenty minutes until she decides to annihilate San Francisco, obviously for the sole purpose of creating a "cool" FX sequence. To see just how much the production team obviously disrespects the intelligence of the audience, watch how day turns to night from one shot to another after Magneto moves the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz. My jaw dropped at witnessing such a massive continuity error.

Brett Ratner obviously has no love or respect whatsoever for the comics or even the previous films, as is displayed by the following creative disasters that riddle this movie:

  • Nightcrawler, who was a visually entrancing and emotionally interesting character in the last installment has mysteriously disappeared from the X-Men...

  • Rattner introduces new Mutants left right and center without developing their character or even their motivation one bit - something Singer paid great attention to. The best example is the prison breakout, where Magneto frees Multiple Man and the Juggernaut, both of whom agree to join his cause without even knowing who he is or what his cause is.

  • The costume design of the Juggernaut is indescribably ridiculous and makes every scene featuring him unintentionally funny. Think Hercules meets the Flintstones.

  • Gone is the subtle, inventive dialog from parts 1 and 2. It is replaced by clichéd phrases that are delivered by a visibly unmotivated cast, Hugh Jackman being the best example, a mere shadow of himself. For every funny one-liner in this movie, there are at least ten that will make you wince.

  • Cyclops is killed off like a character from a bad soap opera in the first ten minutes of the movie. It is inexcusable to remove such a vital character in such a disrespectful manner and I feel sorry for James Marsden for having to go out on a whimper like he did.

The list goes on and on.

This movie is the sudden demise of what Brian Singer turned into one of the great franchises and I can only imagine how he must feel at seeing what the producers are willing to do for a quick buck.

Anybody who liked the first two movies, likes the comic book, or has any respect for decent film-making - I ask you to save your ten bucks and not hand it to the makers of what is a failure of character and creativity in every respect.

Thanks for reading.
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The best and the worst of the trilogy
james-178019 June 2006
X men 3: The best and the worst of the trilogy. The film begins better than the others with a lot of potential and a strong emotional charge, which leads you to believe that the second act will be nail bitingly intriguing and the finale explosive. But as the dreadful storyline, which deviates from the cartoon and comic immensely, unfolds, we are left as bewildered and unsatisfied as a diner who has been able to smell the gourmet meal from the kitchen, but is served 'Jellied eels and a pint'.

I feel that Ratner was a little out of his genre on this one. There was no real character development for any of our mutant heroes, who seemed to just pop in and out of the story whenever a fight scene was to commence, to the point where some of our favourite X men were just cameos. And hardly any of the social, humanitarian issues, which are paramount to the concept of the X men, are delved into.

Jean Grey is found alive, though neither she nor Professor X are able to control her extraordinarily powerful alter ego, The Phoenix. The obvious opportunity doesn't escape Magneto's attention who steps in to make The Phoenix the newest addition to his mutant militants. The government have concocted a 'cure' for the mutant gene and now with The Phoenix on his side, Magneto and his cohorts endeavour to destroy this so called cure, which he believes the government are using to wipe out mutants everywhere. Wolverine defiantly goes after The Phoenix to rescue Jean from her dominance. All the conflicting factors come to a head when Magneto unleashes his evil forces on the government establishment holding the 'cure'. The X men regroup and set out to thwart Magneto. An all out action packed rumble between the military, Magneto's mutants and the X men set up the final showdown.

If you are not a die hard fan of the comic or cartoon you may enjoy certain plot twists, the variety of new and exciting mutants and some of the excellent action scenes, but will feel let down by the anti-climatic ending; overall for a non-fan it's a good watch. For a true fan of the X men, you will be bitterly disappointed at the fact that the film makes no attempt to stay true to its origin. (The opposite being one of the reasons why Spiderman is such a success). This, supposed last, of the X men films substitutes the amazing storyline of morals, ethics and action which Stan Lee weaved together, for a incoherent, unfulfilling sequence of events which would raise bile to the throat of anyone who actually read more than two of the comics or watched any of the cartoons. Also Jugernaught is as bad as he looks! Best scene: When Wolverine is being chased through the woods by a mutant who can produce wooden dangers from his body and throw them with acute accuracy.

Should have been called 'The Y Men', as nothing about this film resembles our comic book heroes, and nobody knows why.
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Terrible Let Down of the Year
xmanconti23 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I just left a sneak preview for this movie and I could not be more disappointed. The only people that will enjoy this film are the ones that know absolutely nothing about the X-Men. Shame on Avi Arad and Lauren Shuler Donner for allowing this terrible representation to be completed and released. After watching the first two X-Men films, I was positive this would be amazing, mind-blowing, and above and beyond any fan's expectations. Instead it did not even try to meet those expectations. Please do not continue to read if you do not want to read about details of the film.

There is one redeeming quality for this movie: Storm is actually powerful. Took them long enough to use her character properly.

I don't know whose idea it was to try and cram everything they possibly could into one film, but it really should have been reconsidered. The Danger Room finally appears, but only for a few minutes and there is no mention of its name, or purpose. In this scene a Sentinel is destroyed, but again no mention of why they are fighting a giant robot, or what it is called.

Next, the entire Phoenix story should have been ignored for this film. Jean Grey returns only to be a fireless Phoenix that resembles a psychotic demon rather than an all-powerful goddess. Not only is her return repulsive, but she kills Cyclops almost immediately in the film. Although I understand this cannot follow the comic book exactly, something that should not change is that Jean Grey's love for Cyclops is what gives her the strength to overcome the Phoenix and ultimately take her own life. In the film, Wolverine kills Jean Grey/Phoenix, even though in the comics his character's love for Jean Grey prevented this action. Not to mention earlier in the film Phoenix tossed Wolverine around like a rag doll, but could not take him down at the end of the movie. At least they could have pitted Storm against the Phoenix in the finale, but instead we are left with another stabbing.

This movie attempts so much, but accomplishes so little. It introduces Angel, whose part is almost nonexistent. Why did I see him in a million promo shots of him wearing a X-Men uniform, but not once does he wear it in the film? They should have just killed Rogue. She is the only X-Men member that seeks out the "cure". It's bad enough her character's powers resembled nothing of her comic book counterpart, but did they really have to take away what little power she had? Does this film ever say Shadowcat, Colossus, Psylocke, Angel, Beast, Danger Room, Sentinel, or Multiple Man? If it does it is very quick and quite lacking in explanation. It's oddly insulting because you have to be a fan to know who the characters are, but the story and world has been altered so much it creates frustration knowing this will be the best representation of these characters in the film world.

