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Predictable but enjoyable
illucianlux8 January 2005
Yes, it's stereotypical, and no, it doesn't reach or even approach the experience of Babe, but it is a fun flick, and one I feel is worth a matinée ticket if you're at all intrigued. I have to give kudos to the filmmakers for using real zebra sounds and vocalizations for Stripes; little details like that can make or break a talking animal film for the viewers who actually know a bit about the animals featured in a film...and hey, is it really too much to ask for a zebra to make zebra noises? There is some amount of potty humor, especially concerning the flies and the Jersey gangster pelican Goose, but it wasn't as much as I had assumed from earlier reviews.

There certainly are better movies out there, but the kids will enjoy this one, and the kid in me did. It was predictable, but comfortingly so, and sometimes it's nice to just sit back, suspend disbelief, and have a non-taxing movie experience where talking, wisecracking animals deliver lessons in life, like how being different isn't a bad thing, real winners are those with the heart to try, and success is often due to the support of those around you. And I do have to admit that one scene near the end brought tears to my eyes, much to my own surprise.
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Mister Zed
Brandt Sponseller5 June 2005
If you strongly dislike films that are predictable, clichéd or derivative, and you're not showing Racing Stripes to kids, you should avoid this movie. Well, at least looking at things somewhat pessimistically. Ideally, you should sort out the conceptual errors you're making and see the movie, because it is a very good film. The Cult of Originality had it wrong. Artworks aren't inherently more valuable just because they're unprecedented, and they're not inherently less valuable just because they're engaging in a well-established form, or "template", to put it in more modern terms.

Stripes is a zebra who is orphaned at the beginning of the film when a traveling circus accidentally leaves him behind during a storm. Nolan Walsh (Bruce Greenwood) finds him and brings him back to his Kentucky farm (actually South Africa doubling as Kentucky). Walsh, a recent widower, has a teenaged daughter, Channing (Hayden Panettiere), who works at the local horse track for a mean, snooty and rich boss lady, Clara Dalrymple (Wendie Malick). The horse track is the heart of the town. The farm next door to the Walsh's breeds racehorses, and in fact, Walsh used to breed and train racehorses, too, for Clara, and it's implied that Walsh's wife, a former champion jockey, died in a horse-racing accident.

Meanwhile, Stripes is trying to adjust to life on the Walsh farm, which means assimilating with a motley crew of animals. All of the animals can talk to each other, "Mister Ed" (1961)-style, but in the more traditional filmic instantiation of talking animals, they can't talk to humans, although it is implied that they can at least slightly understand human speech. Stripes knows he looks different, but he figures he's a horse, like the racehorses next door, because that's what he looks closest to. Their teasing because he looks different merely creates a stronger desire for him to fit in and even best them, which naturally means a growing desire to race.

Any older cinephile could probably fill in the basic developments of the plot, up to and including the ending, given the premises above. The important consideration is not whether Racing Stripes is unprecedented, but how well it does what it sets out to do. The formulaic aspects of the plot, as with all artworks that engage with some traditional "formula", enhance Racing Stripes rather than detracting from it by (a) filling in a deep milieu of shared meaning, signifiers and so on, and (b) underscoring the ways in which Racing Stripes makes its variations on the form. It's a good film both because it executes the basics of the form so well and because the variations are well done, creative and entertaining. That's if you're an adult, at least. For younger audiences, it's a great film because it's establishing the form in their minds. The form exists as a template because it's a very effective, classic plot rooted in a particular kind of cultural mythology. But this instantiation is simply a funny, inspirational story featuring a talking zebra.

