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Simultaneously overplotted and simplistic, the new barnyard/racecourse comedy from Warner Brothers is predictable every step of the way, and it contains at least three too many poop jokes.
New York Daily News
The special effects here are surprisingly smooth, and everyone seems to be having fun.
Chicago Tribune
Endearing but predictable.
You may end up being pleasantly surprised, especially if you have a ten-year old girl in tow.
Charlotte Observer
I groaned at cliches and grinned at jokes in roughly equal measure.
But when you think of the "Babe" pictures, and indeed even an animated cartoon like "Home on the Range," you realize Stripes is on autopilot with all of the usual elements: a heroine missing one parent, an animal missing both, an underdog (or underzebra), cute animals, the big race.
Entertainment Weekly
So what disturbed me? It was the Shetland pony, which sports both Dustin Hoffman's pipes and his "I Heart Huckabees" toupee, and will haunt my nightmares forever.
San Francisco Chronicle
Muniz, however, is hampered by Stripes' constant moping, which brings out the "Malcolm in the Middle'' star's whinier tendencies.
The Hollywood Reporter
At best, Racing Stripes should play nicely to youngsters with the cutoff for enjoyment extending no further than midteens.
Like most movies aimed at the younger set, Racing Stripes has easily absorbable lessons to teach: Be yourself, never stop trying if your goal is worthwhile, and so forth.
Almost everyone in this has done better, and those who haven't, like young Ms. Panettiere, have plenty of time to do so.

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