The only way this film would work is if another one was coming out next week to portray Phoenix correctly, reconsider who lives and dies, reverse the cure, and actually identify key characters and elements by their names. This could have been one of the best movies ever made. The stories of the X-Men are identifiable, spectacular, and emotionally charged. This falls flat as just a summer special effects film with some creepy parts.
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Unfaithful, Ill-conceived, Preposterous
1mperial25 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
**This contains very minor spoilers** I was really very excited for this movie, but having seen footage of the Danger Room sequence at the beginning I didn't have very high hopes. If you've seen this scene, you can pretty much apply that to the whole movie. It contains cheesy dialog, sub-par performances (despite good actors), a horrible plot, but worst of all: it completely fails to represent the characters as they are in the comics or other movies. Magneto is a horrible strategist in the film- he doesn't care when other mutants are lost. Wolverine is completely out of character, the Pheonix Force makes Jean look undead rather than- you know- like a pheonix (I didn't see any flames), Juggernaut is a joke, Callisto is reduced to a poor man's Quicksilver (the super speed looks like it's from Smallville). In the final battle, most of the mutants there (Magneto!) could easily win the fight in an instant but instead use their powers in the most inefficient way possible: Magneto and Pyro "team up" to launch flaming cars at the enemy. Magneto could easily tear up a car and shoot everyone with a chunk of it, while pyro could BURN THEM. All the time spent on this movie went into thinking up the coolest special effects possible, and that failed too. It's not that I couldn't get past the bad plot, it was that the effects were tied to the plot in a sickening way. Throughout the whole move I was thinking, "Singer, where art thou". The best part of the movie- and I REALLY hate to say it- was the new Superman Returns trailer at the beginning. He gets shot in the eye slo-mo and it bounces right off!
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The last stand, staggers... then collapses
zerodante1 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
So thinking of catching this movie? A fan of the first, and in some cases the second, films... Listen to what the people on here are saying and DO NOT bother. It's too late for those of us who have seen it, but if you haven't, save yourselves!!

I've been going through the mountainous collection of comments on this movie, and in summary they all largely agree… this is truly incompetent rubbish at its best. However, the comments have all taken the easy route of simply blaming Brett Ratner. Guys, c'mon we know Ratner is a hack, thoughtless, untalented and yes only the fates know how the heck he became a director. But let us not forget he is not the only culprit to the ruination of this trilogy. Indeed X3 was begun by Bryan Singer (he was moved to Superman) so we cannot discount the fact he started this tripe.

But let's ignore the failed direction of the movie and consider the real problem. The writers. The plot is so boring and ill conceived it's laughable. The writers, its best their names are not spoken, are clearly not the thinking type. A 'cure' that is instantaneous has been found for mutants. OK. So those mutants who wanna keep their powers and can live a normal life (see almost all X-Men, lucky ay'?) can, and those whose powers cause deformities or are de-habilitating in some way, can be rid of them. Yay! Right? Oh no, apparently providing people with a choice is the source of eeevil! *insert head smack here*

But hey, this is X-Men, so we buy it. OK, so the writers get away with that. Now, they think, how can we best antagonise every X-fan in the world? Let's just kill everyone they care about off in a pointless show of special effects, and make meatballs outta the rest... Except Cyclops, the hell with him. Yes, Cyclops doesn't even get a death scene. No special effects wasted on clearly what must be the writer's most hated character.

The use of Cyclops in the three films, the last two specifically, has been to the chagrin of all his fans everywhere. It seems that either James Marsden really upset someone, they plain just hate the Cyclops character, or both. Because pairing him with the unfeeling, emotionless acting zombie that is Famke Jenson was obviously designed as some form of sick torture. Their on screen chemistry throughout has been asinine, Marsden desperately trying to elicit any kind of acting from her. What is supposed to be the most timeless love in the X-Men universe has been degraded and debauched into one man and his zombie, by the writers and the acting decisions made for the Jean Grey character. So much so, no one really cared when she died, heck I was hoping they'd reincarnate her with a different actor.

It seems to many of the actors simply wanted out, and as a result the film itself suffers a series of lackluster performances, culminating in what is supposed to be a visual full roast of a finale. But what is in fact, a badly envisaged, poorly written halt, which misuses all the characters and ignores the true potential of the scene.

Whilst everyone agrees the effects are spectacular, they also agree that they are also used without forethought. All the characters are a one eighty to their true counterparts in the comics, and the acting is constantly painful. Hugh Jackman is dull (how did Ratner achieve that?) Halle Berry does not have the acting shoulders to bear a leading role (see Catwoman !just an example do NOT see that film!) And the less said about the other performances the better.

Except one, Kelsey Grammar. Yes, everyone thinks of him as Frasier, so now think of him as Frasier on steroids. He is the one bright spot in this movie; his portrayal of Beast is down to earth, full of conviction and simply sublime. Even in his fight scenes he is exceptionally believable. He has worked hard on himself and the character and it shows. He has such screen presence you're left wondering why they didn't just ditch everyone else and just let him get on with it.

Although it's clear early on the writers missed out on an exceptional partnership, the one scene Wolverine and Cyclops have together is very, very good, and we see some of the skill these two actors truly have. After this scene the dialogue becomes painful and just plain embarrassing. All the scenes between Wolverine and Storm are weak and poorly planned. The zenith of this being Ms. Berrys line:

"If you're with us, then be with us." I laughed so hard I got shushed! Did they get Joss Whedon to write that? Is he blaming her delivery again?

It seems there were so many personal backhanders, and dodgy agreements for this film to ever be any good. Why else would you remove a respected director and replace him with a joke halfway through? Why would you allow someone a starring role when she clearly hasn't got the skill? Why would you antagonise your main target audience? The list is endless, how the people involved in the production of this movie sleep at night, without the weight of abject failure tearing them apart, is as big a mystery as how this movie ever got made. It is a shame no one will see Kelsey Grammar's performance, because it's overshadowed by the unmitigated crap of the rest of the film.