Filmic visual manipulation has come a long way in the 40 years since "Mister Ed". Mister Ed, the original talking horse, was made to "speak" by putting something in his mouth that he would then try to remove. In Racing Stripes, the animal speech is all done through cgi--actually computer animation/manipulation of cinematographic images of the animals' mouths, and it looks incredibly realistic. Like most movies of this sort, Racing Stripes is a pleasure to watch simply for its animal stunts. I suppose one can never get too old or intellectual to enjoy a dancing monkey, so to speak. There are a few instances of animal "stunts" being too dangerous for the animals--such as Stripes' wipeout, so these are animated with cgi, too, and they're integrated very well.

There are also two completely cgi-animated characters--flies named Buzz and Scuzz. These are the most consistently comic characters, although as flies, a lot of their visual humor, at least, hinges on jokes about things like garbage, discarded food, manure, and so on.

The animals are voiced by an all-star cast. Director Frederik Du Chau, in his first live-action film (and only his second film), does an excellent job creating performances from the animals that match the public personalities of the voices. Stripes is Frankie Muniz, and has his innocent precociousness. Dustin Hoffman is an older, small horse named Tucker who provides advice and inspiration, a bit like a cynical Buddha. Snoop Dogg is the family hound, naturally enough, and tends to lie on the porch, chilling out and making sarcastic remarks. Joe Pantoliano is Goose--he made a wrong turn in New Jersey and is now comically trying to pass himself off as a gangster. The flies are David Spade and Steve Harvey, with Spade doing his infamous manic-but-mellow naivety. The human cast is good, too, but they're really ancillary to the animals. Older cinephiles will especially delight in seeing M. Emmet Walsh as a rumpled "track-rat".

As a film primarily targeted at kids and younger teens (although it's certainly not enjoyable only to them--I'm middle-aged and have no kids), Racing Stripes has a couple "moral of the story" subtexts, and as usual, they're themes that not only kids can benefit from internalizing. The primary theme is acceptance of difference. Stripes is unlike any being the other animals have encountered, and naturally he is teased, made fun of, ostracized and even physically abused because of it. The gist of the plot is a demonstration that difference isn't negative. This is often interpreted as a racial theme, but it's really more general than that, applying to all kinds of differences. The other main theme, acceptance of loss and confrontation of the resultant depression, fear and anger, arrives via Walsh.

Cute, funny, heartwarming and a subtly surreal fantasy, Racing Stripes is a great example of why predictability just doesn't matter when it comes to making a good film.
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Excellent movie - if you remember it's fantasy
KYWes-114 January 2005
This is a movie that touches all the right spots. It has Stripes striving for an unattainable goal, Channing striving for her own life, the loyalty and help of friends and the tragedy of a love lost. Just remember this isn't trying to be real life "gritty" drama. It's entertainment and my wife and I were satisfyingly entertained. If I had any complaints it would be with the inclusion of Snoop Dogg's character. It was a waste of screen time and I wish I could have gotten a better feel for the hate of the stallion Trenton. It's a formulaic movie but it follows the formula well with a new twist, likable and hate able characters.
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Outstanding Movie, not another Knock-off
yourc21rl8r9 January 2005
Not sure what those others are seeing or looking for in a movie... This is one of the best movies i have taken my two 12 year old's to in a long time. This movie was hilarious, it had jokes for all ages. At times you would hear the kids start laughing through the theater, but there were several time when the adults would start out the laughing. I laughed through the entire movie. My daughters have seen all of the other movies that this one is supposed to be copying, but (according to them) this is by far the best. This one will definitely be added to our DVD collection as soon as it become available!! Highly recommend this one for the whole family!!!
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lsykes-117 January 2005
Don't be swayed by the negative reviews...I don't know what it takes for some folks to enjoy a movie! I took my 8 year old to see this and we both spent most of the movie in laughter. There is something for EVERYONE in this film! On top of a great story and an enjoyable script, there are many, many lessons for children to learn within this film. It was so good to hear children splitting their sides in laughter during the movie. And, in places, adult laughter drowned out the kids! This movie has humor on all levels. It will definitely be added to our DVD collection upon release. This is Rudy and The Little Engine That Could all rolled into one. Don't miss this or you'll be sorry!
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Light hearted film that your children will like
A baby zebra (voice of Frankie Muniz) is accidentally left behind by a traveling circus and is found by a thoroughbred horse trainer, Nolan Walsh (Bruce Greenwood). Nolan takes the zebra home, and his teenage daughter Channing (Hayden Panettiere) wants to keep him as a pet. She names the baby zebra Stripes. The farm is located near the racetrack and the zebra grows up believing that he is a racehorse. Stripes has a dream of racing the other horses at the track, and to get into shape, Stripes races the mailman in his truck. All the farm animals help Stripes and Channing achieve their racing dream. This is a cute movie made in the same framework as the movie 'Babe', where all the animals speak to each other. The horseflies Scuzz and Buzz (voices of David Spade and Steve Harvey) had some of the funniest scenes. This is a light hearted film that your children will like. Don't take the script too seriously or you will miss the fun. (Warner Brothers Pictures, Run time 1:34, Rated PG) (4/10)
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Surprisingly good
ddsw10 January 2005
This started in Australia early, so my partner and I went to see it for a change of pace. Expectations weren't what you would call high (this is the home of Babe after all), but we both enjoyed it quite a bit.

