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The Hollywood Reporter
While Kramer's well-conceived screenplay features much amusing dialogue, there's a forced quality to the proceedings that makes the comic premise seem more artificial than it needs to be.
Scripter/helmer Sue Kramer's awkward freshman outing eventually coasts on the genuine charm of its leads. A strong vehicle for Heather Graham, who has never looked lovelier, "Gray" scores most convincingly in its reinvention of Carole Lombardian sexual screwiness as head-spinning gender confusion.
Compared to Gray Matters, even a Nora Ephron bonbon has the weight of urban neo-realism.
TV Guide Magazine
The only bright spots are Cavanagh's easy charm about him and Cumming's performance as Grody -- he's much more believable as a straight man than Graham is as a gay woman.
New York Daily News
This exhausting romance feels more like a long-lost episode of "Three's Company" in which Jack Tripper decides he is actually gay.
Graham makes the coming-out dithering bearable, but not before she has jumped through hoops of contrivance.
Kramer shows zero feeling for the nuances of a midlife sexual awakening.
Every once in a while you catch glimpses of originality and see what Gray Matters might have been if it hadn't gone soft and safe.
New York Post
There isn't a remotely believable moment in the script here, and Kramer's leaden direction only helps strand a capable cast headed by Heather Graham in an hour and a half of virtual laugh-free tedium.
Village Voice
Coming from the strangely vacuous Graham, in a Manhattan this preposterous, the staid social message is as ludicrous as its surroundings.

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