Don't believe me? Read a few of the other comments, just don't give these people anymore money, and don't get me started on the casting for Juggernaut, or the death of Xavier… Why would you do either of those? Why would anyone make this movie? Does Fox hate the world this much?
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Talk About Finality!!!!!
haden49-18 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
My god! I wept as I left the cinema, not because I was overwhelmed by a cinematic masterpiece,...no. I wept because I wasted 6 quid on a ticket to see this travesty.

It seems of late, that all to often these forums are being choked up with the same old flannel "well, it could have been better..." DAMN RIGHT! being of an age that was perfect for growing up reading the X-Men comics and stoically following the cartoon series, I was gob-smacked to see such a complete air of finality in this film. Sure, i'm not condemning the whole film because there were a few nuggets of pure gold (ie Kelsey as beast was superb.) But Jean Gray popping out of the water a year after her 'death'? Further more, why kill off cyclops. We all know that Pheonix is an unstable character but even when Pheonix is in control, Jean still manages to retain her consciousness. She proceeds to turn Xavier into confetti...yeah, great just wipe out one of the pivotal characters why don't you! The whole film unfortunately, seemed to convey the message that...."Thats it folks, the X-Men are dead and buried after this one!" Talk about finality!

As for character development, there was very little of that. I mean, great, have juggernaut but hello!!!!!! what about the tiny fact that Cain Marko is Xaviers half brother!!!!! there's a good plot opener in itself. There's a myriad of characters out there that could have been roped into this story plot but ultimately, I can accept that the film has to be of an acceptable length but please......start putting some effort into these screenplays! Here's an idea. 1. have Jean return with the newly surfaced Phoenix but why not have Scott discover that shes actually alive and recovering in a hospital somewhere after shes been found in the lake... 2.have Xavier discover the family link with juggernaut and utilise that fact to put some additional serious tension in the story... 3.have Rouge retain her powers and tell iceman where to get off! Rogue's supposed to grow into one mean hard-ass bitch! 4.Great, you remembered beast this time,but where the hell is Gambit???????

A few hindsight ideas that may (or may not) have worked well. All in all, I can honestly say that I thought this made a truly disappointing anticlimax to what could have been Marvel's answer to The lord of the rings.
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Extremely disappointing
slade4ever19 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I originally gave this movie a 6. But after thinking about it, and realizing how bad it was, I had to give it a lower score, after all, the only thing that saved this movie was the special effects and action. But in reality, that is not what a movie should be about, especially an X-Men movie.

The first 2 movies were filled with substance, great acting, thought provoking material, and overall, a coherent plot. Yes, they were comic movies, but X-Men has always been more then just entertainment.

This is where the movie failed to grasp the concept that made the first 2 movies great. In an attempt to make a "great" concluding trilogy, the director and writers decided to kill off as many characters as possible, believing that by doing so will add depth and emotion. The problem is that little time is given to make the audience actually care about the characters. Even a funeral scene for one of the characters becomes cheezy and horribly acted.

In addition to killing off many characters, a decision was made to introduce as many characters from the source material as possible in order to "please" fans. It ends up coming off more like Mortal Kombat: Annihilation or Batman and Robin, because no time was given to properly introduce the characters.

Also, it seems like the writers weren't sure what movie they were making by having many characters act as if they were someone else. For example, a character who was compassionate and caring in the first 2 movies becomes rude and inconsiderate in the third.

In the end, the movie was entertainment. If the first 2 movies were nothing more then that, then this movie would have fit in nicely, but sadly, due to an obvious rushed schedule, and bad storytelling, what could have been a great concluding movie to an incredible trilogy ends up being a brainless action movie.
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all I could do was laugh after a while...
gshock9922 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I admit, I'm an x-fan. Despite that, I respected the changes Bryan Singer made in the first 2 films and I thought they were done very well. I loved them. Sadly, the third film let me down in so many ways that after a while, I could only laugh at the absurdity.

Everyone else basically named the insane plot twists(not good ones at that)... such as 3 main characters dying(not to mention so... horribly and just retardedly), so I won't go into those. But I agree with the problems everyone else had.

what's worse is if you go through the credits, you'll find a "psylocke", "kid omega", "omega red" and other random characters.... who in the film, are nothing like their comic counterparts. It basically looks like the director decided he needed more character names for all of the random mutants he put in the film. For example, Psylocke was reduced to being one of Callisto's lackeys... that can apparently be invincible. Kid Omega was the random porcupine mutant in the movie, in the comics, he's nothing of the sort.

I tried to just enjoy this movie as just... a movie. I couldn't even do that.

Basically, the only characters they did an okay job with was Wolverine and Beast.

Simply put, this was like an experimental alternative universe gone totally wrong.
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not happy Jan
dugass00719 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This should not have been titled x-men!!! Characters are all wrong, background is all wrong, magneto ask like an evil stupid tyrant instead of the proud genius trying to gain equality for mutants.

The phoenix is supposed to be an alien possessing jean Grey's body, the juggernaut is not meant to be a mutant and is meant to be Xavier's brother, ah so many character problems.

It played out like a crappy Disney teen movie, every thing was wrong, and why does magneto need to move the bridge??? its seemed a little to dramatic, he could have just ripped up some metal and flown them there.

Part two was sooo much better
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What the hell happened?? SPOILERS WITHIN
Reel_World27 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Long-time fan of the comics and fan of the first flicks. That being said - this was one of the worst films I have seen in ages. Brett Ratner should be ashamed of himself.

It is painfully obvious that Ratner never read X-Men, nor did the screenwriters successfully piece together any sort of cohesion to the story. Such utter disregard for the history and development of so many beloved characters is like a slap in the face to true X-Men fans.

With just way too many random story threads running throughout the film, the movie just winds up not knowing which way is up. Razzle Dazzle SFX does not a good film make, and killing off main characters or taking away their powers is a great way to destroy what was a great franchise.


Cyclops: Phoenix kills him in the first 15 mins. His death is never seen. He dies like a punk. Totally inappropriate. Anyone who's read a comic would/should know this wouldn't work.

Xavier: Phoenix disintegrates him. WTF?