The film is well put together, visually it's attractive, earthy, and the horses used are stunning -- any horse lovers will adore the movie, despite the main character being a Zebra.

Actually, Stripes himself is overshadowed by some of the excellent supports, including Hoffman's unappreciated pony and Pantoliano's gangster Pelican called "Goose" (a very funny role). One exception is Snoop Dogg's Basset Hound -- a waste of time, really. Then there are the horseflies, Spade and Harvey -- some of their jokes are dated (an M.C. Hammer gag in 2005???), but they're usually a high point.

The human characters were well cast -- Bruce Greenwood gives a very down to earth performance and is totally believable as a mourning farmer. Hayden Panettiere is a standout, look for big things from her in the future. I remember her as Will Patton's mini-coach daughter in Remember The Titans -- she's grown up with a great look and fine acting.

Direction is fine, the effects of animals talking, etc are all well done. Story is basic, but I guess that's what you want in a family film. Funny animals, good values/morals -- definitely worth watching.
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Fun movie which foreshadows Hayden Panettiere's greatness
ray-28024 November 2005
Give a great actress a great script, and you can't miss. Give her a mediocre script like Racing Stripes (a fun, one-dimensional underdog story about a zebra that wants to race against horses), and she'll usually find a way to shine through the mud. Hayden Panettiere, who I last saw in Remember The Titans as the cute-but-obnoxious coach's daughter, isn't all grown up yet, but at sixteen, looks ready to conquer the world in a way that few actresses ever will.

I'm sure every teenage boy in America knows who Hayden is by now, and in a few years, the entire male population is going to be spellbound by this charming, multidimensional beauty. Remember The Titans was a great script where she could have done little wrong; what makes her performance here a great one is that nothing went wrong, and she got everything out of the character that one could have expected, and then some.

Some of the other "nobodies" in the film -- including Frankie Muniz, Dustin Hoffman, Wendie Malick, David Spade, to name a few -- were simply upstaged. Lord only knows what we'll be witness to once Ms. Panettiere, and her material, age.
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A little predictable
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, don't get me wrong, I love Hayden, and I think this is a brilliant film, and I do know that it is a U rated film, so it was expected to be like this, but...I think the storyline was a little too predictable.

For example, when we learnt Channing's mother had died from falling off a horse - we KNEW the first thing that would happen when Channing raced Stripes was that she'd fall off. And correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it was a little obvious that Stripes was going to win, and Trenton's Pride actually DID like Stripes.

But other than that, Hayden's acting was brilliant, and I loved the two flies - they were absolutely hilarious. The script was well written, and aside from the predictability of the storyline, it was also well written.
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Watch Stripes run...
Thanigai Vaasan7 June 2005
Though I have been a dedicated visitor to IMDb since I have heard about it first in 2000, this... is my first user comment for a movie. And I am very proud to give it for Racing Stripes.

