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A little low-budget gem

Author: florette from London, England
6 November 2003

What a treat! Saw this at the London Film Festival and laugh-out-loud loved it. Shot in under three weeks on a budget too low to be called shoestring, first time writer-director Karl Golden had previously only two short films on his imdb CV but has fashioned here a warm and witty romantic comedy that was enthusiastically applauded by the festival audience.

Essentially the story is another variation on the well-used rom-com staple of two people with apparently nothing in common finding themselves together in trying circumstances and gradually falling for each other. Nothing terribly groundbreaking there, but Golden's inventive, clever script provides a funny, entertaining and enjoyable journey even if the destination is no surprise.

To this viewer, The Honeymooners is an object lesson to those who pour millions into making glossy but strictly one-star pap. What really counts is a great script featuring believable and identifiable characters, and a talented cast to bring them to life.

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Shakes but fun

Author: CuanaD from Dublin
21 December 2004

Watched this for the first time last night.

For the first few minutes the shaking camera will get on your nerves but after a while you start to feel as if you are standing there watching the people yourself.

Plot revolves around a man just jilted at the church and a waitress he pays to drive him to Donegal. He is less than endeering - obviously will not let himself be happy about his new found situation. She is far easier to warm to, but has a habit of saying hurtful things at just the right moment. Both actors are quite believable in their roles and the writing for the minor roles keeps the whole thing quite realistic. At times I could identify with both leads, at times they both p-ed me off - quite realistic. (Also found the girl - Alex Reid - quite attractive, thats just me I suppose.)

Its a rom-com, but the gentle pace makes it stand out a bit from the others - quiet, and thoughtful, and funny. Just what I was looking for in a movie last night, as it happens.

Don't expect too much from this movie and you should enjoy it 8/10 as a rom-com.

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Great low budget movie

Author: aidan-29 from Tyrone, Ireland
25 May 2005

I really enjoyed this movie. It kept me interested throughout and I liked the two leads especially Alex, really nice. I'm sure we'll see more of her in the future. I also liked the use of facial expressions and body language in some scenes instead of dialogue, it added to the atmosphere and told me more about the characters. Some good characters in the Donegal scenes which were very funny. I am grateful to the Sunday Times for this freebie as I had heard about the movie and of course it would never feature in a local cinema. By the way there are lots of big budget movies with plenty of $ and hype that don't come near this little gem despite the shaky camera-work.


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loved it

Author: sycamor from belfast
9 April 2004

when was the last time u sat thro a hollywood rom com with a few big names and realised u had seen all the best bits when u saw the trailer a week ago. boring isn't it.

this is a romantic comedy, it will be no shock to get a happy ending, the whole point is how u get there....and how much u care.

and i cared, after the initial shock of the wobbly camera and documentary feel u settle in to the story of 2 people having a very bad day and in the end u are rooting for them to get together.

irish film making cant afford mega buck stars and cgi effects. this movie proves u dont need them when u have talent and a beautiful location. well done.

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Did they see the same movie!

Author: johnd-18 from Auckland, NZ
25 June 2005

"The Honeymooners" is a romantic comedy with a real story. So many romantic comedies are just slushy. This one has grit and realistic events to laugh at. The characters go through the classic up and downs in a fast developing relationship. They're real, genuine and compelling. It is though, a comedy. It deliberately has moments of disbelief, but those moments are all part of two people finding each other, their commonalities and the things they can share joy in. Than there is the beautiful settings. What a place to honeymoon. This is one of the most gorgeous coasts you will ever see. Rolling pastures leading to beaches that are a total delight.

This film is fun and meaningful, momentarily hysterical and from time to time introspective...just like a real relationship.

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Drama film worth watching

Author: sonofhades ( from Earth, 3rd planet of system Sol
24 January 2014

To be honest, I was expecting a bit more laughter from this film as it was marketed as a comedy. In the end, this was a decent drama movie that did offer some laughs as well.