Jean: Ends up getting stabbed by Logan at the end (another huge no-no if you've read the comics)

Mystique, Magneto, Rogue all lose their powers. Pointless.

Not only are there too many story threads, but also too many characters. Angel - who figured prominently in the trailers is in the film for all of 3 minutes, as is Collossus. Shadowcat and Iceman's relationship is twisted since she looks all of 12 years old. And let's not even go there with Rogue whining about not being able to kiss Bobby (hence taking the cure) and Xavier being played as an arrogant SOB.

The sole saving grace in the entire film was Iceman vs Pyro. The rest of it was an illogical hash of SFX, written and directed by an uninspired, uneducated (when it comes to X-Men knowledge), and ham-fisted ability.

The only way this film could be good is if they had hired a different director, different writers, and added about 30 minutes to the proceedings. The film ends up imploding on itself and in the end making no sense whatsoever. A dismal and disappointing end to a great franchise. A true example of what could have been.
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Good, but still disappointing
elvato8729 May 2006
First of all, let me say that X3 was a great action film. If you want to have a great time at the movies, this is a fun film to watch. However, as a fan of X-Men and the film trilogy, there were some problems with the film.

There are a lot of characters that are undeveloped. It's not such a problem with the one's we already know, but it is for the one's that we don't. There's also unneeded information for certain characters that aren't really in the movie. Certain characters play big roles, but we don't get to know them. Others have minor roles, and the info is meaningless. For instance, a character is introduced in the prologue to the movie, but is barely seen in the remainder of the film. The movie was way too short. It seems like everyone's in a hurry throughout the film. If it had been 2 and a half hours, it would have been able to develop all of the characters, and the back stories would have been more relevant to certain characters. The movie is action packed and fun, but it really doesn't draw you into it the way the first two did, say for a couple of scenes.

Overall, it was worth seeing on the big screen, and I'm glad that I saw it. It is a good film. But again, you'll be a little disappointed as an X-Men fan. 7/10.

One final thing, stay after the credits for the final scene. It seems nobody saw the entire movie.
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The X-Men Movies are over...
kok_warlock27 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say, when I initially heard that Brett Ratner was directing this movie, I was a little worried, when time passed and I saw the teaser and following trailer, I was very excited, it looked like Ratner was even going to do a better movie than X2, so I went to see it full of expectations.

The movie was beyond a complete waste of time, It was the worst movie I saw in 2006 and by far the worst movie since Catwoman was released in 2004, I simply don't know where to start, but i'm gonna list ONLY THE MAJOR flaws of the movie.

1 - Ratner put every single mutant he could find, in the movie, probably as a commercial way to appeal to the largest audience possible, that way, not a single character develops and they are certainly not believable, he misused them and reduced them to the power that they are, like they are nothing more than claws, weather-making and a frost machine, they have almost no personality in this movie, mainly because there is way too many mutants and too little time, which makes all of them quite shallow.

2 - Brett Ratner, managed to turn Magneto's complex character in a shallow, two-dimensional cheap opportunistic villain, with no agenda except destruction.

3 - Halle Berry as Storm is as bad as she was in the two previous movies, her idea of acting is making comical scary faces with some special effects in the background, fortunately for her, the rest of the cast is so misdirected that her bad acting doesn't stand out as much as it did in X-Men 1 and X2.

4 - This movie was supposed to be about Jean Grey/Phoenix, for someone who is supposed to be the main character of the movie, she does next to nothing during the entire movie, a kill here, another there, while playing the 'silent 40yo holding a grudge kid' and something predictable happening next, well, there isn't much to tell, because her part is somewhat short, much like Angel who is also reduced to an extra, even tho his name was splashing in the movie's marketing campaign.

5 - A great deal of characters, main characters and beloved other mutants of the comics, who are in the movie as 'extras', are killed like trash, without much meaning to it, just so the film can have bigger effect, which never does.

6 - Special Effects, that's all the movie really has to show, but other than what I saw in the trailer and got me excited, there isn't much more in the movie, certainly there are a lot of 'bangs and booms', but the usual, cliché unimpressive type.

7 - The story, or should I saw lack of it, in this movie was a joke, during the course of the movie, they simply forget about the story, 'what it was decided about the cure', When Magneto makes his move, enough to say that if you take a closer look, the X-Men are not defending innocent civilians or something like that, the X-Men end it up defending the 'Cure' and fighting Magneto's Brotherhood for the sake of fighting, as shallow as that, the only purpose is to make a big bad-ass action-scene, which really doesn't.

Those are only the major flaws of the movies, I simply can't list them all, because honestly there isn't enough space here.

When i saw this movie, I was in a big theater, and I could tell most people didn't like it, at the end of the session, people couldn't wait to get out of the theater, a couple guys did some short applause, but nobody joined them, I decided to hang out a while and ask what people thought of the movie, most of them thought it was 'very weak', the best reactor I saw, were a few kids that thought it was 'good, okay', the only reason why this movie isn't a flop is because it is been carried by the success of the two previous movies, much like Matrix 3, Matrix: Revolution, because there isn't much of an audience for this movie, the way it ruined all the mutants in the movie and lack of story, it was terrible, neither fans of the comic books or 20+ people seemed to have enjoyed the movie, and there was a fair amount of blood for kids the only ones who seemed to have enjoyed it, I can see that the studio probably had to lobby very hard to be rated PG-13.