What shall I say about this movie? Talking animals, American humour, words, phrases and scenes which need to be in a racing movie. Is that all? No.

This is the story of a zebra who with the help of his animal friends and love of the daughter of his master, achieves the unthinkable - a race against the horses.

With a single zebra, these people have woven and created a celluloid which comes with ounces and ounces of passion, all for free. Right from the first scene when Stripes is introduced until the last flash of the race, passion is one word with which we are gripped. Stripes, the hero of the movie, steals our hearts with its innocent expressions, cute barking and an iron-fisted ambition.

A humble movie with a great animal team, good actors, visual effects, applaudable cinematography and editing,... wait. There is something which I am missing. Yes. Those unmistakable moments when the sounds and visuals speak to us. Flashes, slow motions, brilliant ups and downs of music and much much more which made all those animals' expressions visible and audible even when they don't speak. The shot by shot translation of the moods and motivation for the racing zebra build the whole movie.

Leave all to your imagination. Watch Stripes begin that run. Those minutes, I couldn't close my eyelids even for a routine blink.
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Funny movie and I liked the mailman
bugaloo_40613 January 2005
I thought this was a very funny movie. I laughed a lot and don't think that the jokes were too much (maybe the pecker joke). Someone said that the first 20 minutes were slow but OK to get used to the animation, but I think the animation was done really well and the race with the mailman is in there as well. The mailman was very cool ! (my father is a mailman, but this one is a lot more fun and hotter). I would have liked to see more with him. Hopefully he will be in more films.

The relationship between the father and the daughter could have been a little better, but the father and the zebra are nice together (with the training).

The story is a lot of fun for kids and families. My 5 year old loved it !! The horses are really beautiful. and so is the zebra (especially as a baby) I have never been to Kentucky, but I did not know it was not made in America, it looked beautiful.

All around I think you will like this movie !
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Fun, fun with stripes. A family zebra tale.
rob-pereyda16 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I just got back from an advance screening of the film. It was mostly a fun movie, especially if you have small children with you.

One problem I had with the film was the movement of the mouths. The technique is a little old-fashioned, so it takes about 20 minutes of film-watching for the awkwardness of it to go away. That's really fine though, since the first twenty minutes aren't that exciting anyways, except for a blurt in the rain explaining how Stripes (the zebra) ends up on the farm.

The flies were a little bit over the top at times, but maybe that was just David Spade being David Spade. Not that it was bad, but I knew it was him as soon as it opened its mouth.

I thought M. Emmet Walsh added a really nice touch to the film. He had the same homely quality he had in Christmas with the Kranks, so I think he was probably casted to accent that ability of his.

All in all, this is definitely a family film, and definitely not a date film...unless your date is into zebras.

Fun, fun with stripes.
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I don't know what to say . . .
Yui Okazaki21 April 2006
So far Racing Stripes is my most favourite movie. At first I saw the DVD cover and I thought it was another animal cartoon like Finding Nemo and Shark Tail (I've got nuffin against them!) but it was an amazing story that looks into both the lives of Nolan and his daughter Channing and the lives of Stripes and the other animals. It's really moving when you think about how the human side doesn't know what's going on on the animal side and how the animal side doesn't know what's going on on the human side . . . yet both lives are somehow interwoven and form one great story that ends with one amazing victory of a human girl and a zebra.

Also, since I love animals and riding, I loved watching the horses and the other animals act. Sometimes the animals' acting and speech seemed awkward, but generally it was fantastic and AMAZING. The music reminds me of the first time I visited Australia (although the movie takes place in Kentucky ^^;) and the ending song touched me deeply.