The shaky camera made the film resemble modern day's reality TV-shows, but after the initial shock wore off, it actually suited the plot.

The idea about the movie was rather good. Somehow the film started to remind me of films directed by Kaurismäki. Lots of awkward silence between the main characters. Perhaps Finnish and Irish folks have more in common than just the love for beer / other alcoholic beverages =)

Alex Raid who played the role of Claire had probably the stronger performance in the movie. Jonathan Byrne did perform some fine acting, but perhaps due to the screenplay - at times seemed at loss with his role. He seemed to play the "strong, silent type" that Tony Soprano preaches about in the Sopranos. Minus the strong =)

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Nicely executed Indie rom-com

Author: blood_summit from United Kingdom
11 May 2009

I was curious to see this (partly because I'm a bit of an Alex Reid fan and partly because I want to see what a feature on a low budget would be like to experience) I brought the DVD without carrying huge expectations but when I saw it, I was pleasantly surprised. The two main characters seem real because initially they are fairly unlikable (Initially, David's a miserable git and Claire's a bit of a cow) but I kind of warmed to them as I got to know them more while the story progressed.

For me it was a breath of fresh air from usual glossy Hollywood rom-coms because it was believable and had this great sense of charm when matching it with the Donegal countryside (the part where they swim together in the sea being a fantastic scene). It made my Dad want to go back to visit Northern Ireland but I digress! Give it a chance, you might just agree with me!

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Gritty Irish Neo-Realism

Author: grhmb from Canada
17 July 2007

This movie heralded in the Irish Film Industires era of gritty post modern neo-realism. To some it may seem made on a cellphone and scripted by a 13 year old and none too bright one at that. Others will see a slice of contemporary life. The cheap alcohol consumed on an empty stomach and the continual sucking on cigarettes suggests the nausea of life in a post-modern society, the continual need to suck to fill the vacuous nature of existence. People will complain about the shaky hand held camera not realizing that this is a metaphor for Irish life: shaky at the best of times and wouldn't you know it the devil of a hangover and how did I get into this mess. Gritty post modern Irish neo-realism or me kid sister making a film on her cell phone because she's got the grant money and it has to be finished by Tuesday and in the mail. Does it matter? That's a thought to be going on with now. and that's me kid sister, genius or what have you? You decide.

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Poor quality

Author: manfred-27 from New Zealand
1 August 2005

This film (which was shot on video, by the way) is rather low quality. Someone should tell the director spend some money and buy a tripod. As far as I know, EVERY shot was hand held. Some at high magnification. Lots of moving back and forth. So, apart from that dread feeling when you realise within 90 seconds that your money has been wasted, and that do I or don't I walk out of the cinema, what has the film got to offer? Not much. A storyline that could be written by a teenager. The script that well, sucks. Probably penned in a day, maybe an afternoon. The acting, well some of it was OK. But some of it was useless.

When I first realised the quality of this film, I wondered whether it was a form of self-parody. Sort of like a straight-A student intentionally flunking an entry-level exam. And this may be the case, I don't know. But if it isn't, would the director be embarrassed by his creation? probably.

If you've got 90 minutes to kill, and nothing better is on television, give it a go. But please don't actually spend money on this film. It makes me sad that I could have fed a 3rd world person for a week for the money that it cost me to go.

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Oh Dear, This Really isn't Good Enough

Author: sanddevil from London, England
3 November 2003

Having just watched this movie at its premier as part of the London Film Festival 2003, I have to say I came out being sorely disappointed.

The movie is basically a series of loosely coupled cinematic clichés stitched together in a rom-com template. First timer Karl Golden has mistakenly crammed too many tricks on to the screen, and the jarring jump-cuts, grainy stock and jerky camera movements are not innovative, merely annoying and nauseating. It is truly a sad indictment of the state of the British film industry when funding can be made available for predictable, plodding, saccharine nonsense like this at the expense of other more worthy projects.

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