Overall this was a terrible movie made by a terrible director, the best comparison is to Joel Schummacher's Batman, Brett Ratner definitely killed the X-Men franchise, luckily there are plenty of characters to create 'spin-off' movies, but for them to make another X-Men movie, you'll probably gonna have to wait at least ten years, like Batman.
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A very disappointed fan
rebbert979726 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
First of all I just have to say that growing up and to this day I have always been a huge fan of Marvel comics and their expanded universes, specifically Spider-Man and X-Men. I'm still wondering what to think about this movie about an hour after seeing it. I waited so long for X-Men to be made into a movie series, and after seeing "The Last Stand" I was very disappointed. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy some of the film, for example the danger room sequence at the beginning, that was exactly what I thought the X-Men fighting the Sentinels should look like. However, the story, or lack thereof for that matter, literally angered me. How do you kill Professor X, Jean Grey, and Cyclops in the X-Men movies?! These people weren't supposed to die, what connected me to them throughout my years as a fan was how strong these characters were and how they were able to overcome the problems their world put into their way. "The Cure" as they called was hardly developed, the characters introduced in this movie lacked an introduction, and although it was nice to see Angel, Kitty Pryde, Colossus, and Juggernaut, among others, they may as well not even been in the movie. It was as though the entire thing was one giant spectacle, and disappointed me to the levels of the final installment of Star Wars. X2 left me hungry for more, and the original X-Men film had its problems, but at least stayed true to the foundations on which the story was based. This movie left a very bad taste in my mouth; Magneto and Rogue lose their powers (Rogue before she is even given any chance to shine), three major characters die, and the main character of the trilogy thus far, Wolverine, received the spotlight role among all of the other equally interesting X-Men, yet he gets his own film afterward and many characters we fans wanted to see, if for only a few minutes, never even made it to the screen. Like I said before, there were a few things I liked about the film. In my opinion, Beast was done justice. Seeing Iceman and Colossus reach their full mutant forms was also pleasing. Beyond these few things I have mentioned, I was not very impressed and thoroughly disappointed. The moment I heard Brett Ratner was taking over the project I began to worry, and this film proved me right. As a film student myself, long-time film lover, and X-Men fanatic, my hope for good art and good movies to be created from stories that had been around for so long just waited to be brought to the big screen was poisoned by this film. I know a lot of people will say that some changes had to be made to bring the comic to film, and I agree, but not to the drastic extents that this film took. The Spider-Man films weren't entirely true to the comics, but the changes were minute and fit well into the already famous and beloved storyline. Sam Raimi nailed those films and I remain thankful for his adaptations bringing my, and many others', beloved Spider-Man to the big screen. And as far as the first two X-Men films went, I was happy for the most part. But I have never been so disappointed in anything in my life as I was in this movie. To me, the X-Men took a creative and interesting spin on a problem that actually faces humankind, and all of that was lost here. There was really no resolution, no payoff, and no story. The film could have gone in a much better direction had the X-Men been forced to face one of their own, the Pheonix (Jean Grey), and brought her back with having her face the same attacks by the humans (Sentinels)that the X-Men faced. There would have been much more room to bring characters many wanted to see thoroughly into the picture (ie. Angel, Gambit, Beast, Psylocke, Colossus, Kitty, etc.) instead of bringing in many insignificant parties just to complicate things and provide for non-stop action. We could have easily got to know all of these new characters and then some if the story had been much better devised and the movie not been so rushed. This was also evident with the film's length; did they really expect to pull all of that off in less than two hours and have it work? The action in the film was well produced, but it seemed as thought that's all there was, action. They had enough to work with from the original story lines (ie. the rise of the Pheonix and the mutant-human war), they shouldn't have brought "The Cure" in to complicate things. Through all of my disappointment I still hold hope for a better X-Men 4 with the final scenes from this movie, and hope that the numerous X-Men fans finally get the pay off we so well deserve for buying all of those comics and keeping Marvel in business for so long.

*I hope that this all reads clearly and concisely and that those of you who read this can understand my disappointment, after all it is 3:30 in the morning, and I'm a little shaken up.
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Well well well
Kay28 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
There's not really much i want to say here, mainly because i cant be bothered and partly because i might start to get angry.

To start of i want to say, Brett Ratner you should be ashamed of yourself. I would also like to add that the actors in this film all did fantastic jobs as they are all very talented but why they didn't run a mile from this i do not no.

I spent my (boyfriends) hard earned money on going to see this film and i thought it was going to be amazing because how can you go wrong with X Men when there's so much to work with, the possibilities are endless yet this film managed to destroy my hopes and dreams of finishing up with something spectacular, instead you get a half assed job from someone who seems to no nothing about the X Men.

Now i no that changes have to be made to certain things to make it more suitable for the big screen or to tie in with the plot more, but there seems to be no plot or point to this film ***SPOILER WARNING*** First of all as many people have said, since when was juggernaut a mutant? Despite the fact that Xavier and juggernaut are step brothers they don't say a single word to each other or even make eye contact, hmmm, its as if they don't know each other. Juggernaut has always hated and wanted to destroy Xavier, so what happened here. Maybe juggernaut has seen the error of his ways and will be a good bro from know on, but its not very likely.

Second of all, you don't kill two of the MOST important characters, along with other extremely important characters losing there powers (though there is something to suggest that "The Cure" doesn't really work). I really am just so angry at this guy.

Thirdly, why even bother to put put Jean Grey/Phoenix in this film?? She spent the whole film standing around doing NOTHING. She's supposed to be this all powerful mutant goddess yet doesn't do anything. Why? They could have made this film amazing if they actually did something with Phoenix (and the other piles of characters that made random appearances). Throughout the whole film i kept saying to myself "Phoenix is gonna do something in a second and its gonna be amazing", but sadly that moment never came, not even any flames or the slightest connection with perhaps... a Phoenix, just nothingness, and then to kill her in the end. I'm so confused and slightly distraught.

I know i said i would make it short, but I'm just getting a bit carried away, but i'll try and finish up quickly.

Fourthly, where was night Crawler? Why was Angel in this film? He was in it for all of two minutes yet in the trailer they make it seem as though he is an important character to this film when in fact he does nothing as well. Why has rouge never been developed in to the awesome character she is? Instead she just whinges a bit more and takes "The Cure" which shouldn't happen. Still no Gambit which was upsetting as he is a favourite of mine, though i already knew about this before i wasted my money.

Lastly i want to say that Bryan Singer did a great job with the first two films. Brett Ratner has obviously decided that he wants to be remembered and take credit for the x men films so he destroyed the characters that Bryan Singer had built up and developed so well, and then tried to build other characters up instead, as well as trying to stick as many characters in as possible in 1 hour 40 minutes.