I've already watched Racing Stripes six whole times and I still can't wait to watch it again!!!
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Dull Racing Stripes
CitizenCaine1 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
One of the latest fads these days is combining a relatively unknown director with several available celebrity voices (in between more important projects) and making an animated or live action film with computer generated effects (CGI). Hayden Panettiere, prior to her Heroes' days, stars in this CGI-assisted live action film about a put upon zebra left by a roadside and adopted by a teenage girl and her father. This film is full of every cliché in the book. From cute talking animals with questionable CGI effects to the cutest teenage girl since Hilary Duff, the film trots out all the usual suspects in this "family" film that even some families will find clichéd, cutesy, dull, and predictable from minute to minute. Even the animals voiced by familiar celebrities add little. Dustin Hoffman as Tucker, the Shetland Pony coach, comes off best. Whoopi Goldberg plays a goat acting as a referee; Mandy Moore is the love interest horse, and Frankie Muniz is Stripes the zebra. M. Emmet Walsh as Woodzie the crusty race gambler is the best thing in the movie next to young Hayden. It's cutesy, low brow entertainment that judiciously avoided the alternative ending for its rated G audience. *1/2 of 4 stars.
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Great movie
Diman919 January 2005
This might be one of the funniest movies that i've seen in a while. It includes loads of genres, like comedy, romance, action and more. It doesn't come out it the UK until the 4th of February, but I saw a Preview Sceening of it. It's sort of like an animation, but the animals are real. There are loads of celebrities in it, like Frankie Muniz (From Malcom in the Middle), Whoopi Goldberg, Snoop Dogg, Steve Harvey (from You got Served) and Mandy Moore (from Saved!) are just some of the people that give their voices to the movie. I know it might not be the movie of the year, but its still worth watching. It'll probably be in the top ten.
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I Loved It!
sugarplum103 March 2005
This movie was good old-fashioned fun. If you like animals, you'll love this movie. A wonderful metaphor for life; go for what you believe in, and don't listen to the naysayers. The acting was well done, especially the young girl (what a beautiful fresh face and natural manner) - her father was excellent, not over-the-top. The villianess was over-the-top, but appropriate for this little gem of a movie. I loved Dustin Hoffin's interpretation of the pony, and Whoopi Goldberg's goat voice. I went to this movie not expecting anything, and I was mesmerized by the sheer fun of it all. And the zebra gave an Oscar-worthy performance!
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Worth a Giggle or Two!
rcstout9 January 2005
Although the humor is a bit sophomoric and the story predictable, Racing Stripes had my 7 and 9 year old grandsons giggling. Since they are probably the target audience, the movie was successful. I am more concerned when Hollywood inserts unnecessary inappropriate language into an otherwise suitable movie to satisfy someone's idea of reality or sophistication. Please refer to the "Francis the Talking Mule" films which were admittedly cheesy, but rather hilarious. I recently saw one for the first time in over 40 years and realized it was still funny. A key element in a movie of this type is to have good people (or animals) to root for.
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I like animals movie
hinomaru864530 October 2006
He is not a house but he has a dream. One stormy night, a circus leaves baby zebra behind. He is helped by Channing Walsh who is house trainer. Her family called him "Strops" and he want to be a first-class horse. He is not a horse so his rivals tease him. But His friends and Channing cheer him up. And the final race is begun… I thought this movie is just a happy ending story. He becomes a winner and the end… but after I watched it, I want to say thank you to my friends. This movie poignant me and tell how important my family, friends and my existence. This movie is going to release 17th November on TV in Japan. I want to watch it again and get courage!! You and your friends, family are going to be heart warming people!!
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Hugely enjoyable, if predictable
cckkab24 December 2006
Comedies seem to systematically get worse reviews. Harder to please maybe as a genre. And stripes is built on Shrek-type movies, and this one even comes close to Babe for me. Yes we know the plot is unreal. Yes we know the hero will win in this thoroughly unashamed melodrama. Yes we expect the jokes to be potty. Still, it is a lot of fun, even hilarious, and even for adults. The flies are fun and original. Kudos to the filmmakers for using real zebra sounds. There are many obvious lessons for us all to learn within this film - notably to be tolerant of those not like the rest of us, and to have confidence in our ability to overcome disability. Still, while not subtle, fun!
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SPOILERS: Cute, Clever Comedy with a Kick for Kids
arieliondotcom24 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I use "comedy" in the classic sense because, although there are a lot of funny lines and snappy dialogue, there is plenty of pathos here, too. Sure, we all know the story of the ugly duckling (or in this case zebra) who realizes his potential in the mirror of his friends rather than the inner disdain he has for himself and his own kind. And that is the only reason I gave it a 9 instead of 10, because the story line has been done so often and so well elsewhere. But this is a very special movie and if your kids haven't been over-exposed to the same plot already, it will come off as a fun, meaningful time and not a morality play.

