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Fine sword and sorcery game.
Kitarl4 May 2004
A fine slash and cast epic of a game and great addition to the Forgotten Realms series. Following on directly from the first Dark Alliance this game sees you take the part of one of five warriors coming to the town of Baldur's Gate in search of coin and glory, only to find that the threat from the first game has already bean defeated. You encounter a caravan master that provides work for you amongst other things. It is from here that you are drawn into another plot that threatens the Realms. You choose your character from one of five, a human barbarian, a dwarf rogue, a dark elf monk, a human cleric and a moon elf necromancer. Each character has a unique look and fighting style and has their own personal missions for you to accomplish along with the main ones in the game, completing these will unlock new abilities and skills. Very well planned game but can become tedious after awhile. 4 out 5 *'s
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Game Review
nyreidal-127 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
As a fan of most RPG games and D&D, I have to say this game was surprisingly good.

We originally rented this game from our local branch of a major video rental chain (Do you really need the name?) since it was multi-player, and we were between campaigns so we needed our D&D fix. I absolutely loved running the gauntlet and being able to play as Drizzt. The only problem I had with playing as him is that it was hard to let the other character level up properly. I played as Drizzt and often found myself having to run around looking for a save point and resurrect the other player.

I now own both games for PS2. It was INSANELY hard to find this game for sale. We wound up having to buy it from above mentioned rental store. So if you own this game, DO NOT let it go. If you have owned it in the past and either lost or sold it...good luck ever finding it at a store. You'll probably have to buy it online.
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Best Game Ever
AgentY27 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
After this non-gamer fell in love with the first game, thanks to my daughter, I HAD to get the sequel. I didn't care that this was a very expensive game for an out of date console. I ordered it from a game shop that specializes in old games. It took me approx. a week of anxious waiting after discovering the first game, and I had to drive about 40 miles to get it, but oh so worth it.

The game continues immediately after the first game. Each of the 5 avatars have different skills and deficiencies. I found myself deciding I don't trust certain characters... I have to see yet if I'm right. There are many more quests, along with side quests for each individual avatar.

Another new and helpful addition is being able to create your own magical weapons and armor, using gemstones. Very useful, but expensive. The world has been expanded to a wonderful length. I am still looking to finish it.

All in all, though I miss the nods to other media that the first game had, this is a far superior and filling game than the first. Both the first and second dark alliance games are worth every penny and hour you send on them.
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My favorite style of game.
weaselton21 November 2007
I am a bit miffed black Isle went under.

DA 2 is a diablo clone sure. But its a highly evolved diablo clone. The storyline was pretty engaging. The 5 main characters were all different enough to make it worthwhile.

I wish they would have added playing the first games heroes in at the end. There are several side quests for ech character, that add some depth to the game.

To get the real advantage though you need to play it with another, Nigh flawless multiplayer.

For the record, USED copies of this game still go for $30.00, That should be a hint to quality.
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