Well Brett Ratner, i certainly will remember you, but i can assure you it wont be for bringing what started out so well to a great end.
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Hated it
pooh381127 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Jean Grey kills Scott? So they are in love, she dies, he is falling to pieces, she comes back to life, they kiss, then she kills him??? Why? Just to get rid of him so she can have Wolverine? I thought she was a medical doctor, so in addition to killing the guy even though she loves him, she goes against all her medical training to kill him. Oh wait did Ratner think he had a Hannibal Lector thing going? Okay so they wanted to get rid of him, but then why does she kill the Professor? She doesn't want him trying to "help" her okay, but why not just turn him into a bloody mess, or knock him against the wall so he winds up in a coma? Instead she turns him into confetti? What the heck was that? Then after the mutants tear up the city, the president just changes his mind and the mutants are okay again? To the point where the guy with wings can just fly around in the park and no one even looks up? Some how I don't think most the presidents we have had would just live and let live. If I was a resident of San Francisco I wouldn't be too happy that the terrorist who tore up the city where allowed to go on their merry way. Was Ratner trying to suggest how Osama Bin Laden should have been dealt with? Just kiss and make up? I don't understand it. I don't understand why people could think this is a good movie.
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Utter crap
firewynd29 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers

I loved the first two X-men movies, but this one was just a big pile of crap. This is a perfect example of how Hollywood ruins movies by having a completely retarded plot, bypassing character development, and just aims straight for all of the big special effects.

This movie was one constant emotional crybaby movie. * Cyclops is freaking out and is all emotional. * The pheonix.. at times she does nothing but stand there for like 20 minutes, and other times she just flips out for no reason and just starts blowing crap up. She is just one emotional character all around. * Rogue - acts purely on emotion and gets the cure. * Xavier can be summed up by: No I'm NOT trying to control you! You must CONTROL your powers. LET ME HELP YOU. He says this about 15x times over and over. Its like his one liner. * Wolverine was about the only character who at least wasn't controlled purely by emotion. * Storm? I couldn't stand her. After Xavier dies, shes supposed to lead the Xmen - you know be a real leader. Instead shes flipping out, and giving ultimatiums to wolverine. Hmm wow really impressive leadership skills there.

The whole "hey we've traveled all the way from the east coast to the west coast with my mutant army, but cant cross a 2-3 mile stretch of ocean and now we are stumped" scene was retarded. They are supposed to be attacking a base to get the kid - that should require surprise. But I know - LETS MOVE THE WHOLE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE cause that will LOOK COOL and everyone WILL LOVE IT - even though it makes absolutely NO SENSE and was purely an excuse to make some special effects. The marines at the base had like 5 minutes to react, and definitely knew they were coming. Real marines would have been sniping the heck out of them.

Then all of the mutants just charge the marines not using any of their powers - yah real bright and realistic. The whole movie was this way. For the most part, no logic to any of their actions. Well i suppose the only logic is - hey what can we do to create more COOL special effects!!

Honestly it was terrible. I was so upset after i walked out of the theater. Don't go see this movie.
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Bad Ending to a Great Film Series
Bookluvah27 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I'll freely admit to being an X-fan. But that doesn't mean that my rantings should be dismissed by those who aren't. Because, really, I'm not upset because of changes to the characters. I'm upset because of terrible writing and horrible directing. The characters were flat and one dimensional, the explanations made little to no sense, and there was not the sense of connection between the movie and the audience that there were with the first two films, partly because of the flatness of the characters and partly because of the shortness of the film.

***SPOILER*** Perhaps my biggest beef with this film is the death of two main characters. And not necessarily the deaths, but the way the deaths were handled. The audience is not given time to take in the deaths, nor are they given much reason to mourn those who passed on. One character dies in the first twenty minutes of the film, and does not even deserve a death scene. We are only told that the character dies.

BOTTOM LINE. Don't see the film. Don't waste your money.
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Probably one of the worst hero movies to date....
RunyonOHS1014 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I myself am i bit of an X-men fan, though not a hardcore one. Being as such i don't know ever X-men and their names and powers etc. Yet, even still this movie was a GIGANTIC let down, so i can only pretend to feel what the die-hard X-men fan boys must've gone through when they witnessed this catastrophe to the films.

There were far too many problems with this movie to mention them all here, so ill just go over a few basics. First off, the biggest mistake was casting a new director. Especially one that, if you actually watched the movie you could tell, has no respect for the previous two movies or the XMen universe itself. Why the idiotic producers didn't wait for the original director to finish Superman i don't know. Although that Ratner (or whatever his name is) did have a nice touch in the since of bringing in some nice cameos and new characters, he failed miserably doing them justice. And to make matters even worse, those characters that he didn't want to use he just KILLED off! Cyclopes gets offed by Pheonix within the first 15 minutes of the film, and Prof. X doesn't exactly share too much of a better fate then ol' Scott. As well, guys like Angel and Pheonix herself (to whom one of the MANY fragmented story lines revolves around) are hardly brought to justice. The only thing Angle does is fly out of a window and catch his pops from falling to his death, and Pheonix literally stands around as a big war is going on for 10 minutes, THEN decides to out of no where **** everything up just for the sake of being able to put in 'pretty visuals' in the movie. AS well, when making a movie, don't use multiple story lines and hope to pull it off within an hour n a half, its not gonna happen. You never even really find out any information about the 'Cure' or Pheonix and why she is like she is, or even receive the names of HALF of the characters in the film. It's almost as if this Ratner guy decided to take the gem that is the X-Men movies and crumble it into a lil ball and turn it into a crappy nonstop action movie. It's almost as if its the Action version of a Porn, where there is no story, its all about the action. For example, what in the world happened to Nightcrawler and Gambit? Weren't they both supposed to be in this film? How come it never even hints to us as to why Nightcrawler suddenly decided to resign from the fight and disappear from the face of the world? And i like how it starts off with the future of Sentinels killing off all mutants in the Danger Room, but oh.. never tells you why or whats going on, or even what either of them are. As well, the music just SUCKED HORRIBLY. I'm almost considering that even all the Star Wars Pre-Trilogy were better films then this, and thats saying something-not including the first one, that wasn't too bad-(but Ep. 2 was by far a mockery and the worst scifi movie ever made). A comic-book movie doesn't have to be all action to be a good comic-book movie, take V for Vendetta for example, there's only maybe 4 or 5 action scenes in it and that movie kiss ass, V is by far the coolest hero ever. And how does a movie with so little action manage to be such a great movie? Uhmmm, ah yes, BECAUSE IT'S STORY IS EXCELLENT. No story and character development, no need to even bother with it. I wouldn't even recommend this for buying on DVD after it goes below the 10 bucks mark. It's a rent at best. If they do decide to make a 4th installment, make it right, and hopefully get XMEN outta the whole that the Batman n Robin and Tomb Raider equaled film X3 has put it into.
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Could have been so much better
Al19 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Bryan Singer along with the talented cast and production crew did so much to create an extraordinary momentum of excellence in the first two X-Men films. They were among the very best films adapted from a well-known comic. Full of action and special effects but never compromising the depth and angst of the complicated characters of the X-Men saga. It is unfortunate that despite all his successes the studio couldn't wait for Mr. Singer to take the helm again. Director Brett Ratner along with writers Simon Kinberg and Zak Penn did not come close to the potential that was created by X-Men and X2. The story has little plot, character stories are either rushed through or totally dropped, various characters themselves are permanently dispatched with in an awful way and a number of the talented cast members are totally under-used.