I especially like the fact that live action animation is used rather than cartoons. It's a very refreshing change in the style of Babe that isn't seen often enough. And it gives adults a chance to enjoy the pastoral scenes and real beauty of the animals through clever camera work and lovely scenes.

There are moments that would be a little noisy and frenetic, even frightening for very small children, I think. But all in all it is a wonderful way to spend a few hours with your children and build memories you'll both enjoy and remember every time you see stripes.
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There IS a place in the world for talking animal movies...
SinCityScott9 January 2005
This feel-good fun flick manages to be wholesome G-rated entertainment without being saccharine. An uplifting if somewhat familiar underdog story, its bevy of solid character actors and voice-over talent keep us interested and amused. Filmed on location in South Africa, its scenery is easy on the eyes.

Kids will love it because, well, it's a good fun kid's movie. Parents will be sustained by the comedic talents of Joe Pantoliano, David Spade, Whoopi Goldberg and others. Keep an eye on its winsome young lead actress, Hayden Panettiere; she brings to mind other child actresses with serious acting chops and an actual future in the business, a la Jodi Foster, Winona Ryder, and Christina Ricci.
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"Racing Stripes" is no thoroughbred, but no need for the humane killer either.
Victor Field11 January 2005
In the field of live-action talking animal movies, "Racing Stripes" is no "Babe." Nor is it "Stuart Little." It's more like a "Paulie" - meaning that it's no classic, and a bit predictable, but it's a perfectly entertaining little movie.

I saw the movie at a preview screening, and it opened with an announcement that this is the Official Movie for Red Nose Day 2005. In case you're wondering, Red Nose Day is an annual event held by the charity concern Comic Relief - plastic crimson schnozzles are often worn, hence the name. Fortunately, "Racing Stripes" was not actually made for charity, which is just as well given the low quality of a lot of things with good intentions behind them; the story of a little zebra taken in by Kentucky farmer/ex-champion horse trainer Bruce Greenwood and daughter Hayden Panetierre who grows up with the will to be a racehorse benefits from good voice acting (Frankie Muniz as our hero Stripes, Dustin Hoffman as the Shetland pony who trains him, Whoopi Goldberg as his goat best friend, Mandy Moore as Stripes' actual horse love interest - Mandy and Muniz also voiced animals in "Dr. Dolittle 2"; will they ever appear on screen as HUMANS? - and Fred Dalton Thompson as the arrogant champion stallion who wants the cup to remain in the family) and nice turns from the humans (Greenwood, M. Emmet Walsh, Wendie Malick as the closest the movie comes to a human villain, and budding babe Hayden).

The movie sometimes goes overboard with its comic characters - particularly a Mafia pelican voiced by Joe Pantoliano and a pair of flies done by Steve Harvey and David Spade - and not all the effects are that brilliant (and is it me, or is South Africa - where most of the movie was shot - less convincing at standing in for America than Australia or Canada?), but it's less sappy than it could have been and short of condescension. It won't change your life, but it's pleasant - and it does make sure you're cheering on the right animal in the big race.

