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Sep. 1995
Un rayo de sol
Program dedicated to song hits of the summer, song contest and forgot genius and myth of the national music.
19 Oct. 1995
Balada de otoño
Melancolic Autumm Songs.
2 Mar. 1996
San Valentín
Saint Valentin's Day Songs. Songs for lovers.
31 Dec. 1996
Cuando un añito se va
Some famous people that occasionally try singing.
3 Jan. 1997
Año nuevo, risa vieja
The program, using archive footage of TVE try to remember the most important comic and Spanish humorist parodies in the past like "La Trinca", "Martes y Trece", "Tip y Coll" or "Faemino y Cansado", and comic musical performances of "Javier Gurruchaga", "Los Toreros Muertos", "Les Luthiers", "Los Inhumanos" o "Martirio".
2 Aug. 1997
Canciones con nombre propio
Songs with names of persons in the title.
9 Aug. 1997
Typical Spanish
Songs that include typical Spanish topics.
19 Oct. 1997
Al otro lado del charco
Latinoamerican songs and singers.
1 Nov. 1997
In memoriam
Throught the TVE archive footage Guillermo and Susana remember some performance of famous Spanish singers that now are dead.
31 Dec. 1997
Canta y sé feliz
The program is dedicated to popular people that isn't singer but occasionally perform a singing of a song in public.
Comunicando, comunicando, comunicando
Song about the communications world.
Dígaselo con flores
Song about the flowers and vegetate world.
23 Jan. 1998
Singers who imitated the songs of other singers.
24 Feb. 1998
Los carnavales
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10 Jul. 1998
Songs about popular cities.
24 Jul. 1998
Songs by the Beatles and other singers versions.
7 Aug. 1998
Songs about animals.
24 Dec. 1998
La estrella de Belén
Program with a Christmas theme and focus on the birth of Jesus of Nazareth and set in the days surrounding this event. The presenters characterized as Roman citizens, presented the "Belendiario" which reportedly jokingly, referring to the news empire. It also conducted several sketches that are informative alleged connections with correspondents in Bethlehem and other Palestinian cities and are carried by famous figures of information and spectacles. The program inserted performances or video-clips from RTVE file in which the themes of the songs allude to Christmas or...
6 Jan. 1999
Songs with thematic about horoscope and zodiac sign of singers.
6 Jan. 1999
Salud, dinero y amor
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14 Jan. 1999
Song players of Ye-Ye style from Spain and Europe.
21 Jan. 1999
Canción protesta
Songs of style "Protesta" (N.C: songs with high politic and reivindicative contain)
29 Jul. 2001
De dos en dos
Songs played by artistic duet.
Songs allusive to the contains of the Cathecism.
Consultorio sentimental
About of radiophone consults.
Cuando calienta el sol
Summer Hits Songs.
De película
Songs based on the musical themes of the movies soundtrack.
De tal palo...
Song by singers of same family.
El juego de la oca
Sounds based on the boxes of the Hispanic popular game "El Juego de la Oca" {Game of the Goose}
Lo más de Mitomanía
Last program of the series. A resume of every other program emitted.
Medios de comunicación
Songs about communication's mediums.
Songs played by children.
Songs with a Spring thematic.
Toda una vida
Songs played by veteran singers.

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