The cast and special effects crew do an admirable job to make the film work and do make it watchable. But if this was the caliber of the first film, there probably would never have been a second let alone a third.

Ian McKellen is as always excellent as Magneto in spite of the poor storyline he goes a long way to bring subtlety and nuance to a not so well written part. The same can be said for Patrick Stewart, Halley Berry, Hugh Jackman and Anna Paquin to name a few. They are trying hard and sometimes succeed in keeping our interest. But there are too many flaws. The character of the Phoenix is poorly explained and under-used. It deserved way better treatment. Cyclops and Mystique are now minor characters and newcomers to the film do a good job, but we see too little of them to care one way or the other. Kelsey Grammar does a great job as Beast and is given adequate time to do so.

Mr. Ratner has chosen to severely trim down a film that he has way overloaded with character and storyline. In more talented hands this film could have and should have been twice as long and would have been much better than this final product that so many loyal fans looked forward to seeing.

Again I say, were it not for the hard-won momentum created by the first two films would we have liked this that much?
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ocmurer3 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
While this movie wasn't as bad as some of the movies that have come out today, it was by far an unfitting end to the possibly epic X-Men Series. When Bryan Singer dropped out to instead direct Superman Returns, they should have just scrapped the script, because it was total sh!t. The script was a convoluted reference at best to a very creative comic book story arc about a 'cure' to the genetic mutation. Unfortunately, that's where the similarities end. The cure is supposed to be a hoax, created to help an evil mutant bring about the end of the world with the help of mutants that he brainwashed. All of our favorite characters were either killed off or not in the movie. Nightcrawler didn't even make an appearance. And who picks Storm to lead the X-Men? She's Storm. Her powers suck. They're stupid and nobody in their right mind thinks to themselves, "I think Storm is probably the best X-Men character." And my complaints don't end there- not only was the script awful and the choice of characters to receive major roles unintelligent, it was also inconsistently related to the other two movies. Characters changed drastically between the second and third installments, with no explanation given. Like, what the hell happened to Mystique and Storm's voices? Accents don't just go away. F--, Brett Ratner.
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Travesty, thy name is X-Men 3
California-Recall1 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Please, if you want to see one block buster film this year, and get the most out of your viewing enjoyment don't see this film. Seeing it in the theaters is a waste on a film you would rent for a day and get advanced credit, for an early return.

As many people who go and see the X-Men film series, I was an avid fan of the Marvel Universe. The way this movie was presented, I was surprised that Stan Lee even had any representation creatively on this film. Even for the the Marvel Universe this film was far stretched.

For the life of me, I still am unaware why it took Rogue THREE films to develop her natural southern accent. I understand that she doesn't have her super strength or ability to fly yet, because she doesn't steal Ms. Marvel's powers until later in her teenage years.

I went to see this film, as one of the thousands of Juggernaut fans, and jeez...all that wait for nothing. I give props to the actor that played as "Sphinx" from Gone in 60 Seconds for his acting, but what they had in that film, was no Juggernaut...just a guy in a red suit.

Juggernaut was an unstoppable force, with immense strength. When Magneto, Juggernaut and crew met at Jean Grey's childhood home, it sickened me. Charels Xavier wheeled his butt right past Juggernaut not even exchanging a glance to him. THEY WERE BROTHERS! For god sakes...Xavier was the ENTIRE reason he wore his helmet! Because Kane (Juggernaut) was completely physically invulnerable, the only thing that could stop him was a powerful psychic...aka the professor.

At the very end it saddened me to no length, when Juggernaut was defeated...BY RUNNING INTO A WALL. Supposedly, it was because being in the room with the kid that could nullify mutant powers took away his strength. But, did they over look the fact, that Juggernaut's invincibility, came from a magical crystal...which is by no means mutant in it's origin? But of course they did.

All together, if I could give this film a rating lower then a 1 I would have. This film may have the names of infamous Marvel characters, but is nothing more then a cheap knock-off. If this is what is to be expected from future X-Men film (if any more are to be brought out), this is one fan, that's going to take what's left of the charred ashes of remembrance and part ways.
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I feel unclean. 'X3' = frown. (Some spoilers within)
KLo17994 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
From this day forward, I hold a personal grudge against Brett Ratner.

Let me say first that as a whole - the film is too rushed; characters are too clichéd, having been transformed from incarnations in previous films to meet the lower standards of a pure action flick.

Let me say second that I did, as a whole, find the movie entertaining. Special effects and some some action sequences were well done. Also, even if the characterizations were screwed up (e.g. Wolverine's changed personality as suggested above, or just the very fact that half the X-Men are now KIDS despite them being among THE VERY FIRST X-MEN IN THE ENTIRE SERIES), I enjoyed the way that the screenwriters went about displaying some of the powers of the various mutants, including:

***Possible (but not really) spoilers if you haven't seen the movie*** -The first time we see Angel spread his wings (not the rest of the scene, just that moment) -Shadowcat and Juggernaut racing to reach Leech (especially the classic one-liner from Juggernaut...) -Beast's acrobatics during the Alcatraz fight -The fastball special in the Danger Room ***End possible (but not really) spoilers***

But the list of what I most truly enjoyed about the movie ends there. I spent half the film cursing Ratner for what he has done with the series; if this film were in more capable hands (i.e. Bryan Singer, if no one else), it could have topped even 'X2.' But no - this is an action movie, plain and simple. There are a few scenes here and there where the writers were obviously going for a more emotional atmosphere, but it never really reached fruition (partly their fault, partly the fault of the score's composer, with whose work I am not particularly impressed). In the end, what we're left with is an action flick with an overzealous use of special effects. Phoenix, I'm looking at you.