But Bryan Adams? And STING?
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Lets Cheer for Stripes!
Alyssa (Allayyy)20 January 2005
Racing Stripes

Story: 9 Characters: 7 Acting: 9 Overall: 7 out of 10

Story: You don't see a movie every week about a racing zebra. I have never even heard of one, until I heard about Racing Stripes. I was saying, "You got to be kidding me! This film will be ridiculous!" That was when I thought Hollywood ran out of ideas, and this film was going to be another Babe (no offense but I can never stay awake during Babe). When I actually had the guts to see the film, I realized that the story was creative and original. The good thing about the story was that its pace changed. One moment the girl and her dad have a talk, which would really bore some little kids. Then instead of really boring little kids, they add something exciting and funny, which was good because then little kids would get back into the excitement of the film. I loved both of the races in the film. Actually, as a horse racing freak, I would love any horse race in a film but this time it made me want to stand up and cheer (like in Seabiscuit). I loved how they planned how the races would go so that Stripes wouldn't be in the front and make you say, "He is going to win". Instead they either make him in the middle or the back so it makes you say, "Come on Stripes!" The film was funny at times too.

Characters: I am disappointed with some of the characters. Stripes was a great main character. He could be stubborn at one moment then happy at the next. He is determined to be a so called 'race horse' and will do everything that he can to become one. He has a rival, which makes it even better and a girlfriend too. Tucker and Franny made a great team by always insulting each other or fighting. I actually think, for anyone that wanted no potty humor, Tucker and Franny have to be the two characters that have nothing to do with it. Now, why did I give the characters rating a seven? Do two annoying talking CGI flies ring a bell in your head? Their names are Buzz and Scuzz. They ruin the whole film. The only reason that they where in the movie was to try not to bore little kids by obnoxious potty humor jokes. Here was a decent movie that was trashed right in the middle of the second half when the flies came in. All of their belching and farting didn't work on the little kids in the theater. Instead, it only worked on this man that was sitting by me. When the flies sang their stupid songs, kids would burst out laughing. In my opinion, they where stupid no matter what they tried to do and completely ruined the film.

Acting: Even though I am sick of Frankie Muinz, he pulled the voice of Stripes off very well, that also goes to Mandy Moore who played Sandy, Stripes girlfriend. Actually everyone did a good job, especially Hayden Panettire who acting gave out a fantastic performance. Bruce Greenwood, helped the film be a little more dramatic and played a fine Kentucky like cowboy.

Overall: Everyone in the family will enjoy this film! I highly recommend it!
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Great Movie!! Fun for Kids and Adults!!!
L B20 January 2005
It really puzzles me why this movie has received such a low rating here. It's a great film for kids and adults, lots of laughs, and never a dull moment. The messages of "you can do anything if you try", "it's OK to be different", "always believe in yourself", "friends are gold", etc., can all be taken away from the movie. It is an absolutely marvelous film. For those who choose to see movies based on the critiques of others(including mine), I urge you to put the dependency on hold for once and check it out for yourselves. Fun! Fun! Fun! BTW, I am a married mother of 3 young boys who could not stop talking about it (and repeating every funny line on the way home!) Two hundred+ peoples votes out of millions who have most likely seen it, should never be a basis for seeing this film...

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Fantastic, funny, heartwarming movie
mntwister10 February 2007
I don't understand the low average rating of this film, because it is a fantastic film for every member of the family. It doesn't copy the other animated generic formulas, and this heart-warming film succeeds. Everything is first rate from the music to the acting (Dustin Hoffman and Whoopie Goldberg are terrific), from the special effects and animation to the script. Why didn't this do as well at the box-office as the other great animated movies? If you get a chance to see this film, I highly suggest it. The 2 flies are hilarious, as is the dog that just sits on the porch sleeping all day. I wasn't expecting much after reading some of the reviews, but I was extremely surprised...a flawless family movie!
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