Layer Cake (2004) Poster


Plot Keywords

drugs cocaine
pill serbian
cake gangster
night club search
money england
drug lord drug dealer
directorial debut blood splatter
ends with narration begins with narration
police chase foot chase
crashing through a gate close up of eyes
dead body in a freezer silencer
sniper rifle repeated scene from a different perspective
zodiac boat mob execution
watering a plant hands tied behind back
duct tape gag woman wearing black lingerie
women changing clothes facial mask
cleaning a fish trick question
awakened by a phone arsenal
luger public suicide
bare chested male clothes iron
man eating a lollypop woman panicing
gun pointed at face lighting a cigar
gold cigarette lighter pile of money
peep show electronic scale
cutting cocaine dust mask
woman wearing a sting bikini voyeur
girl in panties coitus
copulation black panties
leg spreading lust
nipples visible through clothing fondling
female rear nudity no panties
scantily clad female cleavage
woman shot in the forehead construction elevator
communist insurgent pontoon
ski mask wearing a wire
motorboat drug manufacturing
mirror loudspeaker
pram telescope
reference to faust reference to goethe
book library
cosmetic mask room service
rooftop duct tape over mouth
honorary citizen weighing scales
dancing dancer
burning someone scalding someone
intensive care prison dining room
prison guard industrial chemistry
chemistry rear entry sex
wealth sunglasses
flowers ironing
lollipop subtitled scene
threat golf tournament
locker room trophy
hands tied behind one's back crime lord
organized crime tied up
stoned interracial couple
african anglo suicide by gunshot
gunshot gun in mouth
argument fight
mass murder whiskey
beer pharmaceutical industry
pharmacy auto mechanic
truck guilt
eye dilation motorcycle helmet
burning clothing license plate
motorcycle binoculars
stakeout underwear
underwater scene swimming
microphone hidden microphone
wiretapping assassin
zurich switzerland motel
drink drinking
bar shot through a pillow
blackmail hotel
bank robbery robbery
drug addiction headless corpse
nudity rifle
gun beheading
explosion lsd
dead body theft
thief cigarette lighter
cigarette smoking homosexual
gay reference to winston churchill
boyfriend girlfriend relationship topless female nudity
fear phone booth
policeman police
hired killer kidnapping
liar lie
stalking being followed
following someone paranoia
father daughter relationship cell phone
telephone call restaurant
cafe subjective camera
food in title voice over narration
sex snorting cocaine
sex in a bed sex against the wall
police car police car siren
pills overhead camera shot
narrated by character marijuana joint
land rover hashish
female frontal nudity missing drugs
drug use drug trip
drug theft drug supplier
drug runner drug pusher
drug money drug humor
drug deal drug addict
crack head cocaine production
bmw bmw sedan
panties lingerie
bra bare breasts
shower old friend
hippie flashback
diner dance
chase shot through the mouth
self inflicted gunshot wound torture
suv set up
eavesdropping police raid
murder lost money
london england junkie
informer impersonating a police officer
confidence trick black comedy
anti hero amsterdam netherlands
1990s 1970s
nameless character scam
neo noir luxury car
liverpudlian hitman
heist greed
flirtation fish
female nudity extortion
country club accountant
tea revenge
champagne betrayal
1960s sniper
shot in the head shot in the forehead
severed head drug overdose
deception death
corpse cheating on one's boyfriend
blood beating
attempted murder breaking the fourth wall
one last job netherlands
warehouse violence
swimming pool suicide
silk stockings shot in the chest
shot between the eyes sex standing up
prison pot smoking
nightclub missing person
mansion kingpin
hotel room rain
headphones greenhouse
freezer flatiron
ecstasy the drug double cross
cigar smoking burn victim
bong assassination
airport drug dealing
based on novel title spoken by character
surprise ending

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