Speaking of overzealous, how about the nonchalant disposal of most of the mutants in the film? Arclight, Quill? ********MASSIVE INCREDIBLE SPOILERS IN BETWEEN THESE ASTERISKS********Mystique? Cyclops? MAGNETO? (At least his had a purpose and a meaning, but that's not saying much.)********END MASSIVE INCREDIBLE SPOILERS********

Also, awful dialogue. While what I really want to know is why anyone thought it was a good idea to have Shadowcat call Juggernaut a "dickhead," the best example I can give is the scene where Cyclops first sees Phoenix for the first time:

Scott: "Jean?" Jean: "Scott?" Scott: "How?!" Jean: "I don't know!"

And another thing: the ending is TERRIBLE. Just plain TERRIBLE. I can't think of any words with which to properly describe it aside from TERRIBLE. True, the ten second scene at the end of the credits makes things better - in fact, I dare say that this ten second scene, which references a very minor and brief piece of dialogue earlier in the film, is the best scene in the movie, which, for it being at most ten seconds long, says an awful lot about the rest of the film. But it doesn't make things better enough. In fact, I'm half of the mind that this ending is just as terrible as the rest of the movie, and by virtue of its relative quality makes all scenes prior that much more inferior, so now the secret ending is at a lower level of superiority, and the rest of the movie is even worse, lowering the secret ending to a greater depth of "superiority"...... And on it goes until you have the worst movie of the summer. Possibly of the year. Possibly... ever.

I feel like I need to shower, despite having done so before I even left.

Terrible movie.

What makes it even worse is that the various components of the film's story - the Dark Phoenix Saga, and the mutant cure that is a part of Joss Whedon's current, celebrated run with "Astonishing X-Men" - are, in their respective source material, bloody great story lines. And look what's been done with them now.

Excuse me while I go play with my action figures and imagine a better story than that which Ratner gave us with a multi-million dollar budget.
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What the Hell?
Carangaladhwen31 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Excuse me? What happened? X-Men have been my favorite comic book series (comic books, TV series, and movies) EVER! and now...just...no. no. NO!

Complaint #1: They made Wolverine cry....TWICE! TWICE! You can't do that! In all my years of watching the TV cartoon and reading the comic books I don't think I've seen him do that ever and then BAM! Twice in one sitting. It was hard for me to swallow. Not only that but he was nice to Cyclops and he kept making those speeches to everyone...."we're a team" blah, blah, blah. Since when is Wolverine a team player? Since never. That's when. Since when has he given heart warming speeches to anyone? I just don't get it. In one of the opening scenes...in the danger room. That was the true Wolverine. He doesn't care. He just lights his cigar and watches. I mean, they tried to paint him like a Superman hero. He's not. He's conflicted and gloriously twisted. It worked in the last two movies, why couldn't they keep that in this?

Complaint #2: Killing off random MAIN characters. Mystique, you just don't work as a mutant...so BAM! you're not one. Xavier, you just slow things down so BAM! you're not there. Magneto you're powers are old so BAM! they're gone. Cyclops, you're a crying idiot, BAM! let's have your girlfriend kill you. Jean Grey you survived a flood, but BAM! let's have Wolverine pop his claws on ya. Dammit, no!

Complaint #3: No freaking way Jean Grey is MORE powerful than Xavier. AS powerful, yes, MORE powerful, no. Also, (I never followed this story line that much) but I thought Phoenix was an alien entity that took over part of Grey's body when she was near death...not her subconscious that Xavier monitored her whole life. Also, if she was so dang powerful, why didn't she stop all the guns from firing at the mutants at the end, or stopped Wolverine from moving up to her to kill her?

Complaint #4: Rogue "cured" herself? Since when did she do this for Iceman? My goodness it wasn't even for Gambit! Rogue is supposed to get more powers! What happened to super strength? Flying? Rogue is my favorite female X-Men character and she was absolutely RUINED!

Complaint #5: I was told Comic book fans would like the thing after the credits. It did not make me feel any better. It was just wrong that he died in the first place. One of the guys in my theaters just said, "Are you f***ing serious?"

Complaint #6: The ending tried to paint everything as conclusive because it is the last in the trilogy and they felt it should have some finality. Resolution between the characters and the mutants and humans. This just proves that they missed the point. X-Men is an allegory for racism and other issues the world has with differences between people. The series never ends because these problems never end. Thus there shouldn't be that happy little feeling of resolution. Not until the world is resolved anyway.

Complaint #7: I didn't think Juggarnaut was a mutant. I just thought he was really big or something...

Complaint #8: Angel was almost completely pointless.

Redeeming Qualities: 1) The very end when Magneto moves the little metal chess piece. Made me happy. 2) The end battle scene was pretty cool, except the whole stabbing Magneto with "The Cure."...did NOT make me happy. 3) Even though Juggarnaut as a mutant bugged me, the actor did a good job with him, so didn't really bug me all that much. 3) Wolverine running through the forest and killing, the way he's supposed to be. 4) Beast was good. Kelsy Grammar was perfect and his fight scene was cool. 5) Some of the lines were just classic such as Wolverine to Beast, "Did you just call me, 'boy?'" Great stuff there. 6) As usual the acting in the series was good. They all did well portraying the character they were given just some (*cough*RogueandWolverine*cough*) were just missing the mark on the characters due to script. I mean, Wolverine sometimes was the way he was supposed to be...but...some of it was just...no.

I am usually not a picky person when it comes to my favorite books turning into movies. Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite books and I was fine with pretty much all the changes they made, because most of it was true to the characters. I just was annoyed with the liberties this movie took, 'cause I think it took too many. X1 and X2 are both great movies though, so I suggest watching those. And if you aren't a X-Men comic book fan this movie really isn't that bad. The plot is fun and the action is good...if however you are an X-Men fan (specifically a Wolverine or Rogue fan) I would suggest shying away.
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